My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,”…PART FOUR


I have been featuring a Brother Glenn Cook, whose prophetic tract, published in 1913, has foretold a good deal of what has been happening on the Christian Evangelical front, in the 20th, and so far, the 21st Century.

I have done this in this manner, instead of putting forth the usual arguments against tenets of the mass fraud of what is called, Modern Dispensationalism, in this series of articles, as a other-worldly fear of a diabolical threat of a so-called “Mark of the Beast,” which in itself,..threatens the very existence of humankind…

Popular adherents of this Modern Dispensationalism, who keep their paranoia at exaggerated levels upon their followers, which borders past soundness of mind, extrapolate that none can “buy…nor sell..without this Mark.” This then, suggests a mass, worldwide, compliance,… just to subsist, or eat. In other words, such non-compliants will all starve to death!

However, the Bible says absolutely no such thing!

Indeed, the Bible has instead, promised, that any such threat of a worldwide famine… will never occur, as part and parcel of the “Rainbow Covenant.” (Genesis 8:22).

So much then, for this scenario….Which then leads us to conclude, that to, “buy or sell,” must mean something else, which is consistent with the prophetic language and symbols, throughout the Book of Revelation. Taking anything much in a literal interpretation from Revelation, written in such a manner as it is, is highly erroneous, and flagrantly, absurd…

So, instead of such arguments, I chose to go to the root of the matter, in which I found contemporary prophecy to describe such a belief movement, such as Modern Dispensationalism, and how it would completely subvert Evangelical and Fundamental Christianity.

It has.

In the first three installments of this series, I have shown that Brother Cook correctly identified this phenomenon. I have already listed several facets of Cook’s prophecy such as a:

~ Preparation Time

~ A Great War, being held back, which is identified with the War of Armageddon.


In this graphic, the Battle of Jerusalem, of the War of Armageddon, is taking place,… amidst a nuclear blast. In reality though, no nuclear weaponry will be used in this Battle, as even Gog and Magog, that is, the Russian Autocrat, and his Federation forces, want very much to spare the city of Jerusalem, as its value as an Islamic Shrine, will be incalculable. The city will be valued much more greatly then, since the Islamic Shrines presently located on Temple Mount, will be utterly and thoroughly destroyed already. Gog will not want to risk alienating profoundly, many of his allies…that is, the Moslem World.

For that matter though, nuclear weapons are already obsolete, and surely will be, when this War is fought, some 45-60 years from now. Instead, there will newer and more efficient weapons of mass destruction, several of which, already are being developed and “under wraps” for this event…The Elite are planning their own outcome of this world polity ending event…in which they think,…that they will win!

~ This War of Armageddon, is being held back, so that “the greatest revival in history” will occur. This revival, Cook is referring to, is the Prophecy of Joel, in the Old Testament, in what Joel termed, “the Latter Rain” outpouring.


Joel’s “Early Rain,” as occurring on the Day of Pentecost, as recorded in Acts 2. We know this to be a fact, as Peter declared it as…”This is that,…” The Early Rain was a regional out-pouring that continued in parts of the modern world, then, for about a generation. The Latter Rain, unlike the Early Rain, will not be regional, but…global…in its application. It’s work will be worldwide, upon “all flesh,” but cut short in duration, compared to the Early Rain. There will not be a large window of opportunity or time, for those wishing this blessing, to squander.

~ However, in this “time of preparation,”and before this “Greatest Revival,”  the practice and function of being “born again,” would not be stressed nor mandated,… as necessary to enter the Kingdom of God. This suggests a trend of “easy believism,” without the commitment of discipleship in undergoing a character transformation, or Christian conversion. This is exactly what has happened!

~ Instead, there would come about a “great mass of prophetic teachers…” I listed some of these popular teachers, who are practically “household names.” Yep, if you are following any of these folks, who are not “born again,” then you have been part of their “great work,” or deception, as predicted by Brother Cook.

hal lindseytim lahayedavid wilkerson #2chuck smithhageecharlesstanley181105robertsonjoycemeyers

~ …along with a “great mass” of… professed “believers.”


