My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,”…PART FOUR


I have been featuring a Brother Glenn Cook, whose prophetic tract, published in 1913, has foretold a good deal of what has been happening on the Christian Evangelical front, in the 20th, and so far, the 21st Century.

I have done this in this manner, instead of putting forth the usual arguments against tenets of the mass fraud of what is called, Modern Dispensationalism, in this series of articles, as a other-worldly fear of a diabolical threat of a so-called “Mark of the Beast,” which in itself,..threatens the very existence of humankind…

Popular adherents of this Modern Dispensationalism, who keep their paranoia at exaggerated levels upon their followers, which borders past soundness of mind, extrapolate that none can “buy…nor sell..without this Mark.” This then, suggests a mass, worldwide, compliance,… just to subsist, or eat. In other words, such non-compliants will all starve to death!

However, the Bible says absolutely no such thing!

Indeed, the Bible has instead, promised, that any such threat of a worldwide famine… will never occur, as part and parcel of the “Rainbow Covenant.” (Genesis 8:22).

So much then, for this scenario….Which then leads us to conclude, that to, “buy or sell,” must mean something else, which is consistent with the prophetic language and symbols, throughout the Book of Revelation. Taking anything much in a literal interpretation from Revelation, written in such a manner as it is, is highly erroneous, and flagrantly, absurd…

So, instead of such arguments, I chose to go to the root of the matter, in which I found contemporary prophecy to describe such a belief movement, such as Modern Dispensationalism, and how it would completely subvert Evangelical and Fundamental Christianity.

It has.

In the first three installments of this series, I have shown that Brother Cook correctly identified this phenomenon. I have already listed several facets of Cook’s prophecy such as a:

~ Preparation Time

~ A Great War, being held back, which is identified with the War of Armageddon.


In this graphic, the Battle of Jerusalem, of the War of Armageddon, is taking place,… amidst a nuclear blast. In reality though, no nuclear weaponry will be used in this Battle, as even Gog and Magog, that is, the Russian Autocrat, and his Federation forces, want very much to spare the city of Jerusalem, as its value as an Islamic Shrine, will be incalculable. The city will be valued much more greatly then, since the Islamic Shrines presently located on Temple Mount, will be utterly and thoroughly destroyed already. Gog will not want to risk alienating profoundly, many of his allies…that is, the Moslem World.

For that matter though, nuclear weapons are already obsolete, and surely will be, when this War is fought, some 45-60 years from now. Instead, there will newer and more efficient weapons of mass destruction, several of which, already are being developed and “under wraps” for this event…The Elite are planning their own outcome of this world polity ending event…in which they think,…that they will win!

~ This War of Armageddon, is being held back, so that “the greatest revival in history” will occur. This revival, Cook is referring to, is the Prophecy of Joel, in the Old Testament, in what Joel termed, “the Latter Rain” outpouring.


Joel’s “Early Rain,” as occurring on the Day of Pentecost, as recorded in Acts 2. We know this to be a fact, as Peter declared it as…”This is that,…” The Early Rain was a regional out-pouring that continued in parts of the modern world, then, for about a generation. The Latter Rain, unlike the Early Rain, will not be regional, but…global…in its application. It’s work will be worldwide, upon “all flesh,” but cut short in duration, compared to the Early Rain. There will not be a large window of opportunity or time, for those wishing this blessing, to squander.

~ However, in this “time of preparation,”and before this “Greatest Revival,”  the practice and function of being “born again,” would not be stressed nor mandated,… as necessary to enter the Kingdom of God. This suggests a trend of “easy believism,” without the commitment of discipleship in undergoing a character transformation, or Christian conversion. This is exactly what has happened!

~ Instead, there would come about a “great mass of prophetic teachers…” I listed some of these popular teachers, who are practically “household names.” Yep, if you are following any of these folks, who are not “born again,” then you have been part of their “great work,” or deception, as predicted by Brother Cook.

hal lindseytim lahayedavid wilkerson #2chuck smithhageecharlesstanley181105robertsonjoycemeyers

~ …along with a “great mass” of… professed “believers.”


