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I received another request the other day to view another video regarding a possible controversial topic.  I get these requests from readers who, of course, would like to influence me or supply with me with input. I always welcome such. I responded to one earlier this year, which I wrote on in May on this blog entitled, the Gatekeepers. You can read my comments here on that,  here and here.  I have received similar requests before from folks advocating a position of anti-Zionism and trying to engage me in arguments about such topics of Zionism, Anti-Zionism, and Christian Zionism.

I try to avoid taking issues where I have no stated position to defend. I have found, in nearly every instance, when folks advocate these positions, that usually it is not about Zionism… it is about their antisemitism. Being antisemitic and a Christian is not possible: it is a dichotomy or oxymoron. I mean, Jesus Christ, was Jewish.

How does that work?

Though some religious folks have a Black Nazarene holiday, or a Black Jesus in their theology, Jesus really was Jewish. He always will be.  You may not like Jewish people, but Jesus is “one of them.” Yet, most Jewish people reject him presently. No matter, this is an understood and accepted conundrum among nearly all Bible students. This will change…we have God’s Word on this.

Now with this disclaiming or background information about me, here is the request:

Hello brother,  

How can this be explained?

This was a video featuring David Duke, of former KKK fame, telling how Israel is now erecting a memorial or statue to the Communist Red Army in regard to their role in World War II. Mr. Duke, through the years, has changed his bias, formerly against Black people, to that of Jewish people, nowadays.

The gist of the video is a condemnation of the State of Israel for associating with Communism.

What the underlying point of the video, is that Israel built this memorial to honor the role of the Russian motherland in defeating the Nazi war machine, which the Russian or “Red” Army did do practically, by itself.  Israel announced this memorial during a State visit or function with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin seemed gratified and quite pleased with this recognition. Western media, and few Western historians, do not give proper credit to the sacrifice that Russia made during WW2 in which it almost single-handedly, for nearly two years, fought and were defeating the Nazi Wehrmacht… one of the greatest armies that the world has ever seen.

Here is my reply which I made to this individual.


Brother/ Sister XXXX,

I am not a fan of David Duke. He seems to be a polarizing figure.

I used to subscribe to the old Spotlight magazine before it went defunct. They featured Duke and his views at sundry times. If you are familiar with the old Spotlight magazine, it was pretty much an anti-Zionist bent. I am a conservative Christian of sorts, so I am familiar with many of their talking points.

I am not sure if you are familiar with me. I am a simple Christian believer. I am not a political person although I do understand some things to my satisfaction in reconciling Bible truths to world events.

I read in alternative news, that the reason that Israel is memorializing the Red Army is for its under-publicized role in defeating Nazi Germany. Israel is doing so in recognizing that the Red Army saved many Jewish lives from the further effects of the Nazi Plan to exterminate the Jewish race, also known as the Holocaust. I have no explanation otherwise. I can only assume that Mr. Netanyahu may have more incentive to deal with Mr. Putin than with Mr. Obama, based on prior friction between these two leaders, and hence, this sort of political posturing.

I have no opinion or position on Zionism, pro or con. I take, in my worldview, pretty much a Bible prophecy position. In this worldview, God can and does rule in the affairs of men as the Book of Daniel indicates. I am of the persuasion that God used some events in World War II to motivate and initiate the founding of the nation of Israel. It is true that the Rothschild Dynasty and their New World Order advocates have used Zionism to advance their goals. However, God is sovereign and is able to USE them…the Rothschilds and their agentur… to their future chagrin, and eventual destruction.

One such event that emerged out of World War II, was the founding of the state of Israel, to my understanding as told by Christ in his Fig Tree Parable, is a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. The subsequent fulfillment in the re-taking of the city of Jerusalem by Israel Defense Forces in 1967 signaled the End of the Times of the Gentiles, or what is known as the start of the “End Times.” The “End Times” is a paradigm shift that has occurred in which Gentile nations have little clue of what is going on. This is magnified exponentially in the Gentile Christian Church.

fig tree in ancient timesanother fig tree

SOME FIG TREES PICTURED…. left, an older image showing a fig tree in Palestine. Right, a figure of a stand-alone fig tree. Note that its width exceeds its height. Below left, a huge fig tree in the center of a market area, giving shade to folks. Again, the girth of the tree exceeds its height, as fig trees do. Below right, a fig tree with no leaf cover.

huge figtree    no figs

^ Jesus gave his disciples an interesting Parable in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke), in regard to the modern nation of Israel, in what Jesus called the Fig Tree Parable. To this very date, in the historical study of this Parable,.. no one has adequately interpreted it… it remains a mystery. No little wonder there. It has been misinterpreted to the extent nowadays, that several Bible expositors now say that, the Fig Tree is only an illustration. 

