My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,”…Conclusion…



In the past few months, I have been giving my “take,” on what the popular conception of what the Bible calls, “the Mark of the Beast.”

I have ran the gamut of the many interpretations of what has been promoted, or thought to be, such a “mark.” The theory responsible for much the rampant confusion of what the “mark” may be, is solely the domain of Jesuit Futurism, or what they have subverted the former Protestant church wing, or Evangelical Church, or Fundamental Church, into, but, what is called Modern Dispensationalism.

Incredibly, the Evangelicals and Fundamentalists have bought into this,…lock, stock, and barrel… of a rehash and re-make of Father Ribera’s Jesuit soup of Futurism, which he formatted way back, in 1585 C.E.

If you were to resurrect some Protestant Reformers from yesteryear, who knew exactly the “source” for this subversive teaching, and showed them what was going on nowadays, they would probably prefer to go right back into their graves. They would do this, than to again, “reform” something that is even worse than the Roman Catholicism that they faced in their day.

Yep. The Deception is that…BAD….And worse, those deceived are in the greatest   slumber.

Yes, …This “Mark of the Beast” that, has been taught by so many modern dispensationalists,… to be…so many different things…

In my lifetime, I have seen the following items claimed to be such a “Mark of the Beast”:

A United States Social Security card; or, some kind of tattoo, akin to Jews in German concentration camps; or, identification papers made urban legend by German Fascist or Soviet Communist regimes (of which, “your papers please” is a well worn movie line in post World War II films of the Cold War genre);  or yet, a UPC number, or bar code, as on some laundry detergent or candy bar; or still yet, sophisticated respective U.S. State Driver’s Licenses, which license contains bar code information on the individual, an unflattering photo, with additional ID bar codes tracking the individual down to their credit history and any possible legal issues, possible eye iris scans, et cetera. Or yet, yet still,… a microchip, planted on the surface of the hand or somewhere on the forehead…which, keeps getting smaller and smaller…and now, the nano-chip…if that is not outdated already?

All of these “technologies” were touted as the “Mark of the Beast” by Modern Dispensationalists, at one time or another, or even yet presently…

They were, and are WRONG! They have lied. 

Isn’t it just fascinating though, how these false teachers can adapt, and never apologize for misleading the masses.

Instead of admitting their mistakes, they just ignore their errors, and plunge into a “new threat.”

These Dispensationalist teachers, who are numerous, according to a prophecy by a Glenn Cook, are not to be undone by the progress of modern high technology. No more than a new technology makes their conclusion of what the “Mark” is, obsolete and outmoded, these actors make another end-around to keep the deceit going, by changing not only the “goal post,” but the end zone line.

Now, if you are an Evangelical type believer trying to take all this in, by reading this perhaps the first time, then you have admit that the Modern Dispensationalism Belief System sure has taken the Popular Church, by storm, …without any debate.

Now, isn’t that strange? Rather, it is amazing!

In Early Christianity, the Early Church debated all different kinds of questions, and doctrines, and teachings. Law and Grace; Faith and Works; Judaising ministers; the introduction of the Gospel to the Gentiles; Paul’s unique interpretation of the Gospel to the Gentiles; the distribution of goods in the church at Jerusalem among rival groups of Hellenistic Jews, and the Sephardic Jews, of Judea; and so on, it can go.

All of these topics were controversial, heated, debated, and settled on, by the mediation of prayer and leading of the Holy Spirit, with much fanfare.

Yet, our Modern Dispensationalist Promoters have no such problem. They never needed to debate one iota…or jot or tittle…!!!

Now again, isn’t that strange?

Rather, isn’t it amazing!

You see, When you subvert an institution, you do it from the inside-out, with money, more money, yet more money, and of course, promises of influence, power, and control. I mean, this is how the Devil tempted Christ during his 40-day fast in the Judean Wilderness….the same modus operandi! You do this first,.. like today’s Progressive Socialists, aka, Marxists, by subverting the institutes of Higher Learning. Hence, in no time, Frankist and Jesuit agents were integrated into many of the Evangelical higher education institutes  in training young ministers in which they could subvert them into this belief of Modern Dispensationalism. The Dallas Theological Seminary is perhaps, the best example!

And, this all happened… in the 19th Century…AMAZING, huh?




The real deal is, that these Futurists, keep pointing to the “future.” There is nothing ever PRESENT with them! This way, they can keep deceiving millions of nominal Christians that all this scary Bible Prophecy stuff, like their version of what the Mark of the Beast is,… is…. still well into the future, and ho-hum,…why worry…be happy!!!

When the Papal authority convened the Council of Trent, their whole agenda, openly called The Counter-Reformation, was to dodge and evade what the Protestant Reformers had been saying about the Popes, and the Catholic Church. These same Bible prophecies and passages that the Reformers identified with the Papal and Church abuses, then,…PRESENTLY…was with great effect…But, the  Council of Trent and its Counter-Reformation agenda INSTEAD deflected, by putting these prophecies and passages, well off into the future, and thereby, shifting attention away from the many abuses of this institution: like the Inquisition, confiscation of Bibles, and Persecution and murder of religious dissidents.

They have done the exact same with this “Mark of the Beast” business…

Now, why exactly would the Catholic Church and its infallible dynasty of Papal Chairs want to do this?

That’s an easy question.

Again, to deflect attention away from them, which if you applied a Historicist or Continuous Interpretation of the Book of Revelation—as ALL PROTESTANT REFORMERS DID–You would find this Mark of the Beast business directly linked to them!

