“WAITING for…GOG…” Part One

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in Waiting for Godot

Above  scene  from,  Waiting  for  Godot.  I use analogy here, derived from this Broadway show and famous play, in which we presently are, in fact,“waiting for Gog” of Bible End Time Prophecy fulfillment…

Erdogan's overture

Turkish President Erdogan recently shocked the world when he announced that he now seeks a historic unity with Russia…in proposing an tripartite alliance with Moscow… and Iran…following a coup attempt in Turkey… Such a “coup” was an effort to destabilize Turkey according to Turkish press and government sources. Turkish authorities are blaming the U.S. Government for being responsible for this,  despite U.S. strenuous denials. However,  there have been similar events in destabilizing nations in the Middle East such as Libya, Iraq, and Syria. The Russian Government and its President, Vladimir Putin, were said to have warned Erdogan sufficiently in advance of this coup attempt to thwart it, just barely. There seems to be more fall-out coming…



2005-02-(Feb) 007

Traditionally, Turkey and Russia have been arch enemies. However, how unusual or miraculous this turnabout could be, it is consistent with future Bible prophecy regarding the “End Time” War of Armageddon. Russia’s, or Magog’s invasion, would come directly north of Israel, through the nation of Georgia, who coincidentally also, Russia has been destabilizing for around a decade, coming down through eastern Turkey. As shown in the graphic above…. Russia will eventually control Georgia…

The Bible refers to Russia with three distinct “name” references, and really a fourth distinct reference, but which is obscured by rather poor translation of the text, but corrected in my quotation of the New King James Version below,…. in our present End Times period described by the Bible.

“Gog” commonly refers to an individual, by many Bible commentators, who is the leader of Magog, in a very “End (of) Time” scenario. Magog is a patriarchal name for those living north and west of the Caucasus. In post-modern times, Magog, Rosh, Meshech, Tubal, are all descriptions of inhabitants, of present Russia and its federation; countries that made up the former Soviet Union; or Eastern Europe. Magog is acknowledged as the father of the Scythian race, who are also known as, the Slavic peoples. The Jewish historian Josephus admits this as well, in his time. This map below shows who Magog is, ….today.


Names like Meshech, are found in the Bible, as in an obscure reference in Psalms 120:5, which reads,… “Woe is me, that I sojourn in Meshech.” Meshech was considered by the Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, to be so far out of the loop and to the northernmost parts, that they were thought to be “barbaric” and apart from classical civilization. It is generally accepted in Biblical etymology, that Meshech signified those people who populated what is known now, near the capital of Russia,…


The Russian State owned Novosti Press Agency records that some one thousand years ago, an ancient Slavic tribe called the Meshchera, settled in Central Russia, not far from present day Moscow. This is nearly transliterated from the Hebrew Meshech. It is said that “the whole district within five hundred miles of Moscow seems to be saturated with references to the name of Meshech” (W. Milner, in Russia Japhet: 1886, chapter 9).

Milner then proves his point, by referring his readers to the then, Steller’s German Hand Atlas, in which he cites the following place names: Moscow; the Moskva River; Moschiask near Borodino; Moschok between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod; Moscharki, which stands on a tributary of the Volga River; Mischetski, a town between Moscow and Tula; Mischiritschi, on the border with Ukraine; Mescah, a branch of the Dvina River; and several other citations, along with that the Finns of Russia, are divided into two tribes: one of which is called, the Moskshes.

Rosh, is shown by the Septuagint, the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, to be “a people located in the same general area as Magog, Meshech and Tubal.” The Greek language refers to Rosh as, Rus, which is easily identifiable as Russia

The use of Rosh in the Hebrew language is shown by its reference, for instance, to Rosh Hashana, which the first, or chief day, of the Jewish New Year. . Hence, rosh in Hebrew word meanings, signifies that which is head, or chief, or in the use of Ezekiel, FIRST  among the nations. The Michigan Theological Journal, Volume 4:1, 1993, “…all names are attributable to Rosh and Tiras (in Genesis 10), are derived from…(them).” The Journal also adds, that “the modern-day Russian people can be properly identified with Rosh…of Ezekiel.”

