Prophetic “Light” For Our Times…

creation light

“And God said, ‘Let there be Light:…’ “

“and there was light. And God saw the Light, that it was good: and God divided the Light from the Darkness.”


Nowadays, a lot of worldly people and unbelievers like to mock the Bible. They usually call themselves atheists, secular humanists, political leftists, or such categories. They like to promote the evolutionary “theory” view of the world and its origins. They scoff at the Bible notion of Creation.

I’ll have to write about the Bible notion of Creation. A lot of people would surprised– how it worked. It has a lot to do with the above image… Light…In fact,… it was all about “light.” It is just like Jesus told the Sadducees, a  religious sect who tried to trap him in his words, that “you do err, not knowing the Scriptures, Nor the power of God” (my emphasis).

Nevertheless, I use certain email services, and one of these always seems to publish the latest criticism by these post-modern critics of the Bible, or Christian believers, in their News section of their website.

These viewpoints are always biased against the Bible and belittle its believers.

I have never seen anything like it, heretofore, in my lifetime. My conviction is, that I will see a lot more of it.

It is like someone turned on a light bulb, or a green light, to unbelievers in which they seem to have an overwhelming consensus on the blog comments. They attack anyone who wishes to believe in the Bible or who may wish to defend it, or their Christian beliefs. They keep demanding proof of God… but then, they can’t produce proof that there isn’t a God! They are so very biased and hateful, that it appears useless to reply, as sometimes your comments are not printed or published by the mail service, in which you expose the agenda of the liberal press and its New Order adherents wishing to bring in their own world… free from Christian influences.

Yeah, it is that type of age that we live in.

Yet, the Bible predicted this very time.

The Apostle Peter prophesied expressly of it. Peter stated that in the very Last Days, or the End Time period, which started in 1967, that there would emerge a systematic persecution of Bible topics and subjects. The individuals doing this would be well organized in ridiculing, scoffing, and mocking the Bible, its version of world events, and Christian believers.

You can read this in 2 Peter, the third chapter. The Apostle Paul also refers to this in his epistles to Timothy.

Some of the topics that would be attacked, according to Peter, is the promise of the Lord’s Return. Unbelievers cite that Jesus has not returned yet….

Well, they are correct. Jesus has not returned yet…

They cite that certain believers in the history of the church, have been predicting the return of Christ fervently off and on in church history, and that they have been wrong.

They are again correct, but this is nothing new at all.

Jesus himself, talked about this phenomenon. Jesus said that there would be many false Christs and many false prophets, who would fail in their predictions of his Coming, among other things. Maybe if these critics read what Jesus had already said about the issues that they are so critical of, they would temper their remarks and control their bias.

It appears that the unbelievers, secular humanists, and atheists, do not do an adequate job in reading the Bible. The Bible already states, in its annals, what they mockingly jeer at: are false predictions.

However in fact, Jesus talked a good deal about “signs” in the “End Times.” These “signs” all precede the Coming of Christ. If the critics, mockers, scoffers, would read of these prophecies, they would find out that their arguments, and their beliefs, are specious.

It is not easy to demean the power of prophecy. Prophecy is the glue of the Bible and of the Christian faith.

Indeed I have compiled, to my last estimation, some fifty (50) prophecies and more, that have to be fulfilled before the Coming of the Lord.

The problem is, that the popular Church, or even the Evangelical Church, are ignorant of these promises!

Their belief systems then are somewhat fodder for such unbelievers nowadays.

The popular Church, and its Evangelical Church, can’t even do an acceptable job in defending their belief systems in the face of such systematic scoffing and mocking.

It makes you wonder just how relevant that the popular Church, and the Evangelical version of it, …are…

Well, Jesus predicted that too.

The answer is…

They are not relevant at all!

Incredibly, if Jesus was in a ministry on earth right now, he would tearing up the Church Establishment!

He would also be a threat to the civil power. Rome certainly thought so.

Jesus would also be a threat to the banking or money systems of the modern world. It is interesting to note, that only four days passed after Jesus cleared the Temple…. of its money changers, and what was called “the bazaars of Annas,” the illicit high priest and his family members who lived like royalty, and who were notoriously known as gouging the Jewish public,… that Jesus was killed.

Wow! That sounds like today, with the Federal Reserve System of the United States, owned by the Bank of England, which is in turn, owned by the Rothschild Family conglomerate and its agentur and respective banking empire which permeates nearly everywhere on the globe. Interestingly, the Rothschilds and their agentur are apostate Jews, much like Annas and his crowd.

But I digress.

Jesus is so outside of organized Christendom, it is worse than when Jesus stood outside the doors of the Seven Churches of Asia in the Apostle John’s Revelation, and he was not gaining entrance!

