The “Mark”


Cain, with his “Mark,” or “Mark of Cain,” as depicted from the 1966 cinematic epic, The Bible: In the Beginning. It appears that God has been “marking” individuals and people for awhile.

As a disclaimer, a lot of Evangelical and Fundamentalist denominational professing Christians are pretty concerned about what is known as the “Mark,” or “Mark of the Beast.” You find an ample amount of televangelists heralding this “soon coming” event, like the Jesuit poseur and Roman Catholic apologist, Jack Van Impe, with his ever present major-domo, his wife.

Oh Jack,… and his 100,000 Bible verse memorization compendium (or is it, 10,000, I forget which…as any such numbers, 10,000 to 100,000 befuddles my thinking) that he claims to have all in his unique photographic memory… All which, Jack is ready to dispense on a fuzzy-brained TV audience in a moment’s flash, in a flamboyant display of mumbo-jumbo, incoherent psycho-Bible-babble, that impresses the uncritical thinker with an unsophisticated, and specious, and quite limited, Bible knowledge.

Ah, Jack never had so good. And, keep those donations rolling in!

This “Mark of the Beast,” has been taught by modern dispensationalists to be, in the recent past, a United States Social Security card; identification papers made urban legend by German Fascist or Soviet Communist regimes (of which, “your papers please” is a well worn movie line in post World War II films of the Cold War genre); some kind of tattoo, or stamp; a UPC number, or bar code, as on some laundry detergent or candy bar; or sophisticated respective U.S. State Driver’s Licenses, which license contains bar code information on the individual, an unflattering photo, with additional ID bar codes tracking the individual down to their credit history and any possible legal issues, possible eye iris scans, and et cetera.

Presently, not to be undone by the progress of modern technology, these “post-modern” dispensationalists have updated this “Mark” to fit more modern  times and applications such as bio or “nano” chips.

After all, the paranoia needs to be continued.

Such bio-chips that they describe, are inserted under the skin, as is commonly used in animal identification  or the use of the newest “buzz” tech, the nano-chip, which is either ingested, or placed in inoculation mediums, to “mark” the masses.  Without this “Mark,” no one will be able to enter and function in the coming New World Order totalitarian and economic system of the worship of Lucifer according to these Dispensationalists. Those without it, will be consigned to an immediate termination of life.

Of course, if such “nano-chips” are the “Mark of the Beast,” practically no one can avoid ingesting or getting vaccinated with such. Hence, everyone will have the “Mark,” after all.

Now, isn’t ultra-modern technology just great?

Even those “who don’t take the Mark,” will have it anyway.

This must be a version of the Satanic, Luciferian conspiracy of “no one gets left behind.”

This scenario is unlike, the fictional rapture theory of the same Post-Modern Dispensationalists, where billions of people “get left behind” because they will not be raptured attributable to their unbelief in God and all things “dispensational,” and will be left here on earth, to suffer the unimaginable horrors of a worldwide “Great Tribulation.”

This largely fictional paranoia has been on the Evangelical scene, well, since the 19th century. The deal is, it hasn’t happened. Nor will it, as advocated by the Dispensationalists.

Modern Dispensationalism, is about the worst “humbug” belief, that you can possess. It is Frankist Christianity. If you don’t know what that is, or have never heard of it, then it is because the Frankists and Sabbateans, do their intrigue so very well.

And professed Christians, are so much in the “dark.”

The great mystery of it all, is that it was devised by the harem-scarum Catholic Jesuits of the 16th century as part of their Counter-Reformation strategy, called Futurism, partly devised by that mental giant, Pope Leo X. This Futurism was refurbished, modernized, energized, and updated by the 19th, 20th, and 21st-century Frankists and Sabbatean Messianic apostate heretics, who started partnering with the Jesuits in the early 19th century, to give us a renovated Catholic Church, among other things, as mystically espoused by that notorious Catholic occultist who advocated “Positive Christianity” or “Emergent Christianity”: Herr Adolf Hitler.

And now, you have an idea why, the last Pope, who resigned in a historic act, which we still don’t know quite exactly why…who also happened to be involved in the Nazi program of Hitler Youth.

