The GateKeepers, Part Two


I started this topic and hope to finish it with this installment. To review,  a reader sent me a video to watch of a supposed American patriot, a Mr. Page, who says that he is  an ex-American armed services special forces military soldier. This gentleman has retired from the service, that is if he truly has, and is now warning in particular, Christians in the United States to be preparing for the next year 2015, as a year of unrest, martial law, possible civil war, and related bedlam.

I watched the video and have made several comments on this gentleman’s viewpoints already.

In summary I will go over a few remarks that I made previously. First, his tie-ins with Bible prophecy are completely specious and unknowledgeable. He can only appeal to superficial Christian types who have a shallow understanding of a correct interpretation of Bible prophecy and Christ’s teachings.  Two, this gentleman’s demeanor and delivery are comical and is pretty much inconsistent with a professional soldier’s bearing and sobriety. I had suggested that if he was really a military individual, that his current act is disingenuous and he is rather a low-level military intelligence operative trying to gather a following in which they are being targeted and controlled by a greater intelligence network focusing on fundamentalist Christian believers. This is called in intelligence jargon, “gatekeeping.” There is a large industry, ostensibly ran by governments,  on the internet that does this function. They like to spread rumors, false information, disinformation, urban legends and general paranoia among the “Borg,” that is, the collective consciousness of the public and keep them divided and controlled with such miscommunications. Thirdly, his claims about his killing prowess and other brags of this nature is wholly contrary to real professional assassins who would never talk about how really dangerous that they are.

In the real world of assassins and professionally trained terminators, this gentleman would have a relatively short lifespan among them or other military contractors for hire. Real “professionals”  dislike amateurish and boorish behaviour that makes their craft less than a sophisticated appreciation of special, but hidden, talents.

In other words, this gentleman is an idiot. Being an idiot makes you dispensable. Being discreet helps make you indispensable, if indispensability is ever achievable in the spook world of double agents, triple agents, fifth columns, turncoats, “cleaners,” and special operatives.

Moreover, this gentleman’s claims of being a Christian and a patriot are bogus. He is neither.

THE  YEAR  2015

The emphasis that this gentleman makes about the upcoming year is equally without basis.

For the record and over the past fifteen years or more, I have advocated that Bible Prophecy indicates little or no future for the United States. The United States, despite its current status as a Superpower, is not in the very End Time Period of prophecy. The Prophet Ezekiel does not list the United States in his lineup of nations at the onset of the War of Armageddon. Yet, obscure countries like Libya, Iran, and Ethiopia are! It will not exist in its current position or rank. Indeed, the Bible implies that the United States will break-up along the lines of the former Soviet Union. But unlike the former U.S.S.R.,  it will not be resurrected as the nation of Russia… as Russia is today, in returning to be a force in the world.

The former Soviet Union was broken up into seventeen different nations. The United States is already staging to be broken up into similar different entities or “protectorates,” for lack of a better description. These divisions are suggested by the thirteen different control areas as designated by the Federal Reserve Districting; the FEMA (U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency) realigning of the United States into ten areas; the National Forest Service dividing the U.S. into nine regions; Russian Colonel Igor Panarin’s views, published on the front page of the Wall Street Journal of nine divided regions in the United States; and Russia’s Pravda also getting in on the action with its speculation of nine divided regions.

Whatever scenario, the structure of the United States will be dramatically altered. Its breakdown will not be as tranquil as that of the Soviet Union as it was made up primarily of Slavic peoples whose language, customs and culture were closely aligned. This is not true in the United States. It is polarized and “balkanized” into possible tribal segments. Its racial makeup is similar to the former nation of Yugoslavia and in real terms, worse.

