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I have been writing this blog for a bit over two years. When folks ask me what blog articles that I recommend reading of those that I have written, I am not sure how to reply.

It really depends on your interests.

Some folks need their intellect stimulated. Some need their faith strengthened. Some just have curiousity. Others have a critical eye. You just don’t know as there as many motives as there are needs.

I am not really sure what “the best of this blog” is.

I have my favorites.

These are topics that I never wrote about before, that involve some revelatory knowledge. Most of these subjects I only had a thought to germinate, or start, with. But when I started writing, well, the gift took over.  The revelatory knowledge given to me to write such, taught me as well, as I never realized many of the “talking points” until I was given the inspiration to write them.

I never use notes, for example, to write on any of the topics that I have written on this blog. They all come from the “anointing” within (1 John 2:27).

A lot of preachers, well, all of them, practically don’t know what I am talking about.

I do the same when speaking publicly. This is New Testament order. This ensures that the Spirit of God has free flow against any preconceived ideas or structure. You have to be quite dependent upon God and the Spirit however, and have to know the voice of the Spirit. You just can’t have much of the “spirit of error” (1 John 4:6).

Herein, lies the rub…”the spirit of error” versus “the spirit of truth.” In the Gentile Church Age, it has mostly been the former…in the early Church of New Testament annals, it was mostly,…the latter. If  the “spirit of error” has not had precedence during the “Church Age,” then what has?

The popular church is really, if you examine the New Testament fellowship model, the antithesis of what we term, the “Early Church.”

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you will know that I am “anti-Establishment,” of organized and Corporate Christendom. Indeed, I am “dead-set” against the machinery and structure of carnal men posing as spiritual authorities. They are the “false church.” However, their adherents number into the millions and millions. The Bible even admits that some of God’s People are caught up in this web and maze. The Bible promises that the Spirit of God will free them, one of these days, from such spiritual defilement.

Yet, the Bible discloses that there is this exact dichotomy. There is a “false” church; and there is a “true church.” You can be sure that the false one is the popular one; and the true one, well, has to be sought and found, with God’s help. Jesus likened his true church as being a “body.”

It is a living organism….not man’s dead organization.

Here, is a THOUGHT!

You may want to keep this THOUGHT or concept, in mind, if you love the truth…

There has always been revival of sorts throughout the “Church Age.” It always originated from the outside of the church, however. No more than the Spirit of God and revival lifted though, man organized such a movement and started controlling it, calling on the Spirit of Revival, which like the “pillar of fire,” and “cloud by day,” had already passed and was “long gone.” These hirelings however, kept calling on “Baal” though, to send down “the fire.”

Instead, they just wore themselves out, just like on Mount Carmel, before the Prophet Elijah.

…This is an interesting type…

Then the “Elijahs” can go to work…once the flesh of men, is all expended and their “heavens are as brass,” for lack of inspiration and might of the Spirit…or DEADNESS.

These “revivals” of yesteryear, which is a work of LIFE in contrast, always had the work of the Holy Spirit to bring a people out of the structured and established church. This is historical fact and record. The Holy Spirit used such “revivals” to bind together and build up,…the Body of Christ…

Just think…when there is no revival, or the Spirit of God is not moving in the land…then the Spirit is not “binding together and building up”…the Body of Christ in a significant manner.

This means that if there is no revival, which is evident presently, then the Body of Christ is somewhat broken and splintered…just as Christ’s literal body was on the Cross.

You see, when man gets done with his “stuff,” the body of Christ, is back on the Cross.

This is where “man” always puts Jesus…back on his Cross!

But when the Spirit revives, Christ is no longer on the Cross, but revived and resurrected in his… BODY…!!!

This what has been happening in a microcosm. Man rejects God’s Spirit, as the Pharisees did, and end up crucifying the Christ-man. Then, the Spirit of God enters, and resurrects the work and ministry of Christ once again! Once his Body…of believers…are gathered and strengthened, then “man” starts to persecute the Christ “child” once again. The Spirit of God then has to “scatter” the Body, or Church, to other locales or places, to escape such destructions, and or, to build the work elsewhere, which it is not yet rejected as of yet.

Hmmm… I just portrayed the Body, or church, or fellowship of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Book of Acts!!!

How about that…?

But I digress. This “church” business is a topic for another day.

I have to admit that these very topics are my preferences. They are basically prophetic, or interpretative concepts, based on near unknown spiritual realities, spiritual laws, and theorems, gathered from Biblical instances and events.

I will list them here:


Speaking a Pure Language

Brother Brown, the Lord’s Coming… and a Famine of the Word of the LORD

Life,… God Interrupted


I have written blogs which deal with human relationships. I have written on forgiveness, true repentance, loving your enemies, and not being in “fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness.” A lot of folks, who like to persecute, like to think that their victims have “short memories,” so that they can hurt their victims…again and again… The Bible instructs us on how to handle and avoid such sociopathic behaviour. If someone, for instance, does not repent or ask forgiveness of their destructive actions and persecutions,…then they WILL JUST DO THE SAME AGAIN. Since they have never repented of their works, what deters them from doing the same? Real Christians are not human punching bags…Though Jesus forgave his enemies from the Cross, he certainly did not forget what they did, as the very first sermon that Peter gave, was about how Jesus was treated…The Spirit of God brought this up to convict the hearers on the Day of Pentecost.

