‘Tis the Season….



Springtime marks the “fertility” season and this is a powerful time of growth and change after a winter of solace and inactivity. This “fertility” season gets under way with the Spring solstice changing the seasons and there afterwards, the first full moon appears, always a potent symbol and influence. The first Sunday that follows the first full moon of the Spring Equinox is called Easter Sunday.

Of course, Easter is not Passover, a fixed date in the Jewish calendar and later to commemorate the Resurrection of Christ, but a pagan holiday following a full moon in honor of the goddess Ostara or Eostre from which Easter has been derived. This has been incorporated into Christianity as part of its compromise with paganism to make state Christianity more palatable to “paganized” Christians. Practically every culture, always pagan in nature, has an Easter observation equivalent. For instance, in ancient Mesopotamia, this fertility celebration was a series of rites which was celebrated at the first New Moon following the Spring equinox. It was called “Zagmuku” and it was in honor of the Sumerian god whose equivalent is the god, Baal. It is now in more modern times known as Beltane, originated from the name of Baal. The hallmark of this celebration was to continually confirm the relationship of the people and their gods. The people were represented by their king as he was ultimately responsible for their welfare and accountable to the gods for their benevolence in blessing crops and produce. Baal was represented by a high priestess from a cadre of priestesses dedicated to this deity. The king was to copulate with the high priestess in ritual sex, or sex magick, which would honor the fertility god and secure its blessing. The term, “prostitute,” originally signified “in behalf of,” so the king was in symbolism, fornicating with a demon deity in which the priestess represented.

Yep, that was “magical sex” that happened to be quite spiritually defiling as the demon usually manifested in assisting in “succubus” form. Since the act of sex is a union of two people, the spiritual implications were startling!

As a carryover of this, the Eve of Beltane was traditionally celebrated by men and women in the nude which culminated in orgiastic sex. Elizabeth Dilling, author of The Plot Against Christianity, confirms this and wrote that “the worship of Fire or Sun Gods involves mass nudism, fornication and sodomy…”

This year, Easter falls in an occult holiday period. Thirteen days of pagan observances, rituals, and celebrations,  preceding and incorporating the Beltane Festival is inaugurated  on April 19 and ends after May 1. Easter occurs this year on April 20. Whenever occult holidays or holiday periods, fall on “Christian” holidays,  it brings special significance to occult practitioners, as such rituals get to mimic and mock popular Christian ritual. This occult holiday period, from April 19 -May 1, traditionally started with a human sacrifice and ended with another human sacrifice. Some groups, covens, or followings, do this today, of course, clandestinely. Indeed, some of them may sacrifice a victim for all thirteen days.  Following October 31 or Halloween, May 1 is the second  most powerful occult holiday of the year. However, April 30, also called Walpurgis Night which precedes Beltane, was the highest day of the Druid Witch calendar.

You must understand, that some folks in high places, are very serious about these rituals. To follow a ritual quite precisely, it is believed that it gives them power to change things and affect outcomes. To botch a ritual, depending on its importance, can be very serious to to the occult practitioner or magician. There can be literally, “hell to pay.”

Incorporated closely with the Fertility rites and rituals are the Fire Worship rituals. So much so, that many think that they are one and the same.  Sacrifice by fire is required by pagan, occult, and satanic elements on April 19. An emphasis on the sacrificial victims who are children or youth is made. “Passing through the fire” to the fire god, Molech, in the Old Testament of the Bible, described children going through the ritual of fire worship and sacrifice. In this regard, the arms of the god Molech were operated mechanically beyond a veil or curtain in the back of the image by its priests. When a victim was selected or chosen from among those “passing through the fire,” the child was placed on the supporting Molech outstretched hands, pulled over a pit of flame, and then the hands were shifted mechanically sideways, causing the child to fall and be consumed into the very hot pit furnace below.

The child’s screams were muffled by the very low bass sound of drums and music instruments and the corresponding high pitch of tambourines and other music utensils to drown out its cries. This bass sound was exceeding low. This was to be called later, the “Devil’s chord.”

A Molech site was located just outside of Jerusalem during the period of the Kings and Minor Prophets. The Valley of Hinnom, or in Greek called Gehenna, was located on the south and southwest side of the city. Gehenna was later translated as the popular rendition or place, of hell fire. For the hundreds and hundreds of children, if not thousands, that were immolated… this was an apt description. The Valley of Hinnom, or Gehenna, became a garbage dump during the time of Christ which continued to emit flame and fire in burning refuse, dead bodies of animals and common criminals, and offal.