Indeed, there are so many dormant radical elements in the United States “waiting” to go into an active mode, that is, mass civil unrest is absolutely certain. I have a list of most of these factions, but I won’t go into these details in this space. It will be an “overload.” Indeed Charles Manson himself, when he was incarcerated in prison in 1961, stumbled upon  just one set of ultra-violent factions. It blew his mind. And, that is not easy to do with his mental cynicism. This revelation completely changed his thinking from that of a petty hood and con-man to a visionary of twisted proportions. He correctly predicted a scenario, in reality among several,  to emerge in the United States. He was just very premature in the late ’60’s. I will be introducing some facets of this in my later books on prophecy regarding the United States...

Suffice to say, “getting the fear” as Manson described and others of his ilk, like the late Hunter Thompson parroted, even using the same phrase, will be the “norm” in the coming break-up of the United States.

With much less similarities, Yugoslavia broke up into murderous factions of which emerged out of its small area, six different nations all opposed one to the other… based on religious, ethnic, and racial lines. It is little wonder that civil war then broke out there… and little wonder that there were incidents of  genocide being perpetrated. One can only extrapolate the same for the United States given similar scenarios, particularly where food distribution is altered or stopped.

When this occurs though is open to further conjecture.

Mr. Page in his video suggests it is imminent.

I don’t think so.

The year 2016 would be more interesting as it is an election year for that matter. At this point, it looks like Hilary Clinton versus Jeb Bush. No doubt, the Powers That Be who could alter the status of the United States would wait till after the 2016 elections to do so.

The year 2017 would be more interesting as the new president would enter the White House and be running the country. Things can happen in the first year of a new president which can define his administration. Bush in 2001, had 9-11 define his presidency and plunge the United States into never-ending war against nebulous threats. Obama, in 2008 and ’09, had economic meltdowns in the banking and financial sectors that have placed the United States into a zero-growth economic destiny as planned by the Club of Rome many years ago. This first happened to Japan in the late 90’s and has continued there with extreme economic malaise now coupled with nuclear radiation through the country as a result of the nuclear facility disaster. This economic decline in the United States has defined Mr. Obama’s administration despite the altering of financial data and emphasis on “positive change” that suggests better times are indeed ahead for the United States with an economic recovery.

It won’t happen.

I have no idea what could happen to define a new administration’s direction, but I am sure a plan  exists and can be implemented.

The year 2017 is yet even more interesting, as the last of the 1.5 billion ammunition round order made by the U.S. Government is scheduled to be received in February of that year. Whatever happens after this, is that the Federal Government will be well stocked with ammunition.

Mr. Thomas Chittum predicted in his book Civil War II, written in 1995, that the year 2020 would be an interesting year to implement civil unrest and disorder. His assessments remain quite correct and the trends that he forecast are on target.


However, date setting is just opinion and usually a knee-jerk reaction to limited data available. The Powers That Be, who would be responsible for such changes in the United States, have no such “date tables” in fixing a determinate year for such actions. They have done so in the past, and such date events have failed. The PTB knows that they are dealing with fluid and fluctuating spiritual sources and variables. For example for decades, the PTB had envisioned the year 2000 to be a “drop-dead” date in which the New World Order would be unveiled. They were primed to celebrate this event by having a great celebration at the Pyramid Giza complex. This, was called off at the last moment.

I have written on this and other “time events” or “workings” in some detail in monographs and my other website. Witchcraft is a very powerful tool for the PTB. The discerning Christian must possess a prophetic gift and a knowledge of Gnostic occultism in addition to knowing somewhat about the “Craft” to know and understand what is going on… The Apostle Paul did.

In reality, there are several more things to be done… as pointed out by defectors from the PTB upwards of a generation ago. First, the guns in the United States have to be “confiscated.” This may be compromised though to be only partial or regional however as the opposition to this is regimented. The Powers That Be are greatly frustrated by the actions of the American public along these lines whenever there is a false-flag generated crisis. For instance, when the Trade Towers went down in New York City in 2001, the public did not clamor for the Government to save them…!!

No, they went right out to Wal-Mart and bought up all the ammo on hand…and put additional money down on additional guns!

