WANTED: Jesus of Nazareth

Wanted! Jesus Poster

I came across this old poster from the Jesus People/Jesus Movement era of the early 1970’s. I believe that I had one of these way back then, but sure enough, I don’t have it any longer.

It was 1971. The Counter Cultural Revolution was in full swing in the United States. Indeed, it impacted the prevailing culture in the States more so than anywhere else.

Professor Carroll Quigley was a Georgetown University instructor. He wrote a large volume about contemporary history called Tragedy and Hope. This is a classic among conspiracy theory buffs, and I have a copy. In this book, Quigley outlined an underlying theme that there was a very powerful oligarchy that was really in charge of the world. He was not only an academic, but a gifted polymath who had the knack of getting down to the facts at hand without added subterfuge or deception.

He was also the mentor to Bill Clinton when the future President attended Georgetown.

In his book,  Quigley made many astounding statements. One, was that, when a nation is in the conflict of a war, societal changes can be readily made much sooner, than in times of peace. The good professor suggested what societal changes that would take fifty years to implement, could be done in five years, if the targeted nation was at war.

What do you know? When the Counter Culture Revolution was going on in the United States, America was at war in Vietnam.

In addition, America was losing the war, mostly because of a lack of political will. Then again, no one really wanted to travel around half the world, to die in some festering, fetid jungle or rice paddy in fighting a nebulous enemy to a stalemate, in order to try to save a country that was so fragmented that if defied the Western imagination and psyche.

Life was cheap in Southeast Asia. It still is.

With such a war going on, societal changes were happening so fast that the normal person couldn’t keep up with them.

Changes like a whole new paradigm called the drug culture sprang up, which made imbibing marijuana a rite of passage for many, many young people, particularly urban, college youth. You had a whole new paradigm of New Age, Eastern, Asian, and Occult religions, practices, and rituals that captured the disenchanted imaginations of young Americans who were turned off by organized Christendom. With these pressures on the “old” morality and “traditional” values, people sought a new behavior, new justification, and new, or lack of, values. An existential thought pattern developed which emphasized a more immediate gratification of the senses. “Do what you wish, and all that you wish,” was not only the mantra of Satanists, but even the socially acceptable rock and roll musicians as the Beatles. And talking about rock n’ roll, it had so many changes from its inception in the 1950’s, that is was unrecognizable to the artists who helped start it.

Yeah, Elvis was even shocked.

You know when Elvis can’t keep up with the emerging paradigm of the “new” Rock n’ Roll, and the whole music scene that emerged from Laurel Canyon, all of whom curiously were the children of military intelligence operatives and top-brass (shades of Lennon-speak below), in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and in addition, the new consciousness that Haight-Asbury brought in from San Francisco,… well, that is sooome trip!

Of course, Beatle John Lennon attributed correctly much of the Counter Culture movement to American and British Intelligence networks and related military community. He was not endeared by the Establishment after that. After all, they had “made” him and his little band. They had a way of making known their displeasure.

I could go on about the many other new paradigms like the “free love” movement, which relaxed sexual mores incredibly; to the bohemian style of dress and related lifestyle that young people adopted, which became known as the “Hippie” movement; to the disaffection of post-modern society and their solutions for the masses, to ultra-cynicism; to race relations; to attitudes about the nuclear bomb and resulting “peace” movements, and et cetera, and ad infinitum.

And, Satan got his due, and plenty of it, with Anton LaVey, and his Church of Satan; reminiscences of Aleister Crowley thanks again to Rock n’ Roll celebrities which placed his picture on their album covers, or released their signature albums on his birthday, or used Crowley’s suggested “back-masking” on their recordings, or talked about how much that they “admired” him;  to Charles Manson directing his energies into the flow of the dynamic of Lucifer… along with a plethora of others, plus a host of other activities that promoted the Age of Satan, or Age of Aquarius.

One outcome of all these upheavals, was one that was not welcomed by those promoting such new, and myriad, paradigms.

