Waiting for Gog…Part Two

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in Waiting for Godot

family reunion pix The  Apostle  Paul  told  how  that the present Creation has “earnest expectations” for God’s revelations (Romans 8:19), which may include as well, those events leading up to such revelations. One of these expectations nowadays, is …”Waiting on Gog”… as depicted above by two men awaiting, with uncertainty, the future.


I introduced this topic last month, in which I wrote about Gog, Magog, and other principals, as listed in End Time Prophecies, most notably from Ezekiel 38.

I identified  who Gog was; who Magog was; and several other Patriarchal names in the Bible that relate to the lineup of nations prior to the War of Armageddon.

I listed the qualities or characteristics of Gog. I identified Gog as an autocrat, which distinct autocracy has served one nation better than any other nation, that is: Russia.

I noted this odd phenomenon by a bit of common sense logic and deduction from historical records. I also mentioned the singular uniqueness of the Russian psyche, which statesmen like Winston Churchill, have expressed a dichotomy about.

Which dichotomy is: The Russian psyche wishes innately to be identified as European in thinking, since they look much like Europeans, but are stuck in a large conundrum, being Asiatic, in nature.

It is this sort of idiosyncrasy, a schizophrenic-type sociality, that has flummoxed world statesmen and politicians  for years, particularly in Europe, in trying to understand Russian thought synapses and effect on behaviour.

Though the Russians are a Slavic people, they are not understood fully in any measure by even their fellow Slavic races, such as the Poles, the Czechs, the Georgians, the Baltic States, the Finns, the Hungarians, the Caucasians, the Moldavans, the Romanians, or even their closest neighbour, the Ukrainians.

Indeed, the Ukrainians dislike the Russians most, it appears. Ukrainians state generally that the Russians are crazy. The Russians say the same about them. This kind of enmity goes a way back. In World War II, for example, whenever the Russian Army encountered a German mine field upon their advance on the Eastern Front, they selected Ukrainian units to walk in front as human mine sweepers. If any Ukrainian soldier refused, well, he was shot on the spot…

You see, the Russians have a different mindset… from even that of their fellow Slavs.

It is this kind of exclusive and collective personality that will shape and influence the world on a scale somewhat larger, in the future, …. than what exists today.


God has known about this all along.

God has chosen this type of most peculiar temperament, the Russian Slav, or Gog’s Magog, to act as a foil, as in a literary definition of, as an impetus, to bring in His Kingdom of God and Rule of Jesus Christ to come upon the earth.

In literature, a foil is a character that shows qualities that are in contrast or conflict with the qualities of another character with the objective to highlight the traits of the other character. The term foil, though generally being applied for a contrasting character, may also be used for any comparison that is drawn to portray a difference between two things.

I assure you, you won’t find a greater contrast between Gog, Magog, in comparison with the coming Kingdom of God.

Maybe now, the reader can get an idea of how topsy-turvy things can be when future developments will point us in the clear path of “something has got to give.”

I also spent some time, in Part One, in discussing the two great forces in our world today: one of Iron, the other, of Clay. In simple terms, I called the “Iron” dynamic, forces of global domination, totalitarianism and fascism, consistent with the very last World Power and Kingdom… Rome. And the other in opposition, “clay,” as aspirations of republican self-rule, national identities, populism, and the freedoms to choose and determine government and individual rights.

These two dynamics are utterly opposed to each other…

You can see this in the recent election result in Britain, in which the people there voted to leave Globalism, called Brexit.

The counter of a Populist Movement and resultant Nationalism, has in turn, led to Nationalist and Populist movements in Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, France, and now emerging in Germany.

You can also see this clearly with the American presidential election in which Donald Trump, who openly opposed Globalism, was elected President… over a very divided nation,… however.

You see, Globalism has its large share of adherents… The United States is pretty much split into two diverse camps, described in the media as “red state versus blue state.” The present form of Globalism is increasingly Progressive, or radical Left of the political spectrum, to the point that the American Communist Party endorsed and supported the Democratic Party candidate for President. Globalism also has the support of practically every group which the Bible eschews as either unrighteous or wicked in deviational conduct or anti-societal behaviour.