~ And that, these false teachers and false professors, as that is what they are, without genuine conversion,  would perform a “Great Work.”

~ This “Great Work” would consist of getting their adherents, a “great mass of believers…not born again”…by getting them focused on being “Kingdom-minded.”

~ What this focus of being “Kingdom-minded” is:

  • A preoccupation with an IMMINENT RETURN of Christ. Christ’s Return is hardly imminent…seeing how many End Time Prophecy events are YET to be fulfilled, termed the “Signs of the Times.” Jesus himself stated, that a lack of attention to the ongoing “Signs of the Times,” in disregarding the REAL TIME of his APPEARING, as implied, is tantamount to hypocrisy! False Christian Religionists have been stressing an IMMEDIATE and IMMINENT return of Christ for about 150 years now. It is still going on…

  • The teaching of the Rapture, another important tenet of Modern Dispensationalism, has fully subverted the popular church. This teaching is completely erroneous, and creates a false hope. There is no raising of the Dead, without the RESURRECTION, a cardinal tenet of the real Christian faith. The Rapture teaching, as developed by Modern Dispensationalists financed by the “Rich Men,” usurps the event of the Resurrection, which in itself, shows that this is a false teaching. The Rapture theory, has so many “holes” in its story, that it is easily dispensed with, by adepts in Bible understanding.

  • An engrossment by individuals, of a Christian profession, with a preoccupation, in going to,… or being in… “heaven,” or a “life in heaven,” as evidenced by the trending phenomenon by those who publish such reports, dreams, visions, and other subjective events, who are either mentally imbalanced, deranged, bogus, or demonized. These profit-motive visionaries have created an industry for gullible folks, in purporting grand visions of heaven; hell;”streets of gold;” Angelic minstrels; demons wandering about; and other such blarney which the Bible never says that, …that such is “in heaven.” There are so many competing “visions” of “heaven,” that is difficult to discern any correct description. Rather instead of this vague confusion, the Bible talks about, in more reserved terms, a “new heaven,” “a new earth,” and a “New Jerusalem” without sea or oceans, coming from on high, with some of these FEATURES… only…

Just a handful or two, of the great influx of commercially acclaimed books on this fanciful topic of those who purport “heavenly experiences,” which such experiences approach a level of necromancy, forbidden by the Bible.

The Bible goes in no such detail as shown by the titles of the many books shown above. In no instance, does the Bible mention Purgatory, visions inspired by Satan, or the use of phrases such as being “embraced by the light;” “after-life;” “nine days in heaven;” “God’s country;””the veil,” and such like descriptions.

These supposed well-meaning authors, many of whom are exploiting grief-stricken readers, overwhelmed by a loss of loved ones, and interest in where their loved ones may be in the hereafter, are even endorsed by Televangelist celebrities, no doubt, for a fee. Such a book genre, of this magnitude, is a morbid interest in being “Kingdom-minded,” just as Cook predicted, unheard of, in any other day or age. Instead of such an unnatural interest in a heavenly ambiance, you would think that becoming a citizen of that Kingdom now, would not only be a sufficient conclusion, but ensure personal mental health, instead of being victimized by such “authors,” who cannot verify their fantastic claims, and who prey upon folks on an disturbed emotional level, for their commercial benefit.

~  And, that, this “Great Work” would be wildly successful.

However, despite all of this “Great Work,” and hoopla,…Brother Cook declared,…”the REAL WORK is still ahead.”

Brother Cook said that this “real work,” would “seal” the true believers. He said that this “work” would not be “of a nature that man can glory in, and seek leadership.”

Brother Cook announced that this sort of glory seeking, false authority, and fake leadership, had been the history of the Church Age…but that a NEW ORDER WAS AT HAND!

Brother Cook declared that “all selfish plans” had to be given up.

Brother Cook proclaimed that the main activity of the Church Age, was to “build cities and put our names on them.” This cryptic description alludes to the building of vast denominational entities in which the names of their founders, or their founder’s activities or mission, would be singular and prominent.

