The “Handiwork” of Satan…well, is Everywhere…

ABOVE LEFT… “El Diablo” or Satanic hand sign being used in an Invocation Ceremony. RIGHT, the same or variations of the same hand gesture of the “Sign of Satan.” From Anton LaVey’s, The Satanic Bible.

Today is Friday the 13th, and with the recent event seen globally of the fake deaf interpreter at the Mandela funeral which has increased interest into the bizarre and frankly, shockingly weird, I decided to spend a little time here to discuss some subliminal stuff that really does affect people.

Friday the 13th would be usually just another day, but it has occult significance as a particular day for rituals for Wiccans, Neo-pagans, Luciferians, and Satanists. The recognition of this day seems to go back into antiquity to the Egyptians who considered the number 13 unlucky, and to Norse mythology who celebrated the day of Friday as a day to revere love which later devolved into a debasement of romance into “a series of filthy, indecent rites, and practices.” This outcome is befitting the fertility rituals and practices of ancient Mystery Religions and paganism. The Bible talks about such in reference, as being the “worship of the Groves,” and the “worship of Baal and his consort, Asherah.” To Bible students of the Old Testament, one finds repeated instances of this worship even alongside the worship of YAHWEH, or YHWH (the ineffable Name of God), the GOD of Israel and Judah. The whole confrontation of Elijah versus the false prophets, promoted by King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, was based on the conflict of the true worship of God against that of Fertility worship, or frankly, Sex Magick.

This worship, or Sex Magick, was also the real reason for the destruction of Sodom, Gomorrah, and other cities of the Plain of Sodom, that our Bible translations do not go into much detail describing, but high adepts of occult esoterica are aware of and take exception to God’s intervention of such evil by describing such an event as a “fable.”

This day has taken on added significance since the turning of the 20th century with further interest in Spiritualism and its offshoots like Theosophy, Thelema, and cult religions like the Order of the Golden Dawn, Ordo Templi Orientis, and other Aleister Crowley cults such as the A∴A∴ (Astrum Argentis, among several other names, symbolizing a reference to the “Silver Star,” or “lightning falling from heaven,” or the SS symbol adopted by Hitler’s elite military and occult Corps, headed by master witch, Heinrich Himmler, described as an “occultist of no small dimension,” by Norman Mailer; from my book, Living in the End Times: How End Time Prophecy Affects… You, p. 106; which a link is provided here for more information):  qid=1383664771&sr=1-1&keywords=living+in+the+end+times+by+spickard

All such references as denoted above, “silver star,” “lightning falling from heaven,” (Jesus, from the Gospel of Luke 11:18), the symbol, are all symbolic of the fall of Satan.

Hence, the reader can see that a great deal of thought goes into this business of the Occult by very intelligent individuals linked by symbolism and repeated “coincidental” references. The nature of which supplies added deception yet binding knowledge of esoteric practices of an Elite practicing class of adepts over the unsuspecting and ignorant masses that deserve, in the minds of the Elite, to be ruled over and controlled.

This “hand sign” of Satan activity is only a “tip of the iceberg” of what is really going on. Here are “just’ a couple more examples of very, very many that are seen in print, media, and internet.

Clockwise, from upper left, Richard “Night Stalker” Ramirez, avowed Satanist who idolized Anton LaVey, right, and observe his left hand, which whom Ramirez had a personal meeting with LaVey before settling in the Los Angeles area and starting his “reign of terror;” And, ex-Pope Joseph Ratzinger, who rationalized his Nazi past as “following orders” (the same lame argument given by Nazi war criminals who were later executed), and later spent his career in protecting criminal pedophiles in the Catholic priesthood in which he will never have to answer for; as his resignation as Pope means never having to give reasons or sworn testimony on why he resigned from the Pontificate (p.678, Malachi Martin’s, The Keys of This Blood. Martin also talked somewhat of “the smoke of Satan entering the Sanctuary” of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, which a previous Pope, Pope Paul VI divulged. Martin’s later book, in novel form, Windswept House, unveiled this revelation of a 1963 Black Mass in the Vatican without openly telling the truth).

These are all very curious activities for those defending these hand signals as some kind of solidarity sign with youth, or rock n’ roll music culture, or the University of Texas football program.

Indeed, it appears to me to be a sign of solidarity… of a secret cabal.

Finally, as demonstrated this past week with the uproar of a fake deaf language interpreter, it is interesting to note that in the two videos that I was able to see of this astounding chutzpah, the fake interpreter was able to demonstrate one sign over and over consistently again without missing many beats.

That was the “sign of Satan.”

