I TOLD YOU SO…!!! Part One



I told my readers eleven years ago what is happening…right now… today! The headlines above, that I wrote in 2005, in a newsletter series, and the images shown, are typical of America in the year, 2017. Let’s see: I predicted anarchists, and nihilists in the streets…Radical Islamic operatives…Globalist shills of every stripe…Putin still in power as an Autocrat, and a threat to Globalism, …U.S. saber-rattling with Iran, plus a whole host of other developments….

Am I a psychic? Do I have a crystal ball? magic8ball_tcm858-226329

Do I have a Magic 8 ball??? Hey,.. they were fun to play with as a kid…

No… I am just a student of Bible Prophecy…plus, I have the leading of the Holy Spirit in which I have received a Spirit of Truth…You can read about this, in the Gospel of John…that is, the Spirit of Truth. It is just a function of the Holy Spirit.

The reason you don’t hear anyone talk, except me, about having a “Spirit of Truth,” is that no one really has it! Does this make me special? Not really… You see, all Christian believers should have this staple. The sad part is, few, do…If you have the Spirit of Truth, you can discern what is true and what is false. You can discern the “signs of the Times,” as well.

You can’t receive the Spirit of Truth, or the Holy Spirit to “lead and guide you into all truth,” unless of course, you have a place for him.

Herein, is the rub… Few Christian believers do… have a place for the Holy Spirit. Very few Christian believers are able to yield to the Holy Spirit… Indeed, shockingly, most Christian professors…REJECT… the Holy Spirit..

This is not a healthy outcome!

But look around, in the church world, and you see a whole system DEFUNCT of the Holy Spirit. The truth is, there has been no presence of the Holy Spirit connected with such a system, since the last genuine worldwide revival at the turn of the 20th century!!

Even then, this Great Revival… and as all of them have been…WERE OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM!

Oh, you notice an individual now and then, with something “on the ball.” But the rest is JUST SHAM… particularly on the corporate level! I don’t think that I have ever seen so many “wannabe’s” in all my life in such a pretentious persuasion. There is no reality to back or support, what these professors are claiming. They just pretend to be Christians… which by the way, the very word means “anointed ones…” !!!

You sure cannot have any anointing without the Holy Spirit, now can you?

Jesus had tremendous anointing…indeed, Jesus had the Spirit of God, the Bible says, (John 3:34)…WITHOUT MEASURE… If Jesus was the Christ, or Anointed ONE, and had the Holy Spirit in a capacity…then HOW can his followers function without the SAME?

Somebody is lying about their “faith.” FOR SURE, THEY ARE IN DECEPTION! Their “faith” doesn’t match up with the faith of Jesus. Oh, they got some morality… and they think that will save them…but so did the Pharisees, and Jesus said that our “righteousness” would have exceed theirs, to gain the Kingdom of God!

If anybody needed to yield to the Holy Spirit… it is…, these “wells without water,” AND well, THEY DO need to! But it is too late, as they have, for the greater extent, rejected the Holy Spirit. The bad thing about this rejection is, is that, there are few and fewer opportunities to amend this action. Rejecting the Spirit of God, is just about the worse thing you can do, in the human condition. Rejecting the Spirit of God, is just absolutely the worse thing you can do… as a professing Christian…

You see these same moral types and wannabes, who are condemning folks who have pretty sinful lifestyles. These moral police are comparing these folks’ lifestyles to the Plain of Sodom. Yet, these sinful folks have never had the opportunity as these professing Christians to accept or reject the Spirit of God… as these hypocrites have already rejected the Spirit of God!

Golly, it makes you wonder, really WHO is in worse shape?

But the fact is, the Spirit of God is given to THEM…that OBEY him (Acts 5:32). So just like when Peter told the whole religious system that he was addressing in Acts 5, that, that whole RELIGIOUS SYSTEM had rejected the Holy Spirit, and of course, rejected and killed Christ, the representative of the Holy Spirit, or Spirit of God, SENT TO THEM!

Why then, should we think that our time is any different???

History repeats itself, all the time.

Verily, verily, not only is the Spirit of God rejected,… BUT CHRIST IS REJECTED AS WELL.

Now, you understand why our nation, that is, the United States, is in such bad trouble. They are in bad trouble because the professed People of God, are in GOD TROUBLE.

God trouble is always about one thing: rejecting the light and presence of the Holy Spirit…!!

A lot of people aren’t going to make it. They will NOT survive their generation. God has to “clear the decks” of such pernicious UNBELIEF. Unbelief, reader, is the mainspring of rejecting the Holy Spirit. Such unbelief, as what the children of Israel had in the Wilderness, and what Jesus found in his ministry, is soundly condemned without reservation, in the Bible.



Back eleven years ago, I wrote several newsletters, written on a monthly format, in which I described events that would be pertinent to the War of Armageddon…

_39514753_031031hamas203body1 2005-11-01-008 iran-next wladimir_putinislam_holocaust

Some of the images from my newsletter Armageddon series enlarged from the year of 2006.

