Signs and Wonders…Part Four


In Part One, I presented a review of the record of the Divine Healing and Miracle ministry of Jesus Christ. This was part, and parcel, of his preaching the Gospel.

In Part Two, I covered how the Divine Healing and Miracle ministry of Christ and his successors, in the Early Church was lost, due to a Great Apostasy from the Messianic roots of the Early Church. And how, some of this phenomenon of the Miraculous in Christianity was making a “comeback,” throughout the Church Age taking the reader to Modern Times, in which this sort of culminated with the Post World War II emergence of “Healing Evangelists.”

In Part Three, I wrote how that the Era of the Healing Evangelists “waned into sorcery.” The activity of sorcery is highly deceptive to the masses, as proved in the Bible record as recorded in Acts 8, where the Evangelist Philip encountered a Simon the Sorcerer, a local feature, in the city of Samaria, who “bewitched them, the people, with sorceries.”

The same thing has emerged in Post-Modern times following the demise of the “Healing Evangelists.” Self-styled miracle workers and healers have came onto the scene offering miracles and healing, which are no more than the sorceries of Simon. They have the same characteristics as Simon: the deceived masses and adherents of these false ministers, believe that these modern day sorcerers are “great ones.” The deceived masses say that these sorcerers are “the great power of God.” Like Simon, these modern celebrity-status sorcerers, have a good deal of money gained from their sorceries, to buy, or attempt to buy, REAL “power from God,” as Philip demonstrated.

The Apostle Peter summarized the lot and fate of such sorcerers as “having no part nor lot” in a true ministry, and that their “heart is not right in the sight of God.” Peter told such practitioners to seek repentance and forgiveness, being in the throes of bitterness, and the bond of iniquity, such as the love of money (Acts 8:20-23).

This Simon the Sorcerer then acknowledged that Peter was speaking the truth, and asked for prayer.

There are two individuals, among many, that chiefly reflect this ministry of Sorcery. These individuals came into the void left by the Work of the earlier “healing evangelists.”

One of these ministers of sorcery, is a Kathryn Kuhlman. Her successor of sorts, who followed in a near identical work, is a Benny Hinn.

^ Above, the two major proponents of the Sorcery Movement that Followed the Era of the Healing Evangelists: Kathryn Kuhlman, left, and Benny Hinn, right.

The late Kurt E. Koch, a noted Christian authority on the Occult and Demonology, met and interviewed Miss Kuhlman, and attended several of her meetings. Koch came away disturbed, convinced that Kuhlman was NOT a genuine Christian, and listed her,as someone that Christians should avoid lest they become spiritually oppressed.

What is noted from Part Three, is that Kuhlman carefully studied a Pentecostal Evangelist, an Aimee Semple McPherson, and also attended some of McPherson’s Gospel meetings. McPherson was a colorful figure in Los Angeles, California in the 1930’s, who had a near genuine ministry early on, but deteriorated into a form of sorcery, as well, engaging in sensationalism, and false claims. Just as Simon the Sorcerer carefully studied the ministry of Philip, and Peter, he sought their power.

Kuhlman sought this “mantle,” of ministry, so to speak, from McPherson. And eventually, embarked on her own ministry.

Benny Hinn did the same thing. He studied both McPherson, and Kuhlman, in great detail. Hinn even went to the grave sites of both women, and sought their “anointing” as depicted with the picture of Hinn, above, at such a grave site.

Reader, this attempt to acquire “power” from dead persons, is equivalent to the condemned practice of Necromancy, in the Old Testament, or the Bible.

Necromancers engage negative spiritual power from Evil Spirits, to assist them, such as the Witch of Endor who ministered to King Saul.

Mr. Hinn, is a witch, and a sorcerer…which are interchangeable terms in the Bible.

This brings us to the next installment of  this  topic…

Part Four…

Sorcery Takes Center Stage

Mr. Hinn, shown, with his sleight of hand.

Consistent with Kurt Koch’s assessment of Kathryn Kuhlman, is a conclusion of a Yves Brault, regarding Benny Hinn. Brault wrote a book detailing his personal experience with Benny Hinn. His website is:

 < Yves Brault concludes that Hinn is but a Mesmerist!…as shown in the illustration here, on the left, where Franz Mesmer puts out his hand, after putting mesmeric trances upon a couple of adherents lying or falling before him (reminiscent of the “Falling Under the Power” in Hinn’s meetings, as well, as Kuhlman’s). Mesmer demonstrates this power in this image, as stopping another subject, in their tracks. Mr. Hinn, in a very remarkable similar pose as Mesmer, also demonstrates his Mesmeric Effect on his audience, as noted by the two adherents already sacked out on the floor, much like Mesmer’s victims.

