“WAITING for…GOG…” Part One

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in Waiting for Godot

Above  scene  from,  Waiting  for  Godot.  I use analogy here, derived from this Broadway show and famous play, in which we presently are, in fact,“waiting for Gog” of Bible End Time Prophecy fulfillment…

Erdogan's overture

Turkish President Erdogan recently shocked the world when he announced that he now seeks a historic unity with Russia…in proposing an tripartite alliance with Moscow… and Iran…following a coup attempt in Turkey… Such a “coup” was an effort to destabilize Turkey according to Turkish press and government sources. Turkish authorities are blaming the U.S. Government for being responsible for this,  despite U.S. strenuous denials. However,  there have been similar events in destabilizing nations in the Middle East such as Libya, Iraq, and Syria. The Russian Government and its President, Vladimir Putin, were said to have warned Erdogan sufficiently in advance of this coup attempt to thwart it, just barely. There seems to be more fall-out coming…



2005-02-(Feb) 007

Traditionally, Turkey and Russia have been arch enemies. However, how unusual or miraculous this turnabout could be, it is consistent with future Bible prophecy regarding the “End Time” War of Armageddon. Russia’s, or Magog’s invasion, would come directly north of Israel, through the nation of Georgia, who coincidentally also, Russia has been destabilizing for around a decade, coming down through eastern Turkey. As shown in the graphic above…. Russia will eventually control Georgia…

The Bible refers to Russia with three distinct “name” references, and really a fourth distinct reference, but which is obscured by rather poor translation of the text, but corrected in my quotation of the New King James Version below,…. in our present End Times period described by the Bible.

“Gog” commonly refers to an individual, by many Bible commentators, who is the leader of Magog, in a very “End (of) Time” scenario. Magog is a patriarchal name for those living north and west of the Caucasus. In post-modern times, Magog, Rosh, Meshech, Tubal, are all descriptions of inhabitants, of present Russia and its federation; countries that made up the former Soviet Union; or Eastern Europe. Magog is acknowledged as the father of the Scythian race, who are also known as, the Slavic peoples. The Jewish historian Josephus admits this as well, in his time. This map below shows who Magog is, ….today.


Names like Meshech, are found in the Bible, as in an obscure reference in Psalms 120:5, which reads,… “Woe is me, that I sojourn in Meshech.” Meshech was considered by the Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, to be so far out of the loop and to the northernmost parts, that they were thought to be “barbaric” and apart from classical civilization. It is generally accepted in Biblical etymology, that Meshech signified those people who populated what is known now, near the capital of Russia,…


The Russian State owned Novosti Press Agency records that some one thousand years ago, an ancient Slavic tribe called the Meshchera, settled in Central Russia, not far from present day Moscow. This is nearly transliterated from the Hebrew Meshech. It is said that “the whole district within five hundred miles of Moscow seems to be saturated with references to the name of Meshech” (W. Milner, in Russia Japhet: 1886, chapter 9).

Milner then proves his point, by referring his readers to the then, Steller’s German Hand Atlas, in which he cites the following place names: Moscow; the Moskva River; Moschiask near Borodino; Moschok between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod; Moscharki, which stands on a tributary of the Volga River; Mischetski, a town between Moscow and Tula; Mischiritschi, on the border with Ukraine; Mescah, a branch of the Dvina River; and several other citations, along with that the Finns of Russia, are divided into two tribes: one of which is called, the Moskshes.

Rosh, is shown by the Septuagint, the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, to be “a people located in the same general area as Magog, Meshech and Tubal.” The Greek language refers to Rosh as, Rus, which is easily identifiable as Russia

The use of Rosh in the Hebrew language is shown by its reference, for instance, to Rosh Hashana, which the first, or chief day, of the Jewish New Year. . Hence, rosh in Hebrew word meanings, signifies that which is head, or chief, or in the use of Ezekiel, FIRST  among the nations. The Michigan Theological Journal, Volume 4:1, 1993, “…all names are attributable to Rosh and Tiras (in Genesis 10), are derived from…(them).” The Journal also adds, that “the modern-day Russian people can be properly identified with Rosh…of Ezekiel.”

Moreover, The Brown, Driver, and Briggs lexicon of the Hebrew language states that Rosh is the “proper name of a people…today’s Russia.”

In the Book of Jasher, a neo-canonical book of the Old Testament, referred to by the Bible itself as adjunct reference material, records the sons of Tiras, or progeny, as “Rushash”

And finally, the official name of the Russian Federation today is, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya.

This certainly appears to be derived from an etymological form of Rosh.

Georgia, in turn, has also a distinct “name” reference. They are “Tubal.” Its capital city, T’bilisi, is derived from Tubal. Josephus referred to the area of modern-day Georgia, as the “land of Tubal.” In the Georgian dialect, “the consonants of T and B, are specifically separated by a gutteral “u” sound. Thus, T’b refers to “TuuB.” A phone call to the Georgian Embassy, in Washington, D.C.,  will confirm the native enunciation of T’bilisi, as “Tu-bal-i-si.” 

Gog, as stated already above, is commonly accepted by many reputable Bible scholars and exegetes of Bible prophecy, to be an individual leader of Magog. The most successful form of Russian government has been proven to be historically, that of an… Autocrat…

This is shown to be the case with the accolades and praise given to Peter the Great. It is very interesting that Peter led the modernization of Russia, from its Central Asiatic and Asiatic culture, mannerisms, and roots, to imitate strongly that of European civilization, particularly the French.

This has been a conundrum of the Russian psyche, ever since, wishing to be identified as European in thinking, but stuck, being Asiatic, in nature.

Peter’s reforms are still present today. Peter was also very brutal who wasted no time in subjugating dissent. Such is the province of autocrats. Other famous autocrats, or Gogs of Russia, are numerable, but Ivan the Terrible, and Catherine the Great also stand out, as innovators and dominant rulers. Then came the time of the Tsarist rule, seemed to crystallize the epitome of Russian autocratic rule as a most successful form for the Russian people, which was duplicated in the Soviet Union, through the strongman rules of Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, to the present time of Mr. Putin.

Autocrats of Russia


Russia has historically, characteristic of its People, been most governable when an Autocrat is in charge. From left to right, Peter the Great; Catherine the Great; Ivan the Terrible; and Joseph Stalin. The period of the Tsars, or Czars, also were very autocratic in nature, particularly when combined with the distinctive Russian Orthodox Church. The very meaning of the word, czar, is taken from the Latin and Roman Imperial rulership system, Caesar. It is no coincidence then at all, that Vladimir Putin is such a type of ruler, in which he been in undisputed power since 1999. Putin enjoys some of the most popular ratings of any world leader today among his people, thus confirming the Russian national temperament.


Thus, Mr. Putin, is loosely the current “Gog” of what is construed as the Biblical description of a grand, or great, autocrat. Mr. Putin, can legally be in office, as President of Russia, to the year, 2020. At that time, he can retain power by being Prime Minister again, as he did previously, or he can retire, and influence or appoint a protégé of his, in his stead.

This successor will and should carry on this status, of grand autocrat, or Gog. I foresee this continuing until the Bible…Gog… emerges, which the Prophet Ezekiel indicates of. I would assume that the Gog of the Bible, when he appears, will not be as quite as genteel as Mr. Putin is.


The game of Chess is the Russian National pastime. Here, in this interesting graphic, shows Mr. Putin against the backdrop of a large chess board. What Mr. Putin has been doing, in his governing on the world stage, is playing chess against, not the United States necessarily, but rather the Globalist Oligarchs, who run America. Mr. Putin has effectually check-mated, and stalemated, Globalist intentions and directives, in their attempt to control the World.

This is why some Globalist opinion writers are now openly espousing a war, by the West, against Russia, by some ruse or intrigue. Mr. Putin, who may owe his appearance on the Russian scene to Globalist contrivance originally, now has changed course in which he unequivocally sides with Russian interests and Russian Nationalism.


The United States, is referenced in the End Times, but not clearly, unless one understands the “name” reference. Such a reference implies strongly that the United States is not a major player at all, in the very end… End Times Period, as Ezekiel 38 suggests.

This was all featured, AND MORE, in my first book, Living in the “End Times”: How “End Time” Prophecy Affects….YOU! 


It is not at all…insignificant then…, in recent news of the political presidential cycle in the United States, that an U.S. major party presidential candidate is calling on Russia, cynically, to help expose his opposition candidate, who has pulled strings to be above the “rule of law,” in an effort to bring some needed justice….and, in which the opposition candidate speaks of interference directly from Putin into the American political process.

THESE ARE BELLWETHER REMARKS, which shows a principal candidate of the American political system IS looking to Russia for leadership…and, even benevolent intervention…

This is a harbinger of things to come, as the insanity and madness increases as the result of the promotion of delusions, by the Powers That Be, also called Globalists, who are Frankist Oligarchs, upon the United States and its culture….

Russia, and its unique autocratic brand of leadership, which ensures strong order, looks quite enviable in contrast, when the United States finds itself, because of ineffectual and traitorous leadership,  engulfed in racial strife, class warfare, and general disintegration resulting from “ordo ab chao,” or “order out of chaos,” which is a slogan with Globalists. “Order out of Chaos,” is part of the Frankist Oligarchical Hegelian Dialectic, in which opposing or extreme positions, are taken, to ensure their control.

It works like this, in equation form:

Hegelian  Dialectics


which results in a compromise…. their contrived solution of this conflict called….


No more than the Frankists arrive at their “solution,” which is of their making, that they start again, the same dialectic, upon extremes of the synthesis, thus creating additional conflict and disorder, in which the Globalists will achieve eventually what they wanted all along: TOTAL CONTROL

This same appeal for Russian leadership and direction is also NOW found in the fabric of Nationalist movements in Great Britain and Europe.

