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This past week, saw the British electorate vote to exit the European Union. Several opinion makers saw this action as a rebuke to the Globalist, or New World Order agenda.

The fall-out emerging from this, is not clear yet. But the Powers That Be, or the ruling Oligarchy that presently controls the world system, can make life very miserable for the 51% who voted against staying, in the European Union. 


Daniel, the Prophet, thus termed so by Jesus in the Gospels, actually never uttered a word of Prophecy. Daniel only interpreted Prophetical events. In his first display of his interpretative gifts, he was demanded, by King Nebuchadnezzar, to reveal the King’s dream…

which Nebuchadnezzar could not recall… save, it was indelibly horrifying and disturbing to the King.

Daniel agreed to do so, and that very night, Daniel received the same dream, himself, and the interpretation thereof. The next day, Daniel proceeded to tell King Nebuchadnezzar, to his amazed satisfaction, just what he dreamed, and what it meant.

In this dream interpretation, Daniel outlined four world kingdoms, of which Babylon was the first. Babylon would then be succeeded by three other World Kingdoms.

Finally, all “world kingdom” eras, would cease….

This means that there will NEVER BE ANOTHER WORLDWIDE or Global RULE!

I guess I should repeat that again…This means that there will NEVER BE ANOTHER WORLDWIDE or Global RULE!

Such Global Rule, would be replaced by smaller ruling entities, yet never, to completely rule and dominate the then known world.

Daniel described these ruling entities, which would occur in the Last Days, or following the Kingdom of Iron. In this interpretation, it is clearly understood from the context, that Babylon was the first World Kingdom; the Persians and Medes, the second; the third Kingdom was Greece; and the Fourth Kingdom, as Rome, which Jesus also implied.

Out of this Fourth Kingdom, there would still be elements of “IRON,” which symbolizes a rule like Rome.

However, it would be mixed with Clay, if that is possible…

Clay is commonly understood to be a red earth type substance. Adam was said, from the Genesis account, to have been formed from clay and dust of the earth. Adam means ¨red earth,¨or clay.

Hence, clay is symbolized, as also implied by the text of Daniel 2:43, with the “seed of men,” or mankind, or progeny from Adam.

Clay represents but common man, who has, as his aspirations, the wish for freedom to enjoy the labors of his toils; worship in the way that he chooses; determine by his free will, his mode of living and moral code; and the freedom to be free from oppression and slavery, among other things.

Iron, in the context of this Prophecy Vision/Dream, symbolizes a strong, powerful rule, which does enslave most of its populace. It does not grant the freedom of worship except to the extent that it is their own interest. It allows moral codes and behaviour conducive the furtherance of its Empire. Most of all, it is capable, as iron is, to be a heavy weight imposed upon its subservient classes, in which it can create a good deal of oppression upon.

Throughout the Roman version of “statecraft,” the symbol of “fasces” were used.


The Roman Fasces


The Roman Fasces, was a common symbol, using carried to symbolically designate the ruler, using this symbol, carried the supreme authority of the State. A fasces consisted of several rods, bound together by a red cord. Also within the bounds of this red cord, was an axe blade. This loosely meant, that anyone did not wish to be bound to the State, would face the penalty of not doing so: the blade of the axe.

Fasces, have come to be a modern symbol of fascism. It was used by both the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, and his contemporary, the German dictator, Adolf Hitler. Mussolini correctly described modern fascism as ¨corporatism.¨

Remarkably, the symbol of the fasces, is also on many American or U.S. State buildings, statues, like Abraham Lincoln below, a curious selection to me which suggests, which I am in agreement with, that Mr. Lincoln used the power of the State at his disposal, all too well, for interests contrary to the U.S. Constitution. You can see faintly in the background, that Lincoln is ¨honored¨here, for ¨preserving the Union.¨

Lincoln and his fasces

However, as Robert E. Lee remarked, …¨it is no Union, which is forced upon the people by the barrel of a gun, or the edge of a sword,¨ …but a Tyranny.

