My Take on “THE MARK of the BEAST”…Part One


Cain, with his “Mark,” or “Mark of Cain,” as depicted from the 1966 cinematic epic, The Bible: In the Beginning.

It appears that God has been “marking” individuals and people for awhile…




A lot of Evangelical and Fundamentalist denominational professing Christians are pretty concerned about what is known as the “Mark,” or “Mark of the Beast.”

You find a more than ample amount of televangelists, Evangelical leaders, and Fundamentalist Pastors, heralding this “soon coming” event. These “prophecy experts” have been busy for a long time, in explaining, and explaining over, and over again, things regarding the Mark of the Beast, and all things dispensational. Many of these folks are Evangelical and Fundamentalist “household names,” such as: John Hagee,  Jack Van Impe,  Grant  Jeffrey,  the late Tim  La Haye, Chuck  Missler, Dr. Irvin  Baxter,  Jerry Jenkins  and  numerous  others.

However, probably no one has contributed to this “Mark of the Beast” business as a horror-movie/disaster-film/end of the world scenario survival genre, as Hal Lindsey has.

Hal Lindsey, pictured left, a Jesuit Poseur and Frankist shill, and his signature book, The Late Great Planet Earth. Of course, nearly 50 years later, the earth is still around, and is not dead. This book has been largely discredited now since it was published in 1970. In this stead, Lindsey has authored over another twelve books, spinning them off, based on his original premises.

It is a common psychological ploy, if you hold incorrect and inaccurate views, to not retract them, but to disseminate such views in as many MORE venues and ways, as is humanly possible, as to minimize critical thinking.

This is exactly what Hal has done.

His signature book was inundated with his predictions and suppositions, but as time took its toll, many of Lindsey’s predictions have fallen short, and he is regarded in many circles as being now, a false “predictor.”

One of the most glaring of these predictions was regarding the European Common Market. Lindsey predicted, that it would become a league of ten nations, and would assume a revived Roman Empire. This ten-nation entity, would be overcome and ruled over by a near “other-worldly” figure known as… The Antichrist…

When Lindsey spouted this stuff, there were only six nations in this Common Market. Today, it is now known as the European Union, and now has 27 member nations, if you count Great Britain leaving the union, which is being obfuscated in the worse way. Lindsey’s interpretation of the Book of Daniel, in which the ten kings of Daniel’s Vision is referred to, is wholly inconsistent now.

Twenty-seven nations, are not…. “10”…

So, there is NO “ten nations” or “ten toes” in Europe…

There is NO revived Roman Empire…

There is NO Antichrist figure that he promulgated…

Rather, the European Union is being threatened of being assimilated into the Arab and Moslem World… with Angela Merkel of Germany promoting such openly… and not a bogus Christian one…

Lindsey predicted in the same book,…that the Soviet Union… would be the underpinning for the Antichrist rule and authority.

Well, there is NO Soviet Union, and hasn’t been since 1989.

Lindsey also made much ado over his interpretation of the Parable of the Fig Tree. It has also been proven to be entirely erroneous. He first said that this parable would be fulfilled in 1988!

WRONG!…again… You would think when a fellow like Hal, has this much wrong with his predictions and views, he wouldn’t have any credibility at all, anymore.

But then you would be underestimating the influential forces that have propped him up,…for yearsfor Hal Lindsey is out of the same Frankist mold as other “Modern Dispensational champions” of that Frankist faith, such as John Nelson Darby and C.I. Schofield.

I have been following Hal loosely since the Jesus Movement. I first noticed him in a video, way back when, where a sham Satanist who was acting as a shill, gave impetus to Hal as being “some great one,” when Hal “rebuked” him.  I discerned the whole scene as a scam and saw it was nothing less than a publicity stunt to help launch this guy as some Biblical authority on prophecy and the End Times.

Sure enough, I was right… Lindsey kept floating around like a “bad penny,” or a counterfeit, until he got noticed by the more mainstream Evangelicals.

There is also something bad wrong about his interpretation of the Fig Tree Parable given by Christ in the Gospels. It is just wasn’t applicable the way that Lindsey and practically everyone else said it was.

