I have been very busy the past month and haven’t published anything or ended my little Part II of …

Where Did Jesus First Preach at? Part 1

turning water into wine




In Cana, Jesus and his Disciples Were Invited to a Wedding Feast… And What Else?…

Frankly in addition to being busy, I have been waiting on the inspiration or quickening from the Spirit of God to stir my gift to write this Part II. I feel also that there is something else that will come to my attention so that I can include this insight in this upcoming article to complete it.

Completion is important…

A lot of people don’t realize this.

When folks open the middle of their Bibles, they may just well turn to where the Old Testament record ends, or is completed,…and the New Testament record begins…

The Bible and God…are all about completion…

Indeed, God doesn’t do things “half-way,” or “incomplete.”

Yahweh is an amazing Being. Everything He does, is with a definitive purpose in an infinitely driven goal…which always end in a completion that is captivating to the human mind and with a finality that is seldom comprehended in its import.

That’s a nice quote here… You can quote me…It is original in which it came to me, well, in an instant.

You see, that is the inspiration that I have to have, to work with. If I don’t have it, then I have to wait on such.

And, waiting, is something that in my walk, at this stage in my life and Christian experience,…that I am improving on, and getting GOOD at!

The real deal is, if you are a true servant of God, you will find out that “waiting on God” is a very, very important Christian exercise. If you are a Christian and have some maturity in the Lord, and don’t know… well, what I am talking about much here…then seeking God in a highly intimate manner, and finding Him, …would be a most significant event for you.

Well,.. there is another “quote.”

God will then show you, about this particular ministry, and how to engage in it.

But I digress.

Moreover, I have been out of the country, away from my home and family in Panama, visiting in the United States and taking care of personal business.

Hence, I found myself taking the month off…

Thus, to have some continuity while I am waiting on my inspiration, I will write and talk about my published  books…


Here are some links to Volume One:

And, my personal, special comments regarding this book. This will be informative and probably require you to be in a comfortable sitting position:

I also published my Volume Two, last year. It is featured here:

My book on Amazon51H9Rt0tjNL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

I have both front and back covers shown here.

I have to admit it. I am pretty proud of my books. Though, I have found that writing a book, is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in life. In my case, I did it all…from scratch…nearly. You see, if you write a book without any organized promotion, research, editing, or fanfare, or designated targeted audience,… it is a very lonely experience.

And, I have about seven-eight more volumes to write.

I did a series of limited exposure newsletters from 2004-2007, which I want to extrapolate on, in this series of “prophecy” books. The articles that I wrote, going on ten years ago, are still very relevant.

Then again, prophecy is always…relevant…no matter how old it is…

Really, it is eternal.

Anyway, here are the links to Volume Two:

And, my personal, special comments regarding this book. This also will be informative and probably require you, to be in the same comfortable sitting position as you were in, if you read the first blurb:

As indicated on this second blurb and author’s page, I am also busy writing Volume 3.

You will never read any of the topic matter in this book, Volume 3, anywhere else.

For that matter, you will never read of the topic matter of Volume One and Volume Two, anywhere else. It is just too prescient. That is what makes me a “scary” person to a lot of folks, and particularly and incongruently, to a lot of Christian or church folks…I see things…that they DON’T. And I show it, by what is also said, in Bible Prophecy.

I meet folks who say that they believe in God and Christ…and profess Christianity, and yet, they have no comfort level when discussing what is happening in “real-time” Prophecy.

They don’t want to hear it.

It’s upsetting to them!

There is something very wrong with this “Pollyanna” psyche…where you live in a world of fantasy thinking that the Gospel is suppose to promise some sort of happy ending and “live happily ever after” mentality…

Sorry, the Bible is not a fairy tale. The Gospel is not fantasy fiction.

Both the Bible and the Gospel guarantee only one thing, if you follow it:

…that we will be lucky to get out of this present dispensation or era of things… ALIVE!

Well, that is what Peter said…

And, although we may be dead from this mortal coil, we are yet alive in Christ, and will be resurrected in a New Body, like unto Christ.

Really, the Bible is all about, to borrow from George W. Bush, “shock and awe.”

If you don’t like “shock and awe,”…you should stop reading this…

You may get upset…


For example:

You can imagine the “shock and awe” when Pharaoh and his armies were swallowed up by the closing of the Red Sea…

You can imagine the “shock and awe” when the thousands of Antediluvians panicked and started beating on the walls of the Ark, screaming to be “let in,”when the “rains” came in with intensity and the earth moved, opening up gushers of waters from underground water bodies.