What happened thereafter, by the Power of the Imperial State, imposed by Mr. Lincoln, that the United States, which was a UNION OF SOVEREIGN STATES…. became a SOVEREIGN UNION… of states. roosevelt dimeTHE DIME COIN….Nor did fascism end, with Mr. Lincoln and his Preservation of his ¨Sovereign Union,¨ at the expense of the sovereignty of the individual states, of the United States. Today U.S. Citizenry, are still reminded, if they wish to be, that the same fascism is in control, as shown on their money, which of course, is distributed by the most significant fascist power today, the Federal Reserve System… which is neither Federal, or a Reserve, nor even a system, but a private corporation controlled and owned by the financial hierarchy of the World, located in London, England.

Hence, we see aptly, that the rule of ¨Iron,¨ is still with us. And, we also see that there are protests and opposition to this Iron rule, by the people, whether represented by small or great, like Robert E. Lee.

People nowadays, do not like tyranny. The context of history is on their side. Everyone knows that ¨power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.¨

Thus, this ¨clay¨is at loggerheads and complete opposition to the ¨Iron¨Crowd.

This is exactly what happened in the ¨Brexit¨vote recently. The people, or ¨clay¨rejected the rule of the Globalists, or fascists, seeking to wield yet more iron in their rule and administration.

Now, there is talk of Scottish and Northern Irish independence from Great Britain, as a result of this defeat. Both regions want statehood and autonomy, and independence from the British Government.

You see… Clay doesn´t cleave to Iron.

Just like Daniel stated and prophesied in the Bible and Bible Prophecy.

But the ¨Iron¨Crowd doesn´t get it. They don´t believe the Bible. They don´t believe Bible Prophecy. They think that they are going to WIN! They think that they are going to impose a Global, One World Government and Rule.

But Daniel said, …not!

Rome was the last World Rule.

Hence, the New World Order is ¨dead on arrival.¨

I wrote about this in an earlier blog. You can find it here…

Indeed, it is not only Scotland and Northern Ireland, who wish to secede from Britain, but now there is talk from Californians, how that California should secede from the United States! One gentleman told me recently, that they could form as many as ¨five states¨from California. I don´t know that for fact, as a fellow recently told me that. However, it seems to have credibility with such talk of California seceding.

Not only that, but Texas is also talking in the same way. I understand that Texas has in its state constitution, the right to secede into five or six states, as well. I am not sure at all, that the U.S. Government would allow this, as it was attempted before, in which the ¨Sovereign Union¨all but destroyed the Southern states, but such talk  is but fuel for underlying fires in the United States, as its government is no longer acting in good faith or interest of its citizens.

In my second book, I wrote upon the Parable of the Fig Tree. This parable was interpreted by popular Bible prophecy  ¨experts,¨like Hal Lindsey, Chuck Smith, Dave Hunt, Edgar Whisenhunt, Pat Robertson, and Jack Van Impe, to have been already fulfilled, which of course, it has not.

They were all wrong.

They have never admitted it.

The Bible has a label for such folks, if they don´t amend their words. That label would be correct.

In this Parable, which is about the only Parable not explained at all, by Christ, it is stated that all these things, or the Last Generation before the Return of Jesus Christ, would not occur until not only the Fig Tree came into its fulness, but ¨all the other trees,¨ as well.

I compiled some charts, to help understand the meaning of this Parable Prophecy, in which I showed, in three charts, some 115 ¨trees,¨or nations, forming around or about the time of Israel.

51H9Rt0tjNL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ The ¨Blurb¨on the back cover of my Volume Two, ¨Living in the End Times.¨ I introduce a correct interpretation of the Fig Tree Parable. No one else ever discusses the phenomena of ¨other trees.¨

In these charts, you will see that there are yet, ¨other trees,¨ yet forming. There were, for instance, many nations formed, when the former Soviet Union broke up. From this exit of several nations in the Soviet Union, to the Brexit vote this past week, you can extrapolate, possibly, the added independence movements of ¨wanna’be¨ nations in Great Britain, such as the aforementioned Scotland, and Northern Ireland, to Wales and Cornwall. Then, you also have the Separatist French secession movement in Quebec, Canada, which is always gaining ¨steam.¨

Then, you have the previously indicated independence movements in California, and Texas.

You see reader, CLAY IS A VERY POWERFUL MEDIUM IN END TIME BIBLE PROPHECY…something that the ¨Iron¨Crowd apparently takes lightly, as they do not and cannot understand why no one would want to like and to live, under their benevolence!

So, the ¨other tree¨phenomena can still be ongoing….