It was an overwhelming tide of grassroots interest in… Jesus of Nazareth…

While the post-modern, contemporary Christianity and churchdom was reeling from the assaults and attacks on it, well, folks didn’t know whether to include Jesus in with them or not.

They became reluctant to do so.

They were right.

When you read the Gospels, you cannot reconcile the corporate structure of Christianity, with its business model of get and gain, and procurement of numbers that it influences, with the simple message of the Nazarene.

It doesn’t add up. The simple message of Christ in comparison to the systemic monstrosity that the Church has supplanted Jesus with.  For sure, it doesn’t add up in any corporate sense. You see, the Church has Jesus wearing a business suit, tie, and glossy tie-up shoes, besides being finely coiffed. The “Church Jesus” knows all about growth projections, revenue flows, and their bottom line, plus what companies and other corporations to invest in, to get a greater return of their parishioner’s or member’s monetary donations. It is interesting in the Vietnam War era, how many “church investment funds” were invested in defense industries like DuPont, when they were selling Agent Orange for use in Southeast Asia.

Yep, your church donations “at work.” I am not sure how that translates into a “heavenly reward.” For sure, a lot of people are going to be disappointed— Jesus called it “weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.”

Someone ought to be ashamed. Someone ought to be mortified. Someone needs to expose this stuff! Frankly, it is so reprehensible that words fail to describe this sort of wickedness.

The “Church Jesus” knows more about Wall Street than about “the Way of the Cross.”

The “Church Jesus” knows how to “direct” your “estate” upon your decease, in order to reach the ignorant and lost in “pagan” and “heathen” venues, and to spread their “corporate Gospel” to all the world— which makes even more money. The Catholic Church has proved to me beyond all doubt with my experience in Central America, that it can go into the poorest nations, like many in Latin America, and make out “like bandits” while dispensing the smallest of false hopes of alleged eternal security.

It is “soul-selling.” One of the most heinous crimes recorded in human history.

Reader, it is simple math. If the Church System is not paying taxes… on their income; their church lots; their lavish appointments; their countless properties; numberless lands; their famous wine vineyards or liquor manufacture facilities; or selling from time to time, some items from their immense art collections;  plus the many other treasures that never are publicized except on a back page in small print—, then who…reader, is paying their share of taxes?

Little ole’ you,… the little ole’ taxpayer.

You may not be able to afford braces for your kid’s teeth, but hey, the Church always has to have a building program in place, despite their lack of noticeable growth for such additions. The Church can always afford ornate conventions, the best of meals for its conferees, and corporate business accounts for its officers. I have been to a few Church headquarters to talk to “people in charge” of one thing or another. You never want to go there near lunch time; you won’t find anybody— they are all having a nice corporate lunch at a nice restaurant!

Thank you, Jesus, oh, that is, the Corporate Jesus!

I have met and known a lot of preachers—, most of them are all fat— living off the dole.

But then, if you are a Bible student of any sort, in contrast with the “Church,” you read in the Gospels that Jesus PAID TAXES! This is where the dichotomy pretty well started.

Yet the “Church” totally ignores this fact. This dichotomy ought to END!

It is then, you realize that post-modern Christendom is just… BIG BUSINESS!… Churches are Big Corporations with appropriate government subsidies, and tax breaks! Why, the Church of Rome, or the Roman Catholic Church, is in my estimation, worth a Quadrillion U.S. Dollars.

That reader, is a lot of “moolah.” This kind of money never leaves a corporate coffer… Which explains why the Catholic Church is always incessantly asking for monetary donations, promoting bingo games and of all things, “casino” nights at their church or related grounds.

It is always soothing to the “nominal” conscience, to see a priest attired in casino garb, taking bets at the main “gambling” table.

By the way, as an individual, try having a “casino,” or just a “bingo” night at your private residence to raise funds like the church does, and you will find that, yes indeed, there is a union of church and state, when you are arrested and put in jail for such “illegal” activity.

But I digress.

