My Take on “THE MARK of the BEAST”…Part 2

Just over a century ago, a Glenn Cook, pictured standing in the center, wrote a pamphlet about the Azusa Street Meeting revival, in which he witnessed and participated in. He published this about the Spring of 1913.

If you know much of anything about the Pentecostal Movement, it was these series of meetings in Los Angeles, California, in 1906, that was the catalyst of this revival, that swept across the world, and brought in what is known now, as the Pentecostal Revival.

This Revival pretty much dissipated altogether, by the mid-1930’s. Or rather, by this time, the Spirit of God lifted off the revival, since man was trying to organize this work into sects and denominations for control and profits.

This revival, despite the Spirit being lifted off in a general way,  did splinter off into some interesting sub-groups and components, which still had some semblance of its former power, at sundry times.

 ^ Brother  Glenn  Cook, (1867-1948), was from Indianapolis, Indiana, who went out West to work for a daily newspaper in Los Angeles. There, he came into contact with the Azusa Street outpouring, and handled their finances and correspondence. The next year, Cook returned to Indiana, and brought the message of Pentecost, to Indianapolis, which quickly became a hub of such activity. Cook led highly successful revivals of Pentecost in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, before going back to California to carry out revival work there.


In this single sheet folded tract, Cook told firsthand of the historic event of this powerful revival. On the last fold of this publication, Cook made some personal comments and observations.

He also, predicted or prophesied several things.

Interestingly, no one (except, of course, myself), and no denomination, such as the Assembly of God Church organization out of Springfield, Missouri, and who distributes this tract out of its archive department, makes much ado at all, of what Cook prophesied .. primarily because, what he said is detrimental and critical of organized Christianity, of which, the Assemblies of God are part of.

Here are some things that Brother prophesied of, and you have to remember that in 1913, there was no “mass communications” to assist Brother Cook, in his prophetic convictions, as those have in our Post-Modern times who call themselves, prophetic voices:

~ Despite not having CNN and other media cable and network constant news feeds, and/or government intelligence sources, Brother Cook predicted, in early 1913, of the Great War, or World War I, which commenced late the following year under the most inauspicious and subtle events. 

Unfortunately, as it is true for most revivalists, Cook thought this Great War, may very well be, the War of Armageddon, in which it would herald the Second Coming of Christ. Revivalists always jump ahead of reality, as the revival that they became caught up in, was overwhelming to many of their sensibilities. For instance, the Twelve Disciples always were thinking that Jesus, was to restore Israel to her former kingdom greatness (Acts 1:6), even after his resurrection! The Thessalonian Church, was caught up in such a revival, that they also thought the Kingdom of God, and return of Christ, was imminent. The Apostle Paul had to write them a letter or two, to restrict their zeal of this belief. Hence, Revivalists tend to think, because of the vision that they experienced in such revival events, as their counterparts among the Twelve and the Thessalonians, that great revivals had far greater implications than, what they really did.

With the War of Armageddon at hand, or so Cook thought, he made some other interesting remarks, which would be true…except for Brother Cook’s timing….

But let me examine them for you…

~ Cook said that Armageddon was being “held back” for the “greatest revival in history.” Cook prophesied that before this “greatest revival” would occur, that there would be a “preparation time.”

This is all true. There will be a very great revival, indeed, what is called, or termed, the “Latter Rain Revival,” as prophesied by the Prophet Joel. This revival will occur before Armageddon. And, before ever this happens, there will be a body of people prepared for its spread and propagation.

~ Cook then prophesied some very interesting happenings,  leading up to this time of preparation, and revival.

First, Cook claimed that there would be, in this “preparation time,”  a “great mass of prophetic teachers” would appear on the scene, WHO…”had not been ‘born again.’ ”

That is, reader, such teachers and leaders, who… have not been properly “converted.”

This then signifies, that they are not genuine.

And many people who believed on these teachers, …“and (their) believers,”… or those following these “great mass of..teachers,” who would also,… “not been ‘born again.’ “

This then signifies also, that these “believers” are not genuine.

Secondly, Cook prophesied, that these false “prophetic teachers,” who were  NOT  “born again,” …that they…WOULD DO A GREAT WORK!… This signifies that these false teachers would experience great success in deceiving “believers.”

Thirdly, that these “great mass of false prophetic teachers” would have such unqualified success in preparing the people, by getting them KINGDOM-MINDED.”

I will explain what this being …”Kingdom-minded”… is all about, farther along.

Fourthly however, Brother Cook maintained despite all this hoopla and fanfare… that the…


Or beyond,… the efforts and deceptions of these non-“born again” false prophetic teachers…

This “great mass of “ ungenuine “prophetic teachers,” which there is NO SHORTAGE OF, have their adherents, or followers, who also are not truly or wholly converted, REDUCED to “fables” regarding the Kingdom of God in which folks are really blinded as to what the “real work” is!

Reader, Jesus said you “had to be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God.” …HIS WORDS …NOT MINE!.. If you have not then, had a genuine heartfelt experience of salvation, in which you realized that your sins were forgiven, and that you had the revelation of “passing from death unto life,” then you have not received ample certification or acceptance, nor a TRUE assurance, of faith regarding your status. If you have settled for less than this, then you are not genuinely converted!

You can go to all the churches you want, be of as much of a moral standing that you wish to possess, but without the work of the Holy Spirit in a miraculous act of salvation, you are but… a NOMINAL Christian.

Brother Cook predicted that these unconverted and unregenerated “teachers” would deceive the masses by getting them to be “Kingdom-minded” without a real conversion to Christianity.

Reader, this is exactly what has happened!

Millions of such “Christians” are sitting on their hands, awaiting a fictional rapture, or other futuristic fears of “an antichrist” (a kind of ubermensch persona), a horrific “Mark of the Beast” (which is in constant flux, as to what that is?), Pre-, Mid-, or Post-, “tribulation periods,” (NO CONFUSION THERE) and other such “way off in the future events,”  in which such “believers” hope to delay such inconveniences to their inflated lifestyles, in which these folks attempt to elect “conservative” politicians to uphold godly standards for them, but not fulfill the Great Commission and Christ’s words to “occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13, i.e., “teaching and preaching”…see margin).

To be sure, these simple, but nominal believing folks are making these prophecy teachers immensely wealthy.

Brother Cook foretold that these false teachers would do a “great work.”


Just WHO are… some of these “teachers” in this “great work”?

Well, believe it or not, many of them are “household names.”

But this concludes this part of this study for the time being. I will introduce these “household names” in my Part 3, of “My Take on ‘THE MARK of the BEAST.’ ”

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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