I presented this eventuality in my first book, in which, I discussed possible breakups of the United States, consistent with End Time Bible prophecy.




Not only does the ¨Iron¨Crowd, or New World Order Cabal not get it, that is the power of Clay, but their partners in infiltrating Popular Christianity, don´t get it either!

You see, we have infiltration in Popular, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Traditional, Old Line, and Catholic denominations, as well, as what I call, the ¨Advent Movements.¨

Not only are all these facets of Christianity infiltrated…reader…, but rather they are controlled by the same people who make up the New World Order Oligarchy and their agentur.

Hence, we have Frankists and Sabbateans controlling the secular New World Order, and we have Frankist and Sabbatean agents controlling popular Christianity.

You may not think that this is so. But in the type of world government first imposed by Nimrod, he controlled both the ¨city¨and ¨tower.¨ Nimrod knew how to run things. You can bet, Lord Rothschild, does too! In fact, he lives in the ¨City,¨ or what is termed the financial centre of the world!

But, I maintain, that this it is so…infiltration and control….And this, reader, would explain a lot of things, like the severe moral degradation being imposed upon us, and the churches… pretty much going right along with it!

We have, indeed, a lot of Frankist Christians, who have been pushing their agenda, well, practically since 1830. They have been wildly successful. They have most, if not all, of Evangelical type Christianity believing the most ¨humbug¨of all so called Bible teachings… and that is,… Modern Dispensationalism

Even Franklin Graham, darling of the Evangelicals, repeats this Frankist dogma in which… Christians are to submit to the New World Order…eventually, as after all… it is in the Bible!!!

Oh boy,… the Frankist New World Order hierarchy sure likes to hear that!!!…Maybe, they will forgive Franklin for being so down on Gays, Obama and the Muslims…when he affirms their agenda!!

Franklin Graham, religious leader and son of Billy Graham in Washington, DC.

It´s too bad. I like Mr. Graham personally. But, he is advocating ¨Frankist¨Christianity, whether knowingly or unknowingly…

You see, …reader,… if you are still with me,…after these revelations,… or you may view such as blasphemies… if you are totally deceived… Mr. Graham and the other Frankist-type Christians are very wrong.

There is NO FUTURE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Again, there is NO FUTURE WORLD OR GLOBAL GOVERNANCE OR RULE… I also repeated this above earlier twice for emphasis, as well.

As …Daniel said so! …

I know it is tough…when you have deceived and in darkness about such things…but then, such deception and darkness that has been prophesied of, too.

It is very tough to believe someone like me, who is a nobody… when you got, ¨born again¨ U.S. President George H.W. Bush declaring in 1991, that we ¨are on the eve, of a New World Order.¨ And, you got that grandson of the very fervent Southern Baptist John D. Rockefeller, the scion, David Rockefeller, that well known Globalist and buddy of George Soros, well, saying the very same thing, and in the same time frame. Besides, of course, the very Catholic Saint himself, recently canonized Pope John Paul II, saying the very same stuff at about the very same time.

Yep, the Pope even predicted that we would all be living in the New World Order, by the year 2000!!!

George H.W. Bush was even scheduled to be at the Great Sphinx on January 1, 2000, to put the ¨Seeing Eye¨capstone, back on the Sphinx!

But, something happened…and the NWO folks don´t talk about it, but the short story is, is that they all ran into the force …of Bible Prophecy!!!

With these important world dignitaries all on the same page…we little people…well, the ¨Clay¨are just supposed to believe them and Franklin Graham, and give up pretensions of being part of REAL, TRUE, BIBLE PROPHECY!

Well, wisdom is justified of its children…

Not only do the governments of this world need to be worried about the ¨Clay¨ factor… but the Popular Church will… as well. One of these days, the ¨clay¨will rebel against the organized religious crowd…and we may just have ¨church¨ like the Early Church in the New Testament had.

You see, we are coming into the Time of the Return of Christ, and his GLORIOUS KINGDOM.

With this event coming, we can expect a lot of NEW trends to emerge.

You have not just Daniel´s word on it. You have Christ´s word as well.

Which ¨word¨ will  you stand on… The words of the New World Order crowd, or…

…God´s Very Word, as recorded in the Bible…

It is decision-time. Make yours…count…

Thanks for reading.

Picture #4 051comments #2 Joseph Spickard, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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