The Gift of Prophecy: Part One…

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The Apostle Paul described to the Corinthian church, the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He identified in all, nine gifts. He told the Corinthian church to desire the best gifts. He stated, that in his opinion, the best gift overall was the gift of Prophecy. This gift was preferable to Paul, as prophecy could edify adequately the greater part of the church with its effect.

Edification was important in Paul’s view. He told the individuals in the Corinthian church to desire to prophesy so that they could “seek… to excel to the edifying of the church” (1 Corinthians 14:12b).

Note here that Paul was talking to individual believers. They did not have to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors or teachers, of which such titles are the offices of the church. No, Paul was just writing to ordinary people. He was encouraging ordinary people to become extra-ordinary by seeking the gifts of the Spirit, most notably here, the gift of prophecy. Edification is for everyone in the church. Having gifts being exercised in an individual edifies him exponentially in the Christian faith. Paul knew this. Paul said earlier in this letter that the manifestation of the Spirit, such as the operation of the gifts of the spirit, most notably prophecy, was quite beneficial to the believer (I Corinthians 12:7).

I would think so. Anytime that the Holy Spirit can express itself through a person, it has to be an exhilarating, life-giving experience that can contribute to transforming a person from the bonds of their human nature to the highest freedom: which is, expressing God in your human form. Or, what the Bible would call the “word made flesh.” When we obey God’s Word in obedience to the Holy Spirit, we are made one with God in purpose, mind, and will. There is nothing greater in the human experience than to be a part of the Glory of God in which God is “in you.”

Thus, edification is necessary for salvation. It continues the work of being “saved unto the uttermost.”

Somehow this has eluded the popular Christian church. The popular Church teaches that this is either not available or not necessary to believers. If you read the context of Paul’s writing here, you will see that he NEVER said such. Paul maintained that the gifts of the spirit, and the gift of prophesying or prophecy was for everyone who would SEEK for it.

Hmmm… if you were to read… for the very first time ever, this account of Paul in the Corinthian letter about prophecy and the gifts, and then compare today’s modern, popular church with the Corinthian church, you will come to the conclusion quickly, that something is VERY wrong with modern, popular Christianity.

Besides the work of edification however, the gift of prophecy also brought into the congregation a mystical element. This mystical element was that you just never knew just what “the Spirit may be saying to the church.” If that phrase sounds familiar, it should to the average Bible student. It is used seven times to the seven churches in Asia Minor in the Book of Revelation. There is no more record of the Spirit communicating to the churches after this.

Why? What happened?

Indeed, after these “sayings of the Spirit,” these churches in Asia Minor disappeared off the scene rather quickly.

Evidently, no one no longer “had an ear to hear what the Spirit was saying to the churches.”

No one was listening. No one had an ear to hear. No one could or wanted be an interpreter, as John the Apostle was, to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation or anywhere  else. If anyone desired to be an interpreter of the Spirit, he or she were shunned by the leadership, it must be concluded. If this is not the case, then why are there no interpreters? The Ethiopian Eunuch had his interpreter, Philip (see Acts 8).

Hence, the Holy Spirit quit communicating.

Apparently, church leadership didn’t care for the mystical element of the speaking of the Spirit. They didn’t like the mysticism of prophesying. The church leadership found that perhaps, the Spirit was saying something far different that what they had in mind. After all, it is hard for man to control what is in the “mind of the Spirit.”

Since man cannot control the Holy Spirit, and man wanted to have a strict control of what was being preached: the obvious action then, was to eliminate the element of the Holy Spirit in the worship services.

The way to do that, of course, is to deny the gifts of the Spirit.

If you deny the gifts of the Spirit, then you can eliminate the moving of the Spirit. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit IS REVEALED by the use of spiritual gifts.

All man needed to do was to control the meeting or service then by more formal worship, more programmed worship and ever more ritual to the point of borrowing from Paganism and the Pagan Mysteries.

This is what happened.

Christianity is the only faith however, that is based wholly on miracles and miraculous events as its foundation of faith. You can go up and down the accounts in the New Testament and everywhere you will run into a miracle or miraculous event.

However, when the Christian faith went from Jewish control to Gentile control, or more specifically, Japhethetic Gentile control (control by the offspring of Noah’s son, Japheth), miracles started to cease.

The Japhethetic Gentiles could explain this however. They claimed that the age of miracles had ceased! There was no more miracles… no more healings… no more gifts of the Spirit… no more prophesying… and no more Holy Spirit.

This is not what Jesus said though.

Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit who would be “our comforter,” in the absence of him,…. a physical Christ. This “Comforter” would enable us in being better and more committed Christians, or Witnesses of Christ. We would even do “greater works” than Christ, because of the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit would eventually lead and guide us into “all truth.”

This hasn’t happened in the Gentile church.

They have lied to us.

They have lied to us because they do not want the miraculous.

It sounds like Satan has taken over the Gentile church.

Everything that Jesus said that should be…  is the opposite!

Instead of a “Comforter,” we have “hireling” or “for hire” ministers who give us false hopes, false comforts, a false security, and a false conversion. They sell this “salvation” for offerings, monetary gifts, and their version of tithing: which makes them very wealthy. The Roman Catholic Church, for example, is one of the richest institutions in the world. Its leader, the Pope, controls its wealth. The Pope even has his very own bank. Every so often, this bank, called the Vatican Bank, is found to be involved in some financial crimes such as money laundering.

The wealth of the Catholic Church rivals the wealth of the Rothschild Family dynasty and its agents, which own the Federal Reserve banking corporation and system of the United States besides many other central reserve banking schemes all around the world. This financial cabal is located in the financial district of London, called the “City.” There, these financial “wizards” operate behind a curtain of near complete secrecy and great power, in which they fix the price of precious metals daily, along with imposing upon nations whatever fiscal policies of whatever fiat currency that they control, designed of course, to maximize the greatest yield of profits for their coffers. To be fair, some of their work is altruistic. The rest of it though is pathologically selfish and insane, in which they wish to rule the world and control world populations, by command. Respectively, the wealth of the Catholic Church, and the Rothschild dynasty, along with the wealth of the free enterprise Corporatism of the corporation called the United States Government, is conservatively worth about a Quadrillion dollars (U.S.) each. A quadrillion dollars should not be scoffed at or ridiculed as values for these institutions: it may be even more… as the derivative market worldwide was valued at 1.2 Quadrillion dollars in mid-2010 (… hence, four years later it could be well above this figure. Obviously then, the risks associated with this quantity of money cannot be too burdensome to be handled by any of the principals of high finance, as the Bible predicted this. Thus, a quadrillion dollar value of these three is a very conservative estimate of their worth.

As an aside then, having yearly trillion dollar budget deficits and a multi-trillion dollar national debt that the United States government has, then means nothing in relation to the true wealth of the United States Government. After all, a trillion is only a tenth of one percent of a quadrillion (the current national debt then is — .17%— this is less than 2/10’s of one percent of a quadrillion dollars). As it follows then, the Corporation of the United States is immensely wealthy. It still has a good deal of natural resources such as oil and natural gas as the Bakken formation shows. This oil strike comes on the heels of “America running out of domestic oil,” and the “Peak Oil” fallacy. The United States was never oil dependent upon the rest of the world. It has “capped” more producing wells than other nations have found new ones. This fallacy, along with the fallacy that the United States is bankrupt, is only for public consumption, while paying billions in  “interest” to its partner in financial intrigues, the Federal Reserve System.

The Catholic Church derived this kind of wealth by one of the greatest wealth creators in the world, that is, the “selling of souls.”

“Soul selling” is what the Devil does best. You don’t have to be a reader of Daniel Webster to know this if you have any spiritual discernment.

Yep, being in the popular, modern church system, called “Great Babylon” in the book of Revelation, is like reading a DC comic book on Superman, that I read as a kid. In this comic book series, Superman encounters an opposite world. It is called the planet of BIZARRO…

You see, Bizarro is completely opposite what we do here on planet Earth.

You know what I am saying next…

The modern, popular Church is the world of Bizarro. It is nothing like what Christ said it should be. Indeed, it is OPPOSITE!

The crazy thing about all this is, is that God has people in this system. They are having a tough time in this system. About everything that they are told to do, comes up “ten” or the most extreme, on the 1-10 meter on the Bizarro scale of the popular Church. They don’t know where else to go. Their faith is not very strong.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BIZARRO: Introduced in the 1960’s, the “world of Bizarro” has come to be defined in popular culture, “a situation or setting which is weirdly inverted or opposite of expectations.” This definition pretty much summarizes the expectations of the Church, or Remnant flock of believers that Christ would be the Head of,… compared to the popular church which man, and man alone, controls. Christ’s church or fellowship is based on a living faith. The popular church system is based upon the opposite, “dead works.”

Not to fear, Little Flock, the Bible tells us that God will deliver his people trapped in this system of shadows and inversions.

I have more to say… in a later installment. Thanks for reading.

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