Populism endorses the idea of traditional values and national or ethnic culture as opposed to an amalgamation of diverse cultures espoused by Globalism. Diverse cultures and peoples are much easier to control than cultures in which only one culture or one predominant or national racial profile exists. It appears that Japthethic peoples (people out of the progeny of Noah’s son, Japheth) are out of sorts with, and are marginalized with, and eschewed by, the overall Globalist agenda. Japthethic peoples are predominantly white. There is much “reverse racism” today, in which Whites are oppressed and discriminated against, except for the upper tier Elite. You hear of only Whites being racist, or a “White Privilege” status, which is hardly true, save that of the Elite Whites, who are mostly Frankist and Sabbatean apostate Jewish people, who have intermarried to a degree with Gentile, or Japthethic elitists. Globalists perceive that common sort Japthethic peoples and cultures are in opposition to them, because of their traditional values in accepting and promulgating, heretofore,… Christianity.

Indeed, the Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden, a known progressive, Globalist, and “paraphiliast,” stated this very fact that White people should be in the minority in the United States and.. be happy about it….


When this Globalist “bias” is detected and discerned, the “white” population, in an effort to survive, “goes hard-right.” This means that Populism and Nationalism, and some forms of “ultra-nationalism,” become viable options for them in which to indeed, oppose Globalism and its overt and threatening bias toward them. This was certainly observed in the past election cycle when the Democratic candidate made no attempt to solicit “white” voting blocs, believing that she had enough support from “non-whites” to maintain the Progressive status-quo in controlling the policies of the nation.

Hence, Progressivism and Traditionalism are arch enemies nowadays.

These are somewhat the ideologies of the aforementioned “iron and clay.” One tends to centralization and totalitarianism, and diversification. The other toward, more freedoms and independence from the tyranny of centralism, and national identities.

With this conflict this large, you may very well witness, in the future, some geographical areas of the United States, representing the extremes of Progressivism or Populism.

This is already becoming true.

The State of California is advocating secession from the Union of the United States. It is gaining rapid steam. Their movement is a take-off of the reactive Populist Brexit vote in Great Britain, although they are hyper-Progressives. They call their secession movement, CALEXIT.

While this is going on, Oregon is said to be considering the same action. Oregonians feel that their interests are no longer represented by the Populist victors in the presidential campaign.

Another Secessionist movement call themselves CASCADIA. They are made up of Oregon, Washington, and the British Columbian coastline. They have an interesting site and have already made a flag to show their nationalism and independence. Like the rest of the folks on the West Coast, they are Progressives.


Above, Left: Symbol denoting the CALEXIT Movement. Right, a graphic depicting the territorial area of CASCADIA.

A spectator looks at Cascade Now's Sasquatch float before the start of the 2015 Fremont Solstice Parade Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Fremont.

A spectator looks at Cascade Now’s Sasquatch “RAINING MAN” float before the start of the 2015 Solstice Parade. Note the similarities to the Pagan Owl at the Bohemian Grove located in northern California, the Wicker Man and related rituals around the United States and England, and of course, the BURNING MAN festival in Nevada every Labor Day. It appears that the Progressives prefer Paganism and Pantheism, despite some adherent allegiance to atheism, to traditional Christianity in these proposed new countries.

You conceivably could witness related “secession,” “independence,” and “self-determination” state events, as the whole nation of America is polarized, being termed “red states” and “blue states.”

You can already see a “Balkanization” going on already in the United States. This was the situation in Yugoslavia, before it was broken up into eight nations.

The Bible states, specifically, in Ezekiel 38, that the United States, although not mentioned by name, strongly implies its break-up and split-up.

When these new entities wishing to have self-government and autonomy away from the newly elected or “red state” Government of the United States, pick up more steam in their efforts, and are still ignored or marginalized, may solicit foreign governments to recognize their status and offer assistance, at first diplomatically, later, perhaps that of coercion or force.

There has been a history of such independence movements in the history of the United States. One instance, is the territory known as Texas. They wanted recognition from the United States to help them in their independence from Mexico.

The United States later fought a war with Mexico, and gathered more territory to later create more States, and secure California to its Union.

The United States basically created an independence movement, in the early 20th century, on the Isthmus of Panama, recognized their independence, and used “gunboat diplomacy” to secure this area from Colombia, to build the Panama Canal.

An aspiring nation-state like Cascadia then, or the New California, or an Alaska, could appeal to Russian political leadership in order to secede from “Red State” America.

Since Russia, historically, has a large connection to Alaska, which it formerly owned, and some former trade connections to the Pacific Northwest, or the new Cascadia, in which it had trading posts and a population influence in the 19th century, this will not be so far-fetched, as it may seem presently.

