My Seven Years in Tibet…er,… Panama…

Seven Years in Tibet 00


In a 1997 movie, Pitt played the character of an Austrian mountaineer, Heinrich Harrer. The story does not exactly tell us why Harrer, a highly motivated and dedicated S.S. Nazi officer, was doing in Northern India, but considering the interest of the Schutzstaffel (or, S.S.) in occult artifacts, or rather Christian artifacts to be used for Teutonic pagan rituals that the S.S. had a morbid interest for,  it would not be a stretch to consider him a Nazi version of Indiana Jones.

Indeed, Heinrich Himmler, head of the S.S., commissioned several expeditions to locate the Holy Grail, the Spear of Longinus, and even the Lost Ark of the Covenant of Israel. These items, among others, were thought to hold spiritual power which could be utilized to help the Third Reich in its conquest of Europe (Unholy Alliance, Peter Levenda, p.203-5).

This is not an exaggeration. Himmler and Hitler were real occultists and magicians. They had weird ideas and even weirder beliefs. The Schutzstaffel was primarily, an occult organization involved in occult ritual and workings.

In fact, there were Schutzstaffel expeditions to Tibet long before Harrer went there (Ibid, p. 191-97).

And you probably thought that the whole Indiana Jones cinematic series was just cool entertainment… with Nazi fanatics and American archaeologists shooting it up and punching it out in a sort of a 1930’s style Western setting over some Jewish Temple furniture.

No, it is art imitating life. And, in some circles of power, it is still going on.

But I digress.

In the film, emphasis is placed on the seven years that Harrer spent there in which he learned about the remote culture and people of Tibet, a true mystery at the time, and how that he was asked to instruct the Dalai Lama in Western matters, culture, and history. The underlying theme seems to be the gift of spiritual reflection and spiritual simplicity of the Tibetan people and their beliefs that indelibly influenced Harrer.

Harrer was friends with the Dalai Lama for the rest of his life until his death in 2005.


I came to live in Panama about seven years ago.

It was not a closed society or did it contain an exotic culture or a center of spirituality.

But it was a refuge at the time.

You see, I was convinced that the United States would undergo cataclysmic changes.

And, indeed, it has. Its economy has never recovered to its former strength as its economic recession started the month that I left the States.

I believed that it would become a fascist security state, and that is still becoming very true.

I also believed that Bible prophecy shows that the United States is not part of the big picture in very End Time prophecy.

I still believe that.

I believe that the United States will break up, perhaps like the former Soviet Union.

The former Soviet Union broke up into seventeen different countries.

You see, Bible prophecy says nothing about the Soviet Union either…. just like it says nothing to very little about the superpower that is the United States.

The United States, according to Bible prophecy will also break up into several states, or entities. Unlike the Soviet Union though, the United States will not make a comeback… as the Soviet Union, or a large part of it which has and is, with the emergence of its primary state, Russia.

You see why? Well, Russia is in End Time Prophecy.

The Prophet Ezekiel refers to Russia in several of its patriarchal names in his prophecies.

Rosh, Magog, Gog and Meshech are all names pertaining to the nation of Russia.

Even the patriarchal name of Tubal, listed in the same verses, is linked intimately with Russia.

The United States is referred to in comparison, by implication, to only one patriarchal name. This patriarchal name is in End Time Bible prophecy but only as an afterthought. There is no superpower status for the United States. It will have been replaced by Russia.

Naturally, if the United States is not in End Time prophecy in its current status, and is implied by the Bible to be broken up, then tremendous changes will have to occur in the United States… Changes that I think would be wise to avoid if possible.

A perusal of what happened to the former Soviet Union when it underwent its meltdown to seventeen different nations may be a good primer, as to what could happen in the United States.

I don’t think so though.

The United States is not the former Soviet Union, which was altogether, a Slavic people.