And thus, it is…

I will be talking about this “New Order at hand,” in the next installment of this series.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,”…PART THREE

Popular Conceptions of the Mark of the Beast during my lifetime, pretty much…From the introduction of the United States Social Security Card; to, “tattoos” worn by mostly Jewish detainees in Nazi Death Camps; to, various forms of identification papers and passports; to, bar codes now commercially known as Universal Product Codes; to, micro-chips; to, nano-chips…and BEYOND!…As nano-chips are already becoming obsolete in application…All of these “technologies” were touted as the “Mark of the Beast” by Modern Dispensationalists. They were WRONG! They lied. 

Instead of admitting their mistakes, they just ignore their errors, and plunge into a “new threat.”

Readers, this is how pathological personalities operate…not TRULY converted Christian folks!…





I introduced this topic, by headlining perhaps the most influential person, or expert, on this “Mark of the Beast” business, in popular Christendom. This headliner was a Mr. Hal Lindsey, who started the current dialogue, with his 1970 best-seller, The Late Great Planet Earth. Mr. Lindsey has since published several other books, hosted television shows regarding prophecy, and is still dispensing on religious and some secular programming, his worn-out theories mixed with some Government intelligence, which the latter, is the only thing still of some interest, if possible, that he might have to offer.

The book that started it ALL…

…which has sold over 30 million copies. Mr. Lindsey says that he didn’t make that much money from it, …hmm, interesting thing to say…, if you are a hireling minister. If so, what he has made money on, is developing the theory of Modern Dispensationalism from a cottage industry, into a worldwide deception.

The issue with Mr. Lindsey, is  not only that this book is full of holes, but his succeeding books and televised programs as well, and they have been largely discredited and an embarrassment in general to Christianity, to any one with any objectivity.

Indeed, Mr. Lindsey has made so many personal erroneous predictions based on his Dispensationalist concept, that he has MIMICKED… the “Jean Dixon Effect.”


The “Jean Dixon” Effect

A Temple University mathematician first coined this term, “the Jean Dixon effect,” which references a tendency, to promote a few correct predictions, while ignoring a larger number of incorrect ones.

Many of Dixon’s predictions have proved erroneous, such as her claims that a dispute over the offshore Chinese islands would trigger the start of World War III in 1958; that American labor leader Walter Reuther would run for president of the United States in the 1964 presidential election; that the second child of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his young wife Margaret would be a girl (it was a boy), and that the Soviets would be the first to put men on the moon (the Soviets, nor the Russian Federation, never did…the United States did so).

“The Jean Dixon effect,” also refers to the tendency, of the mass media, to hype or exaggerate a few correct predictions by a psychic, guaranteeing that they will be remembered, while forgetting or ignoring the ever more numerous incorrect predictions.

For instance, Dixon predicted in the 1960 U.S. presidential election, that Richard Nixon would win. She also predicted however, that John Kennedy would win. This way, Jean could publicize which prediction was correct, AND with fawning media attention, receive credit for being a… “seer.”

This is the very same pattern of Hal Lindsey….except

However, I don’t know of any of Lindsey’s predictions that have come true!… unlike Jean Dixon, who incredibly, has then, more credibility than Lindsey!

This then, does not make him a Bible prophecy expert, nor does it make him a psychic considering his numerous false predictions… but it does qualify him… to be a bamboozler!

Here are a few more examples of such bamboozling:

~ Predicted that the world would end by 1981.

~ Predicted the Rapture to occur in 1981. Note, this is a separate event from the former above.

~ Yet, when that date of 1981, came and gone, in another book he published, The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon, he said that “this decade of the 1980’ the last decade of history, as we know it.”

~ Predicted then, yet in the 1980’s, that Jesus would return in 1988.

~ In a subsequent book, Planet Earth-2000 A.D., Lindsey told Christian believers that “they should not plan to STILL be on earth by the year 2000.”