I wrote about what the interpretation of this parable is, in my second book… I think I have some insights in it… For sure, much more than the current outlook on it, which has been discarded from the present End Time, for many years now.

Yep, no one talks about it now… how curious…

The fact is, this Parable is still being fulfilled. The key to understanding the interpretation of this parable, …is the term, “nation-building.”

But, I digress… back to Hal.

So, his predictions about the European Common Market, did not come true.  He had admitted previously, that if he turned out to be wrong…that “he would be a bum.”

Well, he should have been, but the powers behind him keep making him yet relevant somehow…though, it takes a lot more effort nowadays.


Hal and the Mark of the Beast

Lindsey has also changed his predictions on what the “Mark of the Beast” is. In his signature book, he claimed this was a visible tattoo on one’s forehead, or forehand, as quoted, below:

Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth, 1970

Everyone will be given a tattoo or mark on either his forehead or forehand, only if he swears allegiance to the Dictator as being God. Symbolically, this mark will be 666. (Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth, 1970, p.101)

Ten years later, in a book then, he said that the “Mark” was an invisible “trade number” which could be viewed in a special light.

Hal Lindsey, The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon, 1980

Those worshipers will each be assigned a trade number. Without that number, on one will be permitted to buy or sell anything (Revelation 13:16-17). . . The only safeguard would be to tattoo the number on your skin with an ink that could be seen only in a special light. . . (Hal Lindsey, The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon, 1980, pp. 110,111,112)

Thirty-five years later, in 2015, Lindsey now claimed then that the “Mark” was “biometric.”

“Their ‘identification’ needs to be unique, secure, and unchanging. So it must be established through ‘biometrics.’ “

” ‘Biometrics’ are certain measurable physical traits unique to each individual. They include things like fingerprints, palm prints, the shape of the ear and other facial features. Biometrics include the configuration of the iris in the eyeball or 3-D modeling of the blood vessels in the hands and fingers. Each of the ‘identifiers’ can be used with tremendous accuracy and many of them in almost real time. What’s more is that they cannot be forged or duplicated. They are unmistakably unique to each person.”

Then, two years later, now here in 2017, Hal said that the “Mark” was now, a “microchip.” The problem is with that, is that the “Mark” was already been claimed to be a microchip some thirty years ago.

Apparently, Hal is not “keeping up.” Moreover, he has changed his views on what the “Mark” is, when his “once” inspirational ideas on it, became obsolete…not once, nor twice, but several times.

“More on the Mark”…

Yes, …This “Mark of the Beast,” has been taught by modern dispensationalists to be…so many different things…

In my lifetime, I have seen the following items claimed to be such a “Mark of the Beast”:

A United States Social Security card; or, some kind of tattoo, akin to Jews in German concentration camps; or, identification papers made urban legend by German Fascist or Soviet Communist regimes (of which, “your papers please” is a well worn movie line in post World War II films of the Cold War genre);  or yet, a UPC number, or bar code, as on some laundry detergent or candy bar; or still yet, sophisticated respective U.S. State Driver’s Licenses, which license contains bar code information on the individual, an unflattering photo, with additional ID bar codes tracking the individual down to their credit history and any possible legal issues, possible eye iris scans, et cetera. Or yet, yet still,… a microchip, planted on the surface of the hand or somewhere on the forehead…which, keeps getting smaller and smaller…

sscardHolocaust_tattoowolfe050515-5UPC mark of the beastwolfe050515-4

ri7p5l< A SMALL MICROCHIP TO A…smaller microchip…even smaller one…

Presently, it is just fascinating how these false teachers adapt. They are not to be undone by the progress of modern high technology. No more than technology makes their conclusion of what the “Mark” is, out-dated and outmoded, these actors make another end-around to keep the deceit going, by changing not only the “goal post,” but the end zone line.

Why don’t more people get “woke” on this deception?

So, these “post-modern” dispensationalists keep updating, and renovating just in time, of what the “Mark” is supposed to be, to keep current interest sustained at ever higher levels, to fit even more modern times and applications such as bio-chips or, now “nano”-chips.

Such bio-chips that they describe, are inserted under the skin, as is commonly used in animal identification. A more recent buzz is though,  the nano-chip, which is either ingested, or placed in inoculation mediums, to “mark” the masses.

