“Getting the Fear”…


The Bible tells us that in the End Times, that fearful things will occur. 

We have been in the End Times Period for forty-seven years now.

Indeed, no more than the End Times period started, Charles Manson came upon the scene and talked about “getting the fear.”

Nobody had ever coined this phrase before Manson. At first, “getting the fear” was described as having a bad acid or drug trip. Manson must of had a lot of experience with bad trips to be able to describe them in this manner.

manson1Charles Manson here, portraying the “fear.” This photo was taken in 1968. He was reportedly high either on acid or mescaline which reportedly which accounts for his “helter skelter,” or wild look.

A little later, Manson expanded on this “fear” as a sort of higher consciousness or perception which was intuitive, as exclusive to him. This “exclusivity” was based on his belief that he only, had been gifted to  develop a higher, or more acute, sense of realization. This development of this “sixth” sense, to his thinking, was to exercise this individual higher awareness in himself. Manson attributed this special power, to his unique suffering in which he was practically raised as a child in institutions, and later incarcerated, for most of his life.

This sort of mentality was reflected with a quote of his:

“The coyote is beautiful. He moves through the desert delicately, aware of everything, looking around. He hears every sound, smells every smell, sees everything that moves. He’s in a state of total paranoia, and total paranoia is total awareness.”

It is interesting what total paranoia or total awareness did for him.

Before you dismiss Charlie and his mystical insanity as some kind of “lone nut” though– due to the ensuing media cover-up and disinformation– you should be aware that he was a darling of the late “60’s” music scene in Southern California.

Everybody that was somebody, on the Laurel Canyon scene, knew or knew of, Charley Manson. His one music single, among Manson’s almost impressive portfolio of songs that he had written, was recorded and released by the iconic Beach Boys. Charlie could sing a bit and had his own guitar style and probably could play the guitar better than many of the “artists” running around then, who could barely play their instruments, like the band, the Monkees, who reportedly could not play a lick except for Mickey Dolenz.  As an aside, several “bands” refrained from concert playing because of this. When they did play, it was a good thing that the audience was mostly high on cannabis or acid. It was bad music. They could barely play their instruments. In studio taping and recording, they had real professionals playing the music, like Glen Campbell. Yeah, Glen Campbell. But I am digressing.

Manson could literally…”have been a Star.” Only by some twists in his fate, probably kept him from having his own celebrity star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ha… you say! You may think I am exaggerating a great deal or have a fixation of sorts for Mr. Helter-Skelter.

You ought to do more reading. If anything, I am minimizing this fellow’s influence as he was a charismatic. A good read would be David McGowan’s Weird Scene Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream… for a starter.

Another thought: as time passes, Manson’s fervent belief of what he described as a civil war and mass societal unrest along ethnic or racial lines is no longer thought to be outlandish.

… More on this at another time …

Just a few years later after Manson introduced this topic of “getting the fear,” self-described “gonzo” journalist Hunter S. Thompson, also used this phrase, “getting the fear” in his book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream. Later in this book, Thompson implied “getting the fear” can also result in any slight overdose when imbibing the  human hormone, adrenalchrome.  It is a fairly powerful substance when taken as a recreational or behavior-altering agent.

Adrenalchrome is a pretty much unheard of but closely guarded and very costly “drug” of choice for those who can afford it: such as wealthy elitists, well funded celebrities, or for government nefarious use in connection with their operatives, or cultural icons, with ties to intelligence communities.

That is about all I can say about this topic and still be reasonably discreet. Discretion is a highly regarded virtue in elite circles…

Relative to this last thought, Thompson also alluded that “getting the fear” was also linked to offending authority or elitist figures by knowing and divulging too much, about their clandestine activities behind the scenes. He stated more than once that if these elitist parties got tired of his every now, and then, sundry “revelations” or infrequent indiscretions about them, that they would make a premature death of him look as though as it was a suicide.