Yep, and I am understating it.

The Bible calls such an organized Christendom… Great Babylon.

Great Babylon is a system. It controls both civil and religious power. This is a type which goes back to Nimrod’s Babel, or Babylon then. The Bible says that Nimrod built a city, which is the civil power… and a tower…

The Tower is the religious power.

This tower was pretty high, that Nimrod built. The Bible says that it started to reach into the heavens. This suggests that on some days, during its building, that a cloud cover could engulf the top of it. This tower was built because of unbelief. God had promised that He would never use water as a means of total earth judgment again.

God gave a rainbow in the sky to confirm the words of this promise, or covenant, in this instance, called the “Rainbow Covenant.” A covenant is a contract of sorts. The Bible indicates that God likes to use such contractual language in making covenants, or a body of promises to a believer, for example, Abraham.

This was alright, but Nimrod didn’t want to believe it!

You see belief is a choice. Unbelief is a choice. People are free will agents… they can make such choices… and many, have.

Nimrod saw an opportunity instead in which he could control people. So, Nimrod spread the fear and paranoia, that God could not be believed, or His Word trusted.

Nimrod knew what was best for him and his agenda. Therefore, God could not be believed.

Well of course, God didn’t care for this type of systematic unbelief. The Bible says that “God came down” where this “tower building” was going on. The end result was a division of languages that day.

That stopped the building of the tower. Indeed, it probably destroyed the structure to a great degree, insomuch, that it was not undertaken again.

This story of Babel; of God “coming down;” and the division of tongues or languages, is great stuff for unbelievers these days. They just marvel at this opportunity to mock and jeer at such sheer Biblical simplicity. Like Nimrod, they don’t believe God. And sure enough, as time passes, and it will, their “language” will get divided too! They won’t stay organized or on point in their arguments. They have big differences with each other. They will start calling each other names. It will appear that their tolerance of each other is pretty nil.

If this not happened yet in your estimation, just wait awhile… God “will come down.”

They just have to build their “tower” to a certain magnitude first, though.

Thus, I always am amused when I hear some politician talk about the separation of church and state. It has never been divided, or separated. It is impossible to do.

The Civil or State System relies on the Religious System to keep those ruled over in line. After all, the Marxist Communists called the Christian religion, or what passes for it on a large scale, the “opium of the people.” The Religious System gets perks, like tax deductions, tax exemptions, outright gifts, and unilateral support from the State. They are entwined so intimately, that really, they are practically one and the same.

They are evil twins.

The election cycle that is starting in the United States however, suggests a subtle sea change. No more are politicians, which started with the trend of Mr. Obama, who stated that the United States was not a Christian nation, and did away with his appearance at National Prayer Days, care to wish to solicit the support of Fundamental or Evangelical Christian groups. When the candidates running for political office recently had an opportunity to address Evangelicals, only two Republicans, of the many running, twelve or more, showed up. Of course, the Democratic candidates gave that up some time ago. Naturally, the affected church denominations were chagrined. They never had this problem before.

They are markedly losing influence.

Instead, most of the American politicians these days, are soliciting the opposite side.

They are siding with the secularists, gay right advocates, ultra-civil rights advocates, atheists, higher critics, political leftists, and the rest of the liberal thinking spectrum.

It appears that the Right, or conservative opposition, or what is called the  Evangelical Right, is being divorced from American national politics.

American politicians are joining, more and more, the overt agenda of the emerging New World Order, in which Christians, or the organized system of, are being marginalized, or excluded.

To be sure, these newer groups being solicited, have their own religion as well.

They may argue that point all day… But they have a belief system, an organization, and tenets they defend, and certainly advocate their beliefs and tenets in an uncompromisingly faith and fashion in which they display a fanaticism that again, belies any tolerance, for any other type of belief, in particular, Christianity. This suggests that they are as much a cult as any cult in Christianity or Judaism was, or some extremists in Islam today.

The trouble for them eventually is, that they have no morality of any substance to support and reinforce their system of beliefs, such as they are. They will fail. They will succeed only in creating unrestrained chaos.

Kind of like,.. what happened at Babel.

I saw this firsthand, with the Reverend Jim Jones. I went to a meeting of his in San Francisco, California in 1971. He was a Marxist Communist. He was an atheist. He openly talked how he infiltrated Christianity to bring in his own type of “New World Order.” He preached future racial strife. He had his own kind of “Helter Skelter” doctrine that Charles Manson introduced a couple of years earlier which Manson got from other subversive groups, associated loosely with intelligence agencies. About 80% of the folks attending his church were Black people, who were very friendly to me that day, unlike later the white folks, that were involved with Jones that day. Jones claimed supernatural healing and discernment powers. He had the people believing that he too, like Christ, could do miracles, if they only believed “on him.”