^ Jesus Overlooking Jerusalem with the Valley of Hinnom in the Background. Jesus referred to this area in some of his preaching. King Solomon initiated the Fire Worship of Molech and Baal in this valley. This area was always “on fire” and burning and was a constant against the skyline of the city.

Today, the “Devil’s Chord” is being duplicated by the deep bass outputs of Rock music bands and groups, and the deep bass amps placed in automobiles that are very disturbing to normal hearing. It is extremely prevalent and pernicious in what is called “typica” or related Latin music, where I live, in Panama. Not only do I, but most people, dislike it intensely here. Moreover the local population here, think it is their right to play their music as loud as they can…at any time of day or night. So much for “loving” or considering “their neighbor” …as such “love” pretty much doesn’t exist here.

All such deep bass noise, has its roots in Molech worship!

Some important events have occurred on April 19 – May 1, or the Beltane holidays,  especially in recent history since the year, 1967, which was the last full year of Gentile World Dominion. These events are very important to occult adherents and practitioners.

Here are some of them:

~ The year preceding 1967, the year 1966, Satanic high priest and adept, Anton LaVey announced during a ritual ceremony of April 30 that year, or Walpurgis Night, that the “Age of Satan” had begun. April 30 is also known as the “Eve of Beltane.”

~ The Nazis, during their Third Reich reign, commemorated and re-instituted Walpurgis Night and conducted rituals under their leadership, notably Heinrich Himmler, at a special chamber at Wewelsburg Castle.

~  Temple of Set founder, and U.S. Intelligence Colonel Michael Aquino in 1981, also conducted rituals at Wewelsburg during the Beltane period. He later circulated a document he called the “Wewelsburg Working.” In magic, a “working” is a spell or ritual acts that can change and influence future events.

~ In 1993, the cult known as the Branch Davidians, among them many children,  in Waco, Texas died in a fiery conflagration, on this very date of April 19, after a U.S. Government siege. Some think that occult influences in government planned this conflagration in a ritual manner following the Beltane tradition.

~ In 1995, again on April 19, a truck bomb at Federal Building in Oklahoma City, kills 168 & injures 500. Many of the victims are children, again following a pattern of Molech fire sacrifice.

~ In 1997, the Red River Flood decimates Grand Forks, Nebraska. Joan Kroc, widow of MacDonald magnate Ray Kroc,  donates money to rebuild it.

~ The 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and terrorism occur.

~ Adolf Hitler was born in this Beltane holiday period. Hitler is a known occultist and considered himself a magician able to influence and “charm” the masses with his hypnotic effect.

~ The Columbine High School massacre occurs in 1999. Though the FBI dismisses such, eyewitness testimony states that Christian believers were targeted by the perpetrators.

~ The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is commenced by the Nazis during the Beltane time period and the last Jewish Resistance is massacred in a fiery conflagration in which the Jewish defenders were trapped in storm drains. The S.S. used flame throwers to incinerate the last of them.

~ Adolf Hitler takes his life on Walpurgis, April 30 at precisely 3:30 in the afternoon. He does this, consistent with the occult numerical sequence of 3-3-3 as he believes it will enhance his immortality if it is done in the Beltane time frame.

~ Great bonfires are lit on the Eve of Beltaine, April 30, in order to welcome the Earth Goddess, also known as Baal’s wife, called Asherah, among other names. Participants hope to gain favor with this goddess so she will bless their families with procreative fertility. It is interesting that the Royal House of Windsor lights their own  Beltaine fire every year.

~ On May 1, or Mayday, it is a day in which “reason” is celebrated in which atheists, agnostics, communists, and some socialists celebrate their godless ideologies.

In summary, the Beltane celebratory period is becoming more open with events occurring during this time frame which are throwbacks to earlier pagan history.

What events could be in store this year?

The original 1973 movie, The Wicker Man, voted one of the ten most frightening horror films ever made, was set during the Beltane holiday time period. The ancient Druids made a giant man out of wicker wood, placed human and animal sacrifices in different compartments, and then set ablaze the image to the delight and cheers of their adherents. Julius Caesar witnessed this ritual himself and ordered that future Roman rulers suppress this barbarity. There is a return to such Molech spin-offs today with a Wicker Man festival yearly in England and several others which are quite similar in scope such as the Burning Man Festival in Nevada held every Labor Day. In the movie, a Christian policeman, a Sgt. Howie, was lured onto the island where this festival was held and became the human sacrifice.


With the ever increasing disappearance events all around the world, in which individuals vanish never to be found, one may speculate as I do when there are disappearance events near this Beltane time frame, as there was recently in the area that I live in, how many “Sgt. Howies” are being selected…. for modern day rituals…

Thanks for reading, and be careful… as ’tis the season.

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