And now, you have to figure the present Pope is in on such schemes as well, as he now advocates an unified “faith” for all religions.

It is amazing how you can follow these people by the money trail.. They are always linked by filthy lucre, and money laundering, such as the Vatican Bank, for instance.

But, you have to give these folks their due. These Frankists and Sabbateans sure know how to have fun with simple minded people with their innovative ideas such as Modern Dispensationalism.  They have been at it for a long time.

However, I digress.

I am not here to talk about the modern so-called Mark of the Beast. It is not so modern, after all. It has been going on for some time.

I want to talk about a different type of mark.

I want to start with Cain, and his mark.

In Genesis 4:15, we read that “the Lord set a Mark upon Cain.”

able_and_cain_1 This occurred because that, out of spiritual jealousy, envy, and enmity, that Cain killed his brother Abel, whose sacrifice was acceptable to God. Cain’s sacrifice was not. And, so it has been ever since, for those “keeping score,” lest we forget, as the threat is ever ongoing for those deemed the “Seed of the Woman.”

As a result, Cain received a “mark” placed on him by the Lord God. This “mark” caused a separation of Cain, first from God, then from the rest of his family, as God made Cain a “fugitive and a vagabond,…as Cain went out of the Presence of the Lord…”

Cain took one of his sisters to wife and “lived in the Land of Nod, east of Eden.”

Cain started his own progeny. They were referred to as the “sons of men.” For a long while, the line or progeny of Seth, who was appointed in the place of Abel, kept separate from the seed of Cain, or “sons of men.” They knew that the seed of Cain was “marked.” The Bible describes the seed of Seth as the “sons of God,” or earlier, as the “seed of the Woman.” Conversely, the progeny of Cain were the “seed of the Serpent,” who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).

However, one day that started to change, the “sons of God” saw that the “daughters of the seed of men” were “fair.” They started to intermarry, and “take as many wives as they could,” despite the “mark” and separation, that God had placed upon Cain and his seed. The progeny of Seth thus, “apostatized.” As a consequence, the earth got a great deal more evil since good had apostatized and blended in with evil, making such evil… well, very evil.

These monstrous unions of formerly righteous people with base, evil people, created what the Bible calls “giants in the earth.” This was not only literal, but more importantly figuratively, as such individuals had no restraints to their imaginations of evil.

To this end, God had to destroy, through the Flood, such a union of “sons of God,” now also associated with the “mark of Cain.” No one of Cain’s progeny survived. The only progeny of Seth that survived was Noah, who had remained separate and faithful as a “son of God.”

Afterwards, Noah re-instituted the sole worship again of Yahweh. This had been done formerly by a progeny of Seth known as Enos. Enos, or Enosh, was the first “preacher of righteousness.” Enosh called on his listeners to keep separate from the mark and seed of Cain, and remain faithful to Yahweh. Those who believed Enosh began to call themselves the “people of Yahweh,” or, “people of the Name” (Genesis 4:26). These “people of Yahweh,” or “sons of God,” were designated or had “marked” themselves as opposed to not only Cain and his seed, but Cain’s alternative system of religion based on sexual fertility and fecundity. This “fertility” religion among Cain’s seed, also known as the  “daughters of the sons of men,” made them especially seductive and alluring with their proclivities into sexual license.

These are among the “imaginations” that the Lord was referring to, that were constantly evil.

It can be noted here, unlike the Hollywood movie rendition, there was no literal “mark” of Cain. The mark that Cain possessed was his behavior, or thoughts and actions, which further resulted into additional separation from Yahweh and his ways.  Thus, this was a symbolic “mark” of sorts. Although, God had promised that no one would avenge Cain for his murder of his brother, God did destroy all of his seed later.

Thus, there were two kinds of worship before the “sons of God,” or the line of Seth, fell away in departing from Yahweh. One worship system brought what was pleasing to God.

The other worship system of Cain and his seed, introduced the philosophy of false religion, or religion in harmony with the thinking of the Natural Mind of man (1 Corinthians 2:14).

True worship then, and false religion, have been in conflict ever since.                            

