My name is Joseph Spickard. Welcome to this blog site. This is a companion site to my regular website spickardssigns.com

On this site, I welcome comments, remarks, and ideas on Bible Prophecy, particularly, what is known as End Time Prophecy as described by the Scriptures.

Those who have visited my regular site may be familiar with my perspective and viewpoints. I believe that a good deal of Bible End Time prophecy is currently, in a present tense, or as I call it, “real-time fulfillment” of End Time prophecy.  I maintain that there are over fifty (50) End Time prophecies to be fulfilled before the Second Coming or Return of Christ.

You can personally contact me by email, for further information by emailing me at: revelation1462002@yahoo.com

I really do answer all my mail.

I have had a covenant relationship with Christ since my conversion in 1971. I have seen a good deal of change in the Christian church in my lifetime. I expect to see a good deal more change before my demise. I have thus then, forty+ years in a Christian walk. My background is in the Pentecostal faith, but I have little in common with its modern application.

I believe it is vitally important to know God and be found of Him. I believe in the ministry of prayer and ministering to God through daily prayer. I certainly believe that God answers prayer. I have seen a good deal of prayer answered. A good portion of such prayer that is answered is truly miraculous.

If you have the impression that I like to talk about prayer… well, I certainly do. I also like to talk about faith. A lot of folks don’t have a cogent idea about it. The topic of faith couldn’t be more clear to me.

I invite you to visit this blog and my companion website, and look around for yourself. The journey of faith is an exciting one.

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