Moreover, The Brown, Driver, and Briggs lexicon of the Hebrew language states that Rosh is the “proper name of a people…today’s Russia.”

In the Book of Jasher, a neo-canonical book of the Old Testament, referred to by the Bible itself as adjunct reference material, records the sons of Tiras, or progeny, as “Rushash”

And finally, the official name of the Russian Federation today is, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya.

This certainly appears to be derived from an etymological form of Rosh.

Georgia, in turn, has also a distinct “name” reference. They are “Tubal.” Its capital city, T’bilisi, is derived from Tubal. Josephus referred to the area of modern-day Georgia, as the “land of Tubal.” In the Georgian dialect, “the consonants of T and B, are specifically separated by a gutteral “u” sound. Thus, T’b refers to “TuuB.” A phone call to the Georgian Embassy, in Washington, D.C.,  will confirm the native enunciation of T’bilisi, as “Tu-bal-i-si.” 

Gog, as stated already above, is commonly accepted by many reputable Bible scholars and exegetes of Bible prophecy, to be an individual leader of Magog. The most successful form of Russian government has been proven to be historically, that of an… Autocrat…

This is shown to be the case with the accolades and praise given to Peter the Great. It is very interesting that Peter led the modernization of Russia, from its Central Asiatic and Asiatic culture, mannerisms, and roots, to imitate strongly that of European civilization, particularly the French.

This has been a conundrum of the Russian psyche, ever since, wishing to be identified as European in thinking, but stuck, being Asiatic, in nature.

Peter’s reforms are still present today. Peter was also very brutal who wasted no time in subjugating dissent. Such is the province of autocrats. Other famous autocrats, or Gogs of Russia, are numerable, but Ivan the Terrible, and Catherine the Great also stand out, as innovators and dominant rulers. Then came the time of the Tsarist rule, seemed to crystallize the epitome of Russian autocratic rule as a most successful form for the Russian people, which was duplicated in the Soviet Union, through the strongman rules of Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, to the present time of Mr. Putin.

Autocrats of Russia


Russia has historically, characteristic of its People, been most governable when an Autocrat is in charge. From left to right, Peter the Great; Catherine the Great; Ivan the Terrible; and Joseph Stalin. The period of the Tsars, or Czars, also were very autocratic in nature, particularly when combined with the distinctive Russian Orthodox Church. The very meaning of the word, czar, is taken from the Latin and Roman Imperial rulership system, Caesar. It is no coincidence then at all, that Vladimir Putin is such a type of ruler, in which he been in undisputed power since 1999. Putin enjoys some of the most popular ratings of any world leader today among his people, thus confirming the Russian national temperament.


Thus, Mr. Putin, is loosely the current “Gog” of what is construed as the Biblical description of a grand, or great, autocrat. Mr. Putin, can legally be in office, as President of Russia, to the year, 2020. At that time, he can retain power by being Prime Minister again, as he did previously, or he can retire, and influence or appoint a protégé of his, in his stead.

This successor will and should carry on this status, of grand autocrat, or Gog. I foresee this continuing until the Bible…Gog… emerges, which the Prophet Ezekiel indicates of. I would assume that the Gog of the Bible, when he appears, will not be as quite as genteel as Mr. Putin is.


The game of Chess is the Russian National pastime. Here, in this interesting graphic, shows Mr. Putin against the backdrop of a large chess board. What Mr. Putin has been doing, in his governing on the world stage, is playing chess against, not the United States necessarily, but rather the Globalist Oligarchs, who run America. Mr. Putin has effectually check-mated, and stalemated, Globalist intentions and directives, in their attempt to control the World.

This is why some Globalist opinion writers are now openly espousing a war, by the West, against Russia, by some ruse or intrigue. Mr. Putin, who may owe his appearance on the Russian scene to Globalist contrivance originally, now has changed course in which he unequivocally sides with Russian interests and Russian Nationalism.


