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I would also like to re-introduce my new book and first volume on End Time Bible Prophecy. It is entitled: Living in the End Times: How End Time Bible Prophecy Affects YOU!  You can find this title at and Barnes & Noble:

Here is part of the “blurb” for this book:

“Prophecy is generating more interest than ever before! Freak weather, increasingly severe natural disasters, climate changes, deteriorating moral restraints, a lack of vision by world leaders, and the specter of incessant war have contributed to the public interest in prophecy while such events create added uncertainty to our future.

Yet, the Bible has predicted such interest in End Time Prophecy as “spiritual knowledge” will exponentially increase; just as the Bible has already predicted the increase of “natural knowledge” with its amazing discoveries, new innovations, and modern technologies over the last two centuries.
In this Volume One, the Author has selected fifteen fundamental End Time Bible prophecies out of fifty and more to be fulfilled in our End Time period. Here, you can read about the exhaustive fulfillment of earthquakes; the marked rise of false prophets (many of which are popular figures), false Christs, wars, and more. You can learn about the “perilous” or dangerous, “times” that we live in that the Bible predicts; the rise of Russia, and its subjugation of the nation of Georgia; and the decline and demise of… the United States…as told and implied by Bible Prophecy.
To repeat, the United States is not part of very End Time Prophecy. Its status will radically change and it will be fragmented into different state entities. There are two scenarios for this: either it will disintegrate without much fanfare as the former Soviet Union, or it can approach and well exceed something that is very difficult to imagine as an American, in terms of destruction, societal breakdown, unrest, and civil war.
You, the reader, are living in the End Times! Yet, you can use this volume as a road map for the future by knowing what is next on God’s prophetic time clock. You can have assurance and the conviction of faith in this age when others don’t. Do not despair. God is in control. You can face the future with added confidence by knowing the ‘Signs of the Times.’ “


No one knows clearly, with the popular interpretation of the Bible by the present Gentile Church system, any coherent detail or reference from the Bible, regarding the status of the United States.

Over 300 million people live in the United States. It is the leading nation of the world. Its national currency is the reserve currency of the whole world. Its military power is unprecedented. It’s air and sea power is larger combined than all other nations. It’s wealth rivals that of any prior world empire that Daniel the Prophet could have written about.

Yet, within the covers of the Bible, this unique and powerful nation is not singled out as anything singular or significant.


However, the Bible does talk about the countries of Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, Russia, the nation of Georgia, other Slavic nations, and of course, Israel, in its lineup of very End Time nations.

But no, not the United States!

In my first volume, I set up the background and lay the foundational information of what will occur to the United States. To my knowledge, I am the only author that can show, by the Scriptures, what will become of America.

Proper interpretation of the Scriptures in the Bible is a proprietary function of a gift of Prophecy. Daniel never uttered a prophetic word “before the People,” as a criterion of the ancient Hebrew acceptance of a genuine Prophet. Daniel only “interpreted” the words of God as prophecy in dreams and visions. Yet, Jesus called Daniel a prophet. Indeed, the Bible says that the Lord God will “do nothing, but He reveals His secret unto his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7).

Hence, by this understanding, the prophetic word is a source of inspiration.

Thus, the gift of prophecy and it facets, such as interpreting hard to understand prophecies, can only interpret and divide the Word of God… not some church or ecclesiastical institution…

Already, the phenomenon of “fair weather” seers, “prophecy experts,” and other salaried or paid entrepreneurs of interpreting Bible prophecy, such as the author of the Late, Great Planet Earth, are abandoning the “ship of the United States.” They admit that now, the United States is no longer a part of very End Time Prophecy.

Hmmm, I have been saying this for over twenty years.

Yet,… you have never heard of me….

This shows you then, who is controlling the system.

The world is a system. There is nearly a system for every endeavour. There are banking systems, government systems, economic systems, communication systems, et cetera, ad infinitum, et ad nauseum.

Not surprisingly then at all, there is quite a sophisticated system in popular Christianity.

Incredibly, this system has been around much, much longer than many, many of the modern systems. Indeed, the present Church system, ran by Gentile ruling entities (until recently), has been but an outgrowth of the Roman Empire, which morphed into the Holy Roman Empire. The Bible still recognizes this system today. It really is responsible for much, if not nearly all, the other systems.

It is based on the system developed at the city of Babel.

Babel was built by Nimrod.

You can read about Nimrod in the Bible and other similar sources.

Nimrod was quite a guy.

He built on this location of Babel, “a city and a tower.”

It was a civil government, that is, “a city,” and an ecclesiastical center, or “tower.” This unity of Church and State has been with us ever since and like to control us. Their unified system is called by the Bible, “The Beast.”

A lot of politicians, especially in the United States, like to brag about the separation of Church and State.

They are either deliberately lying, or overwhelmingly ignorant.

The U.S. Government subsidizes every form of Christianity that is out there, by tax credits and exemptions. In return, the church supports and tells it constituents to be loyal to the Government. God has “ordained them,” the hireling preachers preach from their subsidized pulpits.

The income of preachers is subsidized. They pay no taxes. The Church is subsidized; they pay no taxes. The tremendous church buildings and edifices, and its catalog of properties worldwide… pay no property taxes!

Whose loyalty do you really think that the Church is beholden to, when Jesus himself paid taxes?

