Knowing God’s Thoughts….


“I want to know God’s Thoughts; the rest are details.” -Albert Einstein


It is always interesting to read and learn about folks who are considered “geniuses.” Particularly for me, about their spiritual views. You think to yourself, that since these individuals are apparently using more brain mass than the rest of the population, that they could perhaps contribute on a spiritual plane as well.

Such is not the case, however.

That is the admission… by Einstein, which I placed above, about God’s thoughts. Despite Albert Einstein’s insights into certain fields which were astounding… he really did not know much about God, His thought process, or His Person.

I like what Malcolm Cowley had to say about the difference between talent and genius. Cowley wrote, “Talent is what you possess; genius is what possesses you.” I really think that is an accurate summation of what genius is, and entails. It appears that those of us who are “geniuses” have a different drum beat to march to. They most always look to be eccentric and are reputedly absent-minded about mundane duties and chores, as they are distracted by the force that is driving them.

This doesn’t keep me from having an intense interest in such persons. But outside of their peculiar and particular endeavours, they are pretty normal and somewhat pragmatic.

One of my favorite geniuses is Sir Issac Newton. His genius did extend to many spiritual matters. He was quite the theologian. He wrote four million words on Christian topics.

Yes, you read that right…

FOUR MILLION WORDS… on the Christian faith. Newton was a very devout Christian believer. To give some perspective of how much volume of written material that this is… well, it is equivalent to about …five Bibles.

And, this was… hand-written… talk about “writer’s cramp” at the time. My hand would fall off.

This is a huge chore to do. Although, there were printing presses at the time of Newton, there were no typewriters yet invented. Perhaps, Newton should have invented one. But, he preferred the hand-written commentaries as his views were considered, at the time, to be highly unorthodox or heterodox. He could control such disclosures more securely no doubt. If the Church of England, much less the Catholic Church, had learned of his views, well, they would have been very upset. Newton could have been killed, or at the least, his assets confiscated, imprisoned or banished. He could have ended up in the American colonies under some kind of house arrest or official custody. He would have certainly lost his knighthood.

He was quite the prophecy exegete. Indeed, his views on prophecy and End Time prophecy are very accurate today. I have studied many of his conclusions and viewpoints. They are not only interesting, but thought-provoking. In my opinion, a modern prophecy student should know the particular views and nuances of Sir Issac Newton. He had very keen insight into the Book of Daniel. You cannot understand End Time prophecy without this type of insight of the relevancy of the prophecy in the Book of Daniel.

It is imperative.

Newton knew about God’s thoughts. He had studied God’s Word contained in the Bible. Much of it was memorized by Newton. In this sense, and with the application of the Holy Spirit to guide and instruct him, God’s Word was in his heart. This is called in a sense, “the Word made flesh.” Paul talked about this in regard to those reading his letters, as “living epistles.” Jeremiah the Prophet prophesied that the New Covenant, or New Testament introduced by Christ, would be placed on the fleshly tables of our heart, in contrast to the Old Covenant, which was written on tables of stone.

When God’s Word lives in your heart, then you have the ability to let the Holy Spirit speak to you from this “earthly treasure” that we have within us. You will find that the Holy Spirit, when you are led of the Spirit of God, which the New Testament mandates that we be, is always “leading and guiding” us. The Holy Spirit puts “what is in the Mind of the Spirit” into our foremost thoughts.

This, in many ways, are “God’s thoughts.”

To have God’s thoughts… you must have a covenant relationship with God.

When you do, you can not only have a leading of the Spirit as to what is the mind of the Spirit, or God’s thoughts, but you have a tremendous assurance and conviction of confidence that you are on the right path. The Psalmist states this, “Great peace, have they that love your laws, and nothing shall offend them.”

When you have this capacity of God’s Word in your heart, and the leading of the Spirit, then you have not only the knowledge of God’s Word but the inspiration and cue or prompting of the Holy Spirit to use and teach the Word of God. You can teach God’s thoughts. Paul wrote the same to his protege, Timothy. He told Timothy “to study to show yourself approved unto God.”

