The GateKeepers, Part One


There are quite a few phenomenons on the internet and its related monitoring from government sources. New terms from its particular technology and nuances continually pop up. One of these is the development of what is called “gatekeepers.”

You would have to expect that since the development of the modern-age computer internet was initiated in the 1950’s by what is known as DARPA, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and then taken to its implementation by high echelon American intelligence, that indeed, the internet is a creation of sophisticated government research and intelligence gathering, of its users.

This is a natural benefit for government and should be known by all unless internet users are totally naive and or are incredibly ignorant. You can be sure that the government will not be informing you of this. We do live, particularly those in the United States, in a Orwellian World. I will not debate this complete certainty. The scope of which cannot be covered in this article. In my opinion, in specific countries already, such as the United States, citizens are living under total surveillance whether by internet use, satellite imagery, or the many millions of miniature “security” cameras and recording devices used by commercial and public operators that can record your every movement on their own.

For instance, if you shop at a Wal-Mart, as soon as your car pulls into their parking lot, you are being photographed and photo-recorded. If you will notice, on all the light poles, there are a battery of small cameras to do so. As you continue on into the store, you are picked up by the cameras at the entrance, inside the store, and in various departments. No matter where you go, you are surveilled. When you get to the check-out, such monitoring becomes more intense to uncover fraud, consumer theft, employee theft, your children grabbing a gumpack when you are not observing them, et cetera.

Perhaps, you can understand this. Perhaps, you have even noticed this. Perhaps, if you have noted the large number of cameras recording you, you rationalize that the store does this to monitor theft and hence, can keep their “prices” low and save you even more money when you shop at Wal-Mart.

Well, that is a logical explanation. Most people have nothing to hide and are honest, so they may welcome their privacy intrusion as part of Wal-Mart, or other retailers, business practices.

What is not known by the public though… is such surveillance has been going on for over thirty years… in your neighborhood Wal-Mart and other retailers.

Reader, if this has been going on in your local stores for over thirty years with increasing sophistication and imagery innovations with limited private funds from store profits… then what does the American Government doing in this expertise with unlimited public funds?

You can extrapolate this to an exponential degree. And you should. Then you will realize, depending on your level of intelligence, perception and discernment, that yes, indeed, you must be living in a total surveillance society in the United States. I think you are surveilled even in remote national parks and forest areas. There is good evidence for this but I will not go into this facet in this space either.

In my view, you are never, never far from the “Eye in the Sky,” as Mr. Bush referred to such… many years ago.


But I digress.

A good friend of mine and subscriber recently sent me a video of a retired military Special Forces person. He asked me to view it. He was disturbed by its content. This military Special Forces person is now supposedly a retired serviceman, who now has become a “patriot.” He claims to have special knowledge of events and policies being implemented by the U.S. Government to bring in martial law and incredible civil unrest which may result in the mortality of millions of its citizens. He claims to tie this special knowledge and special events to his concept of Bible prophecy to give added credibility with groups of fundamental or evangelical Christians, whom he is targeting. This gentleman adds a good deal of urgency to his claims by stating that these things will be initiated next year, 2015. In fact, he spends a good deal of time talking about 2015 as a year of cataclysmic change.

The term “patriot” now in the United States and particularly in the view of the American government has undergone a definition change of sorts. It has been changed to describe those opposed, or reactionaries, to the national government and its policies to the possible point of violent acts and insurrection events. This has been demonstrated by the Ruby Ridge confrontation of about twenty years ago, and the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, blamed on such “patriot” elements. It appears that “patriotism” has been devolved of its high idealism and love of justice and country to a kind of hooliganism by extreme factions as portrayed by corporate media interests.

I decided to give the video a “listen.”

Here is what I came up with in assessing it.

In watching this individual, I am convinced that he is not only an extremist, but portrays the image of a hooligan, if it all he really is either one.  He is inarticulate and his presentation lacks a good deal of coherency, particularly for a military professional. I have seen similar individuals come and go on the scene for over twenty years. The old Prophecy Club presentations had their fair share of such disinformation/misinformation agents.

As with all such disinformation and/or misinformation, a good portion of his material appears accurate. He plays on the fears of his hearers, in this case, in a presentation of sorts in a suburban or rural Midwest setting. The folks listening to him appear to be white Americans who feel increasingly disenfranchised and disconnected with representative American democracy. This is a valid concern. They feel that they are being left behind and forgotten. This again is a valid concern as the country has rapidly changed in the last generation in which older Americans do not recognize it readily or have the degree of comfort or familiarity that they experienced previously living in the United States.