The United States, is referenced in the End Times, but not clearly, unless one understands the “name” reference. Such a reference implies strongly that the United States is not a major player at all, in the very end… End Times Period, as Ezekiel 38 suggests.

This was all featured, AND MORE, in my first book, Living in the “End Times”: How “End Time” Prophecy Affects….YOU! 


It is not at all…insignificant then…, in recent news of the political presidential cycle in the United States, that an U.S. major party presidential candidate is calling on Russia, cynically, to help expose his opposition candidate, who has pulled strings to be above the “rule of law,” in an effort to bring some needed justice….and, in which the opposition candidate speaks of interference directly from Putin into the American political process.

THESE ARE BELLWETHER REMARKS, which shows a principal candidate of the American political system IS looking to Russia for leadership…and, even benevolent intervention…

This is a harbinger of things to come, as the insanity and madness increases as the result of the promotion of delusions, by the Powers That Be, also called Globalists, who are Frankist Oligarchs, upon the United States and its culture….

Russia, and its unique autocratic brand of leadership, which ensures strong order, looks quite enviable in contrast, when the United States finds itself, because of ineffectual and traitorous leadership,  engulfed in racial strife, class warfare, and general disintegration resulting from “ordo ab chao,” or “order out of chaos,” which is a slogan with Globalists. “Order out of Chaos,” is part of the Frankist Oligarchical Hegelian Dialectic, in which opposing or extreme positions, are taken, to ensure their control.

It works like this, in equation form:

Hegelian  Dialectics


which results in a compromise…. their contrived solution of this conflict called….


No more than the Frankists arrive at their “solution,” which is of their making, that they start again, the same dialectic, upon extremes of the synthesis, thus creating additional conflict and disorder, in which the Globalists will achieve eventually what they wanted all along: TOTAL CONTROL

This same appeal for Russian leadership and direction is also NOW found in the fabric of Nationalist movements in Great Britain and Europe.

You have Nigel Farage, who led the successful exit out of the European Union for Great Britain, called “Brexit,” who lauds Vladimir Putin, and calls his leadership… “admirable.”

Then there is the French Nationalist, Marine Le Pen, who has visited Moscow several times, and has accepted campaign financing from a Russian bank, no doubt with the influence of Putin.

Then, there are Nationalist movements in Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, and now emerging in Germany, who oppose the dictates of “Globalism.”

Globalism has been recently “tearing its mask off,” and showing their “real face” of false benevolence by its forced immigration policy upon Europe, where particularly in France, and now, Germany, its national peoples can easily see a historic demise of its culture and language.

All these “nationalist” movements are becoming aligned and under the influence of Russian Nationalism and its symbol, Mr. Putin, who offers his unconcealed support.


Iron versus Clay: Daniel’s Dichotomy


I recently wrote on this in my June blog. You can read it here, if you wish:


In this article, to encapsulate, I explained what the “iron,” and “clay” symbolized, so to speak. In brief, “iron” is the symbol of the attempt to rule the world, or global rule, as typified by the Empire of Rome, later attempted to be duplicated, by the Holy Roman Empire…. This would be today…

GLOBALISM. Which is also termed, “the New World Order.”

“Clay” or its symbolism, is the aspirations of men, such as the need for freedom, liberty, patriotism, and national identity, which is found, consistent with the break-ups of such empires generally, which is known today as…


This has been shown in several instances since the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Holy Roman Empire was broken up by both Nationalist factions in England, and in Germany, particularly when national feelings aligned against the Roman Catholic Church and its abuses.

The British Empire was broken up by nationalist movements and passions in the United States, later India, China, and other settings.

The Third Reich was defeated by the combined National Democracies and its allies, notably the Soviet Union, who resorted to nationalism, to defend the Great Patriotic War of the Fatherland, against Fascist Totalitarian aggression, found in Germany, Japan, and Italy, by the leaders known as Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito.

I cited only a few examples, but the reader should get the gist of things, in which this IRON VS. CLAY paradigm, has been going on for some time…

This concludes Part One. I will continue in Part Two.

Thanks for reading.

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