The Russians don’t think this is far-fetched at all…see below links… With Russia, being as singularly Nationalistic as they are, motivated by Russian pride and political bent, they will look for opportunities to rectify this present viewed travesty committed by the 19th-century corrupt and capitalistic Tsars, who appeased then the Rothschilds of London…the now modern Frankist Oligarchs controlling the Gentile World….




Balkanized North America

These are just two scenarios, of several available to view today. These scenarios will change back and forth depending on the internal situations that will develop in the United States. Americans born before 1967, have now seen innumerable changes, which have not been for the better, and are demonstrably distressed by the country’s rapid descent into immorality and criminality.

More changes will be forced by a Global Elite and all its powerful minority under their control and influence, upon a more unwilling populace in the United States. This will be done, in the name of modern liberalism and cultural Marxism, which stresses the dual forces of radical egalitarianism (the equality of outcomes rather than opportunities) and radical individualism (the drastic reduction of limits to personal gratification). Such an agenda will further undermine American culture, American intellect, and American values.

To offset this, once the American populace understands that their vote or voice, are not that important, then, they will face prospects in which they will be forced to entertain secession movements from an ever increasing tyrannical government and a criminal class that it subsidizes, that help them maintain their version of order.

In whatever regions of the United States then, can attain some sort of independent political autonomy, it will do so with support of one or more nations outside of the sphere of the United States…This would make Russia, then, a logical candidate, to recognize and support compatible aspirations of secession bodies in the regions of the United States, consistent with Russian ambitions.



This past election cycle in the United States brought a good deal of attention to Gog and Magog, or the present-day Mr. Putin and the Russian Federation.

This glut of attention was no accident.

Globalist interests in the United States had Mr. Putin and Russia being blamed of many things: from hacking Democratic Party principals email sources; supplying Wikileaks with information; to charges of influencing Mr. Trump; to Russian leadership, being solicited by Mr. Trump to help expose Democratic Party intrigues; and alleged vote fraud in three contested U.S. States, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, caused by Russian state hackers.

All this ruckus, much of which were very reckless allegations, such as “seventeen U.S. government agencies” accusing the Russian government of being involved into computer espionage and manipulation (which only two agencies made such an implication) piqued and angered Russian displeasure. This greatly chilled diplomatic relations with Russia, in which Mr. Putin promised, if not backed off from, some sort of provocative  retaliation. 

Many news commentators reported of ominous consequences of a worldwide war and nuclear conflagration with Russia. The U.S. military was placed on higher alert, a DEFCON 3 level, in which American armed forces could be mobilized as quickly as fifteen minutes to a threat, as well. 

With the election of Mr. Trump, this threat eroded, and returned to a DEFCON level five: the lowest level.


All these events have put Russia, or Magog, into a different model, or paradigm, in our current times. It has placed Russia on a similar position of being a possible antagonist as it was during the Cold War, with a vast difference… in which the United States is being perceived as the aggressor… with its Globalist wing fully ready to increase tensions with Mr. Putin.

What this all means, in the course of a few months, is that now, THINGS HAVE NOW CHANGED…as a result.

With the creeping decline of the United States, consistent with Bible prophecy, you will see a increased sphere of influence of the Russian State.

This is also consistent with Bible prophecy.

Already, world governments are seeking accommodation with Russia, rather than confrontation. This trend is just starting. The Trump Administration has already signaled an alliance, rather than a balance of power, in regard to Russia. This is a singular development.


It may well be, in accord with Bible Prophecy, that like the characters in the Samuel Beckett play above, Americans may find ourselves looking and waiting for….Gog and Magog…despite their unfavorable and negative cognitions derived from the Bible.

They, that is Gog and Magog, like modern election cycles in the United States, may be the “lesser of two evils” when Americans of a populist sort, that is, “clay,” are faced with tyrannical consequences of “Iron” trying to enslave them.

The rise of Gog and Magog may very well be linked to countering the agenda of the New World Order. At this stage, Russian interference would be certainly be welcomed, just as Mr. Trump welcomed help from Russian computer “hackers” to expose Mrs. Clinton’s email account intrigues.

One thing for sure, Bible End Time Prophecy foretells such events, and can be a guide along with prayer and revelatory knowledge from God, to protect ourselves and loved ones and lead those that fear God, into a Refuge and haven of safety.

Thanks for reading.

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