~ In yet another book, despite earlier telling Christian believers that they “should not plan to STILL be on earth by the year 2000,” those that did remain, could buy his new book,  Facing Millennial Midnight: The Y2K Crisis Confronting America and the World. This Lindsey book, predicted widespread confusion and panic over the Y2K crisis. But, it turned out that Y2K was a complete bust, Hal though, kept the book profits, and never acknowledged publicly nor apologized for his mistakes in which he contributed to influence some 100,000 Americans into becoming “preppers,” in spending millions of dollars preparing for such a doomsday scenario.

~ Lindsey then predicted later, that Jesus would return in 2011.

~ Now, predicts that Jesus will return in 2018…Do you think so?

How does anyone believe this guy anymore? He should be soundly debunked. He is a false prophet, and, not a particularly good one!

In my Part Two, I introduced a Glenn Cook.

Brother Cook published a small tract in 1913, which he “prophesied of” several things yet to occur, and that we were in a “preparation time,” for a genuine work of God to follow.

However, Cook claimed that there would be, in this “preparation time,”  a “great mass of prophetic teachers” would appear on the scene, WHO…”had not been ‘born again.’ ”

This then signifies, that these “teachers” are… not genuine.

Moreover, Cook prophesied, that these false “prophetic teachers,” who were  NOT  “born again,” …that they…“WOULD DO A GREAT WORK!”

… This signifies that these false teachers would experience great success in deceiving “believers.”

Thirdly, that these “great mass of false prophetic teachers” in this “Great Work,” would have such unqualified success “by preparing the people, by getting them KINGDOM-MINDED.”

Brother Cook predicted that these unconverted and unregenerated “teachers” would deceive the masses by getting them to be “Kingdom-minded”… without any real conversion to Christianity.

Reader, this is exactly what has happened!

Since the mid-19th century, Evangelical influences, for profits and profligacy (dissolute or immoral deceptions), have pitched AN IMMINENT RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST from the days of Edward Irving, John Nelson Darby, William Blackstone, D.L. Moody, and C.I. Schofield to the very present time…

Of course, this is ALL incorrect! It is incorrect, because it did not happen, and it has not happened… since IT IS A FALSE HOPE!

Christ, indeed, is coming… but such an appearance is NOT IMMINENT…

I have stated for  YEARS… that there are as many or more than FIFTY (50) Bible End Time Prophecies to be fulfilled… Some of which have not even yet began, most of which are still being fulfilled! In other words, these prophecies are not completely fulfilled, as of yet.

This is what preachers should be talking about… and not making tons of money in feeding false hopes…

…in which they themselves….DON’T EVEN BELIEVE!!

If they DO believe the claptrap they push…then why are all of these teachers “wealthy millionaires?”

Obviously then, their reward is not… IN HEAVEN…Hence, if they are mistaken, they are “comforted” by their ill-gotten gains from gullible followers.

Then, you “throw in” their handiwork gem of Modern Dispensationalism… the Rapture…THEORY… then you… REALLY GET PEOPLE EATING OUT OF YOUR HAND!

Yipper,.. this is the business of getting folks ALL “KINGDOM-minded,” in which these poor people lose all concept of really getting prepared for such events…and their pockets, much lighter.

Yes, Brother Cook predicted this phenomenon of FALSE TEACHERS…

And, HERE ARE A FEW of them:

Left to right, top row: Jack Van Impe; Pat Robertson; John Hagee; the late Chuck Smith. Bottom row: the late David Wilkerson; the late Tim LaHaye; the aforementioned Hal Lindsey; and Jimmy Swaggart.

All of these “teachers” are identified in Glenn Cook’s prophecy. They are all doing a “great work” “getting folks Kingdom-minded.” They all preach Modern Dispensationalism and its many tenets and dogma such an imminent return of Christ, the rapture, and of course, the mark of the beast, antichrist, and tribulation periods, all futurist Kingdom-minded events which precede the Kingdom.

—Jack Van Impe, besides the usual Modern Dispensationalist “kingdom-minded” spiel that he promotes, has made use of the “Jean Dixon Effect” as well, in which he has prophesied so many false calamities, some contradictory in nature, that such has reached nearly encyclopedic proportions.

Van Impe has also become a “closet Catholic” for promoting Roman Catholic Mariology in endorsing demonic-inspired visions of Mary and quoting Papal comments fervently.

