Weighed… but found Wanting…


Most folks are familiar with the account of King Belshazzar’s Feast found in the Book of Daniel, chapter 5, in the Bible where mysterious writing appeared….


It should be fairly obvious to anyone living in the United States, that things just aren’t right. The American President  is at a record poll low for his popularity, while the U.S. Corporate press is picking on Russian President Vladimir Putin, who happens to be one of the most popular leaders in the world, and quite popular in his home country.

The economy in the United States is terrible and there is no end in sight in its continued doldrums which continually shows a pattern of down-trending. Club of Rome “zero post-modern growth” agendas, which have been planned years ago, and implemented now first in the United States, have been very successful so far.

Meanwhile, in practically in every other country in the world, they are enjoying positive economic growth. This is very true in the country that I am living in. It has a growth rate of 10% this past year and has been growing 5-8% a year for about a decade. Yet the corporate press in the United States tells the American public that the economic crunch that Americans are facing is worldwide.

Completely false.

President Bill Clinton made this remark, which was oxymoronic for him, when he declared that, “the road to tyranny starts with the destruction of the truth.”

There is something just as effective as destroying the truth. That is, to ignore it, and then package it as subversive when it becomes a minority view.

Just ask the Chinese about their economic growth, or Malaysia, or Singapore. Ask any nation in southeast Asia or Panama, Chile, or Russia.

Moreover, ask about any other nation.

Except Japan… Why? Because the United States is following in the steps of Japan. Just less than twenty-five years ago, Japan was the “China” of the day. Businessmen were encouraged to learn Japanese. Japanese companies were buying up American businesses and real estate. SONY, the major electronics firm, got into music, entertainment, and the movie industry.

Then, the plug got pulled on Japan. Venture and investment capital left Japan to China. Without such, Japan could not grow further as she has virtually no natural resources. Her economy has been floundering ever since.

The same thing has happened to the United States pretty much. The only venture and investment capital that the United States has is its own government. This is substantial. Yet, the U.S. Government prefers to invest overseas, particularly in the Pacific Rim where its returns are 40% or better. It is all part of the “Zero Post-Modern Based” growth. The Oligarchy that controls the U.S. Government are much the same people as the Club of Rome.

Don’t believe in conspiracies?

How naive are you?

It takes an incredible naivete to think otherwise.

Evil is always a conspiracy. Evil is not impulse-driven. It is carefully planned and implemented. Want to read about a real conspiracy that nearly ended up in a complete genocide for a race of people?

Read the Bible, the Book of Esther to be exact. Then, consider this same evil replicating itself under the Third Reich.

Yeah, evil does not take a day off.

I have talked to a lot of atheists and agnostics. They can never explain the evil in the world. Why? Because man is not a material creature… he is a spiritual one. When the Soviet Union and its polity was faced with this inescapable fact, it led to its moral collapse and its previous strong belief in a system of Marxist-Leninist lies.

Do I have a “tin foil” hat on? No, I just read a lot. I read a lot of history. I read about historical figures. Just some light reading on the Rockefeller family dynasty ought to cure your naivete. Or, for that matter, any reading on the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, his brother, or Martin Luther King, ought to make you a conspiracy buff. You don’t need to be an Oliver Stone to know that something has been amiss in America since 1963.

Here is another tip: All one needs to do to find out what the real statistics for U.S. unemployment and inflation rate is by looking at shadowstats.com. You will find there that the real U.S. unemployment rate is the same as it was during the Great Depression, about 25%. You will find inflation, instead of less than 2%, at 6% instead, and this is still a conservative estimate.

There is, and will be, no economic recovery in the United States.

It will only get worse.

I am presently writing on this topic in my new book set to be published later this year. I look at a body of prophecy in which certain modern or contemporary prophecies have predicted this economic disintegration of the United States.

This only makes sense as the United States is not in very End Time Period prophecy. Neither was the conglomeration of nations known as the Soviet Union in End Time Bible prophecy either.

This is why that the Soviet Union collapsed… it went bankrupt.