It is fairly frustrating to the Government that it is viewed as a possible threat in this manner. All of its brainwashing over a generation has not and will not undo the Mass Collective Consciousness that emerges in a crisis in the which the “Borg” acts in an instinctual, unpredictable and overwhelming manner.

I will be writing more on this particular topic, the Mass Collective Consciousness, in the future. The Bible alludes to this phenomenon in which the mass majority of Bible readers, students, exegetes and theologians are totally not aware of… along with, the occultists that control the world as John the Elder stated in his first epistle. They are equally ignorant of this paradigm.

In addition to the gun issue, there are the financial confiscation issues. The private and public pension industry is worth 20+ Trillion dollars in the United States. This kind of “money on the table” cannot be left there. It has to be confiscated and appropriated. This will take some time to facilitate even after it is approved… witness the health care debacle in the United States. It started as HilaryCare in 1991, and has become known as ObamaCare in 2011, in which it is dragging along in a state of “malaise.” No one really knows if it will work or be efficient. It is premature to think that the present administration, with what it has on his hands with healthcare issues, can quickly work to re-distribute the pension system into government coffers although it has been introducing dialogue and bills since 2007 for an equitable retirement system “for all.” This means, whether you ever worked or not, you qualify for a “retirement” pension in addition to your Social Security eligibility. Those who have “pensions” will have to share their largesse with those who “have not”!  Of course, this course of action would act as an important lever in further bankrupting the United States. Perhaps, the next administration can get it done… but possibly not…if a Republican administration is elected as signs point to. In the most optimistic hopes of the Oligarchs controlling the nation, this could take us to 2018, or beyond to the next election cycle if the next current presidential administration is a “one-term” wonder.

These two objectives are “have-to-have” deals in which after they are achieved… then possibly the United States could be ready for their “break-up.” Meanwhile, the PTB will continue to work on destroying the moral fiber of the American people in which it is having unparalleled success with despite the many numbers of  so-called Christian believers who are allowing such filth to permeate the country. This leads us to the third objective in which Christianity will be systemically weakened in the United States to a “positive ” Christianity akin to that of Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s. Being “politically correct” nowadays is a preliminary, ancillary service to that of “positive” Christianity. Such “Christianity” was the brainchild of Adolf Hitler’s chief political philosopher and mentor, Alfred Rosenberg. Rosenberg’s step-by-step plan to destroy Christianity was to eliminate Christian religious objects and symbols from schools and public buildings, then promote secular humanism as the official belief system.

This has already happened in the United States.

Next, is the marginalizing any preacher who “preaches against the interests of the State,” or “hate speech” toward protected minorities. The watered-down “positive Christianity” is not the object though, but a transitional ideology to that of further Higher Criticism of the Bible to eventually, an occultic Neo-Paganism. This will produce the foundation of the “third way” of Fascism.

This is happening now. Shills like Franklin Graham are trying to accelerate this process by encouraging a radicalization of Christian activists  opposed to abortion and gay marriage issues. He is another “gatekeeper.” In truth, spiritual battles have to be fought with spiritual weapons…

In this regard of the “third way,” the  PTB dispenses a good amount of false information about Fascism. It portrays it to be a right-wing phenomenon.

It is not.

All fascism originates from Socialism. Socialism is left wing. Hitler and Mussolini demonstrated this. Hitler himself stated that he was an “enemy of the Capitalistic economic system… and its exploitation of the economically weak.” Of course, you will be “economically weak” when you do not seek a viable job and call yourself an “artist” like Hitler did, to avoid any real work.  Fascism is an outgrowth of Corporatism, which is the union of government and corporatocracy. This has already occurred in the United States. It has been this way since the late 1950’s. Further, the rapid descent into socialism in the United States coupled with its militarization of local police and mundane government agencies links this to an impending security state apparatus of fascist proportions.