Just watching this fellow on television, takes the viewer into a entry level dissociative state, practically, just to follow his humbug.

— The late, Charismatic pastor Chuck Smith, prophesied the generation living in the year 1948 would be the last (that generation has passed off the scene pretty much), and that the world,.. would end by 1981… He was also associated with government intelligence agentur in implementing a fake Jesus Movement in which he received national attention. He was later exposed by a Illuminati defector to be a part of the problem, and not the solution. This pretty concurs with Brother Cook’s qualification of not being “born again,” in being involved in such deceit and intrigue.

The late David Wilkerson chimed in at the same timetable, and wrote some 400+ prophecies in one book alone (published in 1973, so ample time has certainly gone by to evaluate his sham), much of which was ridiculous, such as predicting “killer-bees,” “super-rats,”  which would be vexing the world’s masses, and other dire predictions of financial collapse, earth-shaking events, population calamities, and general doomsday paranoia. Wilkerson ALSO popularized the “Jean Dixon” effect in Evangelical circles and among his faithful coterie, in which he made so many predictions, like Dixon, that he was bound to get a couple right! In the Bible, true prophets are 100% correct…not 10%… or so. The latter figure of  10%,  is about  the average percentage of accuracy, for those who call themselves psychics.

Pat Robertson wrote in his book, The New Millenium, in 1990, that April 29, 2007 would be the Day of Destruction upon the earth. This is after Pat declared in late 1976, on his TV program, that the world would end in 1982. A Wikipedia entry of Robertson, has several instances of his failed predictions listed.

–The late Tim LaHaye, contributed heavily to the hysteria of “kingdom-mindedness,” with his Left Behind series.

LaHaye was originally financed by the Reverend Moon of “Moonie” fame (yes, curious but true…strange links between “media-ized Christians” and “occultists” exist!) has accumulated upwards of $100+ million in putting out such theories.

How then, do professed “born again” preachers get financing from demonic cult leaders, by the way?

–Hal Lindsey, who I covered already.

— Jimmy Swaggart needs no introduction. After his public shaming, Swaggart went on to engage in the same behaviour again, and after that, re-invented himself as an unparalleled  exegete of Modern Dispensationalism, copying from Finis Dake and his Dispensational bunkum version, and C.I. Schofield, in forming his own expository Bible, like Schofield did. This is remarkable as Swaggart is no intellectual giant, nor has any developed deep thinking or logic capability usually consistent with Bible expository. Indeed, Jimmy is a high school drop-out who uses “cain’t,” and “ain’t” in his public discourses. He promotes himself as a college dean in featuring his own Bible college, awarding bachelor’s degrees to graduates, but his school is not accredited, nor is Swaggart, seeking any such accreditation.

Reader, awarding such degrees of educational achievement such as a four-year Bachelor’s degree without proper accreditation from other recognized educational institutions, is outright fraud, and downright theft, in charging fees for such worthless study.


Brother Glenn Cook prophesied and predicted this phenomenon, over a hundred years ago.

He did not make false predictions. He was not wrong.

He prophesied that there would be a “great mass of prophetic teachers,” some of the most notable in our post-modern times, which I have catalogued above.

Brother Cook declared that these “prophetic teachers” would not be regenerated, or soundly converted along the lines of what he described as “born again.”

He was right.

No one can make such erroneous predictions as the coterie of modern dispensationalists that I have compiled above, have made, and fail to admit their mistakes, lies, and fraud, and engage in sorcery in mimicking spiritualist mediums or psychics like Jean Dixon, even to the extent of copying her technique, AND BE A CHRISTIAN CONVERT MUCH LESS A CHRISTIAN MINISTER.

Brother Cook also predicted that these “teachers” would be quite successful in achieving a “great work.”

This success in duping the masses of believers who would subscribe to the notions of these false “prophetic teachers,” would be based on “kingdom-minded” dogma.

And again, this, is exactly what has happened!

On the next segment, My Take…on the “Mark of the Beast,” Part Four.