You can imagine other thousands of Antediluvians, in “shock and awe,” being detained from getting to the Ark, by the thousands of animals who turned on them…some of whom were, well, dinosaurs…who just turned into carnivorous for the occasion.

You can read more about this particular “shock and awe,” in the Book of Jasher, endorsed by the Bible as a credible source.

You can read about “shock and awe” when Korah and his gang were swallowed up by the earth, in the Bible, in Numbers 16:21.

Korah challenging Moses, Aaron




Then, there were the “walls of Jericho.” I can’t imagine too many more disasters that would describe “shock and awe” as well, as when in the words of the old Negro spiritual,..”the walls came tumblin,’ tumblin’ down…”

Or, for that matter, the “shock and awe” that Agag must have felt, when Samuel “hewed him into pieces before the Lord.”

Interesting, this phrase, “before the Lord..” It means to do things under the influence or power of the Holy Spirit. Now, that is “shock and awe” too, when the Holy Spirit is working!

And finally for purposes of this study, imagine the “shock and awe” that occurred to the Prophets of Baal, and the Prophets of the Grove, when Elijah turned on them with his newfound allies…certainly under the Holy Spirit, and slew four hundred of them by the Kishon Brook.

Of course, my atheist friends would tell me that such “shock and awe” only shows how “blood-thirsty” that Yahweh is, indiscriminately killing people!!

I always find this point of view amusing.

You see, atheists are materialists. Humans are only amoral material creatures; they only have moral codes and morality passed down to them by tyrants and guilt-ridden crazy religionists! Oh, what a deception that humankind is under according to atheists and agnostics, and pantheists. As a matter of extension then, atheists don’t believe in the nature, or the force, of ..good or evil… How then, can they deny their materialism and say then …that God is evil

…in being judgmental…

… in requiring that Justice be done as part of Righteousness?

You see, atheists are the ultimate example of the definition of what an oxymoron is.

When they malign God, they are denying the basis of their belief system. Yet, this knowledge of good and evil, that they are exercising in by speaking critically or malevolently about God, comes from the “eating” of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in the Genesis account of the Bible.

Their very acts of defaming God then…prove that God exists!!!

Otherwise, where did they get their “knowledge of good and evil” from, but from God?

The Knowledge of Evil is not compatible, according to them, with man being a material creature. And, the knowledge of Good, is but a fortunate aberration of our “evolutionary process.” Now, isn’t that convenient?

These folks just think of everything, don’t they?

This special knowledge of knowing what is good and evil is, IS certainly not, from their study of materialism, particularly Marxist materialism…as “religion is the opiate of the people.”

Hence, atheist folks like Richard Dawkins, with all his purported genius (which he shows in plagiarizing from others on occasion, thus making him a non-original thinker) and contrived, fake compassion: are waking and walking contradictions of the highest magnitude.

Hence reader, you see what God thinks of atheists, as in the Bible account, they are called “fools.”

Now, I won’t say that…I won’t call them “fools.”

I am not better than God. No, He is much is better than I, and can say such things. After all, we are told to be, “fools for Christ.”

Thus, I have compassion for my atheist friends…Indeed, I have a large compassion for them. I am very sorry that they experience such darkness and despair inwardly as their belief system non-produces absolutely one essential element for human survival and for any significant chance for mental and spiritual health, which is:


I think that despite the hardness of the message of Prophecy, it produces this ONE thing which you can derive from my books:…

again,… HOPE…

This type of HOPE however, is not the human “hope-so” type of thinking and wishing in which folks think of “hope”as being “maybe so,” “could it be so,” “wish it were so.”


This is a spiritual and eternal hope…

It is a Hope, based on the principle of Faith, upon the virtue of Love.

Indeed, Paul said much the same thing:

“And now abides faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is Love.”

So, I …hope… you will peruse my books, and if you have a conviction to, buy them.

And then, perhaps you can tap into the “inspiration” that goes into these books to bring you into a stronger faith in God.

If the instruction of prophecy does nothing else for you, you should know this one thing that you can derive from it: …That,… .


And, God is not the author of fear, but faith…

And, that is my conviction and hope for you.

Thanks for reading.

latest joe piccomments #2 Joseph Spickard, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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