To be honest with you, many of these events seem premature, as the War of Armageddon is still a ways off. You see, there are still over fifty Bible prophecies to either, to be initiated, or to be started, or to be completely fulfilled. There are many prophecies going on now, that still have a “run-time” that is not over yet. Hence, the Armageddon Event is still, in my estimation, 30-40 years away. And, I would not be surprised to see it fifty years in the future.

Yet these things are now happening on a scale now. Particularly, in the United States. This is just a prelude. These things are happening in the United States as these occurrences are consistent with a change in a government or national polity. You then, can expect some profound changes in the United States, before these things resume again, on a worldwide level befitting an Armageddon event. The “Deep State” function, or the Military-Industrial Complex, or rather, the Institutional Frankism (this is a term you haven’t heard of, but is totally accurate)  running the United States, is being “externalized” in the United States, and is preparing to take power from the duly elected government this past November. You see more and more talk of martial law and military rule, not necessarily from the armed forces of  the United States.


In perhaps, the only inaccurate statement ever made by Julian Assange of Wikileaks, he declared before the U.S. election, that Mr. Trump would not be permitted to “win”… Assange should have said that Mr. Trump would not be permitted to “govern”…as the Shadow Government, or Deep State apparatus, or Institutional Frankism in the United States, aligned with mainstream media, is providing effective opposition to many of Trump’s policies…

There are so many prophecies yet to be started, or undertaken, that I just shake my head when I hear the Evangelicals and the Fundamentalist professing Christians claim, that Jesus is “coming soon,” or real soon, or just around the bend, so to speak, or that the oddball, weirdo, FAKE “Rapture” theory is so OVERDUE to occur!

I mean, I will mention just a few prophecies that my church friends have no idea of, that have to be fulfilled, before we can even talk about Christ coming back!

ONE, we have to have another type of Renaissance, a Spiritual one, in which spiritual truth and exponential Spiritual Knowledge catches up with the increase of knowledge in the natural realm, as we have witnessed over the last two hundred years, plus, in new inventions, technology, and science discoveries. This won’t take two hundred years: it will be done in less than twenty…

TWO, we have to have a worldwide revival, that is wholly genuine. The prophet Joel told of this.

Third, the Book of Daniel has to be UNSEALED… My, my, just who has the standing to do that in our bastions and institutions of Christianized Unbelief…posing as the “real thing”?

Fourth, we have to have a return of the actual gift of prophecy and an attendant prophetic and priesthood type class. These folks will not make exaggerated and false claims. You see, there are no more persecuted class of people in the world… AS ARE PROPHETS!…Anyone going around making such a claim to make a name and financial gain, are just sorcerers. The very Biblical nature of Prophets, is that they are treated very badly, and that this world is not worthy of them… which pattern is reflected in the ministry of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Old Testament roles such as Elijah. No one volunteers for this vocation…THEY ARE CALLED… despite their reluctance.

Fifth, we have to have certain physical changes in our present world and climate. We will have, a …”WORLD ON FIRE”… This is not a figurative statement, but a literal event.

Hardly anyone knows, that Peter the Apostle, is not the only one, or the first one, ever to speak and prophesy of this “world on fire”… The fact is, it was common knowledge to Jewish folks in the first century C E., time,  in Palestine. It was also predicted in the Old Testament….

It was even predicted in the Antediluvian World of such a conflagration.

And reader, I am just still “scratching the surface” of End Time Prophecies.

If you are not aware of what I am writing about, then you need to “get with the program.”

You need to EMPTY yourself of… the many, many preconceived ideas and beliefs of the Christian Corporate System, or business model of raising vast sums of money by enslaving millions in doing so… and open yourself up… INSTEAD, to the leading and voice of the Holy Spirit.

You could never come up, on your own, by an independent study of the Bible, the crazy stuff that many churches teach. MOST ALL, believe in this preconceived, rubber-stamped, deception that is keeping folks from the light and teaching of the Spirit of God.

Now, you know it is just not the “fish in Denmark” that stinks…. it is the dead, foul, carcass of man’s false belief systems, which is idolatry, in turning folks away from the leading of the Spirit.

Yep, you need the Holy Spirit.

You need a Spirit of Truth.

All you got to do is…

…to yield to the Spirit, forsake and quit trusting in the “arm of the flesh,” and man-made idols of false institutional worship…

Jesus told the woman at Jacob’s Well, that it was time then, and once again in the future, for “worshiping” and following God, “in Spirit and in Truth.” You see, they are one… and the same…

Don’t let man and his false garbs of religions rob you of this BLESSING a moment further…

You can be free, and follow, the Spirit of God…

You can start yielding now, and listen to the Spirit.

I have, and you can too. It is a great freedom not to be in bondage and deception.

Thanks for reading.

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