Sure enough, Thompson died prematurely.

It was ruled a suicide.

This happens quite a bit. In fact, here is a recent example of someone who should have “gotten the fear.” Maybe, she did. But the fix was already in. The Law of Coincidences is certainly at play.

Oops, as of mid-2015, this link no longer works (?), a curious development… but don’t get the fear just yet… this one below will….for now…


(Post-mortem memo to Joan: Apparently saying that “it’s OK,” …wasn’t OK, after all).

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQGDqdVbPxWKxp5co-mcDsDf1Dcbp1CjaN9rxqCo5ay8DZP3Oea4ASome eclectic, yet eccentric, to say the least, advice– from someone who knows a good deal more, about what is below the surface, in how things really are. This “sound bite” is like something that could have been said by John D. Rockefeller or  J.P. Morgan: two absolutely ruthless elitist personalities who destroyed lives, fortunes, families, and or business/or otherwise competition like some kind of video game… It would not be unusual for them to do such, …even before breakfast…

Thus, “getting the fear” like Manson and Thompson talked about, has been with us, as a staple, since the commencement of the End Times, as introduced by Christ himself.

It is true that there have been fearful developments and events throughout world history. Usually however, it affected only certain peoples or groups.

In our post-modern age, the threat of atomic war  preceded the start of the End Time period, which pretty much followed  the 1948 setting up of the State of Israel. Jesus had prophesied of this in the Parable of the Fig Tree (The Gospel of Luke, 21:29-30). The period of 1948 to 1967 was a transition period into the End Times period. This transition business would not be unusual in Bible prophecy interpretation.

Hence, when you are told as a child at school, to dive under your school desk if case of atomic attack… as if that would succour your survival… you are well on your way in “getting the fear.”

I also remember well as a child, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The consequences of such a conflict arising from such an event, could have involved to some extent much of the world. However, the immediate threats of such a atomic conflagration were to the people of Cuba, the United States, and the Soviet Union.

The “fear” in the End Times period though, which started five years later, is more profound and much more widespread, as to affect everyone living in this time frame.

It may be speculated that God indeed, uses some events, when fear or respect for His Laws are incredibly lax, as a reckoning or judgment to bring back some renewal of moral law conformity and restore societal order. The constant occupations and loss of sovereignty of the nation of Israel, as recorded in the Book of Judges in the Bible, by alien nations, show that God used such neighboring conquerors and their tyrannies to bring His people back continually to a state of blessing with God– only later, to fall away again, when the moral state of the populace became, once again, lax.

Later in the history of Israel and Judah, when such corrective measures did not have any longer the desired effect: God just dispersed the Jewish people among the many nations, called nowadays as a historical term, the Diaspora.

It appears that the Black Death or Plague in Europe was permitted along these lines. This pandemic, which fear of was a motivation, brought in a series of religious, social and economic paradigm changes. It helped bring in decline and divisiveness within the institution of the Catholic Church, which some blamed for this pandemic. By the time this plague dissipated, the Renaissance was on its way. This period of enlightenment stirred an interest in ancient Greek and Latin texts in areas of religion, arts, and science.

People were searching for “roots,” in the midst of peril and plague.

Simultaneously,  new trading routes were discovered which opened up the New World. Such changes opened up the era of modern history and closed the book on the Middle and Dark Ages.

On the Gospel front, such paradigm upheavals spurred dissent against church and political control. John Wycliffe in England, came on the scene to be of the first to challenge the authority of the Catholic Church. Following Wycliffe’s movement, called the Lollards, you then skipped ahead to John Huss and his following, and eventually to Martin Luther, in which the Protestant Reformation came on in full swing, never to be headed until post-modern times.

There are probably other examples of “getting the fear” from historical happenings and events.


