I find this topic intriguing.

I know of folks who don’t believe in coincidences.

However, I do.

There have times when I have been faced with making important decisions in my life, in which the phenomenon of coincidental events become so prevalent, to the point of being exponential occurrences.

I mean… all of a sudden… there were “signs” everywhere.

I couldn’t get away from them.

I had to take notice.

Maybe, I am somewhat different. Perhaps others just don’t experience this phenomenon, particularly to the extent that I do.

I think that this phenomena of coincidences is fairly sophisticated. I think it is a spiritual law. I think that such events are a system of dynamics that perhaps many are not aware of. I think that you need to have a talent to discern this particular spiritual source. You must have a measure of  spiritual “intuition.”

There is not a lot of logic or body of facts concerning “intuition.” Science cannot understand it. Intuition, in itself, is a spiritual paradigm. Very few people have the quality of intuition to any extent in which their lives are ordered by it to a degree.

Some folks refer to such an intuition as a “third eye.”

Yep. I think that there is a Law of Coincidences.

In studying this topic, I find that I am not the only person who is engaged in the Law of Coincidence. I quoted Albert Einstein above, on this topic, as a heading. Einstein certainly had some thoughts about the pattern of coincidence.

The psychiatrist Carl Jung was another person who was fascinated by this Law of Coincidences. Jung called it the Law of Synchronicity. In his statement below, Jung implies what I have just stated above, that the Law of Coincidences or Synchronicity is a discernible reality  for those who have a peculiar intuition into it.

Jung’s use of the term “synchronicity” suggests that he felt that the incidence of coincidence, particularly repetitive coincidence, in our lives was integral in achieving a harmony with life overall.

In other words, an underlying resonance of harmony is underneath the phenomenon of coincidental events.

Jung related a story, which seems simple enough if not for being uncanny in its improbability, that reinforced this idea of coincidence, or synchronicity, as follows:

“The French writer Emile Deschamps  claimed in his memoirs that, in 1805, he was treated to some some plum pudding by a stranger named Monsieur de Fontgibu. Ten years later, the writer encountered plum pudding on the menu of a Paris restaurant and wanted to order some, but the waiter told him that the last dish had already been served to another customer. That customer, turned out to be de Fontgibu himself. Many years later, in 1832, Deschamps was at a dinner and once again ordered plum pudding. He recalled the earlier incident and told his dinner companions that only de Fontgibu was missing to make the setting complete – and in the same instant, the now senile de Fontgibu entered the room.”

In one of my experiences, I had prayed about buying a used car. I had no idea of what model to buy. I needed a car, and since I am a person of faith, or dependency upon God, I do not rely on my own wants and wishes. I submitted this need to God in a petition.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I started praying about buying a car, I started to see a particular car model nearly everywhere I went. I don’t recall seeing such or many models of this car before. But suddenly, this vehicle kept popping up around me, in front of me, or passing me in my work vehicle. I started to pay extra attention to this phenomenon, and it only became more consistent in its manifestation, or sequence, it which it appeared.

I started asking friends and acquaintances about the reliability of such a vehicle. They all replied favorably.

Finally, I saw this model of a vehicle at a local used car lot. I pulled into the lot, just to ask about it. I had no intention of purchasing a vehicle yet.

Before I left the lot, I had bought the car!

I had it for just over a year. It was the best car that I ever owned. I was leaving to come to Panama though, and couldn’t take it with me. So, I sold it. Though it wasn’t feasible for me to bring it down here at all, I have a good deal of regret in letting it go.

A 1998 Jeep Cherokee Classic. The best car that I ever owned. I bought it as a result of the Law of Coincidences, or coincidences set in motion in answer to prayer. I miss owning the car. It just so happens, that auto mechanics call the Jeep Cherokee model from this year one of the most reliable cars ever built. I didn’t know that at the time.

On another occasion or series of life events, which started about fifteen years ago and ended about three years later, I started to experience a lot of small coincidental events. These coincidences were fairly impressive although somewhat of a mundane variety. This phenomenon precipitated other dramatic changes in my life. Nothing really came out of a permanent fashion in regard to this series of coincidences. But in a loose relation, it seemed linked to some large changes in my life. This series of coincidences though, certainly made my life interesting. I think that such unpredictable events connected by coincidence made me more amenable to the changes that were being done in my life.