The United States is far more “balkanized,” or split up into ethnic groups, racial lines, religious allegiances, and even nationalities. “Balkanization” is a term that developed in regard to the Balkan nation of Yugoslavia. The Balkans are a mountain  chain region  in southeastern Europe that forms a peninsula and encompasses several small nations. Yugoslavia was an artificial nation, devised by the world’s leading nations early in the 20th century, in which severely divergent peoples were placed together in… one… nation. Such divergent peoples were different nationalities, different cultures, different languages, and different religions which included radical fundamental Islamism. Yugoslavia ended up in tremendous turmoil and does not exist anymore. Radical elements in the United States from this similar sort of  “balkanization” could create a Western style breakdown of happened in the former Yugoslavia. The United States, like Yugoslavia, is a real “melting pot.” It is going to boil over one of these days.

Little Yugoslavia, about the size of the U.S. state of Oregon, broke up into seven different countries.

Today in the United States, only a strong federal government that is subsidizing half of its population with benefits, giveaways, and what they call “entitlements” may be the only “glue” holding things together. If the United States should go financially bankrupt as the former Soviet Union did,  and leave a substantial void of leadership as the case was in Yugoslavia with Ceausescu, then things could get ugly rather quickly.

The “Wild West” in the American frontier history could repeat itself.

There are already historical animosities in the United States waiting to be exploited.

These animosities can rear their head rapidly depending on the demagoguery.  Any promotion of nationalism into the void of the U.S. Federal Government will certainly use xenophobic symbols to create fear and suspicion into a fanatical loyalty or political power base.

This promotion of nationalism is exactly what happened to Germany after post World War I. A strong German communist insurgency initiated this, nationalism. It became xenophobic. It became Nazi Germany where only “pure” Aryans could live and should live there… The same could easily happen to the United States. It just takes an focused ideologue on a mission with a twisted vision… like a Jim Jones of the People’s Temple notoriety.

Western powers intervened in the former Yugoslavia to ameliorate its civil war. But civil war, atavistic violence and brutal atrocities is what they had, along with genocidal events.  It is highly unlikely that altruistic allies will come to the aid of the former United States. It is more likely that its enemies would be far too willing to help under the guise of United Nations “observers and peacekeepers.”

I am a student of the Bible. As a student of the Bible, I have become by extension, an avid student of history. History does repeat itself.

When I see that Bible prophecy is trending in a certain direction, and this coincides with past historical precedents, then I can extrapolate patterns with some certainty.

Because of what Bible prophecy has predicted, along with the situation of the United States matching up with what has occurred in other countries, I decided to leave the United States. I am not alone. There are thousands of Americans in Panama. Many of them are here for very similar reasons.

I may have left the United States prematurely. But I don’t think so. God is sometimes in the details of such things. The Thessalonian Church thought that the coming of Christ was imminent. Paul the Apostle had to write them and let them know differently. Yet, despite their fears, this created opportunities for spiritual renewal in Thessalonica which may have been needed for the Christian work to continue there in intensity. I read that Noah was “moved with fear.” Yet, Noah is commended in the same verses as a man of faith.

Which is it?

Well, both… Noah was moved by fear and by faith. He knew that God was going to keep His Word and destroy the world by water. Noah had to get the Ark built on time. Timing is very important to the fulfillment of God’s Word. God had given Noah 120 years to build the Ark. Immanuel Velikovsky in his best-selling books, asserted that a year then was about 240 days in length. Velikovsky was not some nut or weird theorist: Albert Einstein declared that he was on to something and that he himself was going to research his findings.

Einstein did not have the opportunity to do so. He was found dead, of natural causes in his laboratory study… with the books of Velikovsky opened.

immanuel velkovsky > People ought to be familiar with Immanuel Velikovsy, pictured. He was a visionary. He wrote several best sellers in the 1950’s.

If the year then was 240 days, as the climate was vastly different in which the whole planet was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit year round, which was the same temperature at either pole as the earth had a different rotation route around the sun, then Noah probably only had about 80 years, as we know it today, to build the Ark.

With this in mind, Noah must have been in more of a hurry than we thought.

Yep, Noah had a deadline and he was concerned.

The Rayleigh Wave phenomenon in the animals would not wait either.

The animals were time sensitive and very sensitive to earth changes that were coming. Noah had to have the Ark ready. As it was, Noah barely made out of the Antediluvian World alive. According to the Book of Jasher (VI:24-25), the remaining animals who were not on the Ark, surrounded it against a horde of thousands of crazed people who tried to get into the Ark as the rains started to increase.

