Six-Day War

Israeli Generals: Uzi Narkiss; Moshe Dayan with his signature eye-patch; and Yitzhak Rabin, enter triumphantly into the formerly occupied Arab Quarter of the City of Jerusalem during the Climax of the Six-Day War. Jerusalem has been under Jewish control ever since.

Next week, on the week of June 5, will mark the 49th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

This was the only war event that Jesus prophesied of, in his Mount Olivet Discourse. The Mount Olivet Discourse is recorded in all three Synoptic Gospels.


Jesus gave a large body of Prophecy in his Olivet Discourse, or prophecy given at the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem. In one of these prophecies, recorded by Luke, Jesus told his disciples that the city of Jerusalem would be UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE GENTILES, or Gentile Nations, UNTIL the Times of the Gentiles would END.


As a result of this Six-Day War, Jerusalem was completely re-taken and has since, been completely under Jewish, or Israeli control. In the 1948 War of Independence of the Nation State of Israel, about 2/3rd of Jerusalem was taken by the Israeli Defense Forces, but the remaining “Arab Quarter,” controlled by the nation of Jordan, still retained a remaining one-third of the city of Jerusalem. This issue of a divided Jerusalem, nineteen years later, was resolved by this war.

It also FULFILLED this prophecy of Jesus.

Since June 1967, the “Time of the Gentiles” ended. In fact, the Times of the Gentiles ended at 10 AM, June 8, 1967.

Since this time, the Gentiles no longer “run,” or control, anything… anymore.

This is a difficult truth and concept for Gentiles to accept.

Particularly, for Gentiles of Japthethic descent.

Gentiles of the progeny of Japheth have been “running” the world for a long time. They are pretty good at organizing things and ruling the masses, despite flaws.

Now, they are in denial that they aren’t “running” and managing things. Being “the boss” is second nature to them. They are going to have to get over it for awhile.

You see, Noah prophesied a long time ago, over his sons.

Noah had three sons: they were Shem, Japheth, and Ham.

Noah blessed two of these sons; the other, Noah cursed his offspring.

In his blessing over Japheth, Noah prophesied that Japheth would “enlarge his tents.” Depending on which Bible version, Jewish rendition, and exploration of textual implications, this means that the Gentiles of Japheth extraction, would stretch forth his influence, and “control,” around the world.

Jesus acknowledged this, when admonishing his disciples, to be not as… “the Gentiles, who love to exercise dominion, or absolute power, over them, and their great men exercise authority and power over them, yet call themselves your benefactors…” (Matthew 20:25). The Gentiles, that Jesus was referring to here, were the Roman authorities, and vestiges of the Greek power structure and culture, in which the Romans, pragmatically adopted, as the Romans were xenophilic to the Greeks in cultural matters . Even Greek, was the language of the Empire, outside of Rome, practically.

Simply, a Gentile is anyone who is not a Jew. A Jew is someone who descended from the loins of Abraham, through his wife, Sara.

When Daniel interpreted the Great Dream and Image of Nebuchadnezzar, in the Book of Daniel, Daniel outlaid the premise that three of the four world empires, were a fulfillment of Noah’s prophecy over Japheth, as Babylon, Greece and Rome, were progeny of Japheth.

Added to this prophecy, is the fact that many of the world’s empires, have their roots from the Roman Empire, and from the words of Noah, over… Japheth.

First, you have the Kingdom of the Franks, who were descended from Gomer, son of Japheth. They helped to institute the Holy Roman Empire, which was a rule of the Roman Catholic Church, in league with secular and regional civil rulers. This gave way later, to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the French Empire, the British Empire, the Third Reich, and now, presently, the American Empire.

The American Empire will eventually give way, to Gog and Magog, the ruling powers of the nation of Russia, and its satellites. As I told about in my first volume, Gog is a ruling extension of Magog.


In my Volume One, of my series of books, Living in the End Times, I spend a bit of time explaining the eventual demise of the United States, and the Rise of Russia. I explain who or what “Gog” is, and who is “Magog,” plus three other names, that represent Russian Power. The United States, conversely, is represented by a reference to a son of Japheth, …as a passing notion… Meanwhile, Gog is simply a ruling extension of Magog. Indeed, Russia is currently under the control of this particular nuance of a Gog “ruling extension,” through Mr. Putin. You can buy and read my book for the cogent explanation of this, and gain an understanding of the Russian psyche, that Winston Churchill stated was “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”  Russia was correctly described by General George Patton, to be “Asiatic,” and not “European.” This is a main difference of Magog and Japheth. Japtheth is wholly European in its roots and manner.