You have Nigel Farage, who led the successful exit out of the European Union for Great Britain, called “Brexit,” who lauds Vladimir Putin, and calls his leadership… “admirable.”

Then there is the French Nationalist, Marine Le Pen, who has visited Moscow several times, and has accepted campaign financing from a Russian bank, no doubt with the influence of Putin.

Then, there are Nationalist movements in Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, and now emerging in Germany, who oppose the dictates of “Globalism.”

Globalism has been recently “tearing its mask off,” and showing their “real face” of false benevolence by its forced immigration policy upon Europe, where particularly in France, and now, Germany, its national peoples can easily see a historic demise of its culture and language.

All these “nationalist” movements are becoming aligned and under the influence of Russian Nationalism and its symbol, Mr. Putin, who offers his unconcealed support.


Iron versus Clay: Daniel’s Dichotomy


I recently wrote on this in my June blog. You can read it here, if you wish:


In this article, to encapsulate, I explained what the “iron,” and “clay” symbolized, so to speak. In brief, “iron” is the symbol of the attempt to rule the world, or global rule, as typified by the Empire of Rome, later attempted to be duplicated, by the Holy Roman Empire…. This would be today…

GLOBALISM. Which is also termed, “the New World Order.”

“Clay” or its symbolism, is the aspirations of men, such as the need for freedom, liberty, patriotism, and national identity, which is found, consistent with the break-ups of such empires generally, which is known today as…


This has been shown in several instances since the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Holy Roman Empire was broken up by both Nationalist factions in England, and in Germany, particularly when national feelings aligned against the Roman Catholic Church and its abuses.

The British Empire was broken up by nationalist movements and passions in the United States, later India, China, and other settings.

The Third Reich was defeated by the combined National Democracies and its allies, notably the Soviet Union, who resorted to nationalism, to defend the Great Patriotic War of the Fatherland, against Fascist Totalitarian aggression, found in Germany, Japan, and Italy, by the leaders known as Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito.

I cited only a few examples, but the reader should get the gist of things, in which this IRON VS. CLAY paradigm, has been going on for some time…

This concludes Part One. I will continue in Part Two.

Thanks for reading.

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My Father: M.W. Spickard…Part Two

2005-10-12 002

My father, M.W. Spickard, and I, following a Gospel meeting, circa, September 1991, in Diggins, Missouri

I wrote about my father last year, in a Part One piece. This will be Part Two of his unofficial biography. Here is a link to Part One, so that the reader can have some continuity:


To summarize to this point, from my earlier article, my father was of German and English, or rather Welsh, stock. His great-great-grandfathers both served in the American Revolutionary War. My great-grandfather was a victim, in the border state strife of Missouri, of being “bushwhacked” at the time of the Civil War. In Missouri, there was another civil war within it, being fought. This was conspicuous at the time. On the Union side, you had U.S. Government regular troops, and a sort of paramilitary arm attached to it, called one sort or another such as “Border Ruffians,” or the “Redlegs.” There were also some “bushwhackers” on the Union side as well.

On the Southern side of things, you had those loyal to the Confederacy and assisted the “Cause,” who were called “partisans.” Those that took a more active role were called “Partisan Rangers.” They frequently engaged in “guerrilla warfare,” and were a throwback to the tactics of “Swamp Fox” General Francis Marion, of American Revolutionary war fame. Some of these, were at times, interchangeable with being “bushwhackers,” as well.

Some of these “bushwhackers,” on both sides, were nothing but nihilists, who sought to pretty much to take advantage of wartime events, to steal, kill, and destroy.

After the loss of my great grandfather, who left a family of five young children along with a bereaved and destitute widow, of which the youngest child was his son, age 3, named William Franklin Spickard. This bereft family underwent considerable hardships in trying to support themselves without a breadwinner, which back then, was appreciable. My great grandmother eventually married a gentleman who had modest means but who was willing to take on such a burden.

W.F., as he liked to be called, became a Holiness preacher at an early age, probably in the early 1880’s when he would have been in his mid-twenties. The Holiness Movement, came out of frontier American Methodism, and the events of the Keswick Conventions, going on in England. The Holiness Movement espoused a second work of grace, besides salvation, called “sanctification.” This is pretty well documented by the literary work of Vinson Synan, published in 1971.

vinson synan book

W.F. became an itinerant Gospel preacher, following after the Wesleyan Methodist example,  of having a “gospel preaching circuit” of this Holiness persuasion, or “heart-felt” religion. He ministered in northern Missouri and southern Iowa. He traveled by mule, or horse, from town to town, village to hamlet, ministering out of pretty meager donations. About 1888, W.F. met a Nancy Jones, at a Gospel meeting. She was of Welsh extraction, and like many of Welsh stock, was drawn to music. She was a pump organist who could belt out many Gospel music favorites of the time, as it was a popular idea that was trending at that period and has carried over ever since to post-modern times, as in the example of Dwight L. Moody with Ira Sankey, that to be a successful Evangelist, you had to have a music and song component to go with the ministry of preaching. In little time, W.F. married her, and she ministered with him the rest of her life.

Eventually, my grandparents settled in Springfield, Missouri. This town became a focal point in the later Pentecostal Movement. For the time being, W.F. had a small house church, of about a dozen or two adherents, and kept his ear to the ground for any new developments, as the 19th century was coming to a close, and something momentous was felt to be happening in the coming 20th century among nearly all fundamental Bible believers.

In little time, in fact, on New Year’s Day of the new century, an Agnes Ozman associated with the ministry of Charles F. Parham, received what is now known as the Pentecostal experience, in Topeka, Kansas. By the time, this Pentecostal event got to Springfield, it had already been to southwestern Missouri, and southeastern Kansas, in powerful meetings held by Parham there, in which Parham ministered this new experience with “signs following.”

Agnes_Ozman  Agnes Ozman, the first recipient of the Pentecostal Blessing of the Twentieth Century. My father later met her.

daniel oppermanhoward gossE.N. Bellbrosowders2

My father, as an early Pentecostal “pioneer,” knew several of its leaders. From left to right, D.C.O. Opperman, who baptized my father and family; Howard Goss, who my father met and conversed with on a train trip to Hot Springs, AR. Goss later became the leader of the United Pentecostal Church. E.N. Bell, who my father knew, as Bell, Opperman, and Goss were original principals of the Assembly of God denomination based in Springfield, MO. And, on far right, a Brother William Sowders, who was a sort of rival. My father ministered in some of his “campmeetings.” Sowders went on to establish what was now called the “Gospel Assembly” fellowship. There are only a few of these left nowadays, as some of these fellowships fell into disrepute.

These meetings then extended deep into Texas with tremendous revival results which later culminated with the Azuza Street Revival of Los Angeles, California, in 1906. This revival was fueled by several other linking events at the time, such as the Christian Armenian exodus of hundreds of Pentecostal type Armenian believers coming out of Turkey and Central Asia, propelled by prophetic ministry, JUST before the event of the Armenian Holocaust, which would occur just a few years later.

My grandfather W.F., became intensely interested in this new revival, and became involved in it. He, and my father, and my Uncle Herbert attended revival meetings such as the Pentecostal revival meetings, in northern Arkansas. There its leader, a D.C.O. Opperman, operated a Bible school and revival meetings featuring this Pentecostal experience of the Infilling, or Baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues. When the “Oneness” issue later took hold, which focused on the Name and Person of Christ, as opposed to a traditional Trinitarian view, W.F. accepted it, and was baptized, along with my father and uncle, circa, 1915, by Opperman, who had also accepted the “new message,” according to the scripture reading in Acts 2:38. They also received the Pentecostal Blessing, or Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

W.F. and his wife, Nancy, who was also a recipient of the “Holy Ghost,” later became registered ministers with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (P.A.W.), and were on their rolls as late as 1930 or 1931.

Meanwhile, circa 1915 or 1916, my father, who was in his early teens, was called to undergo a “fast.” Fasting is often common in the Bible, and among more fundamental Christian groups, as a means to gain intimacy with God. My father thought it would be a three-day fast, as was popular at the time. At the end of this period, he was prompted, by the Spirit of God, to continue it, to a seven-day fast. This was not unusual either for these types of believers.

At the end of seven days, my father started to commemorate the end of this fast, by opening up a candy bar from its wrapper. No more than my father had put the candy bar in his mouth for a big bite, but the Spirit of God spoke to him, saying …”You are not done yet,”… and that my father was not “released” from this fast. In the Bible, such fasts are described as a “chosen fast.” This is a fast put upon an individual by the Holy Spirit, in which a specific purpose, or answer from God in response to prayer, or revelation, is received.

Hence, my father continued his fast to ten days, then fourteen, then 21 days. At this point, my father took to his bed, as he started to lose strength and could not work at the market that he had been employed at, delivering groceries and goods to folks, who made grocery orders at the local market. The fast then stretched out to 28 days, and his mother, Nancy, became more concerned. As the fast continued to 30 days, more folks became concerned for my father’s health as he was also not drinking much water. The lack of food and proper hydration was putting my father in a danger zone in their estimation.

As the fast went to 35 days, individuals started to try to convince my father and his parents, that the fast was becoming dangerous. A doctor was called in, and he reported that, with his scopes and whatnot, that my father’s esophagus and stomach had, what was thought to be small hair follicles growing inside, from the lack of digestive activity.

At this time, there was some prophetic utterances in which my father would have a ministry, which would be prophetic in nature, and would be anomalous in its nature. Several are welcome to scoff, but, well, the Bible is full of such atypical stuff.

At the end of forty days, the Spirit lifted, the fast ended. My father received food and water and started to get his strength back. In little time, my father was up and running again.

It is interesting to note, that some prophets who had undertaken fasts in the Bible, that their fasts lasted of a forty-day duration, as well.

However, my father did not go immediately into any ministry. Instead, he worked dutifully to support his family. When he got a little older, about 20 years of age, he started working at a dry cleaning plant in Springfield, owned by a Jewish man. He rose from being a “pressman,” to supervising the plant. He met his first wife there. They married and their union produced two daughters.

