Your Official 2014 New Year Predictions!

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The business of New Year prognostications and predictions must go back as far as human history. It has always been a facet of human nature to desire to know the future, and what fortune or misfortune may accompany it. In the country that I live in now, on the village town square near where I reside, there must be a fortune teller on every corner. I have heard of several local acquaintances and neighbors who see these “fortune tellers,” or “videntes,” or “shamans,” or “herbalistas,” or “brujos,” on a regular basis. They appear to be addicted to such soothsayers and spend a good portion of their hard-earned monies for any advantages that can be given them in regard to their immediate futures. This is actually the power of such a deception. It becomes based on fear: fear of the unknown; fear of the future; or fear of offending some spirit or entity willing to give such advice, which can be somewhat accurate among the many predictions offered. This particular type of deception and dependency brings in a peculiar spiritual defilement on the individual that the Bible implies, and in my experience in counseling and helping such victims, is not easy to get rid of.

The Old Testament of the Bible directed the children of Israel to stay clear of such persons. The punishment under the Mosaic polity was death or banishment (1 Samuel 28:9). 

You can trace the history of prognosticating or predicting from its roots in ancient mysticism to its development nowadays as a modern science.

Yes, modern science.

You would be surprised, for instance, how much the American, British, Nazi, and former Soviet Union intelligence agencies and communities have spent on, studied upon, and researched such “sciences” for any advantage in “seeing” what the other is doing. You could make the argument that modern 20th-century occultism has many roots in British and German Intelligence. Indeed, such revelations were difficult for the Soviets to handle as they believed that man was materialistic, not spiritual. The negative spiritual aspects of Soviet research into the paranormal tore away their Marxist concepts and weakened their overall philosophy. This contributed to the moral breakdown as well as the financial breakdown of the Soviet system.

They didn’t have answers for everything, after all.

In addition, the U.S. Army had a period of psychic research documented by author Jon Ronson. This was not a sideline. It involved the commanding  General of all military intelligences called INSCOM. Now retired, this respected military General now offers a how-to on “remote viewing,” for a fee. Despite Jon Ronson’s attempted spoof on it, which may be a cover story in itself, a lot of people in the U.S. Government do take this very seriously. During his term in office, President Reagan and his wife had astrologers plan out their whole schedule as often as possible. In his term, President Clinton’s wife, Hilary, reportedly had “channeling” sessions with Jean Houston in the White House, which Eleanor Roosevelt was conjured up in a seance according to Watergate famed reporter Bob Woodward in his 1996 book, The Choice

Even, the renowned evangelist Billy Graham had to be married at a “full moon” on a “Friday the 13th,” late at night! (From Graham’s own book, Just As I Am, p. 79).

What is up with that?


As a Christian believer, I am reluctant to discuss such a topic as attempting to predict yearly futures as the Bible makes no specific mention of or endorsement of such, nor does Bible Prophecy ever predict or make predictions on such models based on our modern Julian Calendar which did not exist in Bible times. Celebrity Christians like Pat Robertson and others often give yearly predictions only to be panned. Others, like the late David Wilkerson, create a “cottage industry” of disaster and apocalyptic predictions only to create their special kind of paranoia. Against this backdrop of such failed prognosticators, such idle predictions such as the year-to-year variety seems fairly vain and self-serving.

However, it can be possible to assess the status of what current Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled and what trends are developing as to determine what is next for the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy and how that affects the world populace or parts of it.  

Several prophecies are trending toward or starting the process of being fulfilled now. Several of these prophecies have been in the process of fulfillment since the start of the End Times. The End Times started in the year of 1967. Here is a brief list of these End Time prophecies:

> Exhaustive Prophecy is being fulfilled regarding the phenomenon of earthquakes, wars, persecution of Christians, famines, pestilence, and fearful sights, plus more.

> The prophecy by Paul to Timothy concerning our era to be one of “danger” or “perilous times.”

> Decline and demise of the United States. The United States is not in End Time Bible prophecy.

> The rise of Russia once again.

> The destabilization of the nation of Georgia by Russia.

I write about all these in my recently published book, Living in the End Times: How “End Time” Prophecy Affects YOU!  Volume One. Here is the link to peruse my book and promotional blurb:

There are many more prophecies to be aware of that will affect your immediate future. In my next book to be published soon, Volume Two, I cover the end of the Times of the Gentiles and related topics. There are more than fifty End Time prophecies to be fulfilled in the End Time Era. A few have been fulfilled already; others have already happened as an event, yet are still in the process of fulfillment; while others are in the process of being revealed, and then fulfilled, that are not yet quite evident yet. 