The Nano-chip

Now…Without this near invisible, extra micro, nano-chip “mark,” we are informed nowadays by our friends, the Dispensationalist shills,… no one will be able to enter and function in the coming New World Order totalitarian and economic system of the worship of Lucifer… Those without it, will be consigned to an immediate termination of life.

Of course, if such “nano-chips” are the “Mark of the Beast,” practically no one can avoid ingesting or getting vaccinated with such, as after all, vaccination and inoculation programs are pandemic, and everyone has to be vaccinated…and these nano-chips, are undetected by those getting inoculated…Right?…  Hence, everyone will have the “Mark,” after all!

Although, according to these shills, you can decide NOT to take the “mark,” yet, the New World Order Elite has surreptitiously forced everyone to have the “mark” already!!

Now, isn’t ultra-modern technology just great?

Even those “who don’t take the mark,” will have it anyway…

This must be a version of the Satanic, Luciferian conspiracy of “no one gets left behind.”  A slogan made popular by the Timothy LaHaye rapture theory, or in my view,…poppycock… Now isn’t this word, “poppycock,” kind of like the Apostle Paul’s description of believers being “turned unto fables”? (2 Timothy 4:4).

How astute of Paul…

This scenario is unlike though, the fictional rapture theory of the same Post-Modern Dispensationalists, where billions of people “get left behind” because they will not be raptured attributable to their unbelief in God and all things “dispensational,” and will be left here on earth, to suffer the unimaginable horrors of a worldwide ..“Great Tribulation…”

This largely fictional paranoia has been on the Evangelical scene, well, since the mid-19th century. The deal is, …it hasn’t happened. Nor will it, as advocated by the Dispensationalists.

Modern Dispensationalism, is about the worst “humbug” belief, that you can possess. It is Frankist Christianity. If you don’t know what that is, or have never heard of it, then it is because the Frankists and Sabbateans, do their intrigue so very well. You have give the Devil, his Due…!

And professed Christians, are so much in the “dark.”

Yep, the whole Evangelical Christian system has been…

HIJACKED… by Frankist agents…

And you, reader, if you subscribe to these notions, are part of a great deception. You are a Frankist “christian.”

Now, there are two words there, put together, that is one of the greatest oxymorons and contradictions of the English language. Yet, there are millions of these people, Frankist Christians,  “running around.”

Yet, these clever apostate Ashkenazi Jews, who follow the false messiahs, Shabbatai Tz’vi, and Jacob Frank, have totally subverted Evangelical, traditional, protestant, and Fundamentalist Christianity, or all of it, for that matter, with their Jesuit-inspired palaver.

^ Our Wonder Workers & False Messiahs: Shabbatai Tz’vi, left, and his protege, Jacob Frank, right…They are far more influential now than they were in the Middle Ages… Their ideas have completely subverted Modern, popular Christianity.

This is the great mystery of it all, is that it was devised by the harem-scarum Catholic Jesuits of the 16th century as part of their Counter-Reformation strategy, called Futurism, partly devised by that mental giant, Pope Leo X. This Futurism was refurbished, modernized, energized, and updated by the 19th, 20th, and 21st-century Frankists and Sabbatean Messianic apostate heretics, who started partnering with the Jesuits in the early 19th century, to give us a renovated Catholic Church, among other things, as mystically espoused by that notorious, glorious Catholic occultist who advocated “Positive Christianity” or “Emergent Christianity”: Herr Adolf Hitler.

And now, you see a new “Emergent Christianity,” or “Positive Christianity,” terms introduced by Hitler, in making compromises with, and making league with the homosexual and transgender agendas… Isn’t the New World Order just great?

And now, you have to figure the present Pope is in on such schemes as well, as he now advocates an unified “faith” for all religions.

It is amazing how you can follow these people by the money trail… They are always linked by filthy lucre, and money laundering, such as the Vatican Bank, for instance.

But, you have to give these folks, credit. These Frankists and Sabbateans sure know how to have fun with simple minded people with their innovative ideas such as Modern Dispensationalism.  They have been at it for a long time.

On to Part Two.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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  1. Melissa Geno says:

    Great analogy.

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