You guessed it! …The Church system is sold out to the Government system.

If you subsidize something, then you are supporting it. If the Church system wasn’t in step with the government system, then the government would be rid of it. If the Government system wasn’t in step with the Church system, then the Church would be telling its adherents to revolt for God and liberty!

This “happy, harmonious” system then, is a substitute for God’s rule and government and, a substitute, for God’s worship and service.

Now, you may understand why the System was appalled and outraged when Jesus came to preach an alternative,… the Kingdom of God.

The System couldn’t have that sort of threat now. So, they killed Jesus with their combination of Roman civil power and Jewish religious authorities.

Paul nearly got killed later for his advocating of the Kingdom of God. The Jewish religious authority, which by the way was a false priesthood not the genuine one, wanted to kill him, but the Roman civil authority spared him… for a time…

A person needs to be “called out,” and then “come out” of the System and find God. It is nearly impossible to find God in the system, and to find God in the system, and yet remain there. Finding God is an individual matter; not some corporate effort by a system that is really promoting itself.

The truth is, the System hates God. And, God hates the System. It goes back to the enmity of the Two Seeds as introduced in the Book of Genesis. Indeed, the Serpent and its seed, is the System in its ultimate sophistry.

Finding God individually…This is what had happened to Abraham.

He came out of Ur of the Chaldees. Abraham was a prescient individual. He was one of the original Magi. He had been an astrologer and was quite familiar with this science in that day, which probably rivals or exceeds any such knowledge of the same today.

Yet, God called Abraham out of that.

Abraham went to Haran. It was located near the land of Canaan. Abraham had family there. He had ties there. He stayed there for a time. When Abraham’s father died, then the Lord spoke to Abraham.

The Lord told Abraham to “come out” of Haran, and to go to the land that “I will show you.”

Yep, Abraham is the “father of all those that believe.” I think that we must follow in his footsteps. We need to be “called out” and then, to “come out” of the System.

Oh, you still have to work and make commerce in this world and in this system.

But you don’t have to be deceived by it. There is the difference. If you live by faith alone in God, then you will receive the discernment to know this.

Back to these “hireling” soothsayers and prophets.

They used to say that the United States would be so loyal to Israel that the U.S. would even be fighting alongside Israel in the War of Armageddon, or the last war, of the present world polity. I used to hear this all the time in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. This lie started going into mothballs in the 90’s. Now, you never hear of such a scenario.

Now, the “hirelings” no longer preach that. One by one, they have all changed their “scripts.” The people that followed them are confused. The “sheeple” have been sheared in more ways than one. Now, these “sheeple” are getting blamed for the demise of the moral culture of the United States. The “sheeple” will be getting judged along with the rest of the United States, as America is heading for destruction.

Even Billy Graham appears to be down on the “sheeple” now, and is part of the “doom and destruction” crowd that says retribution is required of the “sheeple.”

Hmmm… the poor “sheeple.”

If they are not getting “fleeced,” or cheated by these hirelings, then they are getting “hood-winked” by them.

Is this really, anything new?

When, it was always been this,… “the blind leading the blind.” 

Instead, Graham and others should just admit that their preaching, and their spiritual commitment that such preaching is based on, could not turn such a tide of immoral depravity due to the lack of the power of the Holy Spirit to back, support, and attest to their preaching.

If the Holy Spirit was bearing “witness” to Mr. Graham’s preaching, then think again when you only attain a 2% “conversion” rate at your so-called “altar calls.” Phillip in Samaria, as recorded in the Book of Acts meanwhile, turned out the whole place, and “there was great joy in that city.”

Compare the two ministries.

I suggest then, to “get on the Lord’s side.”

Nowadays, these hirelings are suggesting what I have already stated, “that the United States, or whatever fascist power constitutes it, will be an enemy of Israel.”

The same voices of these heralded hirelings have also maintained for years… and years,… that their interpretation of a Rapture will spirit Americans away before any collapse of the nation. This is exactly what the hirelings told the Chinese church in 1947, to “not worry, and be happy,” and that they would be raptured before Mao ZeDong took power to persecute them and create a communist, godless, Red China. This is exactly what the famed “Bible Smuggler” Brother Andrew, ironically attested to in an interview with Christianity Today, many years ago.

The Chinese Christian believers were told a lie.

Mao slaughtered untold thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of Evangelical Christians and believers.

American believers have heard the same lies…However, there is a shift. Now, these false teachers are changing their tune on this, too. Maybe Americans won’t be raptured. After all, these Americans are pretty wicked… Or, maybe, the rapture is in the middle of tribulation. Well, when that doesn’t happen…they can always switch, that is, if they are around, which they probably will be in some safe haven in Europe with their ill-gotten gains, to predicting a …Post-Tribulation rapture.

In the Dispensationalist or Frankist Futurist system or Jesuit Futurism, its adherents can always put off things…well, into the future.

Indeed, I state that all such Jesuit “futurist” theories such as the Rapture, pre-, mid-, post-, tribulation, rebuilding of a Jewish temple, some Jewish antichrist figure, and some literal Mark of the Beast, which changes about five times in each generation as to what the Mark could be, are untrue!

I am going to stop here…For more information… order and read my book.

Thanks for reading.

Picture #4 051comments #2 Joseph Spickard, 2015. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.
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