When God approves of your study, you will have the capability what I just described in the last paragraph.

When God approves of your study… then you can “rightly divide the Word of Truth.”


This is the great demarcation in those who handle God’s Word under whatever office or capacity that they claim as pastor, teacher, evangelist.

Many of them cannot “rightly divide the Word of Truth,” or God’s Word.

They cannot accurately know God’s thoughts. They certainly are not led by the Spirit.

“Rightly dividing God’s Word” is a most serious deficiency in the popular Church.

They can’t.


Their study of God’s Word is not approved…by God and confirmed by the Spirit.

Oh, they can send you to their colleges, universities, seminaries, and theology schools… but they are not “approved of God.”

Jesus had his own message. His message was not sanctioned or approved by the religious system in his day… but Jesus was approved of by God. I would have to look this up… but from my immediate memory, it was two or three times that God spoke from heaven in the Gospel accounts, giving Jesus His Divine Approval and Approbation… “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Sounds like a most profound approbation to me.

This was a problem with the Religionists in Jesus’ day. They complained that they had not taught Jesus; he had his own doctrine or teaching. They didn’t like Jesus not being under their control of their teaching. They probably did not like it when Jesus was twelve years old and they debated him, a young stripling, in the Temple. The account in Luke’s Gospel states that those who heard him “were astonished at his understanding and answers.” They sure didn’t follow up on Jesus. Jesus never heard from them again.

You can be sure, that Jesus was rightly dividing the Word of God… and that, it was so revolutionary to the ears of the Religionists… well, they were astounded.

They didn’t like any better at all when Jesus reached the age of thirty years old. In the Gospel of John, the Religionists declared about Jesus, “How does this man know the letters…having never learned?”

There are many ways to interpret this statement… some literal, some figurative, some symbolic of nature. They probably are all correct. In the literal sense, Jesus was familiar with the Hebrew language and its nuances about how certain of the letters themselves were associated with meanings and gave added depth and color into what could be understood.

In a figurative sense, Jesus knew what he was teaching and that the Religionists had not taught him such, as his interpretation was revelatory, from God, and not the dead “letter” stuff that the Religious Establishment endlessly repeated, as some kind of robotic mantra.

In a symbolic sense, as the teaching of Jesus was over and above that of the expectations of the Religionists. You can see this in the famed Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus told his listeners a greater righteousness and obligation to live godly lives was expected, such as forgiveness; “going the extra mile, giving the extra cloak, turning the cheek,” which was alluding to the sadistic treatment of the Jewish population at the hands of the Roman soldiers, many of who were conscripted from Syria, who had a natural antipathy toward the Jews.

To the Roman conscript soldiers who asked Jesus about what they should do… to fulfill the greater righteousness of God… Jesus told them to “do violence to no man.”

At any rate, Jesus was not liked by the Religionists… even his “doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me.”

Well, this rather inflamed them.

What is so unremarkable about all this… it is still the same today…!

The Religionists get pretty uptight when you don’t get your teaching from them. They start to ostracize you. They separate from you. Then, they persecute you. You are the threat… somehow, you are the false prophet… but it is they that have the huge following…just like false prophets do… and false prophet systems do.

They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world hears them”…. attentively.

Just like the popular religious system back then, it is the same now.

You can also be sure of this… if they had temporal power like they did back in Jesus’ time or in the Dark and Middle Ages… they would kill you. I don’t doubt this.

This enmity has existed for a long time. It goes back to Cain and Abel; Esther and Haman; the infant Jesus and Herod; the adult Jesus and Annas; Pope Leo X and emergent Protestantism; and…

Jacob versus Esau.

Yeah,… Jacob  versus Esau… that is yet still going on. There are many who are being persuaded today that Israel is the aggressor in the Middle East. Even Henry Kissinger, the Frankist Jew that he is, …which should give the reader some clues,… predicts Israel will cease as a State by the year 2022. Kissinger is wrong. And anyone else who agrees with him. Israel will be here to the “end of the Age.”