Meanwhile, the voting public becomes more liberal each year by being more dependent upon government subsistence with an ever deteriorating centrally-planned economy. Time is on the side of the PTB in this area. Nothing premature will be tolerated as President Nixon found out in 1974, when he “volunteered” to bring in the New World Order en todo on his watch if the Watergate Scandal would just “go away.” Instead, this greatly raised the ire of the PTB and Nixon was castigated in the worst possible terms and as a most heinous criminal. This was the reason for his downfall…not an amateur break-in. Nixon attempted to preempt the planning of the PTB by trying to bring in the NWO by his own initiative as Nixon was fully aware of the “Plan” back then. The PTB never forgave Nixon as it did John F. Kennedy. You can still feel their tremendous and unfathomable hatred for Nixon now, some twenty years after his death.

You have to be careful when you are working for the Oligarchs of the Powers That Be. Robert Kennedy made an interesting remark along these lines. He said, “We will be all judged eventually on our contribution to the New World Order.” Apparently, Robert Kennedy’s contribution wasn’t enough as he was felled by an assassin’s bullet.

The fourth objective to be considered before any downfall of the United States into smaller entities is that the United States is still a very wealthy nation. There is still substantial wealth to be “re-distributed” into “more responsible hands.” This is the exact language of the two Bush presidents nearly twenty years apart. It can be left up to Jeb Bush to repeat the same slogan, as his brother and father did, on his “watch” to keep the strong focus on this objective.

As one insider stated, “they (the PTB) told me that they want to start America over. It is a young country. It has a lot of money (especially the corporate part of the United States Government) and they want it. They also want the people that they want to have this wealth in controlling the country. They will go in… destroy what is the United States… and then rebuild.”

If you read about radical Nazi plans of victory during their rise to power of their Third Reich and subsequent war efforts, this is their same language. Indeed, the “third way” is but a re-work of the Third Reich.

This turmoil will not occur in 2015. It may not occur by or in the year 2020. But the pressures will be continuing to build with the American Christian culture continuing to be under attack. When it does happen, it will be almost an afterthought.

When Noah was warned to build an Ark… he was “moved by fear.” Yet, he had 120 years left. When Jesus warned his disciples about the destruction of the Jewish Polity, its temple, and the city of Jerusalem, they had a generation left. When the sign that Christ alluded to occurred, his disciples in Jerusalem still had almost two years left. When the Russian boy prophet spoke of the Armenian Genocide, he predicted this about sixty years in advance. When this same boy-prophet, later an old man, told Armenian Pentecostal believers it was time to leave Armenia, he did so with about ten years to spare. And, they left their land to come to the United States and settled in, years before the genocide.

My opinion is that there is still time for the United States. You can make plans to either subsist there with your own “ark” or to leave for a different clime. But it is a foregone conclusion that according to prophecy, the United States will not survive in the future in its present form.

It will become a “band of Gomer” as Ezekiel predicted.

You can read more about this “band of Gomer” development in my recently published book, Living in the “End Times:” How End Time Prophecy Affects You! Volume One,  found here in which you can order:

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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3 Responses to The GateKeepers, Part Two

  1. editor says:

    EDITOR’S UPDATE #1: This same man has recently made extremist statements over the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

    I commented on this person on my site… back in May…which can be read in this series and will quote again what I said at the time:
    “In watching this individual, I am convinced that he is not only an extremist, but portrays the image of a hooligan, if it all he really is either one… Of course, this gentleman professes to be a god-fearing Christian. He is going ‘to heaven.’…”

    Now this man is being sent to a psychiatrist. It looks either like he is a kook… or a government intelligence agent provocateur. If he is the latter, you won’t hear of this fellow for awhile and the media will drop their coverage of him like a rabbit down its hole. In addition, no mention is made of his military career, only that of a policeman. This is curious.

  2. editor says:

    Editor UPDATE #2: While two police officers involved in the Ferguson Riots were either discharged or resigned from their positions as reported today, August 30, Mr. Page, nor his egregious remarks, aren’t mentioned at all…
    Read the last paragraph again in Update #1.

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