< Franz Mesmer, shown in this additional illustration, again demonstrating his Mesmeric Power, using Altered States of Consciousness, to effect the phenomenon of  “falling under the Power.” Shown here, just below, is a same identical pose and effect with Mr. Hinn. Compare Hinn to Mesmer.


It takes a good deal of discernment to be able to differentiate the genuine Power of the Holy Spirit with that of fakes and sorcerers.  Thanks  to Mr.  Brault  for revealing  these unbelievable similarities.



Coming Soon!

The Restoration of the Gospel with Signs and Wonders, or the “Latter Rain Outpouring” or Revival according to the Prophet Joel.

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost was heralded by Peter to be the fulfillment of the Prophecy of Joel as “The Early Rain.”  That advent of the “Early Rain” was well understood by his Jewish listeners. On that day, and subsequent days of the “Early Rain,” the church of Jesus Christ was planted and watered and grew to “turn upside down” (Acts 17:6) the then known world and its spiritual landscape.  With this “Early Rain,” all the disciples of Christ, …not just the Twelve Apostles or the Seventy that were Commissioned, …could administer the  Gospel with  signs following that would confirm the bonafide and genuine message of Christ. Peter introduced the Prophecy of Joel to his listeners to not only explain what had just happened in the Upper Room, but to inform future readers of this account that a “Latter Rain” would come also, and exhaustively fulfill the Prophecy of Joel. 

 > Peter preaching the first Gospel message on the day of Pentecost in the environs of the Temple in Jerusalem. He and 119 disciples had just been “filled with the Holy Spirit” as promised by Christ at His Ascension. Peter told the crowd that this Outpouring of the Holy Spirit was the fulfillment of  the Prophecy of Joel. This was the “Early Rain” that Joel had prophesied of. If that was the “Early Rain,” and Peter said that it was, then there is yet a “Latter Rain” also prophesied of by Joel. Then, with the Advent of the “Latter Rain,” Joel’s Prophecy would be “exhaustively” fulfilled ! Anyone familiar with the seasonal rains in Judea, knows that the Latter Rain is much more substantial than the Early Rain. The Latter Rain is the rain ordained to precede the Harvest….it is a type also of the Endtime Ministry which will ingather a People prepared for Christ’s Second Coming ( Ephesians 5:27).

In this “Latter Rain” Outpouring or Revival, as like on the Day of Pentecost and elsewhere recorded in the Book of Acts, there will be “signs and wonders” to herald this Outpouring. These “signs and wonders” will include healings and miracles to confirm  the preaching of the true Gospel of the Kingdom in this End Time Age.  Thus,  once again,  “signs” shall follow them that believe, as in the first century Church.  Despite increased persecutions, the Gospel will once again return to its “supernatural” roots. After all, the foundation  of the claims and premises of Christianity is the MIRACULOUS  !!! … as shown by the  Power of the Resurrection … of Jesus Christ !  A preliminary result of the power of Resurrection is the power to heal the sick and perform miracles.  

When Will this “Latter Rain Outpouring” and Revival…Take Place?

The  “Latter Rain” Revival or Outpouring will precede by several years the Return of Christ.  Some additional “signs” that will precede this “Latter Rain Outpouring” will be the demise of the United States, and the emergence of the nation of Russia as the chief nation, or superpower, in the world. Another sign or trend that the Latter Rain Revival is about to take place is a further wave in the denial,  discrediting and mocking of Bible truths, especially the Return of Christ. And, the further  decline of popular Christianity,  the continued exposures of its so-called Christian ministers,  and  eroding public confidence in such leaders, and the resulting escalating moral decline.

This moral decline will be reflected in the increasing popularity in pagan rites and rituals, or what Jesus termed “as it was in the days of Noah and Lot,”  Also, the power of the “Rich Men,”  which is approaching total control, will yet increase, despite the rise of Nationalism, opposed to Global Order and Rule, around the world.

Practically every human being on this earth will feel the effects and economic oppression of this outrageously wealthy cabal of utterly corrupt men.

                              This “Latter Rain”  Revival will drastically alter, not only now known religious concepts, BUT will, as it did in Paul’s Day, and upset the WHOLE world order such as ending the Age or Rule of the Antichrist and its fall of its Grand System and End the Influence of those termed the “Rich Men.” They will be simply moved aside and their meticulous plans, that they have planned many years in the making, will be wiped simply away by Divine Intervention.

If you are a person who Loves the Lord’s Appearing, and wishes to admire Him at His Coming, then you will have a profound foretaste of His Presence during the Latter Rain Outpouring… you will have an opportunity to see many great Signs and Wonders, not just in a small sampling of population in Jerusalem as on the Day of Pentecost,… but in a unprecedented Global Move.

This concludes this series.

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2018. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.


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