Though it appears, that the United States has an Empire-like structure in the world, and its culture and language permeates nearly every corner and clime in the world, and is the world’s leading financial and military power with military bases in well over a 100 nations in the world, as part of its Empire structure…it is a facade.

The United States has not controlled much of anything since 1967.

The present election cycle in the United States portrays this dichotomy and new paradigm. The leading opposition candidate to the present ruling political party, wishes to make… “America Great Again”…

This is a tacit admission then that the United States is not-so-great, as it used to be, for some reason…

…Some speculate, and a lot of them, self-righteous Christians, that it is because that the United States is increasingly immoral: such as legalizing abortion of the unborn; instituting a welfare state contrary to Bible admonitions;  and allowing conditions like homosexual marital unions; and supporting the rights of “trans-gender” individuals; which those who speculate of such moral trends are alarmed, and express horror and concern that such moral collapses mimic the city of Sodom, from the Bible.

…BUT, I don’t think so…

…These hypocrites always try to lay a guilt trip on everyone else…If they knew that judgment STARTS at the house of God, then they may reconsider their positions…

You see, the same conditions are not just in the United States: they are prevalent throughout the world in nearly ALL countries. The United States has no corner on becoming Sodom,…or Gomorrah,… just yet.

The real reason is, for the demise of America, is that the United States has already been supplanted by another rule,… or system of rule…as the Times of the Gentiles ARE OVER!

Many folks have heard of by now, or studied, what has been called, “The New World Order.” This New World Order has been promoted as “benefactors” and as a “beneficial” rule, or order,  to the world’s populace. This “new world order” has been advocated by world leaders, most notably, George H.W. Bush, while as U.S. President; John Paul II, while as Roman Catholic Pontiff; and David Rockefeller, present World Financier and agent of the intrigue and cabal that is currently and presently….and precisely…


…from behind the scenes…

And, for good reasons, as the Oligarchy wishes to remain as anonymous as long as possible. This means, that this anonymity is necessary to further extend its power.

Delusion and Deception are its principal tools. They have deluded the world into thinking that things are the same…

…when they haven’t been AT ALL… for nearly fifty YEARS!

The United States, is controlled and dominated by this cabal of Oligarchs, who also for that matter, control the rest of the world, as well.

This will not change very soon.

Indeed, it is THEIR time….and no longer, the Times, or Era, of the Gentiles.

You see, these Oligarchs are ruling, also, as a result of Prophecy…Both prophecy from the Old Testament and the New Testament…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can get angry with me if you wish, and discredit me, but the truth will not go away… 

The Powers of the Deception and Delusions,… that are currently exercised upon the world’s populace, which are maintained by the Oligarchy,… are also predicted by Bible Prophecy.

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can get angry with me if you wish, and discredit me, but the truth will not go away…

We are living in age of Darkness…and Gross Darkness, the People.

This is what this deception and delusion are called in prophecy: Darkness, and Gross Darkness of the People…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You see, years and years ago, when the Early Church went from Jewish control to Gentile control, just a bit after the destruction of the Jewish Polity in C.E. 70, the Gentile church hierarchy, as they loved such lofty positions, and to secure such leadership positions of control, since they were Japhethic Gentiles,… eliminated any threat to THEIR CONTROL.

Yep, the Church became made up of these Japhethic Gentiles. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but if they are superficial Christians, and really unconverted,…IT IS A BAD THING!

Yep, they became just what Jesus WARNED about… “Beware of those Gentiles, who wish to exercise leadership and authority…”

In no time, Gentile “tares,” or superficial believers, sought leadership..instead…of discipleship…and became “lords” over the “Lord’s House.” This is what the early disciples had warned of in their “antichrist” warnings…false leadership exercising false authority.

There is a good example of this in the New Testament. One “Bishop,” or “elder” took on himself as leader of several congregations, instead of just his own. When this false leader, who called himself an “Elder,” and headed a hierarchy at an influential church called, “The Elders,” sought to control another congregation, he was rebuffed. This “Elder” became very angry and hurled imprecations at the elder who was just practicing his natural autonomy, which Paul had taught and respected.

Yep, you can read about this.

Indeed, this so-called “Elder,” who was “exercising authority” to gain control, was known to be somewhat of an impostor. In fact, the very congregation, that this individual gained control of, this congregation, was prophesied of by Paul, to be “devoured by grievous wolves, not sparing the flock” (Acts 20:29-30). Yeah, this “elder””impostor” was the main “grievous wolf”!!!!

