Aleister Crowley: Modern Meme

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^ Crowley, looking sane on the left… Not so quite, on the right… What a hat!

I usually have an inventory in my mind of about 10-20 ideas or topics to choose to write on this blog at any given time or impulse. I end up with what I am led of the Spirit to write about though, unless one of those “back-burner” projects is brought to the fore, by the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is consistent with what Jesus told his disciples in his Olivet Discourse. Jesus taught us to rely upon the Holy Spirit as much as possible in the things in which we may say, or even write, specifically, “take no thought beforehand what you shall speak, neither do you premeditate: but… (it) shall be given you” (Mark 13:11).

It is too bad that preachers don’t do this today. They might have actually something inspirational to say. When you speak by “faith,” or reliance upon the Holy Spirit, you won’t have many people going to sleep on you sitting out there in the pews. I never rely on notes, notecards, written material, or last minute study helps. I speak completely by my reliance upon the Spirit to give me a constant flow of thoughts and inspiration. I have tried to “cram” on certain topic, but when I get up to speak and open my mouth, a completely different topic comes to mind. I have found it best “not to lead the Spirit,” but to “have the Spirit lead me.”

This takes a good deal of faith and a fair amount of courage.

Perhaps, one of the best inspirational preachers in the record of the history of Christian preaching solely by inspiration was George Whitefield. Whitefield was an early English Methodist preacher who preached in England and in America. Once when preaching in a worship service in the colony of Georgia at the time, in which the Governor of Georgia attended, he received accolades for his style of preaching.

Whitefield wrote of this occasion:

“All wondered at my speaking so freely and fluently… without notes. The Governor asked me, whether ‘I used notes?’ I answered, ‘No.’ He then replied, ‘This is a great gift.’ I thanked all,… thankful for God’s assistance, which had been graciously given me, despite the consideration …of my unspeakable unworthiness.” (Memoirs, Gillies, p.111).

When so-called ministers of the “gospel” thus fail to speak “from heaven,” then in the words of the English poet genius, John Milton, “the sheep look up, but are not fed.”

mom n stepdad sleeping in church  < A common scene in church services… overtaken in slumber. This is what happens when the minister of the “gospel” has no “oil in his lamp,” and lulls his hearers into a deep sleep.

Just as Whitefield testified that “Christians…must live by miracle”…or inspired steps of faith, so should ministers speak by miracle…or by divine unction.

Hence, this topic of Aleister Crowley came to me out of practically no where for this blog.

Crowley is a fitting Halloween theme as this time of year suggests, however, though not so innocent as the Halloween portrayed to children. In my second book that I am writing, I spend some time writing about this individual. It appears that some people have certain purposes in their lives. Crowley certainly fits this profile.

Crowley was born into an English Christian family of some means. His parents followed the somewhat fundamentalist John Nelson Darby and his Plymouth Brethren. Darby was perhaps the first Christian Dispensationalist, also known as Modern Dispensationalism. Modern Dispensationalism is a huge topic on its own merits, which I have written somewhat on my other website heretofore. Suffice to say, in summary, Dispensationalism is but a fairly elaborate, but modern sophistry developed from Catholic Jesuit “Futurism.” Darby was an interesting figure who was “selected” to “carry” this particular dogma in its reconstituted form from Futurism.

Nevertheless, Crowley rejected his parent’s rather fundamental Christian views and became quite the opposite. It is not known what exactly caused him to hate or dislike Christianity to the extent that he spent much of his life in denial of it. He attended Cambridge University as a young man, and his talents attracted the recruitment of the then British Intelligence apparatus, much like the above mentioned Reverend John Nelson Darby. Darby was an agent of the British Crown, and also of the British East Indies Trading Company (Dr. John Coleman, Conspirators Hierarchy; maybe, Crowley’s Plymouth Brethren connection was a recruiting ground for British Intelligence).

The nature of working for British Intelligence, or the Crown Intelligence, then or now, or today’s American CIA, is like any other individual who is a spy: “Once a spook, always a spook.”

Several books and biographies document Crowley’s espionage career. Crowley was a life-long intelligence operative and was pretty successful in this role. Crowley had a real involvement in getting the United States into World War I as an active participant in the war. Crowley has the blood of thousands of innocents on his hands, from doing so.