There is no confederation known as the Soviet Union in Bible prophecy in the very End Times. But there is an emergence of the country and nation of Russia as a world leader and superpower, who will replace the current role of the United States.

Bible End Time prophecy states this unequivocally.

The Soviet Union collapsed economically.

We can expect the United States to do likewise as the same patterns and paradigms exist.

The Soviet Union disintegrated into seventeen different nations.

We can expect the United States to do the same along similar lines. You can order my book for these scenarios which I have
practically every outcome imaginable presently listed.

The Soviet Union went into somewhat of an orderly disintegration. Its unified language, unified culture, and common race ensured a survival into the Russian nation. It was not “balkanized,” or polarized, into different subcultures and regional differences.

The United States has few of these advantages. Its common language is fragmented into Spanish and hard to comprehend English language, which is spoken nearly like a dialect in different parts of the country, by virtue of its public school system which churns out a seventh grade or lower reading level among its attendees.  The American culture is being shredded by popular corporate media which glorifies violence, sex, lack of chastity and innocence, the mocking of moral values, plus it emphasizes a drug usage lifestyle which results in a rapid moral decay among its populace. Moreover, the media has a weird, but revealing focus on witchcraft, death, vampirism, in addition to fixating on a continual “zombie” craze.

Yeah,  just what is it with the “zombie” stuff?

I know. I will share later however, as that is another topic. For now to suffice, it is one of those cinematic “art imitates life in the future” script lines.

The United States will not have a peaceful or orderly transition into a new order like Russia achieved.

It will be bloody and violent.

I have already introduced this in my first book, which you can order here:

Or here:

I will be examining this more in my second book.

And, I will further be writing about this in my third book, or volume on End Time Bible prophecy. I will, at that time following my third volume, be deposed to write a single volume of itself about End Time prophecy concerning the United States. I have a good deal of material to write about that I have been holding back on. Not only is this from Bible sources, but I also take note of several other sources, even occultic, in regard to the future of the United States consistent with implied Bible prophecy and its portent. A lot of people, especially Christians, are absolutely not aware of such conclusions from folks like Aleister Crowley and his ilk. Several of Crowley’s predictions have come true already despite his being a “dark-side” or Luciferian adherent and though he has been wrong on many things. With occult prophecy, it is not important the level of accuracy, but that any of it is accurate at all. That some of it is, can fill in the blanks where Bible End Time prophecy does not give many specific details.

That is what I attempt to do and do successfully in the format in a few of my books.

It is interesting to note that this scenario in the United States has been planned for probably, over a hundred years.

Some think it goes back further than this.

That is another topic for another day. I am done with this introduction of this subject for now.

But the “handwriting is on the wall.” While America is distracted, like the ancient Romans, with their “bread and circuses,” or “beer, bratwurst, pretzels, and football,” like the Babylonians in their “feasts, banquetings, and the recognition of false gods;” the enemy, its destruction, is at the gates.

It is like what happened to Babylon, and later, Rome when the Huns sacked it and destroyed it as an Empire.

Unlike Rome and Babylon though, the enemy of the United States is from within. Abraham Lincoln said much the same: he said that a free society, based on history, dies by its own hand, or suicide.

Don’t you see the “handwriting on the wall” for the United States?

Or, do you need someone to interpret it for you? King Belshazzar had Daniel do so for him. After Daniel did so, the Bible implies that Belshazzar went back to his “partying.” This is cognitive dissonance, or what some others may call normalcy bias. These traits are factors in spiritual deception and darkness. It can’t happen in America! After all, there is still more food, drink and entertainment to share. The last people to know judgments, or a day of reckoning as I prefer to call it, are the ones that it is intended for.

This is spiritual law. It has been and will always be like this. You can continue the spiritual slumber… or you can wake up to some uncomfortable realities now, which will become an absolute nightmare later.

You can be one of two people. The Bible states that the “man of sagacity foresees the evil coming, and hides himself; but the simple ignores such signs of destruction, and suffers the consequences.”

Which one are you? May God help you to make a decision.

Your future depends on it.

Thanks for reading.

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