Speaking a Pure Language


The Prophet Zephaniah prophesied that the Lord would restore unto His People a “pure language” (Zephaniah 3:9). This “pure language” would follow an Armageddon type reckoning as the context which precedes in verse 8 in the same chapter denotes. If you compare the context in verse 8 to the prophecies of Ezekiel in his 38th and 39th chapters, you will find great similarities.

A “pure language” would enable His People to call upon the Lord with literally, “one shoulder,” or burden, which is translated in the English texts as “one consent,” or “one accord.”

This appears to be in contrast to the many languages spoken today. In the pages of our Bible, we read that a literal division of languages took place at the Tower of Babel, which was being built by Nimrod… who “opposed the Lord.”

We also find a type of Babel in the Book of Revelation described as a beast which carries a scarlet clothed woman called Mystery, Babylon. She speaks a language which is marked by blasphemies. These blasphemies center on outrageous and presumptuous claims in which these are termed “the wine of her fornication.”
The figurative use of “wine” here indicates a particular body of teaching which Jesus also implied in warning his disciples to beware of the “leaven,” or fermenting agent, of the teaching of the Pharisees. These blasphemies and claims are part of a spiritual language in which nations and peoples are led into deception.

Today, we see a good many such spiritual languages.

The Apostle Paul said that, however, all of these kinds of “voices,” or languages, in the world, all had “some meaning” (1 Corinthians 14:10).  In essence, every spiritual voice or language, has some element of truth. It is also evident that many, many of these spiritual voices or languages also contain many instances of falsehoods. Some of these falsehoods are egregious. This is why the Bible calls such language and their use of such falsehoods as “blasphemies.”

The combination of truth and error is said by John the Elder in his first letter of John to be that of the “spirit of error” (1 John 4:6b). John tells of a spirit of error and the “spirit of truth.” It is implied by John the Elder, that the spirit of truth is pretty much unadulterated, or a “pure language.” The “spirit of error” is always a mixture in which lies, false claims, or blasphemies are prevalent with some truths.

Jesus talked to the woman at the well in the Gospel of John about the true nature of the worship of God. Jesus told the woman about a new worship based not on location of religious shrines… but the condition of one’s heart. This condition is predicated on the search of the worship of God based on the Spirit of God and Truth.

You can read this for yourself in the fourth chapter of the Gospel of John.

Jesus spoke of this as being a “new way” of worship in following after and serving God.

Nevertheless today, all of Christianity is based on where we go to church at, rather than what we are seeking… which is supposed to be “Spirit and Truth.”

Obviously, there must be a major disconnect then between the modern worship of popular Christianity, based on location, and the worship that Jesus advocated, based on an individual’s condition and spiritual seeking, to the woman at the well.

You won’t find this preached in the churches, however.

They are too busy promoting their particular language.

They are too busy promoting their particular claims.

They never talk about seeking God by the “Spirit,” and by the “truth.” Instead, they promote themselves as substitutes for such a mandated search as commanded by Christ. Yet, Jesus stated unequivocally that “true worshipers must worship God in spirit and in truth.”

If true worshipers are to worship God only in spirit and in truth, then what are the worshipers of a peculiar denomination or sect, which they stress, worshiping?…

Reader, where is this particular language of “spirit and truth” being spoken?

It is also evident then, that this language of the “spirit and truth” is a pure language.

Jesus commanded us to seek the Holy Spirit. He said that the Holy Spirit would promote him. Jesus said that too, the Holy Spirit would “lead and guide you into all truth” (John 16:13).

Obviously this too, is a major disconnect with modern, popular Christianity. They don’t believe what Jesus said. This is evident as they do not do what Jesus said to do. Real Bible faith is “hearing and doing.” To fail at either one, hearing and doing, is the “leaven  of the Pharisees,” or outright hypocrisy!

They never preach or promote the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Instead, they promote themselves as the recipients of the revelation of God and the only way, respectively, to salvation.

This is not a pure language. It is a false language with a foreign agenda to deceive people just like the “wine” of the woman riding the Beast, or system, as previously alluded to in the Book of Revelation.

Perhaps, it is time to start anew with a new search for the revelation of the Holy Spirit into what Jesus called the worship of God in spirit and in truth.

You can be sure that this will be a pure language… free from dogmas and dictates of man, or as Jesus said, “commandments from men” which are characteristic of a false system of worship.

The Early Church had this “pure language.” They had “one faith” or teaching, “one baptism,” not many as we have today, and “one Lord.” It is evident that there are many Lords in operation… many of which are individual men who are playing God.

Hence, the question you need to ask yourself, as a Christian believer, is:

“How pure is your language?”

Is it comprehensible to anyone outside your church?

If not, it is certainly not pure.

John the Elder gives us some qualification to this. He said, “…if we walk in the Light, as he is in the light, then we have fellowship one with another, and the Blood of Jesus Christ (will) cleanse us from all our sin” (1 John 1:7).

If you have read this far, then you and I may share a measure of fellowship. Otherwise, we do not. If the latter is the case, then someone is not walking in the Light. Someone is not being sanctified by the Spirit from the motions of sin. Someone is not connected to the Vine. You can be connected to a location of a church, but not connected by the condition of your heart to the Holy Spirit.

Someone does not possess a pure language.

Sometime in the future, the Bible promises that all will.

Why wait till then?

Why not have the Holy Spirit lead you to a new and fuller revelation of Christ? All it takes is to seek God for a fresh disclosure of His Person through Christ by the Spirit. You have to seek though, until you receive it.

There are no shortcuts to God’s revealing of Himself. There can be no spiritual laziness in seeking God’s best.

Prevailing prayer will always get its answer… And that, reader, is nothing short of a miracle… as all answered prayer is!

Seeking God. Prevailing prayer. This is something that you don’t hear about in the popular Church. Why? Because it circumvents their control.

Prevailing prayer… seeking God…your steps toward speaking a “pure language.”

Thanks for reading.

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