Jasher simply states, “the beasts overpowered them and drove them away.” Apparently, many of these beasts (which may have included dinosaur reptiles) became carnivores that they previously hitherto, were not!

There was quite a bit of cliffhanging drama after all, with Noah and his boat!

It may seem that I was premature in leaving the United States, but several things have happened to me there that God had planned. I needed to be where I was at for that to happen.

I may return to the United States to live.

There appears yet to be some time left before things go the way of Bible prophecy.

The situation in Panama seems to be more volatile than the United States, as it does elsewhere in Latin America.

In many ways, there is more chance of a revolution happening here in Panama before any such an event would occur in the States.

Truly from political and social index charts, Panama is being compared to its not “doing so-great” neighbors such as Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela in several aspects. At best, on the Marsh-Maplecroft 2014 Political Risk Map, Panama is regarded as a high medium risk for societal unrest and political instability. The United States is very low risk comparatively. Canada appears to be the safest in the world.

In Panama, which is true for much of Latin America, corruption is the predominant driving force for the widespread disregard for the rule of law which is pandemic and underlies the ability to govern equitably (BTI 2014, Panama Country Report, p.10). Corruption is a very serious threat to political stability in Panama. The “rake and pitchfork” crowd can get going in a hurry down here as seen in their ability to block major road arteries and bring the country to a virtual standstill on previous occasions in the few years that I have been here. It is unnerving at times… and really, unnecessary in a true republic.

When I came here seven years ago, I was no doubt, starry-eyed to an extent. I had fallen into the trap or belief as Rabbi Meier Kahane complained about, that most Americans and Western Europeans think that folks in other countries are just as decent as they are…

Well, Kahane was right…

Many folks in foreign nations aren’t as decent, kind, or have the same integrity or regard for rules or a rule of law as Americans, Canadians or Western or Northern Europeans.

It’s just a huge fact!

When I came here seven years ago, I thought that Panama was on the cusp of a third-world nation rapidly on a different paradigm to become a second or first-world nation quickly.

I was wrong.

The very same problems that plague this nation then are still the same today. Nothing has been done of any consequence. The whole first-world possibility, or even second-world status is illusory.

From what I have seen, I have to agree with Simon Bolivar, the Great Liberator of Latin America, that Latin Americans cannot govern themselves.

After nearly 200 years since Bolivar said this, history shows that this is true.

Look at Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Panama today. They need a patron. Once they get a patron, then they get restless and resentful and rebellious.  They demand a bigger piece of the pie and then attempt to kill the patron.

That is exactly what happened to Bolivar.

He was ostracized from nearly every country that he liberated or founded which eventually became six different nations. He died heartbroken of sudden illness while preparing to live in exile…

in Europe

He had to get “out of Dodge.” But Bolivar really did love his people. But they could not reciprocate for very long.

Yet today, he is lauded by these same countries that betrayed him. Humph.

That is the difference between Hamitic peoples and Japhethic and Semitic. The Bible has described such differences already in succinct language. This is not bias. People are not equal; they are different. Some differences are not the righteousness of God, however. But everyone has the opportunity to obey the law of their consciences, and obey the higher power of God to form positive character traits and basic morality.

Hence, for now I may stay here, or I may return to the States.

Living in Panama or elsewhere is not for everyone.

The United States, despite the many changes going on there which has left its older and more traditional citizens feeling a bit more insecure, is still one of the very best countries in the world to live in. It certainly beats Panama in many ways, as Panama is still regarded as a third-world nation. The water here is polluted and hardly potable, electricity can go out any moment for hours without warning, computer signals can go down, and the sight of trash is everywhere as many Panamanians in the urban areas believe that water availability and refuse disposal ought to be “free” services. Although the trash problems are shown on the television news everyday, as to shame its citizens, the culture remains entrenched in abject ignorance and the trash keeps piling up, even in streams, rivers, and larger water bodies.

Yep, the United States it is not, nor any other Western country or civilization for the most part. But Panama has its charms and simplicity despite the issues that it faces.

The seven years that I have spent here, thus far, have been unequaled for me in spiritual and personal growth.

