My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,”…PART THREE

Popular Conceptions of the Mark of the Beast during my lifetime, pretty much…From the introduction of the United States Social Security Card; to, “tattoos” worn by mostly Jewish detainees in Nazi Death Camps; to, various forms of identification papers and passports; to, bar codes now commercially known as Universal Product Codes; to, micro-chips; to, nano-chips…and BEYOND!…As nano-chips are already becoming obsolete in application…All of these “technologies” were touted as the “Mark of the Beast” by Modern Dispensationalists. They were WRONG! They lied. 

Instead of admitting their mistakes, they just ignore their errors, and plunge into a “new threat.”

Readers, this is how pathological personalities operate…not TRULY converted Christian folks!…





I introduced this topic, by headlining perhaps the most influential person, or expert, on this “Mark of the Beast” business, in popular Christendom. This headliner was a Mr. Hal Lindsey, who started the current dialogue, with his 1970 best-seller, The Late Great Planet Earth. Mr. Lindsey has since published several other books, hosted television shows regarding prophecy, and is still dispensing on religious and some secular programming, his worn-out theories mixed with some Government intelligence, which the latter, is the only thing still of some interest, if possible, that he might have to offer.

The book that started it ALL…

…which has sold over 30 million copies. Mr. Lindsey says that he didn’t make that much money from it, …hmm, interesting thing to say…, if you are a hireling minister. If so, what he has made money on, is developing the theory of Modern Dispensationalism from a cottage industry, into a worldwide deception.

The issue with Mr. Lindsey, is  not only that this book is full of holes, but his succeeding books and televised programs as well, and they have been largely discredited and an embarrassment in general to Christianity, to any one with any objectivity.

Indeed, Mr. Lindsey has made so many personal erroneous predictions based on his Dispensationalist concept, that he has MIMICKED… the “Jean Dixon Effect.”


The “Jean Dixon” Effect

A Temple University mathematician first coined this term, “the Jean Dixon effect,” which references a tendency, to promote a few correct predictions, while ignoring a larger number of incorrect ones.

Many of Dixon’s predictions have proved erroneous, such as her claims that a dispute over the offshore Chinese islands would trigger the start of World War III in 1958; that American labor leader Walter Reuther would run for president of the United States in the 1964 presidential election; that the second child of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his young wife Margaret would be a girl (it was a boy), and that the Soviets would be the first to put men on the moon (the Soviets, nor the Russian Federation, never did…the United States did so).

“The Jean Dixon effect,” also refers to the tendency, of the mass media, to hype or exaggerate a few correct predictions by a psychic, guaranteeing that they will be remembered, while forgetting or ignoring the ever more numerous incorrect predictions.

For instance, Dixon predicted in the 1960 U.S. presidential election, that Richard Nixon would win. She also predicted however, that John Kennedy would win. This way, Jean could publicize which prediction was correct, AND with fawning media attention, receive credit for being a… “seer.”

This is the very same pattern of Hal Lindsey….except

However, I don’t know of any of Lindsey’s predictions that have come true!… unlike Jean Dixon, who incredibly, has then, more credibility than Lindsey!

This then, does not make him a Bible prophecy expert, nor does it make him a psychic considering his numerous false predictions… but it does qualify him… to be a bamboozler!

Here are a few more examples of such bamboozling:

~ Predicted that the world would end by 1981.

~ Predicted the Rapture to occur in 1981. Note, this is a separate event from the former above.

~ Yet, when that date of 1981, came and gone, in another book he published, The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon, he said that “this decade of the 1980’ the last decade of history, as we know it.”

~ Predicted then, yet in the 1980’s, that Jesus would return in 1988.

~ In a subsequent book, Planet Earth-2000 A.D., Lindsey told Christian believers that “they should not plan to STILL be on earth by the year 2000.”