Some prophecies that have started but not completed are:

> Unalterable climate changes which are occurring.

> Further descent into immorality.

>The continuing lack of genuine faith to be found in the world among the populace which will facilitate the growing immorality.

>The return of Pagan ritual, worship and idolatry.

And, many more.

For the year of 2014, we will see most certainly more progress into the continuance of such trends.


You will not see the end the world as we know it. 

You will not see the Return of Christ in 2014. 

You will not see any demise of the United States in 2014.

You will not see the Emergence of the Antichrist, the start of the Great Tribulation, any Rapture of “believers,” or any sophisticated identification system emerge known as the “Mark of the Beast.”


Malaise: By following the present process of current Prophecy being fulfilled, we can determine what the trends are and what further developments may emerge. In the world in general, and in the United States in particular, you will see a continuing malaise in the populace.

Faltering economy: This malaise accompanies the continuing economic decline of the United States. Although other economies, for instance, in Spain, are undergoing trying economic changes and downturns, yet their public still seems optimistic… opposite of the public in the United States. However, other countries are doing quite well. Micro-economies such as Malaysia, Singapore and Panama are surging. But for the American public, they are fed a daily dose of disinformation that the whole world, like they, are in economic distress. This is absolutely not true. The United States is a target economically by powerful forces behind the scenes. I also tend to think the whole scheme behind the duress of the Euro and the Euro Zone is only to buttress the U.S. Dollar from any premature collapse, which will not happen, in my opinion.

Indeed, the United States of America Dollar is a misnomer… it is actually a Federal Reserve Note owned by the Federal Reserve Corporation of which many of its principal shareholders are located in the financial district called the “City” in the city of London. Do you really think that the Federal Reserve would allow its dollar, one of the greatest wealth creators in economic history, holding trillions of dollars of U.S. Government debt and deriving arbitrary interest payments on it, which the U.S. Government WILL repay no matter what, one way or another,… TO FAIL?

But, I digress.

In my forthcoming Volume Two of Living in the End Times, I go into some detail about the future of the American economic system and what Bible prophecy and extra-contemporary prophecy says about it. Be sure to be looking for my new book when it is published.

Now, what is further trending….

You will continue to see the pattern of diminished freedoms in the United States. Executive decrees, arbitrary regulations, and legislation will go forward in restricting the freedom of the American citizen. Capital controls and people controls will go hand-in-hand to restrict movement and money.

This is nothing new though as the Bible has predicted such a paradigm… it has been happening in the world for some time since the fall of the Roman Empire… just not to Americans…The trends of fascism and individual freedom have been warring back and forth since 476 C.E. If you see the United States continuing into a security state, then you will see some other nation who had been formerly totalitarian, or fascist, become a democracy, like Russia (though it has a peculiar type of, or non-Western democracy), out of the former U.S.S.R. In the very near future, it appears that Cuba will be liberalized and morphed from a totalitarian state.

Talk about topsy-turvy stuff, I would have never expected Cuba under the Castros to become “liberalized.” It is like some DC Superman comic book describing the world of Bizarro. With this development, if I were a former Exile from Cuba, or of a family of Cuban exiles in Miami, I would consider the newly liberalized Cuba, when it fully occurs, as a healthy alternative to relocate to, compared to the continuing and emerging security state of the United States.

Yet this trend, fascism versus freedom, was predicted by the Bible over 2500 years ago.

No one in popular Christianity has a clue about this though. Like Ivory Soap, 99 and 44/100’s percent of those who termed themselves evangelical Christians have never heard of this particular prophecy and what to look for.

The Bible tells us that the future is in God’s Hands. God can direct us and our paths despite the uncertainties of the future. Some things we, as human beings, cannot handle well. We need help. Knowledge of the future is one of these issues that we are poorly equipped to deal with. The Bible tells us to “acquaint ourselves with Him, and be at peace” (Job 22:21). One of the benefits of this God-given peace is a serenity and confidence in the future. With this kind of assurance, we have the conviction of faith that all will be well despite any trouble in which  “a thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you” (Psalms 91:7). 
There is no one better than God in knowing what the future is. And, with a covenant relationship with Him, we can know what we need to know too. 
Happy New Year. 
 Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2013. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.
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