My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,”…PART FIVE…

I have been featuring a prophetic tract, by a Glenn Cook, in recent posts. Cook made a number of prophetic events to occur. I have catalogued these predictions, in which several of them, have either been fulfilled, or being yet fulfilled presently…This phenomenon, is what I term, “real-time” prophecy.

I have shown in the very last installment, several of these prophecies, which I will review again here, for the reader:

Glenn Cook prophesied of:

~ A Preparation Time. This is implied to have started about the time in which Brother Cook wrote this tract, in 1913.

~ A Great War, being held back, which is identified with the War of Armageddon.


~ However, in this “time of preparation,”and before this “Greatest Revival,”  the practice and function of being “born again,” would not be stressed nor mandated,… as necessary to enter the Kingdom of God. This suggests a trend of “easy believism,” without the commitment of discipleship in undergoing a character transformation, or Christian conversion. This is exactly what has happened!

~ Instead, there would come about a “great mass of prophetic teachers…” I listed some of these popular teachers, who are practically “household names.” Yep, if you are, or had been, following any of these folks, who are not “born again,” then you have been part of their “great work,” or deception, as predicted by Brother Cook.

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~ This…along with a “great mass” of… professed “believers.”

ALL OF WHOM… WOULD NOT BE “BORN AGAIN,” according to Brother Cook.

~ And that, these false teachers and false professors, as that is what they are, without genuine conversion,  would perform a “Great Work.”

~ This “Great Work” would consist of getting their adherents, a “great mass of believers…not born again”…by getting them focused on being “Kingdom-minded.”

~ What this focus, of being “Kingdom-minded,” is:

  • A preoccupation with an IMMINENT RETURN of Christ. Christ’s Return is hardly imminent…False Christian Religionists have been stressing an IMMEDIATE and IMMINENT return of Christ for about 150 years now. It is still going on…

  • The teaching of the Rapture, another important tenet of Modern Dispensationalism, has fully subverted the popular church. This  Rapture teaching, as developed by Modern Dispensationalists financed by the “Rich Men,” usurps the event of the Resurrection, which in itself, shows that this is a false teaching.

  • An unhealthy engrossment by individuals, of a Christian profession, with a preoccupation, in going to,… or being in… “heaven,” or a “life in heaven,” as evidenced by the trending phenomenon by those who publish such reports, dreams, visions, and other subjective events. These profit-motive visionaries have created an industry for gullible folks filled with false assurances of personal salvation, in purporting grand visions of… heaven;.. hell;…”streets of gold;” …Angelic minstrels; ..demons wandering about; and other such blarney which the Bible never says that, …that such, is “in heaven.” There are so many competing “visions” of “heaven,” as seen below, that it is difficult to discern any correct description.

Just a handful or two, of the great influx of commercially acclaimed books on this fanciful topic of those who purport “heavenly experiences,” which such experiences approach a level of necromancy, forbidden by the Bible.

The Bible goes in no such detail as shown by the titles of the many books shown above. In no instance, does the Bible mentionPurgatory;.. visions inspired by Satan;… or the use of phrases such as being “embraced by the light;”… “after-life;” …“nine days in heaven;” …“God’s country;”…”the veil,”… and such like descriptions.

Such a book genre, of this magnitude, is a morbid interest which is also being “Kingdom-minded,” just as Cook predicted, which has been unheard of, in any other day or age.

~  And, that, this “Great Work” would be wildly successful.

However, despite all of this “Great Work,” and hoopla,…Brother Cook declared,…”the REAL WORK is still ahead.”

Brother Cook said that this “real work” would not be “of a nature that man can glory in, and seek leadership.”

Brother Cook announced that this sort of glory seeking, false authority, and fake leadership, had been the history of the Church Age…but that a NEW ORDER WAS AT HAND!

Brother Cook declared that “all selfish plans” had to be given up.

Brother Cook proclaimed that the main activity of the Church Age, was to “build cities and put our names on them.”  This cryptic description alludes to the building of vast denominational entities in which the names of their founders, or their founder’s activities or mission, would be singular and prominent.