~ In yet another book, despite earlier telling Christian believers that they “should not plan to STILL be on earth by the year 2000,” those that did remain, could buy his new book,  Facing Millennial Midnight: The Y2K Crisis Confronting America and the World. This Lindsey book, predicted widespread confusion and panic over the Y2K crisis. But, it turned out that Y2K was a complete bust, Hal though, kept the book profits, and never acknowledged publicly nor apologized for his mistakes in which he contributed to influence some 100,000 Americans into becoming “preppers,” in spending millions of dollars preparing for such a doomsday scenario.

~ Lindsey then predicted later, that Jesus would return in 2011.

~ Now, predicts that Jesus will return in 2018…Do you think so?

How does anyone believe this guy anymore? He should be soundly debunked. He is a false prophet, and, not a particularly good one!

In my Part Two, I introduced a Glenn Cook.

Brother Cook published a small tract in 1913, which he “prophesied of” several things yet to occur, and that we were in a “preparation time,” for a genuine work of God to follow.

However, Cook claimed that there would be, in this “preparation time,”  a “great mass of prophetic teachers” would appear on the scene, WHO…”had not been ‘born again.’ ”

This then signifies, that these “teachers” are… not genuine.

Moreover, Cook prophesied, that these false “prophetic teachers,” who were  NOT  “born again,” …that they…“WOULD DO A GREAT WORK!”

… This signifies that these false teachers would experience great success in deceiving “believers.”

Thirdly, that these “great mass of false prophetic teachers” in this “Great Work,” would have such unqualified success “by preparing the people, by getting them KINGDOM-MINDED.”

Brother Cook predicted that these unconverted and unregenerated “teachers” would deceive the masses by getting them to be “Kingdom-minded”… without any real conversion to Christianity.

Reader, this is exactly what has happened!

Since the mid-19th century, Evangelical influences, for profits and profligacy (dissolute or immoral deceptions), have pitched AN IMMINENT RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST from the days of Edward Irving, John Nelson Darby, William Blackstone, D.L. Moody, and C.I. Schofield to the very present time…

Of course, this is ALL incorrect! It is incorrect, because it did not happen, and it has not happened… since IT IS A FALSE HOPE!

Christ, indeed, is coming… but such an appearance is NOT IMMINENT…

I have stated for  YEARS… that there are as many or more than FIFTY (50) Bible End Time Prophecies to be fulfilled… Some of which have not even yet began, most of which are still being fulfilled! In other words, these prophecies are not completely fulfilled, as of yet.

This is what preachers should be talking about… and not making tons of money in feeding false hopes…

…in which they themselves….DON’T EVEN BELIEVE!!

If they DO believe the claptrap they push…then why are all of these teachers “wealthy millionaires?”

Obviously then, their reward is not… IN HEAVEN…Hence, if they are mistaken, they are “comforted” by their ill-gotten gains from gullible followers.

Then, you “throw in” their handiwork gem of Modern Dispensationalism… the Rapture…THEORY… then you… REALLY GET PEOPLE EATING OUT OF YOUR HAND!

Yipper,.. this is the business of getting folks ALL “KINGDOM-minded,” in which these poor people lose all concept of really getting prepared for such events…and their pockets, much lighter.

Yes, Brother Cook predicted this phenomenon of FALSE TEACHERS…

And, HERE ARE A FEW of them:

Left to right, top row: Jack Van Impe; Pat Robertson; John Hagee; the late Chuck Smith. Bottom row: the late David Wilkerson; the late Tim LaHaye; the aforementioned Hal Lindsey; and Jimmy Swaggart.

All of these “teachers” are identified in Glenn Cook’s prophecy. They are all doing a “great work” “getting folks Kingdom-minded.” They all preach Modern Dispensationalism and its many tenets and dogma such an imminent return of Christ, the rapture, and of course, the mark of the beast, antichrist, and tribulation periods, all futurist Kingdom-minded events which precede the Kingdom.

—Jack Van Impe, besides the usual Modern Dispensationalist “kingdom-minded” spiel that he promotes, has made use of the “Jean Dixon Effect” as well, in which he has prophesied so many false calamities, some contradictory in nature, that such has reached nearly encyclopedic proportions.

Van Impe has also become a “closet Catholic” for promoting Roman Catholic Mariology in endorsing demonic-inspired visions of Mary and quoting Papal comments fervently.