As an aside, what is interesting about my father being a “pressman,” is that I liked to “iron” my own clothes, for years and years… as a practiced custom on a weekend evening. I did not know of my father’s similar vocation until much later in my life. Since then, I have stopped…as it is a sort of drudgery… I sure like perma-press anymore…

After a few years, my father got into the “oil” business. The automobile had taken on in the mid-1920’s in this area, and with the event of Route 66 connecting much of the nation, my father went business to business, selling oil and gas products up and down Route 66 from St. Louis to Joplin MO and up to Kansas City MO to northern Arkansas below Springfield, Missouri. He succeeded in building up his own business, which he called, the Quality Oil Company, despite the very poor national economy in this period of the Great Depression.

He did this endeavour for about thirty years.

1943 Pentecostal Outlook Mag 001 The Pentecostal Outlook Magazine had an obituary of my grandfather, W.F. Spickard, in its June 1943, issue. W.F. passed away just a couple of months earlier. 

family reunion pix 001

Meanwhile, my father, my uncle, and their parents continued his father’s “house” ministry of about two dozen people. In this fellowship, there were three outstanding sisters of faith. These women were saints and ministered daily in prayer. I remember one being a Sister Morell, and another, I am not sure of, as a Sister Hubbard. The other saintly sister, I do not recall.

One day, about 1936, my grandfather W.F., announced that he was going to “slow down” his ministry and scale back, in a Sunday meeting. My father used this opportunity to announce that he would “throw his hat into the ring,” an old amateur wrestling phrase, and eventually my father would assume his father’s, W.F.’s ministry. W.F. was approximately 77 years old. He later would pass away in 1943. His wife, Nancy, had preceded him in death by a few years. My father continued the home meetings, and sought to expand the fellowship by financing public meeting places and free meals to go with, that of his speaking ministry.

This was sort of unheard back then, to furnish meals, unless it was a Salvation Army meeting, or a inner-city rescue mission, for alcoholics and homeless men. My father did a bit of the cooking as well, literally fulfilling the scripture of a servant leader. My father would also usually be fasting, quite an incongruity, when he was flipping burgers and grilling potatoes. He just was never tempted to eat…as he had no desire to do so, when in the ministry of a fast, and speaking the “Anointed Word,” in these public meetings.

My father was a very studious man, who had singular insights in the interpretation of Scripture. He started to preach a message that was later copied to an extent by others. His signature preaching was to reject the established Church, as it being a false one, and proposed a “coming out,” of those who were God’s People from the System of organized Christianity.

This, few had ever done before at that time.

My father called the Church system and its political secular influence, “Great Babylon,” which description was from the Bible. He warned those listening to him, to become… “come-outers,”… and to form their own fellowships and assemblies. My father was perhaps the first Holiness/Pentecostal preacher in the area, to start wearing, when preaching on hot days, … short sleeve shirts…. As soon as he felt the anointing come upon him, off came the suit coat, the sleeves were rolled up, or if he was wearing one, as in summer, the short sleeve shirt was exposed, and his necktie, removed. This caused quite a stir in that time, particularly in the Ozark Mountain region. Since there was no television, my father ‘s methods, and his preaching, were considered to be somewhat entertaining to more than a few. I talked to one sister, when she was a young woman, which she and others expressly went to hear this preacher, in “shirt-sleeves.”

In addition, to his message being different, my father preached solely from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He would not preach with notes, or read from the Bible. His command of Bible verses and scriptures was quite large and at the ready. This inspiration of the Holy Spirit, was known at the time to be called,… “the anointing…”

This also brought an interest in his ministry, as few had ever done this or attempted this on any sort of regular basis.

Many, many times, in which my father preached, he would preach under this “anointing.” Those that heard him, said… that there was no one else was like him, in this ability to preach under the “Anointing.” He drew quite a bit of peripheral interest in the exercise of this gift as others tried to copy him.

My father’s ministry came into its own, after the passing of his father. He financed “camp meetings,” and drew crowds, along with many other talented preachers. He had other gifted speakers like a Brother Everitt Ramsey, and a Brother Monday, a Black minister, to assist him, as well as others.

Toward the end of the World War Two era and a year beyond it, my father’s meetings became more and more anointed and the presence of the Holy Spirit started to increase. Like many historic ministries who have experienced this phenomenon and visitation of the Holy Spirit, throughout church history, folks became more and more expectant in their thinking that the Lord Jesus was soon to Return. My father was taken of this notion as well. Like the Thessalonian fellowship of the New Testament, he started thinking that this increasing presence of the Spirit was a bellwether of something more significant to come, namely, the Second Coming of Christ.

My father intensified his message of “coming out” of the Church system, and to announce a soon coming of Christ, who would gather his people out of this system into a more pure fellowship, in which no “spot, or wrinkle, or any such…blemish” would be the result.

He became convinced also that what is called the “Latter Rain” revival, as prophesied in the Old Testament, by the Prophet Joel, would soon commence.

However, like many such movings of the Spirit, my father was a bit mistaken. He thought that the particular and exceptional moving of the Spirit in his ministry and in his meetings, was to bring in the return of Christ and his Kingdom. As just stated above, this was not an uncommon conclusion, which the Scriptures themselves note with the Thessalonian Church, and other disciple’s expectant hopes would be immediately fulfilled.

ON TO PART THREE, at a later date…

Thanks for reading.

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Iron & Clay



This past week, saw the British electorate vote to exit the European Union. Several opinion makers saw this action as a rebuke to the Globalist, or New World Order agenda.

The fall-out emerging from this, is not clear yet. But the Powers That Be, or the ruling Oligarchy that presently controls the world system, can make life very miserable for the 51% who voted against staying, in the European Union. 


Daniel, the Prophet, thus termed so by Jesus in the Gospels, actually never uttered a word of Prophecy. Daniel only interpreted Prophetical events. In his first display of his interpretative gifts, he was demanded, by King Nebuchadnezzar, to reveal the King’s dream…

which Nebuchadnezzar could not recall… save, it was indelibly horrifying and disturbing to the King.

Daniel agreed to do so, and that very night, Daniel received the same dream, himself, and the interpretation thereof. The next day, Daniel proceeded to tell King Nebuchadnezzar, to his amazed satisfaction, just what he dreamed, and what it meant.

In this dream interpretation, Daniel outlined four world kingdoms, of which Babylon was the first. Babylon would then be succeeded by three other World Kingdoms.

Finally, all “world kingdom” eras, would cease….

This means that there will NEVER BE ANOTHER WORLDWIDE or Global RULE!

I guess I should repeat that again…This means that there will NEVER BE ANOTHER WORLDWIDE or Global RULE!

Such Global Rule, would be replaced by smaller ruling entities, yet never, to completely rule and dominate the then known world.

Daniel described these ruling entities, which would occur in the Last Days, or following the Kingdom of Iron. In this interpretation, it is clearly understood from the context, that Babylon was the first World Kingdom; the Persians and Medes, the second; the third Kingdom was Greece; and the Fourth Kingdom, as Rome, which Jesus also implied.

Out of this Fourth Kingdom, there would still be elements of “IRON,” which symbolizes a rule like Rome.

However, it would be mixed with Clay, if that is possible…

Clay is commonly understood to be a red earth type substance. Adam was said, from the Genesis account, to have been formed from clay and dust of the earth. Adam means ¨red earth,¨or clay.

Hence, clay is symbolized, as also implied by the text of Daniel 2:43, with the “seed of men,” or mankind, or progeny from Adam.

Clay represents but common man, who has, as his aspirations, the wish for freedom to enjoy the labors of his toils; worship in the way that he chooses; determine by his free will, his mode of living and moral code; and the freedom to be free from oppression and slavery, among other things.

Iron, in the context of this Prophecy Vision/Dream, symbolizes a strong, powerful rule, which does enslave most of its populace. It does not grant the freedom of worship except to the extent that it is their own interest. It allows moral codes and behaviour conducive the furtherance of its Empire. Most of all, it is capable, as iron is, to be a heavy weight imposed upon its subservient classes, in which it can create a good deal of oppression upon.

Throughout the Roman version of “statecraft,” the symbol of “fasces” were used.


The Roman Fasces


The Roman Fasces, was a common symbol, using carried to symbolically designate the ruler, using this symbol, carried the supreme authority of the State. A fasces consisted of several rods, bound together by a red cord. Also within the bounds of this red cord, was an axe blade. This loosely meant, that anyone did not wish to be bound to the State, would face the penalty of not doing so: the blade of the axe.

Fasces, have come to be a modern symbol of fascism. It was used by both the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, and his contemporary, the German dictator, Adolf Hitler. Mussolini correctly described modern fascism as ¨corporatism.¨

Remarkably, the symbol of the fasces, is also on many American or U.S. State buildings, statues, like Abraham Lincoln below, a curious selection to me which suggests, which I am in agreement with, that Mr. Lincoln used the power of the State at his disposal, all too well, for interests contrary to the U.S. Constitution. You can see faintly in the background, that Lincoln is ¨honored¨here, for ¨preserving the Union.¨

Lincoln and his fasces

However, as Robert E. Lee remarked, …¨it is no Union, which is forced upon the people by the barrel of a gun, or the edge of a sword,¨ …but a Tyranny.

What happened thereafter, by the Power of the Imperial State, imposed by Mr. Lincoln, that the United States, which was a UNION OF SOVEREIGN STATES…. became a SOVEREIGN UNION… of states. roosevelt dimeTHE DIME COIN….Nor did fascism end, with Mr. Lincoln and his Preservation of his ¨Sovereign Union,¨ at the expense of the sovereignty of the individual states, of the United States. Today U.S. Citizenry, are still reminded, if they wish to be, that the same fascism is in control, as shown on their money, which of course, is distributed by the most significant fascist power today, the Federal Reserve System… which is neither Federal, or a Reserve, nor even a system, but a private corporation controlled and owned by the financial hierarchy of the World, located in London, England.