It is evident, that change is coming. Something is being moved aside…

The present organization and system of Post-Modern Christianity is very much in trouble. Its numbers are waning, its financial resources are drying up, its dogmas and teachings have been discredited, much as fables from another time,…such as the Dark Ages… The very vast majority of its adherents are not active followers or disciples of Jesus Christ, but relics, of an apostate system, which relies on profitable business models, and the promotion of false assurances of salvation and “heaven-going,” …akin to the sale of sin indulgences by Tetzel, sanctioned by Pope Leo X. This… organized deceit…, is a fake substitute for an active, living faith of the Body, or Organism, of Christ.

The reason for all this decline, is obvious.

When something is dead, it needs to be removed…out of sight…

Something is coming…to replace it…and supersede it.

Like all prior paradigms, this will not be welcomed. It will be persecuted by the existing structure.

Yet, Brother Cook was not alone in predicting an emergent “New Order.”

Sir Isaac Newton predicted the same thing…about three centuries ago!

He declared:

Newton prophesied this, based on his interpretation of the Scriptures, in which he wrote, in his lifetime, a sum of four million words on Bible topics. Newton stated that such a phenomenon would occur, in his calculations, early on in the 21st Century. This “body of men,” much like the individual herald, John the Baptist, would be ordained to set forth, by Angelic Agency, the fulfillment of Revelation 14.


The first Angel, as described in Revelation 14:6, has the “Everlasting Gospel,” to preach to all peoples, nations, and kindreds, and languages, that are living upon the earth. This Angelic agency proclaims that the …“HOUR IS….COME,” with the admonition of worshiping the True God.

The emergence of this Angel, IMPLIES THAT THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, has not been a PREVIOUS staple of the Age, or PRIOR presence, or Ministry. In other words, IT HAS BEEN MISSING FOR AWHILE!

The Second Angel, which follows the First, directly, cries out that… “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, who has made all the (nations, i.e.,) Gentiles to drink the wine of the passion of her immorality.”

The reader can note here…that Gentiles,… not Jews, have been drinking, and are drunk, on the Wine of Great Babylon…Interestingly, the essence of Jewish belief, despite its limitations in rejecting Christ as the Messiah, is not part of, this Great False System of Religion, and its deception, termed, “Babylon,” which means “confusion,” or “confusion of tongues.”

Sure enough, this Great False Religious System has many voices, and many names, to influence its adherents. They all speak, in a “unified” confusion, each demanding their own place. Their teachings, differing much from each other, to the point well past contention, are like so many confusion of tongues, or languages, in which only those who follow their particular dialect or teaching structure, will assemble into a respective class, separate from each other, however, this separation is only nominal. When anything of significance does come to threaten some or part of the whole System, the System and its followers, UNITE, to crush it.

This further Call to Babylon, repeated in Revelation 18:4, addresses its adherents who, are commanded to, “Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.”

 Brother Glen Cook

Brother Cook wrote that…“A New Order is at hand…”

He wrote that the selfish and carnal plans of men orchestrating in the Spiritual Realm, WOULD END….

Cook wrote that men had been “building cities and putting our names in them.”

Cook predicted that these structures “must fall, as the Name Babylon, is IN ALL OF THEM!”

Cook’s prophetic insights of the”Preparation Time” that we have since been in, since he penned these words in 1913, then eventually leads us to the SAME time of the Angelic Agency of Revelation 14, along with the “exhaustive” prophecy (Malachi 4:5-6) of a John the Baptist Herald-type ministry…which would precede the Return of Christ.

This Malachi prophetic ministry, or Elijah/John Baptist/Prophetic ministry will CALL out a people for His Name sake. They will bring attention to the Prophecies, and the literal interpretation of present End Time prophecies. They will call out God’s People out of the Babylon System. They will announce its judgements.

Just as John Baptist had prepared a ministry and following for Christ, in which, there were hardly anyone who believed on Christ, had not already been baptized in the Jordan River, and were following John. So shall there be a similar effect. These Heralds, with the ministry of the Latter Rain Outpouring, shall gather a people.

The Judgements upon Great Babylon will also come upon “any man who worships the Beast, and its Image, and receive HIS Mark in his forehead, and or, in his hand.”

And this, will be the next topic, in the conclusion of this series.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2018. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.


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