What is interesting to me, is that Occultism, Luciferianism, and Satanism, is rife within the ranks of Government Intelligence agencies. Early British MI-5 and MI-6 operatives were all practically occultists and fellow travelers in the arts of the Dark Side. This nuance still continues somewhat today and is a singular phenomenon among this coterie. This occult connection is seen even in the phrase above, “once a spook…”

A lot of taxpayers, whose money supports the Intelligence communities, would be surprised to learn of this.

Along with this development, folks from the Dark Side always like to recruit progeny from Christian parents who become disaffected and wholly disenchanted with the belief system of their family or parents, like Crowley. It is usually noted that leaders in Satanic covens or witchcraft groups sport someone who had been a former Christian or raised in a Christian environment. This kind of dichotomy supposedly increases negative spiritual power, or what I would call, the “angel of Light” syndrome. The Apostle Paul teaches us that Satan himself, is or was an Angel of Light, and that such posture or imposture creates added deceptive qualities in seducing the minds of men.

Hence, when we see someone like a Katy Perry, whose parents are reputedly strict fundamentalist Christian ministers, and when she rejects their belief systems, she goes pretty much off board in her denial of anything decent, moral, or of a Christian bent. Indeed. she embraces what most fundamentalist Christians would deem anathema.

Such individuals attract the Dark Side crowd considerably.

The Devil on the Mount of Temptation pretty much offered Jesus the same deal as Perry is getting… wealth, possessions, celebrity status, fame or notoriety, and the worship or adulation of thousands and thousands of “fans.”  The Devil really has his own kind of reward and crowd… and not to pick on Miss Perry too much, many millions of folks accept it. A lot of “celebrities” do the same… The adulation or worship of others is very intoxicating. You then start believing all that celebrity stuff about yourself like Oprah Winfrey does. You start taking yourself very seriously. You become a god or goddess… put on earth… to give the masses “a reason for living.”

Yup, it is… just like that.

Wow! Self-deception is perhaps the worst deception of all. Especially, when the Devil or Serpent tells you that you are special, or “shall be as a god” (Genesis 3:5).

Contrast this “special” narcissism from the Serpent with the words of a Christian, George Whitefield just above, which I will repeat that Whitefield described himself as…, “unspeakably worthless.”

Hmm… if you are in the presence of the One and Only True God through the Holy Spirit… well, you are pretty humbled. But, if the Devil comes your way… you get his “star” treatment and get so lifted up in pride, as Satan did, that you will surely fall.

Here is the lesson: When God favors you… the only way to go is up… and it is incredibly humbling and self-effacing when considering the prospects of such a reward and measure of a Divine Presence, which is awe-inspiring in itself. When the Devil likes you… the only way to go, well, after a “season of pleasure,” is down… despite the insufferable pride and ego that Satan imparts to you. It doesn’t last. You can ask any celebrity about such status, if they haven’t already destroyed themselves through excess, and they will tell you that such “fame is fleeting.” All is vanity.

But I digress.

Back to Crowley.

It turns out that Crowley has become one of the most important figures in the 20th century. This is not because he was on one of the Beatles’ album covers. He was and is, a modern meme. His person, ideas, behavior, style and perversion has spread throughout modern culture. Practically, every New Age religion is linked to him. Indeed, the phrase, “new age” was first recorded by him. The whole Counter Culture Revolution in the 1960’s is much his brainchild. In addition to being a spy, he was an occultist, Satanist, magician, sorcerer, philosopher, and creator of the religion of Thelema.

Thelema is a body of beliefs in which he identified himself as a prophet figure to promote. Crowley introduced these tenets laid out to him by a demon named Aiwass, in which Crowley would instruct humankind into the Age of the Aeon of Horus. In the belief system of Gnosticism, which Satanism is derived from, or vice-versa as it seems to be a “chicken or the egg” thing, an Aeon is an order or leader of a hierarchy of evil spirits.

The Apostle Paul was quite familiar with this nuance as a former Pharisee. The Pharisees had a working knowledge of Satanical hierarchies based on testimony from their exorcists. Aeons, or Archons, perhaps interchangeable terms for demons in a hierarchic order, were demons or powers subject to the power of Satan, or in Pharisaical dogma, the power of Beliar, the Evil Force controlling the present world system. This is derived from a passage in Ephesians which could be read as follows:

“You yourselves too, were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you lived in conformity to the Aeons of this world, the Archon of the government of Beliar, or Satan, whose spirit now animates throughout the world in the children of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:1-2).