Hence, we see aptly, that the rule of ¨Iron,¨ is still with us. And, we also see that there are protests and opposition to this Iron rule, by the people, whether represented by small or great, like Robert E. Lee.

People nowadays, do not like tyranny. The context of history is on their side. Everyone knows that ¨power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.¨

Thus, this ¨clay¨is at loggerheads and complete opposition to the ¨Iron¨Crowd.

This is exactly what happened in the ¨Brexit¨vote recently. The people, or ¨clay¨rejected the rule of the Globalists, or fascists, seeking to wield yet more iron in their rule and administration.

Now, there is talk of Scottish and Northern Irish independence from Great Britain, as a result of this defeat. Both regions want statehood and autonomy, and independence from the British Government.

You see… Clay doesn´t cleave to Iron.

Just like Daniel stated and prophesied in the Bible and Bible Prophecy.

But the ¨Iron¨Crowd doesn´t get it. They don´t believe the Bible. They don´t believe Bible Prophecy. They think that they are going to WIN! They think that they are going to impose a Global, One World Government and Rule.

But Daniel said, …not!

Rome was the last World Rule.

Hence, the New World Order is ¨dead on arrival.¨

I wrote about this in an earlier blog. You can find it here…


Indeed, it is not only Scotland and Northern Ireland, who wish to secede from Britain, but now there is talk from Californians, how that California should secede from the United States! One gentleman told me recently, that they could form as many as ¨five states¨from California. I don´t know that for fact, as a fellow recently told me that. However, it seems to have credibility with such talk of California seceding.

Not only that, but Texas is also talking in the same way. I understand that Texas has in its state constitution, the right to secede into five or six states, as well. I am not sure at all, that the U.S. Government would allow this, as it was attempted before, in which the ¨Sovereign Union¨all but destroyed the Southern states, but such talk  is but fuel for underlying fires in the United States, as its government is no longer acting in good faith or interest of its citizens.

In my second book, I wrote upon the Parable of the Fig Tree. This parable was interpreted by popular Bible prophecy  ¨experts,¨like Hal Lindsey, Chuck Smith, Dave Hunt, Edgar Whisenhunt, Pat Robertson, and Jack Van Impe, to have been already fulfilled, which of course, it has not.

They were all wrong.

They have never admitted it.

The Bible has a label for such folks, if they don´t amend their words. That label would be correct.

In this Parable, which is about the only Parable not explained at all, by Christ, it is stated that all these things, or the Last Generation before the Return of Jesus Christ, would not occur until not only the Fig Tree came into its fulness, but ¨all the other trees,¨ as well.

I compiled some charts, to help understand the meaning of this Parable Prophecy, in which I showed, in three charts, some 115 ¨trees,¨or nations, forming around or about the time of Israel.

51H9Rt0tjNL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_ The ¨Blurb¨on the back cover of my Volume Two, ¨Living in the End Times.¨ I introduce a correct interpretation of the Fig Tree Parable. No one else ever discusses the phenomena of ¨other trees.¨

In these charts, you will see that there are yet, ¨other trees,¨ yet forming. There were, for instance, many nations formed, when the former Soviet Union broke up. From this exit of several nations in the Soviet Union, to the Brexit vote this past week, you can extrapolate, possibly, the added independence movements of ¨wanna’be¨ nations in Great Britain, such as the aforementioned Scotland, and Northern Ireland, to Wales and Cornwall. Then, you also have the Separatist French secession movement in Quebec, Canada, which is always gaining ¨steam.¨

Then, you have the previously indicated independence movements in California, and Texas.

You see reader, CLAY IS A VERY POWERFUL MEDIUM IN END TIME BIBLE PROPHECY…something that the ¨Iron¨Crowd apparently takes lightly, as they do not and cannot understand why no one would want to like and to live, under their benevolence!

So, the ¨other tree¨phenomena can still be ongoing….

I presented this eventuality in my first book, in which, I discussed possible breakups of the United States, consistent with End Time Bible prophecy.




Not only does the ¨Iron¨Crowd, or New World Order Cabal not get it, that is the power of Clay, but their partners in infiltrating Popular Christianity, don´t get it either!

You see, we have infiltration in Popular, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Traditional, Old Line, and Catholic denominations, as well, as what I call, the ¨Advent Movements.¨

Not only are all these facets of Christianity infiltrated…reader…, but rather they are controlled by the same people who make up the New World Order Oligarchy and their agentur.

Hence, we have Frankists and Sabbateans controlling the secular New World Order, and we have Frankist and Sabbatean agents controlling popular Christianity.

You may not think that this is so. But in the type of world government first imposed by Nimrod, he controlled both the ¨city¨and ¨tower.¨ Nimrod knew how to run things. You can bet, Lord Rothschild, does too! In fact, he lives in the ¨City,¨ or what is termed the financial centre of the world!

But, I maintain, that this it is so…infiltration and control….And this, reader, would explain a lot of things, like the severe moral degradation being imposed upon us, and the churches… pretty much going right along with it!

We have, indeed, a lot of Frankist Christians, who have been pushing their agenda, well, practically since 1830. They have been wildly successful. They have most, if not all, of Evangelical type Christianity believing the most ¨humbug¨of all so called Bible teachings… and that is,… Modern Dispensationalism

Even Franklin Graham, darling of the Evangelicals, repeats this Frankist dogma in which… Christians are to submit to the New World Order…eventually, as after all… it is in the Bible!!!

Oh boy,… the Frankist New World Order hierarchy sure likes to hear that!!!…Maybe, they will forgive Franklin for being so down on Gays, Obama and the Muslims…when he affirms their agenda!!

Franklin Graham, religious leader and son of Billy Graham in Washington, DC.

It´s too bad. I like Mr. Graham personally. But, he is advocating ¨Frankist¨Christianity, whether knowingly or unknowingly…

You see, …reader,… if you are still with me,…after these revelations,… or you may view such as blasphemies… if you are totally deceived… Mr. Graham and the other Frankist-type Christians are very wrong.

There is NO FUTURE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Again, there is NO FUTURE WORLD OR GLOBAL GOVERNANCE OR RULE… I also repeated this above earlier twice for emphasis, as well.

As …Daniel said so! …

I know it is tough…when you have deceived and in darkness about such things…but then, such deception and darkness that has been prophesied of, too.

It is very tough to believe someone like me, who is a nobody… when you got, ¨born again¨ U.S. President George H.W. Bush declaring in 1991, that we ¨are on the eve, of a New World Order.¨ And, you got that grandson of the very fervent Southern Baptist John D. Rockefeller, the scion, David Rockefeller, that well known Globalist and buddy of George Soros, well, saying the very same thing, and in the same time frame. Besides, of course, the very Catholic Saint himself, recently canonized Pope John Paul II, saying the very same stuff at about the very same time.

Yep, the Pope even predicted that we would all be living in the New World Order, by the year 2000!!!

George H.W. Bush was even scheduled to be at the Great Sphinx on January 1, 2000, to put the ¨Seeing Eye¨capstone, back on the Sphinx!

But, something happened…and the NWO folks don´t talk about it, but the short story is, is that they all ran into the force …of Bible Prophecy!!!

With these important world dignitaries all on the same page…we little people…well, the ¨Clay¨are just supposed to believe them and Franklin Graham, and give up pretensions of being part of REAL, TRUE, BIBLE PROPHECY!

Well, wisdom is justified of its children…

Not only do the governments of this world need to be worried about the ¨Clay¨ factor… but the Popular Church will… as well. One of these days, the ¨clay¨will rebel against the organized religious crowd…and we may just have ¨church¨ like the Early Church in the New Testament had.

You see, we are coming into the Time of the Return of Christ, and his GLORIOUS KINGDOM.

With this event coming, we can expect a lot of NEW trends to emerge.

You have not just Daniel´s word on it. You have Christ´s word as well.

Which ¨word¨ will  you stand on… The words of the New World Order crowd, or…

…God´s Very Word, as recorded in the Bible…

It is decision-time. Make yours…count…

Thanks for reading.

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https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSaUBUhA71L7agjKvozCe43wq9XuPQilxVuRuOxPZv1ZAUqxGh_1ACopyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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Six-Day War

Israeli Generals: Uzi Narkiss; Moshe Dayan with his signature eye-patch; and Yitzhak Rabin, enter triumphantly into the formerly occupied Arab Quarter of the City of Jerusalem during the Climax of the Six-Day War. Jerusalem has been under Jewish control ever since.

Next week, on the week of June 5, will mark the 49th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

This was the only war event that Jesus prophesied of, in his Mount Olivet Discourse. The Mount Olivet Discourse is recorded in all three Synoptic Gospels.


Jesus gave a large body of Prophecy in his Olivet Discourse, or prophecy given at the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem. In one of these prophecies, recorded by Luke, Jesus told his disciples that the city of Jerusalem would be UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE GENTILES, or Gentile Nations, UNTIL the Times of the Gentiles would END.


As a result of this Six-Day War, Jerusalem was completely re-taken and has since, been completely under Jewish, or Israeli control. In the 1948 War of Independence of the Nation State of Israel, about 2/3rd of Jerusalem was taken by the Israeli Defense Forces, but the remaining “Arab Quarter,” controlled by the nation of Jordan, still retained a remaining one-third of the city of Jerusalem. This issue of a divided Jerusalem, nineteen years later, was resolved by this war.

It also FULFILLED this prophecy of Jesus.

Since June 1967, the “Time of the Gentiles” ended. In fact, the Times of the Gentiles ended at 10 AM, June 8, 1967.

Since this time, the Gentiles no longer “run,” or control, anything… anymore.

