“And Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.’ ” (Luke 19:40).

“This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.” (Daniel 4:17).

Commentary on Luke 19:40 from Bengel’s Gnomen

“When power hath once gone forth from God, it does not return without accomplishing its purpose. It is wont to find something which it may rouse to act, whatever be the objects which come in its way.”


Some folks call this phenomenon, the source of “urban legends.”


In the last hundred and fifty years or so, intellectuals, writers, scientists, psychologists, and sociologists have come to a loose consensus that there is an underlying influence, or psychic effect, or a higher spiritual intelligence, which guides the consciousness and awareness of the masses.

Several have given this phenomenon descriptive terms such as Zeitgeist,  group mind, mind coalescence or group ego, or simply, the Higher Consciousness.

This kind of enlightenment, among the masses, to arrive a similar conclusion or a sudden trend of thought from  their differing spheres, such as their respective cultures and values, in a closely simultaneous eruption or fashion,… is very difficult for scientists and materialists to explain…

It seems to have spiritual features.

It seems to be one of timing in which “an idea or concept, or reality,  in which its time has come, appears on the scene” with a force that is well… unstoppable.

There are several examples of this. For instance, when the former Soviet Union collapsed, it coalesced suddenly that their system was not only financially bankrupt,… but spiritually bankrupt. They had no political or whatever moral resolve to continue the Communist-Soviet style system of repression and oppression by the most extreme means such as mass murder, mass starvation as witnessed by the Ukraine in the 1930’s, or mass incarceration in their Gulag system.

The air went out of the Soviet balloon so quickly… that it practically popped.  If you were mature and alive at this time to witness this event… well, it was unbelievable and had a surreal effect on your psyche. To me, I never expected the nemesis and evil of the Soviet Empire to end so dramatically, suddenly, and with such little fanfare… The lion that roared, … went out with a squeak of a mouse.

It was like one day it was here and it seemed to last forever… and the next day,  you marveled how quickly it all unraveled.

You can extrapolate this same phenomenon to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. All of a sudden, there was no moral or regimented resolve based on bias and prejudice, to continue the Jim Crow segregationist policies of earlier times.

The whole structure, based on restraining the civil rights of a people,…collapsed… and so suddenly.

You can extrapolate the same with another powerful trend of the 1960’s… the Counter Cultural Revolution. This so-called revolution, no doubt energized by millions of dollars to subvert American youth by the Powers That Be with its sponsorship of the accompanying drug culture,  took on a stronger hold by another energizing force below the surface, and ripped the  curtain back on American society to show its hypocrisy and lack of moral resolve to provide real spiritual answers and solutions to a spiritually hungry generation of young people.

American youth rejected their parent’s emphasis on materialism and accumulation of wealth.

Perhaps, the Protestant Reformation is the best example of this. This was such a powerful current of thinking, that it completely changed Europe… almost overnight.

In the days of the Gospel record, there were several undercurrents in the fabric of Jewish thought and life. There was an active, underlying Messianic expectation that few could gauge or measure, but it kept popping up like so many effervescent springs of water.  This collective consciousness of expectation of the Christ, brought two different personalities, Simeon and Anna, as if by coincidence, into Herod’s Temple on the same day, to greet and herald the Christ child.  Despite the attempts of King Herod to quell this expectation, he was completely surprised by the visit of the Three Magi with their inquiring of this “King of Israel.” Consequently, when his surprise turned into his usual psychotic paranoia, he  ordered the murder of innocents in Bethlehem. Nevertheless,  this collective consciousness continued of Messianic expectations, perhaps more a bit more surreptitiously, until John the Baptist came on the scene.

Now, this gets interesting.

How did John the Baptist gain such a ready-made audience and powerful following, right under the noses of Temple spies, Pharisaical fanatics, and Herod’s intelligence apparatus,  in which they seemed powerless to assess and withstand?

Did John the Baptist have a public relations firm,an advertising agency, or media guide, which notified the press, or media, or those who could influence such a showing of the public en masse at his baptismal sites in the Judean Wilderness? Did he buy blocks of news ads, or more realistically back then, employ a company of “town criers” with a promotional budget?

No. John did not have these man-made resources or organization.

Well, just what did John have? Why go out, when no one knows who you are?… After all, you are just a fellow dressed in prophetical rag clothing, with a sparse diet and an ascetic appearance in which your hair had never been cut… as John,… was a Nazarite. And, that had to be a strange sight, compared to the smooth look of the Romans, of a rural, long bearded, very long haired man… who looked every bit a part of the rustic landscape around him.

Yes, John was definitely a “voice in the wilderness.”

Then, what pray tell, did John have going for him?

Yep. It was the Mass Collective Consciousness… ultimately controlled by… God.

And, to think that many believe that human beings are so many independent thinkers!

Yeah, right…!!