Of course, this gentleman professes to be a god-fearing Christian. He is going “to heaven.”

Yet, he discusses how many people he has killed, how accurate he is with a sniper rife, how you better not challenge him or you will be a victim too… Christian profession or not… and just how dangerous a person, or “bad,” or  a “killer,” that he is.

I have met some dangerous people in my life experience. They were real threats. They never talk about how dangerous they are. They never brag about their “kills,” or even discuss it. They certainly never describe themselves as “killing machines.” This is considered rank amateurism by folks in this mode. Those in such a regimen of taking lives are professional in such training and don’t need approbation or censure talking about what they have done. It is a job to them as part of their regimentation, psychological conditioning, and in many, many instances, part of a dissociative state that they have had developed as total of their training. It is a job to them. Indeed, these “real killers” are practically in every walk of life. You have rubbed shoulders with them and did not know it. If you bring up such a subject, they will change the topic. They have no ego need to talk about what they have done or what they may do next. Unfortunately, many have developed a talent and aptitude in doing this work. They like it. That is the problem with “blood-lust,” however, it becomes out of control so that the trained assassin becomes a rogue murderer and becomes a target himself, as to not compromise or jeopardize other operators or those handling such missions.

Moreover, unlike this gentleman, those who are “real” professing Christians do not talk about killing people. And, certainly not as freely as this individual. “Real” Christians in the military do what Jesus told the Roman soldiers… “do violence to no man.” It is interesting to note that in  many of the modern English translations and revisions, this verse has been left out.

With such omissions, you can discern there is quite a bit of cooperation between church and state after all, despite hearing all about how separate one is from the other.

Back to the video. This gentleman is a either a misguided paramilitary person who has confused American nationalism with the Kingdom of God, or he is on the payroll of military intelligence. If he is the former, he is an anachronism in thinking that he and those who think like him  can return America to its former glory of the greatest standard of living in the world; plenty of white people in majority influence; protected by a vaunted military, whom the world views in general, as a throwback to Roman Empire Imperialism and fascism.

If he is the latter, then he is a “gatekeeper.”

In intelligence jargon, a “gatekeeper” is someone who advocates a position and supplies a good of deal of supporting information in form of an ideology, or belief position. A “gatekeeper” may operate in conjunction with the internet providing this information such as a website or in this case, a video site, in which folks that click on the site to view additional information or see video, have their internet addresses recorded and later harvested to a third party. In so doing, the “gatekeeper” gathers a following in which he controls access to his information and provides also errant information. He, the gatekeeper, may seek to form a group with a consensus on his views and will update it regularly with ever increasing rumors and pertinent news items. He may monitor and control this group. He may gather added information about the identity of these individuals in this group and provides it to a third party or intelligence network or just permits the third party to do such legwork themselves… after all, he just needs to watch the gate and keep everyone in the fold. He keeps them in line, in focus, and involved with a high level of interest, usually some kind of fear-based paranoia, as much as possible. Most of these activities are implemented by the “handlers.” This is also the definition of a “gatekeeper” from intelligence manuals such as the book, Strategic Intelligence Management: National Security Imperatives, by Akhgar & Gates.

You may notice, that this fits a fair amount of activity on the internet. Yep, “gatekeeping” is a strategic intelligence function whether in a speaking outlet, on a internet site, or in a publicity campaign setting to increase interest in his information and to swell the ranks of those who can follow him. There are literally dozens, of folks, some well thought of and highly credible, with ample public followings, who are nothing less than intelligence agentur promulgating good and bad information to keep the masses confused, disoriented, paranoid, and malleable for further manipulation.

If this individual had any real information that was spiritually important to Christian people, who he targets, or to concerned Americans, who he does not focus on, you can be sure that he would not be living… as he has no spiritual protection based on his Christian testimony and low level operative clearance.

It is always amazing to me how such people can get a crowd and worked up overnight, but anyone with a real message cannot get people on a street corner to listen to him or give him spare change to get his information out. Instead, you always see such oddballs well financed usually by sources in the vast intelligence community.

I have seen this over and over again, particularly in so-called Christian ministries.

I have more to comment on in regard to this video that I was asked to view. I will do so in a following installment. I will discuss the fixation on the year 2015 as described in the video, and the supposed threat of martial law and those “coming for you,” or Christians, in general.

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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