~ And that, these false teachers and false professors, as that is what they are, without genuine conversion,  would perform a “Great Work.”

~ This “Great Work” would consist of getting their adherents, a “great mass of believers…not born again”…by getting them focused on being “Kingdom-minded.”

~ What this focus of being “Kingdom-minded” is:

  • A preoccupation with an IMMINENT RETURN of Christ. Christ’s Return is hardly imminent…seeing how many End Time Prophecy events are YET to be fulfilled, termed the “Signs of the Times.” Jesus himself stated, that a lack of attention to the ongoing “Signs of the Times,” in disregarding the REAL TIME of his APPEARING, as implied, is tantamount to hypocrisy! False Christian Religionists have been stressing an IMMEDIATE and IMMINENT return of Christ for about 150 years now. It is still going on…

  • The teaching of the Rapture, another important tenet of Modern Dispensationalism, has fully subverted the popular church. This teaching is completely erroneous, and creates a false hope. There is no raising of the Dead, without the RESURRECTION, a cardinal tenet of the real Christian faith. The Rapture teaching, as developed by Modern Dispensationalists financed by the “Rich Men,” usurps the event of the Resurrection, which in itself, shows that this is a false teaching. The Rapture theory, has so many “holes” in its story, that it is easily dispensed with, by adepts in Bible understanding.

  • An engrossment by individuals, of a Christian profession, with a preoccupation, in going to,… or being in… “heaven,” or a “life in heaven,” as evidenced by the trending phenomenon by those who publish such reports, dreams, visions, and other subjective events, who are either mentally imbalanced, deranged, bogus, or demonized. These profit-motive visionaries have created an industry for gullible folks, in purporting grand visions of heaven; hell;”streets of gold;” Angelic minstrels; demons wandering about; and other such blarney which the Bible never says that, …that such is “in heaven.” There are so many competing “visions” of “heaven,” that is difficult to discern any correct description. Rather instead of this vague confusion, the Bible talks about, in more reserved terms, a “new heaven,” “a new earth,” and a “New Jerusalem” without sea or oceans, coming from on high, with some of these FEATURES… only…

Just a handful or two, of the great influx of commercially acclaimed books on this fanciful topic of those who purport “heavenly experiences,” which such experiences approach a level of necromancy, forbidden by the Bible.

The Bible goes in no such detail as shown by the titles of the many books shown above. In no instance, does the Bible mention Purgatory, visions inspired by Satan, or the use of phrases such as being “embraced by the light;” “after-life;” “nine days in heaven;” “God’s country;””the veil,” and such like descriptions.

These supposed well-meaning authors, many of whom are exploiting grief-stricken readers, overwhelmed by a loss of loved ones, and interest in where their loved ones may be in the hereafter, are even endorsed by Televangelist celebrities, no doubt, for a fee. Such a book genre, of this magnitude, is a morbid interest in being “Kingdom-minded,” just as Cook predicted, unheard of, in any other day or age. Instead of such an unnatural interest in a heavenly ambiance, you would think that becoming a citizen of that Kingdom now, would not only be a sufficient conclusion, but ensure personal mental health, instead of being victimized by such “authors,” who cannot verify their fantastic claims, and who prey upon folks on an disturbed emotional level, for their commercial benefit.

~  And, that, this “Great Work” would be wildly successful.

However, despite all of this “Great Work,” and hoopla,…Brother Cook declared,…”the REAL WORK is still ahead.”

Brother Cook said that this “real work,” would “seal” the true believers. He said that this “work” would not be “of a nature that man can glory in, and seek leadership.”

Brother Cook announced that this sort of glory seeking, false authority, and fake leadership, had been the history of the Church Age…but that a NEW ORDER WAS AT HAND!

Brother Cook declared that “all selfish plans” had to be given up.

Brother Cook proclaimed that the main activity of the Church Age, was to “build cities and put our names on them.” This cryptic description alludes to the building of vast denominational entities in which the names of their founders, or their founder’s activities or mission, would be singular and prominent.

And thus, it is…

I will be talking about this “New Order at hand,” in the next installment of this series.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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