This is a difficult truth and concept for Gentiles to accept.

Particularly, for Gentiles of Japthethic descent.

Gentiles of the progeny of Japheth have been “running” the world for a long time. They are pretty good at organizing things and ruling the masses, despite flaws.

Now, they are in denial that they aren’t “running” and managing things. Being “the boss” is second nature to them. They are going to have to get over it for awhile.

You see, Noah prophesied a long time ago, over his sons.

Noah had three sons: they were Shem, Japheth, and Ham.

Noah blessed two of these sons; the other, Noah cursed his offspring.

In his blessing over Japheth, Noah prophesied that Japheth would “enlarge his tents.” Depending on which Bible version, Jewish rendition, and exploration of textual implications, this means that the Gentiles of Japheth extraction, would stretch forth his influence, and “control,” around the world.

Jesus acknowledged this, when admonishing his disciples, to be not as… “the Gentiles, who love to exercise dominion, or absolute power, over them, and their great men exercise authority and power over them, yet call themselves your benefactors…” (Matthew 20:25). The Gentiles, that Jesus was referring to here, were the Roman authorities, and vestiges of the Greek power structure and culture, in which the Romans, pragmatically adopted, as the Romans were xenophilic to the Greeks in cultural matters . Even Greek, was the language of the Empire, outside of Rome, practically.

Simply, a Gentile is anyone who is not a Jew. A Jew is someone who descended from the loins of Abraham, through his wife, Sara.

When Daniel interpreted the Great Dream and Image of Nebuchadnezzar, in the Book of Daniel, Daniel outlaid the premise that three of the four world empires, were a fulfillment of Noah’s prophecy over Japheth, as Babylon, Greece and Rome, were progeny of Japheth.

Added to this prophecy, is the fact that many of the world’s empires, have their roots from the Roman Empire, and from the words of Noah, over… Japheth.

First, you have the Kingdom of the Franks, who were descended from Gomer, son of Japheth. They helped to institute the Holy Roman Empire, which was a rule of the Roman Catholic Church, in league with secular and regional civil rulers. This gave way later, to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the French Empire, the British Empire, the Third Reich, and now, presently, the American Empire.

The American Empire will eventually give way, to Gog and Magog, the ruling powers of the nation of Russia, and its satellites. As I told about in my first volume, Gog is a ruling extension of Magog.


In my Volume One, of my series of books, Living in the End Times, I spend a bit of time explaining the eventual demise of the United States, and the Rise of Russia. I explain who or what “Gog” is, and who is “Magog,” plus three other names, that represent Russian Power. The United States, conversely, is represented by a reference to a son of Japheth, …as a passing notion… Meanwhile, Gog is simply a ruling extension of Magog. Indeed, Russia is currently under the control of this particular nuance of a Gog “ruling extension,” through Mr. Putin. You can buy and read my book for the cogent explanation of this, and gain an understanding of the Russian psyche, that Winston Churchill stated was “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”  Russia was correctly described by General George Patton, to be “Asiatic,” and not “European.” This is a main difference of Magog and Japheth. Japtheth is wholly European in its roots and manner.


Though it appears, that the United States has an Empire-like structure in the world, and its culture and language permeates nearly every corner and clime in the world, and is the world’s leading financial and military power with military bases in well over a 100 nations in the world, as part of its Empire structure…it is a facade.

The United States has not controlled much of anything since 1967.

The present election cycle in the United States portrays this dichotomy and new paradigm. The leading opposition candidate to the present ruling political party, wishes to make… “America Great Again”…

This is a tacit admission then that the United States is not-so-great, as it used to be, for some reason…

…Some speculate, and a lot of them, self-righteous Christians, that it is because that the United States is increasingly immoral: such as legalizing abortion of the unborn; instituting a welfare state contrary to Bible admonitions;  and allowing conditions like homosexual marital unions; and supporting the rights of “trans-gender” individuals; which those who speculate of such moral trends are alarmed, and express horror and concern that such moral collapses mimic the city of Sodom, from the Bible.

…BUT, I don’t think so…

…These hypocrites always try to lay a guilt trip on everyone else…If they knew that judgment STARTS at the house of God, then they may reconsider their positions…

You see, the same conditions are not just in the United States: they are prevalent throughout the world in nearly ALL countries. The United States has no corner on becoming Sodom,…or Gomorrah,… just yet.

The real reason is, for the demise of America, is that the United States has already been supplanted by another rule,… or system of rule…as the Times of the Gentiles ARE OVER!

Many folks have heard of by now, or studied, what has been called, “The New World Order.” This New World Order has been promoted as “benefactors” and as a “beneficial” rule, or order,  to the world’s populace. This “new world order” has been advocated by world leaders, most notably, George H.W. Bush, while as U.S. President; John Paul II, while as Roman Catholic Pontiff; and David Rockefeller, present World Financier and agent of the intrigue and cabal that is currently and presently….and precisely…


…from behind the scenes…

And, for good reasons, as the Oligarchy wishes to remain as anonymous as long as possible. This means, that this anonymity is necessary to further extend its power.

Delusion and Deception are its principal tools. They have deluded the world into thinking that things are the same…

…when they haven’t been AT ALL… for nearly fifty YEARS!

The United States, is controlled and dominated by this cabal of Oligarchs, who also for that matter, control the rest of the world, as well.

This will not change very soon.

Indeed, it is THEIR time….and no longer, the Times, or Era, of the Gentiles.

You see, these Oligarchs are ruling, also, as a result of Prophecy…Both prophecy from the Old Testament and the New Testament…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can get angry with me if you wish, and discredit me, but the truth will not go away… 

The Powers of the Deception and Delusions,… that are currently exercised upon the world’s populace, which are maintained by the Oligarchy,… are also predicted by Bible Prophecy.

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can get angry with me if you wish, and discredit me, but the truth will not go away…

We are living in age of Darkness…and Gross Darkness, the People.

This is what this deception and delusion are called in prophecy: Darkness, and Gross Darkness of the People…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You see, years and years ago, when the Early Church went from Jewish control to Gentile control, just a bit after the destruction of the Jewish Polity in C.E. 70, the Gentile church hierarchy, as they loved such lofty positions, and to secure such leadership positions of control, since they were Japhethic Gentiles,… eliminated any threat to THEIR CONTROL.

Yep, the Church became made up of these Japhethic Gentiles. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but if they are superficial Christians, and really unconverted,…IT IS A BAD THING!

Yep, they became just what Jesus WARNED about… “Beware of those Gentiles, who wish to exercise leadership and authority…”

In no time, Gentile “tares,” or superficial believers, sought leadership..instead…of discipleship…and became “lords” over the “Lord’s House.” This is what the early disciples had warned of in their “antichrist” warnings…false leadership exercising false authority.

There is a good example of this in the New Testament. One “Bishop,” or “elder” took on himself as leader of several congregations, instead of just his own. When this false leader, who called himself an “Elder,” and headed a hierarchy at an influential church called, “The Elders,” sought to control another congregation, he was rebuffed. This “Elder” became very angry and hurled imprecations at the elder who was just practicing his natural autonomy, which Paul had taught and respected.

Yep, you can read about this.

Indeed, this so-called “Elder,” who was “exercising authority” to gain control, was known to be somewhat of an impostor. In fact, the very congregation, that this individual gained control of, this congregation, was prophesied of by Paul, to be “devoured by grievous wolves, not sparing the flock” (Acts 20:29-30). Yeah, this “elder””impostor” was the main “grievous wolf”!!!!

What these “bishops,” or “elders” did, the first thing, was to eliminate the gift of prophecy and the office of prophets in the church. They wanted control; if a gift of prophecy was present, or a prophet present, then this was a dire threat to their control and false authority.

Since then, the “church” has never had a prophet to guide them.

As Jesus stated comparatively, the “church” became “blind leaders of the blind.”

Reader, the office of a prophet is known also as a “seer.” The office of the prophet is the “eyes” of the church. If the “church” is infiltrated by those who do not believe in this supernatural office, or allow false prophets, then the “church,” has NO EYES.


This is why, that they cannot interpret prophecy… This is why, they don’t know anything…this is why their adherents don’t know anything…This is why they are in “darkness,” and they themselves, as well as their people, in “GROSS DARKNESS.”

I didn’t say this… the Bible says this, through Isaiah years ago. It was applied to Israel in an initial sense. This occurred. For over 400 years, called the Intertestamental Period, Israel had no prophet sent to them. They were in darkness, and “gross darkness,” the people.

When God did send a prophet to Israel, they had him killed. When his successor replaced him, who was prophesied that he would, as he was greater… this Prophet was also killed!

Reader, this prophecy is a dual prophecy.

It had an initial fulfillment. It will have an exhaustive fulfillment. The effects of this exhaustive fulfillment are everywhere to be discerned.

Nearly every other prophecy Jesus uttered that day on Mount Olivet, was a dual nature prophecy…

But you will never hear this inside of a church. You can read about the nature and fulfillment of “dual prophecies,” by reading my books!

I have the gift of interpretation. The churches have no gifts. They categorically reject someone like me. In fact, I am a great threat to their control…which is about one thing, primarily… that is, not only control over people, but getting their MONEY!!!!

The church, as an institution, is one of the wealthiest organizations in the world.

Jesus did not create a corporate model. Jesus was not a businessman.

He created an organism…not an organization… but man, cannot control that. So where ever man can, he will persecute the “organism,” for the sake of “upping the organization.”

Hence, the “Times of the Gentiles” are over with…as JESUS SAID SO… There can be no mistake about that. But when you are under darkness, and gross darkness, well, you have no discernment!