Just watching this fellow on television, takes the viewer into a entry level dissociative state, practically, just to follow his humbug.

— The late, Charismatic pastor Chuck Smith, prophesied the generation living in the year 1948 would be the last (that generation has passed off the scene pretty much), and that the world,.. would end by 1981… He was also associated with government intelligence agentur in implementing a fake Jesus Movement in which he received national attention. He was later exposed by a Illuminati defector to be a part of the problem, and not the solution. This pretty concurs with Brother Cook’s qualification of not being “born again,” in being involved in such deceit and intrigue.

The late David Wilkerson chimed in at the same timetable, and wrote some 400+ prophecies in one book alone (published in 1973, so ample time has certainly gone by to evaluate his sham), much of which was ridiculous, such as predicting “killer-bees,” “super-rats,”  which would be vexing the world’s masses, and other dire predictions of financial collapse, earth-shaking events, population calamities, and general doomsday paranoia. Wilkerson ALSO popularized the “Jean Dixon” effect in Evangelical circles and among his faithful coterie, in which he made so many predictions, like Dixon, that he was bound to get a couple right! In the Bible, true prophets are 100% correct…not 10%… or so. The latter figure of  10%,  is about  the average percentage of accuracy, for those who call themselves psychics.

Pat Robertson wrote in his book, The New Millenium, in 1990, that April 29, 2007 would be the Day of Destruction upon the earth. This is after Pat declared in late 1976, on his TV program, that the world would end in 1982. A Wikipedia entry of Robertson, has several instances of his failed predictions listed.

–The late Tim LaHaye, contributed heavily to the hysteria of “kingdom-mindedness,” with his Left Behind series.

LaHaye was originally financed by the Reverend Moon of “Moonie” fame (yes, curious but true…strange links between “media-ized Christians” and “occultists” exist!) has accumulated upwards of $100+ million in putting out such theories.

How then, do professed “born again” preachers get financing from demonic cult leaders, by the way?

–Hal Lindsey, who I covered already.

— Jimmy Swaggart needs no introduction. After his public shaming, Swaggart went on to engage in the same behaviour again, and after that, re-invented himself as an unparalleled  exegete of Modern Dispensationalism, copying from Finis Dake and his Dispensational bunkum version, and C.I. Schofield, in forming his own expository Bible, like Schofield did. This is remarkable as Swaggart is no intellectual giant, nor has any developed deep thinking or logic capability usually consistent with Bible expository. Indeed, Jimmy is a high school drop-out who uses “cain’t,” and “ain’t” in his public discourses. He promotes himself as a college dean in featuring his own Bible college, awarding bachelor’s degrees to graduates, but his school is not accredited, nor is Swaggart, seeking any such accreditation.

Reader, awarding such degrees of educational achievement such as a four-year Bachelor’s degree without proper accreditation from other recognized educational institutions, is outright fraud, and downright theft, in charging fees for such worthless study.


Brother Glenn Cook prophesied and predicted this phenomenon, over a hundred years ago.

He did not make false predictions. He was not wrong.

He prophesied that there would be a “great mass of prophetic teachers,” some of the most notable in our post-modern times, which I have catalogued above.

Brother Cook declared that these “prophetic teachers” would not be regenerated, or soundly converted along the lines of what he described as “born again.”

He was right.

No one can make such erroneous predictions as the coterie of modern dispensationalists that I have compiled above, have made, and fail to admit their mistakes, lies, and fraud, and engage in sorcery in mimicking spiritualist mediums or psychics like Jean Dixon, even to the extent of copying her technique, AND BE A CHRISTIAN CONVERT MUCH LESS A CHRISTIAN MINISTER.

Brother Cook also predicted that these “teachers” would be quite successful in achieving a “great work.”

This success in duping the masses of believers who would subscribe to the notions of these false “prophetic teachers,” would be based on “kingdom-minded” dogma.

And again, this, is exactly what has happened!

On the next segment, My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,” Part Four.

I will expand on this yet more.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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