Mark Twain was right when he said that extensive traveling or living abroad was equivalent to a college degree.

So, it is with pathos that I look to the future and decide where I shall be. But with the spiritual growth that I have gained here, I will do so with a bit more hope.

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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5 Responses to My Seven Years in Tibet…er,… Panama…

  1. Nealsway says:

    Where do I start?
    Where do you get this stuff about the United States in Bible Prophecy? The United States is the superpower of the world!
    Then, the Ark story…it’s fiction…and now, 60 million year old dinosaurs were on the Ark and or outside of it…eating people, and 240-day years…What are you smoking in Panama? Who are you to judge people and say that they cannot govern themselves in Latin America? Sounds racist to me. But then you are a professed Bible student… the Bible is full of rascist ideas. Who is Immanuel Velikovsky? Wow, how do you come up with this stuff. Get a grip!

  2. editor says:

    Nealsway- Thanks for your comments. You can read more about the United States in prophecy by reading my recently published book. Here are the links:

    In this book, I introduce this topic of the United States not being in very End Time prophecy. In my second volume, I add more, and have more content for Volume Three, et cetera. I will compile most of this information and a good deal more that I have accrued in a stand-alone title. The future of the United States is not only covered in Bible prophecy but the Occult Theocracy also has had express plans for the United States going back five centuries. This is about as unknown to the Borg as my interpretation of prophecy regarding the United States is. However, ignorance will not be bliss.

    It appears that you do not possess any faith to call the Ark account “fiction.” Since this is an issue of faith, and you do not have any, it is a steep climb to convince those who lack faith, since it is usually a spirit of unbelief… Suffice to say, that the period historian, Josephus, a contemporary of Christ and the Disciples, cited that remains of Noah’s Ark were said to exist in his time. Peter believed in the Ark story, as well as Christ himself. Indeed, Peter expressly taught in his second Epistle that in the End Times that “scoffers” and “mockers” would deride the Flood account and call it “fiction” just as you do. It is evident then, that you are one of these “scoffers” and “mockers” and your remarks are but a fulfillment of Peter’s prophecy.


    The Dinosaur issue is overblown by the theory and tenets of Evolution. The Komodo Dragon today is a modern surviving carnivore dinosaur, as well as a brand new species related to him that is not carnivorous, just recently discovered, linked here:

    Archeaologists, especially those not hired by governments who suppress such discoveries that validate the Bible (governments find it is easier to control a people who are without a religious faith), report cave illustrations and paintings in which men are walking with dinosaurs or are riding them. Nimrod, in the Genesis account, gained a tremendous reputation for his prowess at hunting down predatorial threats after some species were given carnivorous powers as a result of God’s Rainbow Covenant. It wasn’t just “lions, tigers, and bears, oh my,” that Nimrod gained fame over: the Bible implication was that it was something much more threatening… such as dinosaurs, some of who went carnivore. In the Book of Job, probably a contemporary of Peleg, there are descriptions of species that fit the dinosaur profile. As the earth underwent more changes as a result of the Flood, most notably in the days of Peleg when the splitting of the one large continent into seven occurred,… besides many other land masses such as islands, such species were done in by climate and temperature changes in a non-tropical zone. Obviously, these two species of dinosaur that I mention above, survived because they are on remote islands that are sparsely populated by man. These islands came into being along with their habitat as a result of the earth separating at the time of Peleg.

    Fluctuations in the speed of Light have a great deal to do with the fossil record showing, with dubious dating methods, so-called millions of years of decay. If the differences in the speed of light is understood, then this can greatly explain the earth’s age, when in reality, it is a young earth. I do not have space to go into this but will state that the speed of Light is not a…. CONSTANT! It has been slowing down since the Creation Account. In my lifetime, it has slowed down nearly 250 miles an second…or a million miles an hour!

    There have been several calendar changes attributable to earth upheavals. Just the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake added some time to our present calendar. In the Bible, it tells of one earthquake which added five days to our calendar in the 8th century BCE. The Ancients, everywhere at one time, only recognized a 360-day calendar. Further beyond that, a 300-day calendar is recorded. A 240-day year calendar should not be unbelievable, with the Flood being a signature event, as proposed by Velikovsky, who was a best-selling author in his day.