 In the Prophet Elijah’s Day, it was the True Worship of Yahweh versus the Fertility Religion of Baal, which was supported by the union of “Church and State” of the Kingdom of Israel. The Priests of Baal and the Prophets of the Grove (fertility shrines in which sex-magick was practiced) were publicly endorsed and supported by the Royal Family of Israel, King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.

In Jesus’ Day, it was the Worship of the Spirit and Truth (John 4:21,23-24) versus the Traditions of the Elders and the Jewish Temple, which in itself, had become a substitute for God,  as Stephen later declared, “the most High dwells NOT in Temples made with hands..” (Acts 7:48). Jesus was killed by the union of Jewish Religionists and the Roman State. Stephen was killed by the union of Jewish religionists and the legal arm of the Sanhedrin. Are these two Systems of worship,… one by faith, the other by man’s thinking and works,… still in conflict today ?

The short answer: Yep.

Finally, in the point that I wish to make, is the example from the Bible from the Letter to the Romans by the Apostle Paul as recorded in Romans 16:17-18.

Paul asked the Roman Fellowship to mark them which cause divisions and deeds contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them.”

Paul added that such persons of division “serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches, deceive the minds of the simple of understanding.”

Paul felt led by the Holy Spirit to address a problem in the Roman fellowship with insincere and false brethren among them. These also were those who were in a ministering capacity as they used “good words,” and “fair speeches,” or as in modern times, “psycho-babble,” to wield manipulative mind games and undue influence by the pretext of “pleasing men.”

You can always observe such individuals. They are control freaks. They are myriad in Christian fellowships; they would rather make mealy-mouth remarks and near incoherent double-talk, or psycho-babble, than what Paul called, “the Preaching of the Cross.” The “preaching of the Cross,” is to challenge men and women to believe in God by presenting them with uncomfortable realities such as overcoming sin, and forcing a decision to either accept, or reject, the revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I have met such individuals. They literally do, “serve their own belly,” judging by the girth of their mid-sections. They literally do exercise deceit and deception by “good words,” and “fair speeches.” And, they do not “preach the Cross.” They do not condemn “sin in the flesh.” Rather, they excuse and permit such behavior as simple failings in order to give false assurances to such unfaithful believers. They never talk about overcoming the “world, the flesh, and the Devil.” They never espouse a standard of righteousness for God’s people, as they have none themselves.

Here again, there is no literal mark to place on such individuals, but their actions are enough, and such people are to be separated from and avoided by the Fellowship, for their spiritual survival and well-being.

< Marking them which cause divisions: “ (Left) Here, Jesus sitting teaching his disciples, while standing and looking on are uninvited Pharisees looking to cause debate and strife. Note, that it is easy to discern or “mark” these men by their critical eye and demeanor. Yet, I also identified them by an arrow. Their “mark” as those that work division is also reflected in the “separation” of themselves from the disciples in which they are standing apart from. ( Right)  “Orthodox” church members, spurred on by their “Orthodox” priest,  try to disrupt and work “deeds contrary” and thereby “mark” themselves by their actions recently, in a “non-Orthodox” church meeting in the country of Moldavia. Note in both of these instances, those who are “false worshipers” try to cause division and trouble among true worshipers, one in about 30 A.D., the other today !   

Paul may have further elaborated on this in his second letter to Timothy. Paul stated to Timothy that, “Nevertheless, the foundations of God stands sure, having this seal,” or ” special mark” in the Greek translations. “That is, ‘The Lord knows them that are is,’ and ‘Let everyone that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity'” (2 Timothy 2:19).

I have presented two “marks” here.

One mark is about being a false professor of faith, in which the Flock or Fellowship is “not spared” by their by-product of division and strife, as Paul predicted this would happen to the Ephesian Fellowship, after his departure (Acts 20:27-31). And, it did.

The other “mark” is that of  a true believer and worshiper of God, in which God knows who they are, and they have a testimony of “departing from iniquity” in overcoming the sins of their flesh, or human nature.

As always, the true Gospel presents a dynamic. It forces a decision.

Which “mark” what you rather have?

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2014. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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