Though I tried to give some past perspective of how God can use events of reckoning, or correction, or divine judgment to deter or stop moral slides into ultimate destruction of a people, by instilling a fear of God once again, to restrain deviational behaviour, Jesus prophesied that this business of fear and fearfulness was more of an End Time phenomenon. As I indicated in my opening remarks, we have been in the End Time Period for a little more than a generation already.

Indeed, Jesus said that:

“…men’s hearts will fail them for fear from watching the many new developments which will be appearing upon the earth…”  (Luke 21:26a).

In other words, humankind will be “getting the fear.”


^ A look at today’s headlines suggests, that there is a great deal more insecurity going on, than ever before. With so many nearly overwhelming threats to individual survival, a person needs to look at spiritual solutions to find refuge from such ominous warnings that Christ himself, predicted a couple of millennia ago, during his Olivet Discourse.

In present headlines, we can read of the extreme drought in California and parts of the American Southwest to worsen into what is being forecast as a “mega drought” that could last up to a 35-year duration (according to a scientific analysis of a U.S. Geological Survey from Cornell University and the University of Arizona).

Presently for instance, California’s water infrastructure is collapsing. Such a modern drought would be reminiscent, but only on a small scale comparatively, of the Dust Bowl era in which thousands of folks, primarily from Oklahoma and affected areas, relocated to California. The author John Steinbeck, used this backdrop for his famous novel, The Grapes of Wrath. Perceptive folks may wish to read this book again or watch the old movie with Henry Fonda. There may well be a human exodus from California in the near future for the same reason. California is the most populous state in the U.S. Where will all these folks go– in the millions–to? For that matter, where will the California agricultural industry, one of the largest in the world, go?

This is an interesting scenario. Currently, it is becoming reality unless weather patterns change back to normal.

Oh you say, I am just quoting from alternative news sources.

Yes, I am.

But I also have talked with a retired supervisor who worked in the city of Los Angeles, California, Sanitation Department. His department frequently attended the city’s Water Department meetings. He heard and was told this…that…

Los Angeles is already out of water. In another five years, this situation will be past all remedy. Not only California is in dire straits which cannot be remedied, but the State of Texas is not far behind.

Texas has been using a water aquifer that reaches down from Missouri, he told me. Missouri is running out of water too.

Things don’t look so good, not only for the Western U.S., or the Southwest U.S., but also for the Midwest. What happens if this is all linked and connected to each other, as it appears, and a trigger effect is set in motion?

Permit me to repeat this again–

“…men’s hearts will fail them for fear from watching the many new developments which will be appearing upon the earth…”  (Luke 21:26a).

Another recent headline reads:

Ebola Could Reach the U.S. By the End of This Month

Ebola Could Reach the U.S. By the End of This Month. A health care worker in a bio-hazard suit.

According to this article, there is an 18 percent chance that a case of the Ebola virus will reach the United States by the end of this month of September (now amended by some to September 22). This, despite travel restrictions to and from the affected countries, which has not completely shut down air traffic to Western Africa. Thus, a possible case of Ebola reaching the United States is becoming increasingly likely.

The article also lists the chance of the virus reaching the United Kingdom as much as 28 percent before the end of the month. Hmmm… if this should happen in Great Britain, Prince Philip will get his wish without ever having to be “reincarnated,” after all. He said years ago, that he wanted to return after death, reincarnated, as a “killer virus” to relieve the “problem” of overpopulation. Isn’t it amazing that elitists are always proven correct….? It is like art imitating life or something like that. Or, life imitating the wishes of the elite, which would be more accurate. Moreover, the chances of an elitist getting a terrible disease like Ebola is nearly zero compared to the average person. The law of averages certainly seem to be on the side of the elite.

What a compendium of coincidences!

The analysis also warns that if the current West African outbreak is not contained, the likelihood of the virus reaching Europe and the U.S. will “increase consistently.”

Presently, at the date of this writing, there is only a single digit percent chance of Ebola occurring in the United States. However, the disease is far from being contained in the host countries. The number of cases of the Ebola epidemic are approaching 4,000 with nearly 2,000 deaths since the outbreak started. So far, there is just over a 50% mortality rate from contracting this pathogen.