    In regard to the Latin American comment, I only agreed with Simon Bolivar, a most prestigious authority on the topic. Obviously, when you have massive immigration from not only Mexico to the United States, but presently a large influx from Central America, and the large Latin populations in Florida from Cuba and other Latin American countries, then it is apparent that their native governments leave much to be desired and are not capable of keeping their people from leaving either oppressive and inequitable governing. Inequitable governing is not suitable government. When a people have a history of poor governing spanning generations, then it is logical to deduce that this people are not capable of governing themselves. For that matter, the foremost expert of the 20th century on Latin American affairs, former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, said the very same thing. Here in Panama, most undocumented or illegal immigrant workers are Columbians or Dominicans, who are not happy with the economic governance of their respective countries, as well as a recent large immigration of Venezuelans who are leaving Mr. Maduro’s brand of socialism quickly. Now, look at the inverse: are there millions and millions and mlllions of illegal Americans living in Mexico that are undocumented aliens and constitute a near overwhelming burden for their government?

    No. Case closed.

    The Bible was well written well before the phenomenon of “political correctness.” Hence, its accounts are honest and succinct. To state that the Bible is racist is incorrect in my opinion.
    Sorry about the length of my response. Thanks again for your comments.

  3. freDJ says:

    Thanks for a thought-provoking article. Observing the radical changes that have taken place in the USA in my lifetime and especially in the last decade or two, I had some thoughts on moving to another country as you and others have done. There are for-profit groups that actively tout Panama, Ecuador, and other Latin American countries as good alternatives, even helping with re-location information. Yet it is true that we may incorrectly think that others are “just as decent as we are.” And sometimes the grass appears greener on the other side. I read that corruption is a major concern in most (all?) Latin American countries. Of course, it appears that the USA and European countries are spiraling downward at an increasing rate making it likely that many quality-of-life factors in the not-too-distant future will be comparable to Latin American countries. And, western high-tech countries possess other “cons” that may not exist in second or third-world off-the-grid locations. (On the positive side, I hear of Christian revival in Brazil–and even China and other places around the globe). Surely God will not forsake those that seek Him, believe and act according to His Word. Unless mankind repents, there is no way to delay the End Times. Hence, there is ultimately no other way–or place–to minimize what’s ahead?

  4. Gaucho says:

    I have lived outside of the USA for my entire adult working life. After finishing school in 1987, I lived in Japan for 18 years, and grew tired of the racial discrimination against non-Japanese and their mind-set, which can border on sadistic. I moved my family to Argentina thinking it would be a good choice, but not wanting to accept the truth that organizations like Transparency International reveal it as one of the most corrupt countries outside of Africa. I regret not believing what I read before making the decision to migrate there, that is for sure. We stayed for two years, and got cheated every step of the way. I will never consider Latin America again as a place to live and all of the points the author made here are valid. Return to the USA, though? Impossible for me, because I no longer feel at home or welcome. I’m an expat for life now, living whatever life I can manage to provide for my family here in the Philippines, whose level of corruption matches that easily of any third world hellhole. Since my family is here I have decided to make the best of it.

  5. editor says:

    Editor’s Update: According to a new opinion poll, Panama is said to the happiest nation in the world. Well, ignorance is bliss, literally. The United States is ranked #12. That is not too bad for a nation though, without a cogent future.
    I don’t agree with these “happy” polls. Last year, it was Paraguay according to the Washington Post. And, Guatemala and Honduras were supposed to be happier than the United States- when their children are streaming over the borders of the United States- both of these countries are extremely violent, beset by drug gangs, and absolutely riddled with corruption.

    Yet last year, in another poll of this sort which appears to be a cottage industry, Forbes Magazine claims that Norway is the happiest, with several other Scandinavian countries close behind, in between was Canada, who was third. I have talked with Nordic folks and Canadians, and I am more convinced that they are more carefree than anyone down here in Panama. The “manana mind-set” of Latin America, where there is little urgency about anything, can do funny things to your head however, and elicit simple, auto-pilot, mind-numbed responses. However, as long as I am being “blessed” by God down here, I am content to wait and see. There are always “trade-offs” to every situation.

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