I am not only a Bible student, but a history buff. History is full of such phenomena such as a Law of Coincidences affects.

I have always been intrigued with the persona of General George Custer and his demise at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. I am perplexed as to why he and his immediate command were completely wiped out by the Sioux and Cheyenne Plains Indians. I am not the only one that is. There are probably more books on this topic, Custer’s Last Stand and his Little Big Horn campaign, than any written subject about the American West.  …. HUH! What!….<  “The entire Custer story has been surrounded in mystery and I recall an elderly Colonel telling me once of a story that used to circulate in army circles that there were men who knew an unpublished truth about the story, but who were pledged never to reveal it.” -Ronald Reagan,  Governor of California, President of the United States, letter to John A. Minion, July 15, 1965. Louise Barnett, Touched by Fire, Henry Holt Company, 1996, page 331

General Custer has been dissected and analyzed to the point of redundancy. I think the answers are much simple. Usually the “truth” is in the middle of such arguments…in plain sight…albeit, under a rock. The same goes for any historical event, like the JFK assassination, that mystifies our intellect and keeps popping back up due to its association with another related topic, the Mass Collective Consciousness.

rock in the middle of nowhere

When the truth seems really hard to find, you may need to look at something more obvious, realize it is out of place, and look underneath it. There, you will find the truth. And, that is what is interesting about the whole truth… it is covered up by someone who wants to control what is known. Deception is very important to those in control and who wish to maintain control of the masses in order that they can continue their selfish agendas and propensities in ruling over them.

I wrote about this peculiar phenomenon just a little while back. You can read about the Mass Collective Consciousness here:

At any rate, I am amazed at how many “signs,” “omens,” and “coincidences” that occurred to Custer and his command in which he and his officer corps completely ignored. Yet, his chief of scouts, “Lonesome” Charlie Reynolds, and his retinue of many other Indian scouts, from the tribes of Crow, Arikara, and Pawnee, who were implacable foes of the Sioux, became increasingly morose and depressed over the portent of these many “coincidences.”

Let me state an axiom on this subject. When an isolated coincidence occurs, it may just be that, coincidental. However, if a pattern of coincidences forms, then you need to see something is being planned or happening in a logical sequence. You need to be aware of another force at work. Something has or is happening behind the scenes which is becoming “manifest.”

The way to stop such negative manifestation, is to reverse course.

However, that was never a part of the makeup of General Custer. Custer felt that delay and hesitation did not belong on a battlefield. He was incredibly decisive in such situations. He was predictable as to what would happen next. He would charge the Indian encampment. Even if Custer had fully known the odds, he would have not changed much. He would have looked for opportunities to engage in a decisive manner.

Custer had seen the signs. He knew of the fear of his scouts, normally very brave men. But he believed in his “luck,” or “Custer’s luck” as his men called it.

Custer ignored a pattern of coincidences. He paid a price.

It appears that there are coincidences, and then if such things do not get proper attention, then “signs,” then “omens,” and other events that signify or portend misfortune, disaster, and doom, occur.

This is an interesting development. I do not have the space here or the focus to talk about extra-ordinary events that supersede mere coincidences, but seem to be connected to it in certain applications.

But it sounds like another type of spiritual phenomenon or law.


The reader may not be convinced that there is a Law of Coincidences as Carl Jung and apparently, Albert Einstein advocate. Let me convey some thoughts then about the 9th day of Av. You may get a feeling of “heebie-jeebies” that you got as a kid when sleeping alone in a dark room, or walking through a graveyard in the middle of the night, as I do so.

“Av” is the name of a Jewish month. The 9th day of this month is termed “Tisha b’Av.” Since Jewish months are configured on a lunar calendar, this day can fall on dates in either July or August. What is interesting about this particular date is that on this day, a list of catastrophes so unique occurs, that many fundamental Jews call the 9th of Av, a day “cursed” by God.

Well, maybe it is only coincidence.

Maybe, there is no “law” at play here at all.

Permit me to continue.

Let us go back in time, to the year of 1313 BCE. The Israelites under Moses, are in the desert wilderness, who were just delivered a short while back from the armies of Pharoah when crossing the Red Sea. The host of Israel have just received the testimony of the twelve spies. Two are favorable reports by persons of faith. Ten other are intelligence briefs from very fearful men. The Israelites side with the fearful reports. They cry and wail… to return to Eygpt…!!??!!