You can be sure of this one thing: the Spirit of God will never forget what men did to Jesus…and still do…God can command forgiveness, but He is not a fool.

This then, is a common theme with real Christian believers: how to deal with persecution.

All “real” Christians undergo persecutions (2 Timothy 3:12). If you haven’t, then you NEED to find out why…

I wrote on this in the following blogs:

Thoughts on Human Relationships

Having the “Right” Spirit

The “Mark”

I also have written a bit on repentance, amendment of conduct, conversion, and faith. A great many folks have made a Christian profession, of this number a good amount of folks have made a confession of Christ…and more than a few of this good amount have made a commitment to Christianity. At this point though, the path gets narrower. A few of this “more than a few” of the prior “good amount,” make a real and genuine spiritual “sacrifice.” This always involves in putting “God FIRST” in their lives, hopefully.

You see, a lot of professing Christians do not put God as first in their lives…

Even with these that make a sacrifice to serve God, and try to make God “first” in their lives, this is not quite enough… I heard a man preach once, that it was alright, just to give God, that is, if you could not GIVE ALL to God, like instead, …30%…of your time, talent and substance!!!

Kind of amazing, huh?

I do not exaggerate. I heard it  with my own ears.

You see, those that profess, confess, commit, and even sacrifice things to God, be it, 30, 40, 50%….or even 100%…have still a ways to go!

You have to do more than these things…

What more, you may ask????

Well, you need to follow Jesus’ commandments. One expressly in fact…YOU NEED TO BE BORN AGAIN!…

You need to have a change of heart; and a change of opinion in regard to sin; you need to have a change in character, and a change in the direction of your life…you need to have a change in your relationship with God. He needs to become real and directly involved in your life.

This is what the Bible calls conversion.

I have blogs to read about this:

Loving God… and the Mysticism of Spiritual Conversion


Manifestations of the Spirit…

Of Repentance: Part One

Of Repentance: Part Two



Paul, the Galatians, & Works of the Flesh, Part 2


I have also written on the church system, as I touched on here in this article, and future trends in prophecy.

I have also presented my books. I think that they are important to have. They are very prescient… ahead of their time. As a result, people will ignore them, as many folks just live for “today.” Tomorrow, well, is for another day. But like all those who ignore reality, tomorrow will be here much sooner than you think…and you, will not be prepared.

Some folks think that preparation is some kind of “survival training,” or learning survival skills, or stockpiling food for catastrophic events. The Mormon Church, for example, instruct their following to have a two-year supply of dry foodstuffs.

The most important facet of preparation though, is getting your mind tuned to God’s leading for you. You must be part of God’s purpose. You must have a calling accordingly. You must be found doing the Father’s Will. You must not just be called…but chosen…yet not just chosen, but…foreordained, predestined, and foreknown of God. You must be “elected” of God.

This last thought is threaded throughout the Bible. A lot of folks like to ignore it. It makes folks uncomfortable. You see, the Bible tells us to makes “our calling and election sure” by developing godly virtues. Developing “godly virtues” is not “walking in the Flesh, but in the Spirit.” Walking in the Spirit is not for everyone.

The Bible talks about believers as being a remnant, or part of a “remnant.”

Unfortunately, Christianity is a minority religion. It was never designed to be a “majority” religion. That it is today, is no virtue, but rather, earns the contempt of the “world,” who knows better.

Hence, you will always find God dealing with “remnants.”

It was but a remnant of eight individuals, that God saved from the Flood, when there were about as many, if not MANY more, people in the world then, than there is NOW.

I think that the estimate of 15 Billion people seems about right.

After all,  Jesus said that before his return, that things would be as “in the days of Noah.”

Well, we have over seven billion people now. It certainly seems that the population numbers are getting up into, as they were in Noah’s time.

You have Gideon’s 300. God sent the rest home.

About 25,000 Messianic Christians and “leading citizens” left Jerusalem before the destruction of its polity in 70 C.E. by the Roman armies. The rest, almost a million, stayed…

Though there were, perhaps, as many as two million people living in Palestine at the time of Christ’s Ascension, only 500 witnessed it.

Jesus commanded his disciples to “tarry” in Jerusalem for the promise of the Spirit. But only seventy of his disciples DID.

Throughout the Bible, you will read of such small numbers that serve God. If you knew the price to pay for serving God, as Jesus stressed you should, then you would understand, that it is not by many, but only a few in each generation, that are a witness for God.

Thus, stuff like this, you perhaps cannot read anywhere else either.

You are welcome to read, peruse, reflect, and criticize these blogs.

Since folks are free moral agents, and are given the God-given right of free will, they can do anything that they wish… They can ignore spiritual truths, or embrace them in varying degrees.

Embracing spiritual truths should all lead to one paradigmatic dynamic, however….and that is….

…to know God, and be known of God…

And that, my friend, is the very best that my blog can offer.

Thanks for reading.

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