Yes, the Church is Big Business. Just like the United States Government, another immensely profitable Big Business, despite their phony spending deficits (that they “sell” to the gullible public that they are going “bankrupt”). Indeed, the church is a corporation. It is set up that way by the government… since Government is also a corporation. When such corporations become intertwined, and interlocked, and fixed in their mutual interests…which they tend to strongly gravitate to, as the money trail always leads that way, they become something very bad…very evil… a Corporatocracy.

But I digress further.

Yes, the Church is big Corporatism.

They really don’t want genuine human transformation. They don’t know how to make money out of that… They can make a lot more money from making an innumerable number of… hypocrites!

And this is the business model, which is termed, “Churchianity.”

You see, “Churchianity” has replaced Christianity.

“Churchianity” is where the union of church and state always exist. This has existed since Babel was built by Nimrod as a “city,” and a “tower.” This means that the civil power, the “city,” needs the “tower” crowd, or the religious establishment, who always tries to build their edifices unto the heavens. Think not? Count how steeples and promontories that your city or town has on its church tops.

The Government realizes the same deal, the “city” and “tower” concept, in any fascist application. They know that they need the cooperation of the “Church” to keep the masses in line, if they are going to keep increasing in power and control… The masses,…who are subservient to the “powers that Be.” The King James Bible itself was developed with this exact premise in mind as King James was a borderline fascist, who wanted his Bible translators to keep “Christians” and the masses under control, with the dogma of the “divine right of Kings,” or “might is right” governance, today. You should read what the Pilgrims, Puritans, and other religious Dissidents, thought of King James in their day. In fact, none of them would even “own” a King James Bible. Instead, they read and preached from the Geneva Bible of John Calvin, who was about as much as an anti-Government figure as you will find in history until you meet the Founding Fathers of the American Republic.

Then ask yourself,… where are these type people today?

Yeah, we could use some “Pilgrims” despite the John Wayne movie line. At least, they knew what was going on… more and better fascism in government leadership. After all, their religious freedom was at stake.

The same dynamic exists now and should be quite evident, if you do not have the prevailing cognitive dissonance, that is promoted by Government.

When the Counter Culture revolution was succeeding in tearing a lot of stuff down, as “dark-siders” took advantage by promoting Satan, or his kinder, gentler application, called Lucifer…. then, all of a sudden, they ran into… Jesus.

What do you do with Jesus?

Let me rephrase that…huh,… what do you do with Jesus?

Well, OK, I didn’t rephrase it, but I did repeat for emphasis. In fact, you need to think about this question a lot if you are not a Christian.

They couldn’t lump him into Churchianity.

Jesus was too clever for that.

They couldn’t lump into neo-fascist governments… yep, Jesus was smarter than that. After all, Jesus had his own kingdom. He had his own set-up… and Jesus didn’t need their organization nor their system.

While the “dark-siders” were promoting Satan, or Lucifer, as “rebels without a cause,” in which they were creating “sympathy” for this “bad boy,” and his image of “doing your own thing”: they ran into Jesus.

You see, …Jesus IS the real deal.

Jesus IS the REAL revolutionary.

Jesus IS the REAL anti-Establishment figure.

You will note, that I am using the present tense. Jesus, not WAS, but he, still IS. And if not, then why ALL the controversy? There is no controversy over dead people. It takes a LIVE being, a LIVE person, to stir such a soup. And believe me, Jesus knows how to make soup, as well as he did, wine!

You see, Satan is not the anti-Establishment figure that his adherents try to make him out to be. In fact, he is the opposite!

Satan is the “god of this world.” He likes the world’s systems. He likes how they promote greed, avarice, corruption, and death with all the wars and violence that they love. Yeah, Satan loves the Babel system, or what the Bible ultimately calls the System of Great Babylon. Babel has come a long ways, since little old Nimrod killed a few dinosaurs off that became carnivorous, to entrench himself as a “great one.” It has become a huge, global, oligarchical, Corporatocracy.