In Liberia, there have been just over  150 medical aid workers treating Ebola victims.

To date, over half of them are dead.

There are no replacements. You can be sure that these people are “getting the fear.” One family had a family member come down with Ebola. They hired a taxi to take them all around town to try to find a spare bed and treatment, as the hospitals are full. Incredibly, they were becoming exposed to the disease, as well as exposing the taxi driver and whoever came into contact with him, as well as anyone that they ran into in asking for help.

You may think this is grossly stupid and irresponsible. Yet, what if the family member was one in your immediate family?

There are several other reports of panic in West Africa. You can extrapolate the level of panic in the United States in exponential terms if the disease should get a foothold in the U.S., particularly if it follows along the same lines as in West Africa.

Then there is the surprise epidemic of respiratory illness among children that started apparently just recently which has affected over a thousand children. It is called the EV-D68 virus. It never has been heard of before. In Kansas City, 475 children have been treated in which about 15% of them have been hospitalized for intensive treatment.

I could go on for awhile. But I will stop with these instances.

If the reader wants to know more, you can order my book. I list nearly all the “signs” that Jesus prophesied and predicted in his Olivet Discourse. You can stay ahead of developments by knowing what is going to occur. Much of which is happening right now… in fulfillment of what I call… “real-time” prophecy. Here is a link or two:



Jesus said that those who believe in him should be aware of the “Signs of the Times.” This book, and my following volumes, will give you such awareness.

Outside of personal seeking of God in prayer and His subsequent answer based on persevering in your petition, my books can help you to “get the faith,” which will preempt you from…

…”getting the fear.”

bronc riderGet a good grip. It’s going to be quite a ride.

Thanks for reading.

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSaUBUhA71L7agjKvozCe43wq9XuPQilxVuRuOxPZv1ZAUqxGh_1ACopyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.


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One Response to “Getting the Fear”…

  1. editor says:

    EDITOR’S UPDATE: There are now over 8,000 cases of those with the disease with deaths approaching half of that number. The situation in Liberia appears hopeless. The pandemic may well “burn” itself out first, before authorities ever stop the pathogen.
    The President of the United States has sent three thousand military personnel to West Africa to combat the disease. This creates a pool of disease victims who will be evacuated back to the United States for treatment if they become ill and can increase the odds of possible exposure to other Americans.
    To give you some idea, as I mentioned in the above article already, Liberia had over a 150 medical personnel: now over half of them are dead. U.S. personnel should be more careful and organized, but the same potential is there, unless this virus reacts differently in Western folks exposed to it, as all four Americans heretofore who have contracted the virus, have survived.

    The U.S. Government though, is planning apparently for a limited disease scenario. It has ordered or is accepting bids for a 160,000 Hazmat (hazardous materials) suits. These are worn by medical folks to cover up any areas of their bodies to exposure.
    This number indicates that in this planning that authorities expect anywhere from 250,000 to one million Americans may contract this pathogen.
    The whole situation appears unreal and a trial run for something bigger at some point, combined with other events, particularly in the United States.

    The scenario in Africa seems to be in line with the Malthusian bent of the Powers That Be. The circumstances in Africa are consistent with Henry Kissinger’s NSSM 2000 plan of years back (developed in 1974, in which populations in “lesser developed” countries pose a threat to U.S. security and the well-being of other advanced, developed nations…While this threat historically is possible, no one heretofore suggested such drastic measures under the real guise of population control in the de-population of “useless eaters” and societal underachievers).
    In addition, anyone familiar with another well known Malthusian, Prince Philip, whose remarks also years ago as being “reincarnated as a killer virus” upon his natural death, appears to be quite prescient… He is such a perceptive fellow. And Philip didn’t have to sacrifice himself…after all. Well, all is well when you are Royalty.

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