Yeah, Jim Jones made himself a god. The testimonies came hot and heavy how “great” Jim was, and the multitude and extent of his “miracles.” Interestingly enough, Jones hobnobbed with the mayor of San Francisco, and had photo opportunities with the wife of the President, Rosalynn Carter. You cannot tell me, that the First Lady did not know all about the Reverend Jones, with all the intelligence that just the CIA had on him, much less military intelligence services.

jim as I saw him The “Reverend” Jim Jones of the infamous People’s Temple, as I saw him in the same pose, in person, in September 1971.

Carter with Jones #1 Carter with Jones #2 Letter to Jones from Rosalyn Carter

Left to Right… two shots of Rosalynn Carter with Jim Jones, and a personal letter from the First Lady to The Reverend Jones, thanking him for his support and suggestions about Cuba (that is interesting). To be fair, the whole leftist political spectrum in California from then Attorney General, later Governor, and now, Governor of California again, Jerry Brown, and California Assembly Speaker and later Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown posed and associated with Jim Jones.

jerry with jimmyRosalynn-Carter-John-Wayne-Gacy220px-Henry_Lee_Lucas

While I am at it, here is a picture of Jerry Brown with Jones… And then, when you thought that the First Lady having posed with Jones was weird enough… here she is again, in a photo op with one of the worst serial murdererers, the pedophile, Mr. John Wayne Gacy. How did she get such chances to meet such people? And finally, the rumored “Jonestown Cleaner” who reportedly helped to make Jones and his crowd “go away,” and  who was the only person spared the electric chair, out of 132 executions,  as a condemned murderer during George W. Bush’s tenure as Texas Governor, …Henry Lucas. All these incidents belie the notion of coincidence…

However, real, or genuine religion, has to have a “law-giver.”

The “law-giver” institutes behaviour that is not only socially acceptable but morally lawful, responsible and justifiable.

It is important as well, that the “law-giver” has a certain mysticism and can work in such a supernatural manner that invites the belief that this law-giving individual has divine powers and divine sanction from God.

This is true in Judaism, Christianity, and even Islam.

This is true of the Semitic religions and faiths.

Noah, being a prophet, prophesied that his son Shem, would be the creator of the world’s major religions.

This has certainly been true.

And, the pattern of such major Semitic religions, is the same: it is consists of a “law-giver.” This law-giver is able to impose a strict moral code, which enables those that believe to act in a civil and responsible, or civilized manner, particularly in regard, to their “neighbor.” This pretty much follows what Jesus called the “greatest commandment” which was, “to love God with all your heart, soul, and strength,… and your neighbor as yourself.”

Of course, if you are a Marxist Communist, or a National Socialist, or Fabian Socialist, or a leftist of similar ilks, or an atheist, you cannot follow the “greatest commandment” since you believe that there is no God.

And, it follows, that if there is no God, then you don’t care much for your neighbor either.

You see, it is a “God and neighbor” thing when you believe in God.

If you don’t believe in God, you won’t acting rationally or kindly to your neighbor as there is little moral compunction, if any, to do so.

Hence again, chaos follows.

The same thing is described by the Prophet Ezekiel regarding homosexual folks, or referring to the city and Plain of Sodom. They didn’t care for their neighbors: “the poor and needy.” (Ezekiel 16:49-50).

In addition, how the people of Sodom wished to treat the Angels, friends of Abraham, who visited Lot in Sodom, wasn’t very caring, honorable, or respectful either: it was horribly indecent, they wanted to sodomize the Angels.

As the Bible states, bad behaviour creates evil communications.

The Angels of God, of His very presence, got the message. What happened next, as well as the whole account of this narrative is contained in the 19th chapter of Genesis.

If you read earlier in Genesis (chapter 14), you will find that Abraham saved the people of Sodom, who were defeated in the Battle of the “Five Kings,” from being sold as slaves, and their property confiscated. Abraham refused categorically any compensation for saving them.

Yet, a few years later, they wish to mistreat his friends, the Angels, as well as try to assault and bodily harm his nephew, Lot.

People need to perceive and discern this “sea change” going on in our times.

But then again, the Bible predicts that Great Babylon must fall.

This means that the false system of Christian religion that has been holding it up, must go first. Then, the civil power of this two-headed system, will follow. A new paradigm will arise in its stead.

This means, that this all will have, a “happy ending” of sorts.

That is, …if you believe in God.

Thanks for reading.

latest joe pic comments #2 Joseph Spickard, 2015. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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