Satan really loves religion too. The more fake, the better, unless it is not very deceptive in nature, as Satan is the real master of deceit. He loves to come off as an “Angel of Light.” This means that he poses as an angel or being, or god of light, not darkness. The Counter Culture Revolution crowd of “Dark-siders” have depicted Satan as a pagan menace demanding human sacrifice, as they are Crowleyites, in nature. In reality though, Satan is more religious than many adherents of Churchianity. In several Satanic cults, Satan is highly moral. Indeed, Charles Manson started a new belief system when he first was in prison after his attempt in creating Helter Skelter, in that his female followers had to become quite chaste. Now, that was something!

Yeah, Jesus was the one, that the Establishment was really afraid of.

They killed him.

But they couldn’t kill him…

You will never find the System, or Establishment though, trying to get rid of the god of this world, Satan. They are too much like him.

The Wanted Poster above, shows how, in comic form, how they might have viewed Jesus in first century Palestine. However, if you read of the real culture and times back then, for example, the excellent account given by English Messianic believer and Jew, Alfred Edersheim, you will find that this comic poster is about as accurate as possible.

Jesus was seen as a highly seditious figure. If you go around preaching, like Jesus, another Kingdom which is much greater, and making God’s Temple, a “house of prayer for all nations,” instead of an egregious money-pit, then you see that Jesus was not only a threat to the “Tower” crowd of the false and usurping High Priesthood leadership of that thief, Annas, of the Babel type:… but, Jesus was also a threat to the “City,” or civil power crowd, of Imperial, Fascist Rome!

Indeed, about a century later after Jesus lived on earth, the historian Eusebius tells us in his compilation book, The History of the Church, that the remnants of the family of Jesus were living east of the Jordan River. Roman authorities desperately had been searching for them, Eusebius relates, as they had developed a paranoia that they posed a threat to their Empire, since they were related to that rebel, Jesus…!

When the Romans found them, a spokesman for the family named Simeon, told them that they were just poor farmers with a small parcel of land to grow food, and that they had no political aims, except for a Kingdom,… not of this world…and yet far, far off.

The Roman authorities were so chagrined that they had perceived such a great threat from a ragtag outfit of “dirt” farmers, that they waved them off as an insect of no significance.

Yet, the Romans and their Empire, didn’t survive. They are in the dustbin of history.

But, the “dirt” farmers… and ragtag outfits, or remnants of real believers,…well, what do you know?

They are still with us…, and at large.

If today, you are someone with faith in Christ, you should look over the poster above and compare yourself.

Are you a revolutionary in your faith? Are you a threat to the System? You are, if you are not under their control and deception. Do you do things differently? Are you anti-Establishment? Do you have an antipathy towards a System that entraps individuals into becoming “two-fold” children of hell? Do you feel the enmity that the System has for you since you are not conforming to their way? Do you recognize the deep layers of deception and discern their level of  spiritual darkness? Do you realize you can never be reconciled to such?

Yes, Jesus was against the system of false religion. False religion always props up man’s failed system of governance. He had his own kingdom. He declared that his kingdom was coming. As a  representative of that Kingdom, Jesus announced its certainty and its soon appearance. His miracles and divine works, as well as his highly inspirational, electrifying, and anointed preaching from heaven, were signs and imminent indications of that coming Kingdom.

It is well that many Americans are becoming very disenchanted with the direction and rule of their government. For too long, it has been the government of “milk and honey.” It is not, and never has been, the Kingdom of God. That it is manifesting, a growing lack of regard for its citizens, in pursuing strange, ungodly, perverse, and foreign agendas, is a good thing for the Kingdom of God. People need to get their eyes open. The dynamic, of what made America distinct and different, in their former attainment of high and lofty ideals even in seeking Divine Approbation,… is over with….

Hence, some think that Christians are being targeted in the “land of the free.” It certainly appears that their way of life in the United States is more threatened with each passing day.

Yes, Jesus is STILL at large, running around by his Spirit and in intercession for his People.

Are you running with him?

Thanks for reading.

https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSaUBUhA71L7agjKvozCe43wq9XuPQilxVuRuOxPZv1ZAUqxGh_1ACopyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2015. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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