Yep, the Mark of the Beast has been with us,…for centuries!…It is not somewhere over the Rainbow, in yet some far-off time warp…but it has been going on, PRESENTLY, without missing a beat, for nearly 1300 years!

It’s simple then… if you belong, by attendance and ascription of faith, to the Catholic Church and its system, which all of Christianity does right now, as they are deceived by this Mother of False Religion…you already have the Mark…

And, you have it, in your hand and in your forehead!

Nope. The Mark of the Beast is not some technological marvel… yet to revealed…it is but real simple stuff…that millions of nominal faith adherents already possess.



Out here in the Great Babylon system, you have particular churches, denominations, and persuasions. These churches instruct their following as to what to say and do. The churches, because they are all divided, each promote differentiating characteristics.

These characteristics are known as their “mark.”

For instance, someone of the Baptist persuasion will preach or teach doctrines or characteristics of the Baptist sect. Someone from the Assembly of God will teach or preach their particular characteristics. So it is, for the whole system of organized Christendom.

The Bible describes this phenomenon as a “mark,” or differentiating characteristics.  This “mark” is shown symbolically, in the Bible, as on the “hand,” or “forehead.” What this signifies in prophetic language, is what a person does (hand), and what a person thinks, or believes (head).

Hence, a Baptist will do those things which a Baptist will do. What a Baptist does, to be in good standing with their denomination, is to attend Sunday School, and services regularly. They must read their Bible with the Baptist denomination preconceived interpretational slant. They must believe in Cessationalism, or that the Age of Miracles, as contained in the New Testament record has ceased… long ago. Anyone who believes that God can answer prayer in a miraculous fashion, are mental defectives, and potentially dangerous people. Baptist members cannot deviate from their Baptist Bible interpretation. They must be like robots, or automatons, in being rigid and closed-minded as to any other persuasion that they may be exposed to.  There is no free will as to believe what one wishes, unless one does so secretly.  This is true for all such sects in the Great Babylon system. As a Baptist, they must be baptized in water, in symbol with death in Christ. They must also give liberally to the church, and mission work.

Individual believers in the System then, MUST take the “mark,” or identifying characteristics, of their respective organizations, demonstrated by the individual’s actions, thoughts, and beliefs. Otherwise, if the individual should deviate from such a “mark,” then that individual is ostracized, shunned, avoided, and persecuted by their local church, and the denomination in general. They are labeled a false believer, a false professor, and a false prophet, depending on the influence of the individual.

You can extrapolate this with any of the sects in Great Babylon. To be a good Catholic, you must attend church and partake of the Mass; you must pray to the Saints; you must confess your sins to a priest; you must be able to give liberally for the many fundraising activities that the Catholic Church promotes, as they never can get enough money…despite being one of the four richest entities in the World! This includes bazaars for used donated items for resale; bingo nights; casino nights; fish frys; Date nights; special priestly blessings; fellowship dinners; pie and cake raffles, and the endless litany of other for-profit activities. Of course, you also have to subscribe that the Pope is infallible; his edicts are ironclad with heavenly authority; you must also believe in the many relics, shrines, sham miracle sites, and shrine sites of demonic activity posing as divine phenomena, and other idolatries that the Catholic Church promotes as proprietary to their church; and that priests are to be celibate, and women as nuns, or celibates as well, are an accepted Christian practice, when they are both pagan practices. Of course, this is not all-inclusive. I am sure I am missing a few more items…but the reader, can get the picture!

Again, you can go up and down the ranks of denominations, to determine each of the sects of the System’s “marks.” The prevailing “mark” is the antichrist spirit. They have their own elevated authority. They are all claim the exclusive path of salvation. They do not need Christ, as a ministering Spirit, or the Holy Spirit to lead and guide them. This, they do for themselves. Yet, they presume, like the Pope, to be exclusively acting in God’s stead.

Conversely, despite their many divisions and infighting, which is a sham in reality, they are paradoxically “all for one, and one for all.”

“People exactly…like us”…ALL have the “Mark.”

If you attack their System, you are attacking ALL of them. If you attack an individual sect, for instance, the Church of Christ, without endorsing or subscribing to another one of the System’s sects, like the Evangelical church, then you merit the ire of the whole System. If you want to remain in good standing and fellowship…you must partake of their “Mark.” If you do not, you will encounter constant persecution.

This particular facet is a historical fact. Whenever there was a revival or moving of the Holy Spirit, historically, which was always “outside” of the established Church, the Church mobilized extensive persecution of the “new” move.

The Catholic Church is the Mother Church. The respective sects, who attempted to “reform” the Mother Church, NOT REPLACE IT or ERADICATE IT, going on five centuries now, are now in mass deception from the influence of the Mother Church, and are known now, as “daughters of the Mother, or Harlot.” In prophetic language, a “harlot” is a false religious way or system. The Bible states in Revelation 14, that God will send angelic ministries behind some group, band, or respective individuals, to call out God’s People still held captive in Great Babylon.

Images from last month’s blog…

These “called-out” ones will come out of this Great System of Deception, and will repudiate the Mark of the Beast. They will discard the respective practices of each sect that they are emerging from. They will be a part of the True Church, which the moving of the Holy Spirit, as implied in Revelation 14, will form.

Meanwhile, judgments will emit from God to destroy this System. The System, or “harlot woman,” shall receive judgement “double unto her double” which she has filled already…”double,”… “plagues in one day.”

Do you have the Mark of the Beast? Do you wish to get rid of it? Then, get out of the System of Great Babylon, by no more believing on their falsehoods, and engaging in false works.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2018. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.



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