You can practically state that in those times of the Baptist and Christ, the Mass Collective Consciousness, was working overtime.  After all, men “were musing in their hearts” (Luke 3:15; John 1:19-22) whether John was Elijah the Prophet reincarnated; the Prophet that Moses prophesied of; or the Christ or Messiah himself. For the Jewish population of Palestine, under the heel of Roman oppression, this was a heady time in which they had so much to digest as their whetted intellects demanded all the information that they could acquire.

You could be sure of this: the Powers That Be in that day, were greatly flustered, embarrassed, and frustrated… as the Mass Collective Consciousness… was completely OUT OF THEIR CONTROL!

One day, as many days beforehand in those times, the Jewish Aristocracy and the Roman bureaucracy had a stranglehold upon the nation of Judea. They worked well in tandem with each other. They each played the game that each was thought, by the public, to be diametrically opposed to each other and implacable enemies…

…kind of like the two-party political system in the United States….

In actuality, they were the strangest bedfellows in any record of historical precedent. Their individual and group allegiance was the almighty Jewish Shekel and Roman Denarii.

They were “partners in plunder.” One exploited the land and the people in general. The other exploited a faith for their monetary fund in which it was referred to as the “bazaars of Annas,” in a very negative connotation.

The Mass Collective Consciousness came up with this description of them as the, “bazaars of Annas,”  or the plunder of the High Priesthood, which was illegitimate in Jesus’ day.

The House of Zadok was the rightful priesthood… but the Romans were bribed to appoint the House of Annas instead.

Yes, the whole carcass of the Jewish Polity really stank back then. No wonder than John Baptist predicted its complete destruction, along with Christ.



Jesus predicting, or prophesying, on the Mount of Olives, in what is called, his Olivet Discourse, the total destruction of the Jewish Temple; the desolation and diaspora of the Jewish Polity; and the Times of the Gentiles: which Gentile nations would “trod down” the city of Jerusalem until the Times of the Gentiles were fulfilled, which occurred on June 8, 1967. The Gentiles now control nothing.


When Jesus went into the Temple and threw out the money-lenders, or bankers, or dens of thieves, he defied the system. The High Priesthood was psychotically enraged… but they could do nothing… was it public opinion that restrained them? Well, No, there were no public opinion polls back then…

Then, what did restrain the High Priesthood from taking Jesus at this point?

You bet… it was the Mass Collective Consciousness. The Gospels state that the High Priesthood “feared the people” (Mark 12:12).

This is incorrect, somewhat.

They could control the people. They had showed that ability for some time.

But they could not control the Mass Collective Consciousness of the “people.

They feared this greatly. They instinctively knew, that this phenomenon could “turn on a dime” against them. They had to be careful….




It is the same today.

Politicians control the people. They turn them into a “democracy” which reduces the electorate into a mob demanding more and more from the Government. The people, because of losing their moral compass, become selfish, and instead of going by the rules, or rule of law, want “theirs” now… to the detriment of their neighbor and the Second Great Commandment as given by Jesus, as everyone cannot have everything… now.

Yep, class struggle begins by enterprising and manipulative politicians who subvert the concept of “loving your neighbor as yourself,” into getting all that you can for yourselves. I have seen this dynamic over and over again in the country of Panama. You just cannot believe how badly people treat each other, in chasing down the last penny, or a morsel of food, when the elite rulers steal everything else.

So, the people are pretty inept.

But, the Mass Collective Consciousness is not.

Politicians, dictators, oligarchs, executive degree rulers, kings, tyrants, and monarchs, and czars cannot ultimately control… the Mass Collective Consciousness.  They can try. They can control news and information to control thought and critical thinking… but at some point, the Mass Collective Consciousness catches on… and an alternative media springs up.

This is why that the New World Order, in my opinion, will never get off the ground.

By the time, they ever get ready to spring the trap… well, the Mass Collective Consciousness will place them into the same snare.


Because the Mass Collective Consciousness is subject to, and part of, God’s voice and thoughts directing the affairs of men to conform to His Will. God has never decreed another world empire… the Roman Empire was the last. The New World Order Global Empire will never happen.

Hence, to all the New World Order operatives out there… enjoy your Warholian moment…

It won’t last. Try to spend all the ill-gotten profits and riches that you have accumulated.

Your clock is ticking…

You don’t have all that much more time.

Just like all the failed grand schemes of man… whether it be the Soviet Union, the Third Reich, the Holy Roman Empire… You are morally bankrupt and will lack the resolve to ever, ever, pull off your grand Plan of the Ages, as you term it.

When the Mass Collective Consciousness… at the time appointed… comes to a time in which your ideas are past… then it will move, and move quickly beyond you with different ideas …whose time has come.

You see, “the truth is out there.”

You will never recover. You will reside in the dustbins of history… like Herod, and Annas, and Pope Leo X.

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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