Thus, it is consistent to state that an Aeon is a ruling demon. He has “turf” or territory to protect.

This particular demon that Crowley is talking about is an entity who is about to take over a hierarchic position held by another demon. This is also touched upon in the Book of Daniel. Such replacement or displacement continues unabated in the Spirit world. This particular demon or Aeon, which Crowley associates with Horus, the god of the all-seeing Eye, is scheduled to take over and create a new world paradigm or order.

dollar_ase  The Great Seal of the United States is the symbol of Horus, the “all-seeing” Eye, seen here on the Federal Reserve Corporation Note as issued by the U.S. Government, aka, the Dollar. The Latin wording, Annuit Coeptis, on top, and Novus Ordo Seclorum, on bottom is a continuous phrase which means “He (God,…or Lucifer, as some charge…) has approved our undertaking, the New World Order.” This gives Conspiracy Theorists plenty of grist, so to speak, to mill, courtesy of the Powers That Be. The PTB does like to flaunt their design or “Great Plan,” as they term it, which portrays them accurately as being an Occult Oligarchy. As far as an upcoming Aeon being on the very Great Seal of the United States, which has been for over two centuries, it kind of tells you what the Occult Oligarchy had in mind, all along, as well as how long that they have been operating. They are just using the present status of America as a platform for …something else… This something else is developing before our very eyes presently… consistent with THEIR “hopes and changes.”

It has already.

It has been in place now for nearly fifty years.

This is not a big deal, although Crowley thought so. The Aeons like to create a great deal of fanfare… when the band has already finished playing… It is part of their makeup.

In reality, God is in control. And, God can dictate what His Will is to the Aeons and Archons, to make them compliant to His Plan. I have seen this in deliverance with people with evil spirits. The reason that God does not dispense with all the drama with these wannabe “gods,” is that humankind still has to have “free will” to determine their individual fate. Despite all the evil and work by evil entities, they have to be given “permission” to do so… by people…exercising their free will.

Aleister Crowley is a figurehead of all that which is evil practically. He engaged in “workings,” or magic spells of long duration and what he thought were dramatic results. This usually meant permanent insanity for his assistants. He engaged in some of the most heinous acts. He sacrificed people to the Devil. He was a prolific drug abuser. He was a sexual satyr. He called himself “the Beast,” or “666.” He kind of went overboard in promoting himself as an embodiment of evil and liked this attention, very much as evil spirits like to have. He has influenced a great many people.

Yet for all this notoriety, among his very last words before encountering his final breath amid the specter of surrounding death was,… “I am perplexed.”

Well, such perplexity, or being confounded at whatever your role in life was…however, greatly exaggerated,… when confronted with the face of death… seems somewhat moot, in comparison. In reality,… it is dying… without hope.

Such is the reward of serving self, and living for Satan, in one of his many guises.

Living in vanity, dying without hope. Is this really a suitable option? How intelligent is all this?

The real deal is this: …this life is a preparation for the next…

When we were in our mother’s womb, we were being prepared then… for life outside of it.

We were forming arms, legs, brain, and heart, and internal organs. We didn’t need these items for our life in the womb… think about it. It was all preparation for life outside of the womb.

This life is the same. We should be developing “spiritual” items… for the life outside of this mortal coil. If we had not developed these appendages, organs, and intellect capacity in the womb, we would have been “still-born.” We could not have taken that first breath, would not have started our heart with the electrical charge from an adrenal rush from crying from the womb, necessary to start a… new life…

So, “here is the deal,” as C.S. Lewis liked to say:

We can be prepared accordingly in this present life, or end up… being perplexed…confounded…bewildered…troubled…and uncertain…

I like the preparation deal better. For one thing, it doesn’t have all those extra adjectives to describe the… “letdown.” The “letdown” is always the dividend from the Devil.

I would rather go out of this life… with “unspeakable unworthiness”… trusting in the Mercy and Graciousness of a Very Great God in whom I have ample confidence in… rather than being… well,… “perplexed.”

How about you?

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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