The “church” does not believe the words of Jesus. If they did, then they acknowledge what I say is…TRUE…

Nelson Bell & Graham


 STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH…. L. Nelson Bell, left, his daughter Ruth, and her husband, Evangelist Billy Graham pose in this photo. When witnessing the news event of the Israeli Defense Forces taking ALL of Jerusalem, Bell declared: “For the first time in 2000 years, Jerusalem is now completely in the hands of the Jews. This event gives a student of the Bible a thrill and renewed faith in the accuracy and validity of the Bible.” Unfortunately, Bell never repeated this remark, apparently, being naive at the consequences of such an event would be upon the popular “church.”




You can read further about the End of the Times of the Gentiles and its incredible significance for everyone living on the planet, in my Volume Two, of Living in the End Times.


Just as remarkable, when the Times of the Gentiles ended in June 1967, another era started:


We have been living in the End Times, for nearly 50 years. Several prophecies are being fulfilled…yet now…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

There is a time coming soon, when folks will have to embark on a NEW DYNAMIC.

This is not actually NEW… it started when Jesus preached the Gospel.

But it has been lost for the most part, except when there have been wondrous revivals of the Holy Spirit, in the history of the “church age,” and, Era of the Gentiles.

You see, when Jesus preached the Gospel by the anointing of the Holy Spirit…something happened… PEOPLE WERE FORCED TO MAKE A DECISION…

This will be true in the near future.

The famine of the hearing of the Word of the Lord will cease.

Oh, that is another dual fulfillment prophecy…

When the Word of the Lord gets preached, by the anointing, or Gospel preached, folks will have to make some BIG decisions. They will decide somethings that will be on a different paradigm.

They will have to decide on who to serve… their benevolent Gentile Puppets, or the Oligarchical System that now controls them, or…their church of their choice, which no matter who you choose, …you lose…OR…

Yeshua Ha Mashiach…

that is, Jesus the Messiah.

Yep, you really get to choose a person over an organization…isn’t that novel? Do you really think any church organization really represents Jesus Christ?

If you do… God help you…You need it.

Yep, it is to be ALL about decision making…soon!

It is going to that simple.

And, everyone will come to know this. No darkness nor gross darkness shall cover or hinder this.

You have God’s very own Word on this.

Thanks for reading.

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https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSaUBUhA71L7agjKvozCe43wq9XuPQilxVuRuOxPZv1ZAUqxGh_1ACopyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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Best of this Blog…


                Recommended Reading from this Blog…


I have been writing this blog for a bit over two years. When folks ask me what blog articles that I recommend reading of those that I have written, I am not sure how to reply.

It really depends on your interests.

Some folks need their intellect stimulated. Some need their faith strengthened. Some just have curiousity. Others have a critical eye. You just don’t know as there as many motives as there are needs.

I am not really sure what “the best of this blog” is.

I have my favorites.

These are topics that I never wrote about before, that involve some revelatory knowledge. Most of these subjects I only had a thought to germinate, or start, with. But when I started writing, well, the gift took over.  The revelatory knowledge given to me to write such, taught me as well, as I never realized many of the “talking points” until I was given the inspiration to write them.

I never use notes, for example, to write on any of the topics that I have written on this blog. They all come from the “anointing” within (1 John 2:27).

A lot of preachers, well, all of them, practically don’t know what I am talking about.

I do the same when speaking publicly. This is New Testament order. This ensures that the Spirit of God has free flow against any preconceived ideas or structure. You have to be quite dependent upon God and the Spirit however, and have to know the voice of the Spirit. You just can’t have much of the “spirit of error” (1 John 4:6).

Herein, lies the rub…”the spirit of error” versus “the spirit of truth.” In the Gentile Church Age, it has mostly been the former…in the early Church of New Testament annals, it was mostly,…the latter. If  the “spirit of error” has not had precedence during the “Church Age,” then what has?

The popular church is really, if you examine the New Testament fellowship model, the antithesis of what we term, the “Early Church.”

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you will know that I am “anti-Establishment,” of organized and Corporate Christendom. Indeed, I am “dead-set” against the machinery and structure of carnal men posing as spiritual authorities. They are the “false church.” However, their adherents number into the millions and millions. The Bible even admits that some of God’s People are caught up in this web and maze. The Bible promises that the Spirit of God will free them, one of these days, from such spiritual defilement.

Yet, the Bible discloses that there is this exact dichotomy. There is a “false” church; and there is a “true church.” You can be sure that the false one is the popular one; and the true one, well, has to be sought and found, with God’s help. Jesus likened his true church as being a “body.”

It is a living organism….not man’s dead organization.

Here, is a THOUGHT!

You may want to keep this THOUGHT or concept, in mind, if you love the truth…

There has always been revival of sorts throughout the “Church Age.” It always originated from the outside of the church, however. No more than the Spirit of God and revival lifted though, man organized such a movement and started controlling it, calling on the Spirit of Revival, which like the “pillar of fire,” and “cloud by day,” had already passed and was “long gone.” These hirelings however, kept calling on “Baal” though, to send down “the fire.”

Instead, they just wore themselves out, just like on Mount Carmel, before the Prophet Elijah.

…This is an interesting type…

Then the “Elijahs” can go to work…once the flesh of men, is all expended and their “heavens are as brass,” for lack of inspiration and might of the Spirit…or DEADNESS.

These “revivals” of yesteryear, which is a work of LIFE in contrast, always had the work of the Holy Spirit to bring a people out of the structured and established church. This is historical fact and record. The Holy Spirit used such “revivals” to bind together and build up,…the Body of Christ…

Just think…when there is no revival, or the Spirit of God is not moving in the land…then the Spirit is not “binding together and building up”…the Body of Christ in a significant manner.

This means that if there is no revival, which is evident presently, then the Body of Christ is somewhat broken and splintered…just as Christ’s literal body was on the Cross.

You see, when man gets done with his “stuff,” the body of Christ, is back on the Cross.

This is where “man” always puts Jesus…back on his Cross!

But when the Spirit revives, Christ is no longer on the Cross, but revived and resurrected in his… BODY…!!!

This what has been happening in a microcosm. Man rejects God’s Spirit, as the Pharisees did, and end up crucifying the Christ-man. Then, the Spirit of God enters, and resurrects the work and ministry of Christ once again! Once his Body…of believers…are gathered and strengthened, then “man” starts to persecute the Christ “child” once again. The Spirit of God then has to “scatter” the Body, or Church, to other locales or places, to escape such destructions, and or, to build the work elsewhere, which it is not yet rejected as of yet.

Hmmm… I just portrayed the Body, or church, or fellowship of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Book of Acts!!!

How about that…?

But I digress. This “church” business is a topic for another day.

I have to admit that these very topics are my preferences. They are basically prophetic, or interpretative concepts, based on near unknown spiritual realities, spiritual laws, and theorems, gathered from Biblical instances and events.

I will list them here:



Speaking a Pure Language

Brother Brown, the Lord’s Coming… and a Famine of the Word of the LORD

Life,… God Interrupted


I have written blogs which deal with human relationships. I have written on forgiveness, true repentance, loving your enemies, and not being in “fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness.” A lot of folks, who like to persecute, like to think that their victims have “short memories,” so that they can hurt their victims…again and again… The Bible instructs us on how to handle and avoid such sociopathic behaviour. If someone, for instance, does not repent or ask forgiveness of their destructive actions and persecutions,…then they WILL JUST DO THE SAME AGAIN. Since they have never repented of their works, what deters them from doing the same? Real Christians are not human punching bags…Though Jesus forgave his enemies from the Cross, he certainly did not forget what they did, as the very first sermon that Peter gave, was about how Jesus was treated…The Spirit of God brought this up to convict the hearers on the Day of Pentecost.

You can be sure of this one thing: the Spirit of God will never forget what men did to Jesus…and still do…God can command forgiveness, but He is not a fool.

This then, is a common theme with real Christian believers: how to deal with persecution.

All “real” Christians undergo persecutions (2 Timothy 3:12). If you haven’t, then you NEED to find out why…

I wrote on this in the following blogs:

Thoughts on Human Relationships

Having the “Right” Spirit

The “Mark”

I also have written a bit on repentance, amendment of conduct, conversion, and faith. A great many folks have made a Christian profession, of this number a good amount of folks have made a confession of Christ…and more than a few of this good amount have made a commitment to Christianity. At this point though, the path gets narrower. A few of this “more than a few” of the prior “good amount,” make a real and genuine spiritual “sacrifice.” This always involves in putting “God FIRST” in their lives, hopefully.

You see, a lot of professing Christians do not put God as first in their lives…

Even with these that make a sacrifice to serve God, and try to make God “first” in their lives, this is not quite enough… I heard a man preach once, that it was alright, just to give God, that is, if you could not GIVE ALL to God, like instead, …30%…of your time, talent and substance!!!

Kind of amazing, huh?

I do not exaggerate. I heard it  with my own ears.

You see, those that profess, confess, commit, and even sacrifice things to God, be it, 30, 40, 50%….or even 100%…have still a ways to go!

You have to do more than these things…

What more, you may ask????

Well, you need to follow Jesus’ commandments. One expressly in fact…YOU NEED TO BE BORN AGAIN!…

You need to have a change of heart; and a change of opinion in regard to sin; you need to have a change in character, and a change in the direction of your life…you need to have a change in your relationship with God. He needs to become real and directly involved in your life.

This is what the Bible calls conversion.

I have blogs to read about this:

Loving God… and the Mysticism of Spiritual Conversion


Manifestations of the Spirit…

Of Repentance: Part One

Of Repentance: Part Two



Paul, the Galatians, & Works of the Flesh, Part 2


I have also written on the church system, as I touched on here in this article, and future trends in prophecy.

I have also presented my books. I think that they are important to have. They are very prescient… ahead of their time. As a result, people will ignore them, as many folks just live for “today.” Tomorrow, well, is for another day. But like all those who ignore reality, tomorrow will be here much sooner than you think…and you, will not be prepared.

Some folks think that preparation is some kind of “survival training,” or learning survival skills, or stockpiling food for catastrophic events. The Mormon Church, for example, instruct their following to have a two-year supply of dry foodstuffs.