However, that is not what Jesus said about his fig tree story… He called it a Parable. 

Unlike several other parables, Jesus did not interpret this for his listeners. Hence, we are on our own to interpret this Parable properly. Jesus gave his disciples and future readers a hint in the Matthew account: “Now learn… a parable of the Fig Tree…” (Matthew 24:32). The understanding of this passage depends on the correct interpretation. In my next volume on End Time Bible Prophecy, I will share the interpretation of the Fig Tree Parable with readers as it is important in introducing the End of the Times of the Gentiles and the start of the End Times, which era, we are presently in.

The Gentile Christian Church is totally clueless,… as well as being outmoded, outdated, and obsolete. This situation explains why God is not sending revival to organized or Evangelical Christianity. There is a profound absence of the Holy Spirit in present Christendom. This absence of the Holy Spirit has been a staple for many years in their worship exercises. They don’t know the difference anymore. They love to “play God,” “play church,” and grind out so much religion as to make them appear quite extreme in contrast to being tolerant, which Christians traditionally are. Instead, the “Church” needs to “get with the program.” But, they are rather intoxicated with coveting the “riches of this world,” or the rewards of the system of the World controlled by the Power of the Air. The popular Church is consumed with their constant focus on fundraising  and building programs based on man’s desire to build “towers,” (re: Genesis 11:1-9) to control their adherents, instead of finding a reality of God.

The Bible states that this sort of religious system, talked about in the Book of the Apocalypse or Revelation, is described as “Mystery Babylon the Great.”

I state this and other related topics in my book shown here, and here:

I am writing my second volume now and have a good deal more to share.

I have no axe to grind with the state of Israel. They are not the Kingdom of God. They never claimed to be. I don’t expect them to be. They are a secular state with some pretty devout religious people living in it. So is the United States. While Israel is not the Kingdom of God on earth, nor is any other government on earth either. Incredibly, one nation thought to be a bastion of God’s approbation and an example somewhat of His Righteousness, is now controlled by Sodomites. God knows all about these things. Whether Israel is a secular and socialist state of sorts, God can work His Will, just the same.

It is interesting morphogenesis and a sign of our times, that the fastest growing segment in Christianity in our current times is Messianic or Hebrew Christianity, or Jewish people believing on Christ, and coming to him in an acceptance of faith.

Meanwhile, Gentile peoples are turning back to Paganism.

I have Palestinian and Jewish friends and acquaintances. Both of these Semitic peoples have been kind to me as an individual and as a Christian. However, the future for the Palestinians is not good if they remain around Israel or Palestine. They are remnants of the nation of Edom, the genetic line of Esau. Bible prophecy predicts their demise.

I think it is important to have the “right” spirit toward all, including Jewish people, as well as other Semitic folks. I have written on this facet recently on my blog. It may be interesting reading for you. I will enclose the link here.

If you feel you have been injured in general by Jewish people, or in a more acute way by radical Zionists, or much more acutely by the “apostate” Jews who are presently controlling the world, instead of Gentile leadership, then you may have a spiritual issue. Particularly, in the latter two categories: some realities in the world are the way things are… for the present. God has decreed them in accordance with His purpose and Word of Prophecy. The kingdoms of this world have to become the Kingdom of God. If you do not like such developments, which are understandable, then you need, if you are a Christian to either leave such concerns in God’s Hands, or to seek God to find peace about such troubles.

At any rate, being an American is no more a privilege or an asset, unfortunately, which was the case when I was growing up. Being a Christian however, is both. The United States was never the Kingdom of God. It was a nation once blessed by God by its devotion to some godly principles set down by its founding fathers and adherence to, or fear of, God in its populace in general.

The United States is no longer that nation, which is my deep regret to state. I certainly wish it was, but my allegiance is to God…not a secular nation.

Thanks for sharing your concern.

Kindest regards,  Joseph Spickard


The recipient sent me a gracious note, thanking me for my time and thoughtful replies.

I hope to hear from him/her again.

Meanwhile,… thanks for reading… my take on Modern Israel and Bible Prophecy… 100% FREE! Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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