Even the Frankists and Sabbateans: those who currently rule the world… know this… as they are fairly good students of Bible prophecy.

The Bible does not say that Israel is an aggressor State. Have you ever looked at a comprehensive map of the Middle East? Israel is totally surrounded by its enemies. Israel is not building tunnels into Gaza… no, the people of Esau are doing so…, with the intent to kill children and non-combatants in a desperate attack of terror, mayhem, and murder… which they had planned on September 24 of this year.

Jacob, or Israel, versus Esau, the modern Palestinian. This enmity has been a staple for centuries.

It all comes back to who… has God’s thoughts… even between Jacob and Esau…

Esau thought that he should have the birthright… but God thought otherwise, as Jacob received it. Integral to this birthright, the land of Israel, is a large part of it. Esau thinks, or the Palestinians think, that the land of Israel, or Palestine, belongs to them. The Israelis believe that the land belongs to them… based on this ancient birthright… whether they acknowledge it or not.

Who has God’s thoughts?… Esau or Jacob… the Palestinians or Israel…? The Bible says that Israel will. The Bible does not have a positive forecast for Esau. This enmity will one day cease. The Bible states so. Esau has no future… they have historically always attempted to destroy God’s People.

It was Herod, the Idumean or Esau progeny, who tried to kill the Christ child. It was Haman, another Edomite or descendant of Esau, who tried to destroy Queen Esther, her uncle, and all the Jewish people in the Kingdom of Persia. It was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al-Hussein, a Palestinian, who persecuted Palestinian Jews and sided with Hitler and the Nazis in support of the Jewish Holocaust. This “Grand Mufti” even begged Hitler to bring Adolf’s Jewish “final solution” to Jerusalem and Palestine. This Hajj was instrumental in forming two Nazi Waffen S.S. units from Bosnian Moslems.  Yup, murderersall murderers. And, all this was before the Israelis ever took back their land in 1948 and 1967, which conquest was prophesied of and implied by Christ in his Olivet Mount prophecy, in the Gospel of Luke.

So you can’t blame this pathological hatred, which goes back centuries, on Israel because Israel took back her land of Promise from Egypt, Jordan, Syria in those wars of 1948 and 1967… Which land, was not controlled by Palestinians…but again by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The Palestinians were not even a political entity then…but then, they haven’t been since they had their own Land of Edom… . Esau or Edom, has never historically owned much of anything of consequence since the 11th century B.C.E. when King David pretty much put them out of commission… Since that time, they just “hang out” instead, trying to get any opportunity to destroy their cousins, the Jews… as the Prophet Obadiah laments about. You can read about what Obadiah had to say in verses 10-14 in the only chapter in this briefest of prophecies. What is interesting though about the Prophecy of Obadiah is that it is the only complete body of minor prophecy which fulfillment is still in the future….


Shown as follows, left to right: Edomites Haman, Herod, and Hajj with his Nazi collaborators…and Yasir Arafat…who commented to his following after signing the Oslo Peace Accords (which meant nothing to him): “First, we will kill the Saturday people (the Jews), then we will kill the Sunday people (the Christians).”

And, Israel is supposed to negotiate with people like this?

And, you thought that this enmity was only about ancient history and a little parcel of land in modern times… No.

It has been going on, for a long time, and the history is plain to see, particularly from the Bible. And, God is going to do something about this murderous desire of Esau upon Jacob.

But I digress.

Who has God’s thoughts?

There is a battle for such a distinction.

You don’t have to be a genius to have God’s thoughts. It just takes a simple faith.

You don’t have to subscribe to creeds, doctrinal statements, statements of faith, or the many belief systems of every ilk and description.

All these things are “details.”

It just takes a simple petition and desire to know God.

I really like how Nikolai Panin summed things up.

He said: “Two men please God– one who serves Him with all his heart because he knows Him– the other who seeks him with all his heart, because he knows Him not.”

Serving or Seeking… you can’t go wrong. You will get to the point in which God’s thoughts can be yours. Which is something that geniuses… or anyone… do aspire to and can deeply desire, and achieve.

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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