The most important facet of preparation though, is getting your mind tuned to God’s leading for you. You must be part of God’s purpose. You must have a calling accordingly. You must be found doing the Father’s Will. You must not just be called…but chosen…yet not just chosen, but…foreordained, predestined, and foreknown of God. You must be “elected” of God.

This last thought is threaded throughout the Bible. A lot of folks like to ignore it. It makes folks uncomfortable. You see, the Bible tells us to makes “our calling and election sure” by developing godly virtues. Developing “godly virtues” is not “walking in the Flesh, but in the Spirit.” Walking in the Spirit is not for everyone.

The Bible talks about believers as being a remnant, or part of a “remnant.”

Unfortunately, Christianity is a minority religion. It was never designed to be a “majority” religion. That it is today, is no virtue, but rather, earns the contempt of the “world,” who knows better.

Hence, you will always find God dealing with “remnants.”

It was but a remnant of eight individuals, that God saved from the Flood, when there were about as many, if not MANY more, people in the world then, than there is NOW.

I think that the estimate of 15 Billion people seems about right.

After all,  Jesus said that before his return, that things would be as “in the days of Noah.”

Well, we have over seven billion people now. It certainly seems that the population numbers are getting up into, as they were in Noah’s time.

You have Gideon’s 300. God sent the rest home.

About 25,000 Messianic Christians and “leading citizens” left Jerusalem before the destruction of its polity in 70 C.E. by the Roman armies. The rest, almost a million, stayed…

Though there were, perhaps, as many as two million people living in Palestine at the time of Christ’s Ascension, only 500 witnessed it.

Jesus commanded his disciples to “tarry” in Jerusalem for the promise of the Spirit. But only seventy of his disciples DID.

Throughout the Bible, you will read of such small numbers that serve God. If you knew the price to pay for serving God, as Jesus stressed you should, then you would understand, that it is not by many, but only a few in each generation, that are a witness for God.

Thus, stuff like this, you perhaps cannot read anywhere else either.

You are welcome to read, peruse, reflect, and criticize these blogs.

Since folks are free moral agents, and are given the God-given right of free will, they can do anything that they wish… They can ignore spiritual truths, or embrace them in varying degrees.

Embracing spiritual truths should all lead to one paradigmatic dynamic, however….and that is….

…to know God, and be known of God…

And that, my friend, is the very best that my blog can offer.

Thanks for reading.

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I have been very busy the past month and haven’t published anything or ended my little Part II of …

Where Did Jesus First Preach at? Part 1

turning water into wine




In Cana, Jesus and his Disciples Were Invited to a Wedding Feast… And What Else?…

Frankly in addition to being busy, I have been waiting on the inspiration or quickening from the Spirit of God to stir my gift to write this Part II. I feel also that there is something else that will come to my attention so that I can include this insight in this upcoming article to complete it.

Completion is important…

A lot of people don’t realize this.

When folks open the middle of their Bibles, they may just well turn to where the Old Testament record ends, or is completed,…and the New Testament record begins…

The Bible and God…are all about completion…

Indeed, God doesn’t do things “half-way,” or “incomplete.”

Yahweh is an amazing Being. Everything He does, is with a definitive purpose in an infinitely driven goal…which always end in a completion that is captivating to the human mind and with a finality that is seldom comprehended in its import.

That’s a nice quote here… You can quote me…It is original in which it came to me, well, in an instant.

You see, that is the inspiration that I have to have, to work with. If I don’t have it, then I have to wait on such.

And, waiting, is something that in my walk, at this stage in my life and Christian experience,…that I am improving on, and getting GOOD at!

The real deal is, if you are a true servant of God, you will find out that “waiting on God” is a very, very important Christian exercise. If you are a Christian and have some maturity in the Lord, and don’t know… well, what I am talking about much here…then seeking God in a highly intimate manner, and finding Him, …would be a most significant event for you.

Well,.. there is another “quote.”

God will then show you, about this particular ministry, and how to engage in it.

But I digress.

Moreover, I have been out of the country, away from my home and family in Panama, visiting in the United States and taking care of personal business.

Hence, I found myself taking the month off…

Thus, to have some continuity while I am waiting on my inspiration, I will write and talk about my published  books…


Here are some links to Volume One:



And, my personal, special comments regarding this book. This will be informative and probably require you to be in a comfortable sitting position:


I also published my Volume Two, last year. It is featured here:

My book on Amazon51H9Rt0tjNL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

I have both front and back covers shown here.

I have to admit it. I am pretty proud of my books. Though, I have found that writing a book, is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in life. In my case, I did it all…from scratch…nearly. You see, if you write a book without any organized promotion, research, editing, or fanfare, or designated targeted audience,… it is a very lonely experience.

And, I have about seven-eight more volumes to write.

I did a series of limited exposure newsletters from 2004-2007, which I want to extrapolate on, in this series of “prophecy” books. The articles that I wrote, going on ten years ago, are still very relevant.

Then again, prophecy is always…relevant…no matter how old it is…

Really, it is eternal.

Anyway, here are the links to Volume Two:




And, my personal, special comments regarding this book. This also will be informative and probably require you, to be in the same comfortable sitting position as you were in, if you read the first blurb:


As indicated on this second blurb and author’s page, I am also busy writing Volume 3.

You will never read any of the topic matter in this book, Volume 3, anywhere else.

For that matter, you will never read of the topic matter of Volume One and Volume Two, anywhere else. It is just too prescient. That is what makes me a “scary” person to a lot of folks, and particularly and incongruently, to a lot of Christian or church folks…I see things…that they DON’T. And I show it, by what is also said, in Bible Prophecy.

I meet folks who say that they believe in God and Christ…and profess Christianity, and yet, they have no comfort level when discussing what is happening in “real-time” Prophecy.

They don’t want to hear it.

It’s upsetting to them!

There is something very wrong with this “Pollyanna” psyche…where you live in a world of fantasy thinking that the Gospel is suppose to promise some sort of happy ending and “live happily ever after” mentality…

Sorry, the Bible is not a fairy tale. The Gospel is not fantasy fiction.

Both the Bible and the Gospel guarantee only one thing, if you follow it:

…that we will be lucky to get out of this present dispensation or era of things… ALIVE!

Well, that is what Peter said…

And, although we may be dead from this mortal coil, we are yet alive in Christ, and will be resurrected in a New Body, like unto Christ.

Really, the Bible is all about, to borrow from George W. Bush, “shock and awe.”

If you don’t like “shock and awe,”…you should stop reading this…

You may get upset…


For example:

You can imagine the “shock and awe” when Pharaoh and his armies were swallowed up by the closing of the Red Sea…

You can imagine the “shock and awe” when the thousands of Antediluvians panicked and started beating on the walls of the Ark, screaming to be “let in,”when the “rains” came in with intensity and the earth moved, opening up gushers of waters from underground water bodies.

You can imagine other thousands of Antediluvians, in “shock and awe,” being detained from getting to the Ark, by the thousands of animals who turned on them…some of whom were, well, dinosaurs…who just turned into carnivorous for the occasion.

You can read more about this particular “shock and awe,” in the Book of Jasher, endorsed by the Bible as a credible source.

You can read about “shock and awe” when Korah and his gang were swallowed up by the earth, in the Bible, in Numbers 16:21.

Korah challenging Moses, Aaron




Then, there were the “walls of Jericho.” I can’t imagine too many more disasters that would describe “shock and awe” as well, as when in the words of the old Negro spiritual,..”the walls came tumblin,’ tumblin’ down…”

Or, for that matter, the “shock and awe” that Agag must have felt, when Samuel “hewed him into pieces before the Lord.”

Interesting, this phrase, “before the Lord..” It means to do things under the influence or power of the Holy Spirit. Now, that is “shock and awe” too, when the Holy Spirit is working!

And finally for purposes of this study, imagine the “shock and awe” that occurred to the Prophets of Baal, and the Prophets of the Grove, when Elijah turned on them with his newfound allies…certainly under the Holy Spirit, and slew four hundred of them by the Kishon Brook.

Of course, my atheist friends would tell me that such “shock and awe” only shows how “blood-thirsty” that Yahweh is, indiscriminately killing people!!

I always find this point of view amusing.

You see, atheists are materialists. Humans are only amoral material creatures; they only have moral codes and morality passed down to them by tyrants and guilt-ridden crazy religionists! Oh, what a deception that humankind is under according to atheists and agnostics, and pantheists. As a matter of extension then, atheists don’t believe in the nature, or the force, of ..good or evil… How then, can they deny their materialism and say then …that God is evil

…in being judgmental…

… in requiring that Justice be done as part of Righteousness?

You see, atheists are the ultimate example of the definition of what an oxymoron is.

When they malign God, they are denying the basis of their belief system. Yet, this knowledge of good and evil, that they are exercising in by speaking critically or malevolently about God, comes from the “eating” of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in the Genesis account of the Bible.

Their very acts of defaming God then…prove that God exists!!!

Otherwise, where did they get their “knowledge of good and evil” from, but from God?

The Knowledge of Evil is not compatible, according to them, with man being a material creature. And, the knowledge of Good, is but a fortunate aberration of our “evolutionary process.” Now, isn’t that convenient?

These folks just think of everything, don’t they?

This special knowledge of knowing what is good and evil is, IS certainly not, from their study of materialism, particularly Marxist materialism…as “religion is the opiate of the people.”

Hence, atheist folks like Richard Dawkins, with all his purported genius (which he shows in plagiarizing from others on occasion, thus making him a non-original thinker) and contrived, fake compassion: are waking and walking contradictions of the highest magnitude.

Hence reader, you see what God thinks of atheists, as in the Bible account, they are called “fools.”

Now, I won’t say that…I won’t call them “fools.”

