My Book: Volume Two: LIVING IN THE END TIMES…published

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MY NEW BOOK PUBLISHED…Living in the End Times: How Bible Prophecy Affects… You!  Volume Two, … the front cover…


THE BACK COVER…with Blurb….

It is available on Amazon, at this link here:

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The back cover blurb reads:

“Much more…about End Time Bible Prophecy in this Volume Two of ‘Living in the End Times.’ You will learn about some contemporary  prophecies…and their import for the United States…as America is not around in its current status, in latter End Time Bible prophecy! And, what the correct interpretation of the Fig Tree Parable means for us today… Plus, what the ‘End of the Times of the Gentiles’ means to you!… When it occurred, and what is happening since, as it is having a profound effect on everyone… NOW!

This fulfillment of a 2000 year+ Prophecy has created a whole new paradigm for living in our Post-Modern World. Be Prepared for this and more, as you are… ‘Living in the End Times!…’ “

This is a companion volume to my earlier book, Volume One, published nearly two years ago. Both are important reads which will clear up a lot of confusion about how the God of the Bible views our particular and peculiar times.

Meanwhile, there is absolutely no shortage of self-appointed Bible exegetes and self-described Bible Prophecy experts… who are making millions of dollars on gullible souls… Yet, no one can speak with any authority about the Times and events in which are we now witnessing at the present, which can be accurately interpreted, to present time Bible prophecy fulfillment.

The self-appointed teachers and the self-described experts always put Bible End Time prophecy as sometime yet… into the future… This way, they make no mistakes, …or they think that they don’t… This is who the “hirelings” are and how they operate… that prophecy, is always just around the corner, just beyond the bend in the road, or just in the future…hmm, tomorrow… or the next day. But, their version of prophecy is never being fulfilled… RIGHT NOW!

That is pretty wishy-washy… no risk…to their reputations.

…But I do… speak differently, and with authority. I am the only person who talks about Bible prophecy being fulfilled right now… in what I term, “Real-Time” Prophecy fulfillment!

And I show how, line by line, chapter and verse, precept upon precept, in my two books. You may not find two little books more meticulously researched as mine. I have more footnotes than pages, in number. It would be difficult to discredit me with the many confirming footnotes and sources, since the historical record is on my side of things.

Yet, I am a virtual pauper and someone you never heard of.

You see, the world hears its own…

The reason that I can make this claim of authority, is that I acknowledge a gift of interpreting, not only the Scriptures, but the Word of Prophecy, itself. Yes, I admit I have a gift from God to interpret Bible Prophecy… particularly, Bible End Time Prophecy.

You will never find the “hirelings,” making such a claim though. They have to be “approved” by their board of overseers at their church, or the corporate heads at denominational headquarters.  By the time that happens, if it ever does, all inspiration is lost, if ever any inspiration could be originated with organized Christendom, or what the Bible calls, “Great Babylon.”

However, Paul told Timothy that it was more important to be “approved of God,”…”rightly dividing the Word of Truth.”

The problem is this: To be of God, you have to be sent from God. There is no substitute. You have to know God, and be intimate with God, and He must know you. He must be your Heavenly Father. Christ must be your head. He is your Lord. You owe him all. Because of his sacrifice, he being made as sin for us who knew no sin, he has paid the price of salvation for the purchase of a holy people, sanctified from the world, to rule and reign with him in the Kingdom given to him by the Father.

This is no mean achievement… to have your sins forgiven… and to be given power, and I mean, POWER, to live above the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

Yet Christ has the power to do just that!

Just… for you… in a highly personal manner in which Christ becomes very real to you!

Then you will know the difference between the presence of the Holy Spirit… and the presence of Christ. And… I have just said a mouthful. If you have experienced this, you can probably skip reading the rest of this article. You can go to the head of the class!

A lot of people don’t believe that Christ has this power to redeem sinners. And, a lot, and I mean a lot, of Christian people struggle with sin. Well, sin is very powerful. Many sins can be besetting… if not, flat-out addicting. No matter if we are believers, or unbelievers, like my atheist friends are, sin rules and reigns supreme, without Christ in his fullness, as Saviour. This need not be, though. We can live above sin. We can experience a freedom from sin. I am not going to get into this particular topic right now, but I will, later. Stay tuned. Your faith can be elevated to such a place, you can just about feel like Enoch,… who walked with God… You just never know where your next step may be or take you… it could just be “out of the body” and into the realm of the Spirit that Enoch experienced.

I am not being funny, or facetious. I am serious, though I am full of joy at this prospect, as it is, in another perspective, pretty funny. I have found God to have a sense of humor that is profound in an inexplicable, deep sense of concern for us. But God, or YHWH for some folks, is nobody’s fool.

Back to my book.

I have important information in Volume 2. People need to know the times in which we live. It is really helpful to know this, as we are on a prophetic Time Clock. This clock does not stop… it does not slow… but it can seem to speed up…But the bottom line is this: time is marching on inexorably. If we do not know the Times in which we live, we are in poor shape. Jesus had other words for it, in the Gospel of Matthew. You can read what Jesus thinks of those who are ignorant of the times… in Matthew 16:2-3. There is also a corroborative account in Luke.

If Jesus thinks this, is that important, to know the significance of the times in which we live in; then, what can we expect his expectations for us to be, when we are “living in the End Times?”

The “End of the Times of the Gentiles” is imperative for us to know. However, it appears that I am the ONLY ONE that knows that the Times of the Gentiles are over… except for the late Billy Graham’s father-in-law, who stated this fact… and then never mentioned it again!

And, it is important to also know, if the Gentile Nations are not running the world presently,… THEN WHO IS?…

Well, that is the topic of my next book, which I have already started.

Thus, I write a byline to, “increase your faith, Know the Signs of the Times!”

Good reading to one and all.

Joseph Spickard

latest joe piccomments #2 Joseph Spickard, 2015. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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