It was the 9th of Av.

God became very angry with them. He finally destroyed all those who were faithless and doubted His Goodness and all the effort that was done to effect their deliverance as slaves to the Pharaoh. It took forty years but it was done. The two faithful spies, Joshua and Caleb, were the only ones spared from that generation. They later entered the Promised Land.

Flash forward to the destruction of Solomon’s Temple by the Babylonians.

It happened on the 9th of Av.

Almost five centuries later, the second Temple, was destroyed by the Roman army under Titus.

The year was 70 CE (common era). The date was… well… the 9th of Av.

About a generation and a half later, a false Jewish Messiah rose up against the Romans. Simon bar Kochba was the “anointed” one. However, he and his rebel army were practically annihilated in the battle of Betar when he had led an insurrection against the Romans.

Well, … that too, was the 9th of Av.

The very next year, Roman soldiers plowed down what was left of the Temple area and its environs still standing around after the siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The Romans issued an edict that this area was now forbidden for any Jew to be in close proximity to at the point of their immediate execution.

The Temple Mount, as it is called today, was plowed under…

on the 9th of Av.

And, there’s more…

The Jewish populace was expelled from England in 1290 CE, on the date…

the 9th of Av.

In 1492, the same year that Columbus discovered the “New World,” Spanish Queen Isabella  mandated that all Jews leave Spain. The Jewish population was given four months to leave. That date of the official expulsion?

Of course,… it was the 9th of Av.

The day that Germany declared war on Russia during World War I, in which 20th-century Jewish pogroms and persecution of the Jewish people began then, up to and through World War II, was….

you guessed it, the 9th of Av.

And, on the eve of Tisha B’Av, the ninth of Av in 1942, the mass deportation began of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to the notorious concentration camp of Treblinka.

Moreover, the 9th of Av was the birth date of the most notorious and false Jewish messiah ever born… Sabbatai Tz’vi, whose later adherent and heir to his temporal throne, Jacob Frank, are responsible for a world oligarchy working behind the scenes to enslave humankind presently.

The whole world is being victimized however by this, not just Jewish people.

Sabbatai Tz’vi claimed that since he represented the Age of the Messiah, being the Messiah himself, that the 9th day of Av, was not any longer “cursed.” It was to be a day, his birthday, of celebration instead.

In addition, another one of  Tz’vi’s  claims was that since the Age of the Messiah was here, that the Ten Commandments and Mosaic Laws were no longer in effect. Indeed, the opposite was maintained by Tz’vi. Instead of not committing adultery, for example, adultery was encouraged. This was particularly true when Jacob Frank assumed the “mantle” of Tz’vi. What followed then were licentious and lewd acts of immorality that would make the followers of the pagan god, Baal, the fertility deity, blush.

This is what was primarily the focus of celebration on the Tz’vi, and later expanded Frankist version, of the 9th of Av… adultery, fornication, bestiality, and complete sexual debauchery. You can see this in the movie that Stanley Kubrick made, called Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrick was thought to be an adherent of Jacob Frank.

Some credible researchers claim that Adolf Hitler was conceived in one of these “celebrations” on the 9th of Av in the year of 1888. The Fuhrer was born approximately nine months later. If you think this over, you can surmise why Hitler was termed to be one of the first popular “antichrist” figures, especially during his hey-day.

You won’t find much of an argument from Holocaust survivors on this point.

How is all that for coincidences?

You can ask some Torah faith-based Jewish people what they think about such coincidences.

It is no coincidence to them.

Nor is God being necessarily anonymous.

However, despite the occurrences of the 9th of Av, it is a sign that God is still dealing with the Jewish people. If God is still correcting you, then He has not given up on you. After all, the Jewish people have survived the Middle Ages, the Moslems, the Pogroms, the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, the Inquisition, the Czars, and Herr Hitler.

I think it is for a purpose. God has something in mind for them. The Bible states the same.

One of these days, more than just a few Jewish people will figure it out. They will tell the rest, and such a coincidence or coincidences, like the 9th of Av, called “curses,” can fade away from their memories, by gaining new favor with God.


Then, God may not need the Law of Coincidences anymore. The Bible says in that day of a coming Kingdom Age, or Golden Era, “that all shall know Him, from the least to the Greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:34).

Yep, God won’t be “anonymous” anymore…

…And,… that won’t be a coincidence…

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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