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My name is Joseph Spickard. Welcome to this blog site. This is a companion site to my regular website spickardssigns.com

On this site, I welcome comments, remarks, and ideas on Bible Prophecy, particularly, what is known as End Time Prophecy as described by the Scriptures.

Those who have visited my regular site may be familiar with my perspective and viewpoints. I believe that a good deal of Bible End Time prophecy is currently, in a present tense, or as I call it, “real-time fulfillment” of End Time prophecy.  I maintain that there are over fifty (50) End Time prophecies to be fulfilled before the Second Coming or Return of Christ.

Hence…. Christ’s Coming is not IMMINENT!

It is going to take perhaps another generation and maybe a little more, to see the fulfillment of such End Time prophecy or what also Jesus called the “signs of the times.” These “signs” all precede his Appearing.

I would also like to introduce my new book and first volume on End Time Bible Prophecy. It is entitled: Living in the End Times: How End Time Bible Prophecy Affects YOU!  You can find this title at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble (see below) and my site which you also read more about it here:




Regarding the blog and the opinions expressed, I ask that you keep your comments on topic, avoid labeling and derogatory personal remarks, and remember that, outside of cults, no one really agrees 100% on everything. God has given every single human being the right of free will choice. You can believe anything you wish, you have that freedom… but also the responsibility… In eternal matters, this freedom can be hazardous.

One last thought on this regard: in Jesus’ day there was a saying, “Where there are two Jews, there are three opinions.” There was a good deal of flexibility and friendly debate among Jewish people which stimulated the many discussions that they had. Gentile readers (anyone who is non-Jewish) need to be aware of this nuance above and avoid controlling statements as they tend, especially Japhethetic Gentiles, of which I am one myself, to be overly dogmatic. This is implied in Jesus’ admonition to his disciples to not be like the Gentiles, particularly those that they were familiar with such as the Romans and Greeks. Both of whom were Japhethetic Gentile peoples.


My comment or suggestion for discussion is: Is the United States in End Time Prophecy?

You can however, discuss whatever you wish. Note: I am not a proponent of Modern Dispensationalism or any such Jesuit conceived Counter-Reformation theory.

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5 Responses to Spickard on the Prophecies

  1. Just ask very simple question, is Messiah’s name correct Jesus or not? Seek for proper linguistic name of Messiah since 1611 KJV used Iesus.

    • spick55a says:

      Gregory, Thanks for your comment. This can be a complex subject, whether the 1611 KJV is “God’s translation” or not, as much has been written on it. The best answer that I can give you on this
      question of the name of Jesus, or Iesus, as you apparently may advocate, is to refer to the original Hebrew name for Christ in which Jesus the Messiah is called, “Yeshua Ha Mashiach.”

      This would be the most correct rendition.

      The reason for the small difference in “Jesus” and “Iesus” is that when the 1611 KJV was printed, English spelling was not standardized. “Iesus” is a carryover from the Greek and Latin. When the English language became standardized in the late 17th century, “Iesus” became Jesus. This is actually much less change or evolving to this name, than many other words in the English language. Here is an example of a text that I found in regard to this:

      Luke 4:1-3 “And Iesus, being full of the holy Ghost, returned from the Iordane, and was led by the spirit into the wildernesse, being fourtie dayes tempted of the deuil…he afterward hungred. And the deuil saide vnto him, if thou be the Sonne of God…”

      As you can note, the non-standardized English makes for difficult reading. In regard to your question, all uses of the name of Christ: Yeshua, Iesus, or Jesus, would be correct. However, for best comprehension and understanding by those who use Modern English, Jesus would be the most accepted rendition.

      This is why the 1611 translation was later revised to the 1769 King James Version to reflect the modernization of English, for the most part.

  2. parag says:

    the speed of life was much faster in the days near the creation? Accounting for Adam’s ability not to age…..Interesting that the speed of light is considered a constant in modern day physics (I think it is the C in E=MC2, universally recognized as 186K miles per second). Any prediction in future changes in the speed of light? This would have cosmic implication, way beyond the earth.

  3. editor says:

    Parag, You “nailed” it when mentioning that Adam, who had a natural body with natural functions based on temporal appetites, DID NOT AGE!… Until, he ate the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, then the Speed of Light rapidly slowed down, and Adam started to age, or the aging, or death process. So indeed, despite detractors, Adam started to “surely die” from the aging process that occurred from the day that he ate this fruit. This hypotheses was shown by Einstein himself, who pictured himself in a window of a space ship going at the speed of light. He stayed stationary in the window, the space ship was traveling at light, and he was not aging. Just extrapolate the planet earth as the space ship…and you have the same result. This is called the “time dilation effect.”
    Here is a link explaining it in science terms:

    When I was in school a generation ago, I was taught repeatedly that the speed of light was constant at 186,400 MPS. Today though, it is 186,282 MPS. This is not all. Scientists in controlled experiments have slowed down the speed of light… to a pedestrian 38 MILES PER HOUR!
    If scientists know how to slow down light speed… then it is not an issue for God to do so.
    These scientists did this by shooting a laser through extremely cold sodium atoms, which acted like a super molasses on the light speed. Now, you can imagine that with all the debris and particles in space, which has been and is increasing, that the speed of light is slowing down.
    Meanwhile, the speed of light is being eclipsed by space time, which is even faster.
    Finally, you should familiarize yourself with the work of Dr. Barry Setterfield. He has found that the Zero Point Energy-Plasma model allows the formation of a fully functioning universe in a very short time. The Bible says six days. This is completely in line with what his mathematics show.
    From what I understand from his charts, that in atomic year time with a much faster speed of light than now, which also accounts for the longevity of human life in the Antideluvian Period, that this atomic time is from Creation to the Flood, some 12+ billion years of aging upon the earth but in actuality, it is 2400 years. This accounts for dating discrepancies. Early in the Creation Week period, Setterfield calculates that the speed of light was 1.728 x 1010 times faster than its current speed. I figured this once, and if I remember correctly… the speed of light had 16 zeros more tacked on in its current MPS.
    This is an interesting study, but it boogles my finite mind.

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