I am not better than God. No, He is much is better than I, and can say such things. After all, we are told to be, “fools for Christ.”

Thus, I have compassion for my atheist friends…Indeed, I have a large compassion for them. I am very sorry that they experience such darkness and despair inwardly as their belief system non-produces absolutely one essential element for human survival and for any significant chance for mental and spiritual health, which is:


I think that despite the hardness of the message of Prophecy, it produces this ONE thing which you can derive from my books:…

again,… HOPE…

This type of HOPE however, is not the human “hope-so” type of thinking and wishing in which folks think of “hope”as being “maybe so,” “could it be so,” “wish it were so.”


This is a spiritual and eternal hope…

It is a Hope, based on the principle of Faith, upon the virtue of Love.

Indeed, Paul said much the same thing:

“And now abides faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is Love.”

So, I …hope… you will peruse my books, and if you have a conviction to, buy them.

And then, perhaps you can tap into the “inspiration” that goes into these books to bring you into a stronger faith in God.

If the instruction of prophecy does nothing else for you, you should know this one thing that you can derive from it: …That,… .


And, God is not the author of fear, but faith…

And, that is my conviction and hope for you.

Thanks for reading.

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Where Did Jesus First Preach at? Part 1


turning water into wine

Jesus Making Water into Wine at the Wedding Feast in Cana of Galilee


In Cana, Jesus and his Disciples Were Invited to a Wedding Feast… And What Else?…

Jesus and his disciples, who at this point were Nathaniel, Philip, Andrew and Simon Peter, had arrived in Cana from the baptismal ministry of John the Baptist in Beth-abara. The best information from the Gospels tell us that this was either a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Jewish wedding feasts usually could last 2-3 days, even longer for wealthier families and their guests, in Galilee. From the text, we learn that if this feast started on a Wednesday, they must have ran out of wine, by late the next day, Thursday.

What follows then, is that Mary the mother of Jesus, must have had some connection in helping organize the wedding feast. This is implied by her presenting the shortage of wine to Jesus, and his subsequent response.

Despite the initial reluctance of Jesus, he complied with his mother’s wishes, and gave express commands as to what occurred next… the conversion of water into wine…

As the Gospel of John relates, as recorded by John the Elder, this “good wine,” made a distinct impression upon the Governor, or Maitre D’, of the feast. Hence, this feast must have then lasted into the next day, Friday.

After all, there was plenty of really good wine, the Jesus the Nazarene brand, to drink!

By that time however, the talk and interest had shifted from the bride and groom to the singular miracle that Jesus had performed. There was an adequate number of witnesses to this event, which had been instigated by Mary and perhaps other members, of the family of Jesus present.

The feast probably ended by noon, and with the Sabbath coming on, at the 6 o’clock hour that evening, preparations had to be made for the observance of the Sabbath. Accommodations, which had already been made for the wedding guests, such as for Mary and her family, plus Jesus and his disciples, would have no doubt been extended into the Sabbath Day; so, many of the guests stayed on.

Cana was a village of about a hundred people. The wedding feast must have brought an equal number of guests into the village that week. Hence, for the Sabbath Day observance whether at a designated synagogue, or a house set apart for this service, it must have been somewhat of a “full” house.

Jesus was already regarded, thanks to John the Baptist, whom everyone practically in Galilee had heard of, as Beth-abara was not that far away, as a teacher or rabbi. As a rabbi, Jesus already had at least four disciples with him. His disciple Nathaniel was at this point, the most outspoken of the disciples, saying among other things, when told of Jesus being from Nazareth: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” In addition, Nathaniel had already witnessed some supernatural discernment, or gift of prophecy, from Jesus in an esoteric reference of Nathaniel when being seen under a “fig tree.” This fig tree reference was of arcane origin attributed to that of a future Kingdom of God presided by a King out of David, where everyone would live blissfully in a Golden Age of having sufficiency with their very own fig tree and their very own vine of grapes.

Nathaniel must had been a student of this esoteric reference and was familiar with it, as his response to Jesus was just that arcane knowledge referred to that, in declaring, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel” (john 1:49).

Nathaniel quite coincidentally, was also a denizen of Cana. It may have well been that the family of Nathaniel had accommodated Jesus, Mary, and family and fellow-disciples for this wedding feast. For sure, being vocal as he was initially, Nathaniel must have talked about Jesus somewhat to family and friends.

The “water into wine” miracle must have really fueled this fire….

By the time that the Sabbath service had rolled around, people wanted to hear something from Jesus… as a rabbi or teacher, and now,…a miracle worker…

This is all rather speculative on my part, that Jesus first started his public teaching ministry,… in Cana.

However though, with the lack of information available, yet what is known about the times and customs in which Jesus lived in and practiced, in which it can certainly be implied that his ministry did start here in Cana, with the background circumstances and dynamics in play.

We read in the Gospels, that at some period in this time frame, following the 40-day fast of Jesus and his Temptations in the Wilderness, that Jesus returned to Beth-abara, and was seen and testified to of John the Baptist, and Jesus started to draw disciples to him nearly immediately.

We read in corresponding passages in Luke, that Jesus started to teach…so much so, that a “fame of him throughout all the region” sprang up, as a result of Jesus “teaching in their synagogues” (Luke 4:14-15).

Since this ALL had to start somewhere… Cana seems pretty logical… with what evidence we have, if we can be allowed to conjecture. It is not out of the realm of possibility…


Jesus Teaching, Preaching, in Cana…


No matter what, at this point, was Jesus concerned any longer about whether “his hour had come yet,” or whether, he was “ready.” The miracle at the Wedding Feast had already propelled his faith for what now, would lie ahead. Jesus would accept any invitation to speak…And speak, he would

The format of Jesus’ remarks that Sabbath Day, may well have started with the recognition of the Wedding Feast event, and the sacred obligation, or mitzvah, of marriage as given by God. This would have been a very interesting introduction, as marriage and its sanctity, was not at that time, regarded all that highly…


It was said of Jesus in his early teaching ministry, that he taught as “one having authority, not as the Scribes.” A good deal of this authority came from Christ’s dependence of the recorded Word of God, which he consistently referred to, to confirm his remarks and his preaching. This, the Pharisees and the Scribes did not do, as much of their teaching had apostatized from God’s Word, in which they now taught the “commandments of men.”


Indeed, the institution of marriage had fallen on relative “hard times.”

The last Prophet before John the Baptist, Malachi, had remarked on this as well, before the “silence from Heaven” occurred, termed the “Inter-Testamental Period,” in which God did not officially speak the “living” or “anointed” Word of God through “his servants, the prophets.” This interim period of “silence from heaven,” lasted… for four hundred years!

It wasn’t until that “the word of Gold came unto John the Baptist…in the Wilderness” (Luke 3:2), that God ended his silence…

You see, John the Baptist was a prophet. God was going to speak once again, through the Baptist. This is how this works… when there is a Prophet, then the Word of God will come to this individual, become a singular burden on his heart, which the Rabbis called, a “massa,” and this burden of speaking the Words of the Lord, will send forth this prophet on his mission to do so!…

This would then, end, this four hundred years of silence, which the Prophet Amos had already prophesied of before, in his time, as a “famine of the Hearing of the Word of the Lord.”

I am writing about this “famine” in my new book. It is a very interesting topic I think. I have already referred to this, in these blogs, with my very first blog entry which you can read some more about this “famine” business here:


Once my book, Volume 3 of “Living in the ‘End Times'” is finished, with this topic included, then you can read and understand what all this about and what we have to look forward to… You see, there has been more than one famine… for the hearing of God’s Word…

But I digress…

It was important that Jesus and John the Baptist take up, in some respects, where the Prophet Malachi had left off. Jesus and John were provided a transition of teaching that was pertinent four centuries earlier, which apparently was even more pertinent and relevant in First Century Palestine and Judea. Hence, they “bridged” the 400-year gap by building upon what had been God’s Word then, and establishing once again, to deliver what was to be… God’s Word NOW at that time!

Hence, when Malachi prophesied “that the Priest’s lips should preserve knowledge, and (that the people should) seek the Law from his mouth,” as ordained by God, that instead however…, these Priests “have corrupted the covenant of Levi,” in “departing out of the way,” and “causing many to stumble at the law,” that Jesus jumped all over this theme in pointing this out… right in his first public teaching… “that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall in no case, enter the Kingdom of God” (Matthew 5:20).

Jesus probably also added a couple of examples that he referred to later as well, as compiled in what is called his Sermon on the Mount. This “Sermon on the Mount,” from the Gospel of Matthew, is an extended discourse and composition of what may have been initially preached, as bits and pieces, from isolated discourses.

Gifted preachers know exactly what I am talking about here, as they too repeat certain isolated bits of same or similar information, into a standard frame of discourse in their preaching. After all, Jesus usually spoke to altogether different audiences in his ministry, and needed to say the same things to his hearers as they had not heard them before, or were hearing Jesus for the first time.

Part of this same material in Matthew, is listed in the Gospel of Luke, in being duplicated somewhat in an abbreviated and different manner. As revered Bible expositor and exegete J. Gresham Machen noted, “it is altogether probable that Jesus treated frequently the same subjects on different occasions,” and, when in different venues. (The New Testament: An Introduction to its Literature and History, J. Gresham Machen, p. 196.)

In these examples that Jesus added, Jesus contrasted the Laws of the Kingdom of God with the laws as promoted by the Pharisees. This gave Jesus a brief popularity and acceptance as his hearers agreed with his premises in pointing out the obvious discrepancies and hypocrisy of those in charge of sacred knowledge. This later brought effective persecution from the Pharisees and like religionists in Jerusalem and elsewhere, where they gathered particularly when spying on the words and activities of Jesus.

This will conclude Part One of this short series.

Stay tuned for Part Two, of Jesus “first” teaching and preaching in Cana…

Thanks for reading.

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Copyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2016. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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