What these “bishops,” or “elders” did, the first thing, was to eliminate the gift of prophecy and the office of prophets in the church. They wanted control; if a gift of prophecy was present, or a prophet present, then this was a dire threat to their control and false authority.

Since then, the “church” has never had a prophet to guide them.

As Jesus stated comparatively, the “church” became “blind leaders of the blind.”

Reader, the office of a prophet is known also as a “seer.” The office of the prophet is the “eyes” of the church. If the “church” is infiltrated by those who do not believe in this supernatural office, or allow false prophets, then the “church,” has NO EYES.


This is why, that they cannot interpret prophecy… This is why, they don’t know anything…this is why their adherents don’t know anything…This is why they are in “darkness,” and they themselves, as well as their people, in “GROSS DARKNESS.”

I didn’t say this… the Bible says this, through Isaiah years ago. It was applied to Israel in an initial sense. This occurred. For over 400 years, called the Intertestamental Period, Israel had no prophet sent to them. They were in darkness, and “gross darkness,” the people.

When God did send a prophet to Israel, they had him killed. When his successor replaced him, who was prophesied that he would, as he was greater… this Prophet was also killed!

Reader, this prophecy is a dual prophecy.

It had an initial fulfillment. It will have an exhaustive fulfillment. The effects of this exhaustive fulfillment are everywhere to be discerned.

Nearly every other prophecy Jesus uttered that day on Mount Olivet, was a dual nature prophecy…

But you will never hear this inside of a church. You can read about the nature and fulfillment of “dual prophecies,” by reading my books!

I have the gift of interpretation. The churches have no gifts. They categorically reject someone like me. In fact, I am a great threat to their control…which is about one thing, primarily… that is, not only control over people, but getting their MONEY!!!!

The church, as an institution, is one of the wealthiest organizations in the world.

Jesus did not create a corporate model. Jesus was not a businessman.

He created an organism…not an organization… but man, cannot control that. So where ever man can, he will persecute the “organism,” for the sake of “upping the organization.”

Hence, the “Times of the Gentiles” are over with…as JESUS SAID SO… There can be no mistake about that. But when you are under darkness, and gross darkness, well, you have no discernment!

The “church” does not believe the words of Jesus. If they did, then they acknowledge what I say is…TRUE…

Nelson Bell & Graham


 STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH…. L. Nelson Bell, left, his daughter Ruth, and her husband, Evangelist Billy Graham pose in this photo. When witnessing the news event of the Israeli Defense Forces taking ALL of Jerusalem, Bell declared: “For the first time in 2000 years, Jerusalem is now completely in the hands of the Jews. This event gives a student of the Bible a thrill and renewed faith in the accuracy and validity of the Bible.” Unfortunately, Bell never repeated this remark, apparently, being naive at the consequences of such an event would be upon the popular “church.”




You can read further about the End of the Times of the Gentiles and its incredible significance for everyone living on the planet, in my Volume Two, of Living in the End Times.


Just as remarkable, when the Times of the Gentiles ended in June 1967, another era started:


We have been living in the End Times, for nearly 50 years. Several prophecies are being fulfilled…yet now…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

There is a time coming soon, when folks will have to embark on a NEW DYNAMIC.

This is not actually NEW… it started when Jesus preached the Gospel.

But it has been lost for the most part, except when there have been wondrous revivals of the Holy Spirit, in the history of the “church age,” and, Era of the Gentiles.

You see, when Jesus preached the Gospel by the anointing of the Holy Spirit…something happened… PEOPLE WERE FORCED TO MAKE A DECISION…

This will be true in the near future.

The famine of the hearing of the Word of the Lord will cease.

Oh, that is another dual fulfillment prophecy…

When the Word of the Lord gets preached, by the anointing, or Gospel preached, folks will have to make some BIG decisions. They will decide somethings that will be on a different paradigm.

They will have to decide on who to serve… their benevolent Gentile Puppets, or the Oligarchical System that now controls them, or…their church of their choice, which no matter who you choose, …you lose…OR…

Yeshua Ha Mashiach…

that is, Jesus the Messiah.

Yep, you really get to choose a person over an organization…isn’t that novel? Do you really think any church organization really represents Jesus Christ?

If you do… God help you…You need it.

Yep, it is to be ALL about decision making…soon!

It is going to that simple.

And, everyone will come to know this. No darkness nor gross darkness shall cover or hinder this.

You have God’s very own Word on this.

Thanks for reading.

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