I viewed him giving this sign in one video brief, ten times, and in an another brief… eighteen times. Both videos were a capsule of the nearly three hours of such gesturing. See here:

Yes, it may only be “coincidental,” but the “handiwork of Satan” appears to be everywhere. And little wonder, the Bible states that the “whole world lies under the control of the Evil One” (1 John 5:19b, NIV).

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2013. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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6 Responses to The “Handiwork” of Satan…well, is Everywhere…

  1. ella says:

    So you are saying the faker is not crazy?

  2. spick55a says:

    Thanks for your comment. Good question.
    It is interesting that the sanity of Mr. Jantjie was not an issue until he made it one as he has been doing his “interpretations” for some time.
    Investigation into Mr. Jantjie’s background reveals that he has been linked or faced the following criminal charges:
    ~ Involvement with a 1.7 Rand (South African currency) million fraud
    ~ Took a fellow worker hostage
    ~ rape
    ~ theft
    ~ breaking and entering
    ~ malicious damage to property
    ~ attempted murder
    ~ murder

    Mr. Jantjie should be in jail…not demonstrating his limited but repeated occult hand signs in front of millions around the world while standing right next to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and public dignities. It appears that not only is Mr. Jantjie a criminal suspect, but he is also a con-artist. It also seems that he has very good connections, by either blood relations or unknown ties, and has been protected by someone who is a powerful individual to keep him out of trouble.

    The Bible states that an “unsound mind” is not from God. It implies that such mental unsoundness is from other sources.

    In my experience with folks with mental issues; whether organic or demonic, I have always found an underlying symptom: rebellion toward God and His Laws, His Word, and His Precepts. Rebellion creates a vacuum, “a swept house,” as Jesus called it, that Satan likes to fill. Indeed, Corrie Ten Boom said nearly the same. When the “unsound” person will turn to God with submission, and not rebellion, as in the example of the tormented “men of the tombs” (Matthew 8:28), then that person is on the road to recovering his or her rightful mind.

  3. Mathew says:

    Sure, the whole world is controlled by the Evil one. But… what even he doesn’t seem to realize, or remember, is that God is and has always meant Gravity. “Rebel” like a fallen angel against that, and we’re truly doomed.
    The Essene Gospel of Peace.

  4. stevieb says:

    Your comments about Hitler and Catholicism out you for what you are…a Zionist disinfo agent…

    • spick55a says:

      Stevie, Thanks for your comment. I don’t know anything about being a Zionist shill. But, it sure would have to pay much better than what I have ever received. As far as your linking Hitler and the Catholic Church together, the following comment speaks for itself stated by Adolf Hitler: “As a Catholic, I never feel comfortable in the Evangelical Church or its structures…As for the Jews, I am just carrying out the same policy which the Catholic Church has adopted for 1500 years, when it regarded them as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos, etc., because the Church knew what the Jews were like. I don’t put race above religion, but I do see the danger of this race for Church and State, and perhaps I am doing Christianity (i.e., the institution of the Catholic Church) a great service.” The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, J.S. Conway, p. 25-26, 162.

      To be fair, a good number of Catholic priests perished at Nazi hands that did not go along with the Concordat signed by the Vatican and Hitler, which gave approbation to Nazi policies. Father Kolpe was one such priest who was martyred. To his credit, Pope John Paul II recognized Kolpe in his first visit back to Poland as the Pope. It is not unusual that persons of an active faith would be participants in an institution that has a track record as the Catholic Church has. This is why the Bible says that such folks will be “called out of Her,” in the near future.

  5. carl says:

    I really did not watch Mandela’s funeral and you have done well to pick up on these signs of the Devil . Also , let us not forget the signs of George W which the press played off as the sign of the long horns . Pope Francis with the hidden hand , a sign of the Masons , a Devil sign . Prince Charles and his mother (purse) the hidden hand and we can go on and on . Whoops , Joseph married the daughter of the Priest of On . Can things get much worse ? The masons worship Solomon ‘s temple but Solomon built temples unto his wives of the Pharaoh , Babylon . The bible that is on the altar of the masons is not the Christian Bible for the true bible of the masons is of the Hindu Gods . It doesn’t make any difference what they say , it is what people perceive and that alone should make us wake up , go ahead pick that book up and see for your self . Is there a Woe on those that teach with their fingers and give signs with their feet ? Yes there is , look it up and speak it , for life and death is in the power of the tongue . The people that now rule over us (seed of the Serpent) know the power of the spoken word that is spoken to the ethereal realm (the spirit realm , the realm of creation) for man receives nothing unless it comes from Heaven . Check that out . This I leave with you , BELIEVE in Christ my Lord , the God of Israel for I ‘ am of the House of Israel and an Israelite .

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