I will expand on this yet more.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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My Take on “THE MARK of the BEAST”…Part 2

Just over a century ago, a Glenn Cook, pictured standing in the center, wrote a pamphlet about the Azusa Street Meeting revival, in which he witnessed and participated in. He published this about the Spring of 1913.

If you know much of anything about the Pentecostal Movement, it was these series of meetings in Los Angeles, California, in 1906, that was the catalyst of this revival, that swept across the world, and brought in what is known now, as the Pentecostal Revival.

This Revival pretty much dissipated altogether, by the mid-1930’s. Or rather, by this time, the Spirit of God lifted off the revival, since man was trying to organize this work into sects and denominations for control and profits.

This revival, despite the Spirit being lifted off in a general way,  did splinter off into some interesting sub-groups and components, which still had some semblance of its former power, at sundry times.

 ^ Brother  Glenn  Cook, (1867-1948), was from Indianapolis, Indiana, who went out West to work for a daily newspaper in Los Angeles. There, he came into contact with the Azusa Street outpouring, and handled their finances and correspondence. The next year, Cook returned to Indiana, and brought the message of Pentecost, to Indianapolis, which quickly became a hub of such activity. Cook led highly successful revivals of Pentecost in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, before going back to California to carry out revival work there.


In this single sheet folded tract, Cook told firsthand of the historic event of this powerful revival. On the last fold of this publication, Cook made some personal comments and observations.

He also, predicted or prophesied several things.

Interestingly, no one (except, of course, myself), and no denomination, such as the Assembly of God Church organization out of Springfield, Missouri, and who distributes this tract out of its archive department, makes much ado at all, of what Cook prophesied .. primarily because, what he said is detrimental and critical of organized Christianity, of which, the Assemblies of God are part of.

Here are some things that Brother prophesied of, and you have to remember that in 1913, there was no “mass communications” to assist Brother Cook, in his prophetic convictions, as those have in our Post-Modern times who call themselves, prophetic voices:

~ Despite not having CNN and other media cable and network constant news feeds, and/or government intelligence sources, Brother Cook predicted, in early 1913, of the Great War, or World War I, which commenced late the following year under the most inauspicious and subtle events. 

Unfortunately, as it is true for most revivalists, Cook thought this Great War, may very well be, the War of Armageddon, in which it would herald the Second Coming of Christ. Revivalists always jump ahead of reality, as the revival that they became caught up in, was overwhelming to many of their sensibilities. For instance, the Twelve Disciples always were thinking that Jesus, was to restore Israel to her former kingdom greatness (Acts 1:6), even after his resurrection! The Thessalonian Church, was caught up in such a revival, that they also thought the Kingdom of God, and return of Christ, was imminent. The Apostle Paul had to write them a letter or two, to restrict their zeal of this belief. Hence, Revivalists tend to think, because of the vision that they experienced in such revival events, as their counterparts among the Twelve and the Thessalonians, that great revivals had far greater implications than, what they really did.

With the War of Armageddon at hand, or so Cook thought, he made some other interesting remarks, which would be true…except for Brother Cook’s timing….

But let me examine them for you…

~ Cook said that Armageddon was being “held back” for the “greatest revival in history.” Cook prophesied that before this “greatest revival” would occur, that there would be a “preparation time.”

This is all true. There will be a very great revival, indeed, what is called, or termed, the “Latter Rain Revival,” as prophesied by the Prophet Joel. This revival will occur before Armageddon. And, before ever this happens, there will be a body of people prepared for its spread and propagation.

~ Cook then prophesied some very interesting happenings,  leading up to this time of preparation, and revival.

First, Cook claimed that there would be, in this “preparation time,”  a “great mass of prophetic teachers” would appear on the scene, WHO…”had not been ‘born again.’ ”

That is, reader, such teachers and leaders, who… have not been properly “converted.”

This then signifies, that they are not genuine.

And many people who believed on these teachers, …“and (their) believers,”… or those following these “great mass of..teachers,” who would also,… “not been ‘born again.’ “

This then signifies also, that these “believers” are not genuine.

Secondly, Cook prophesied, that these false “prophetic teachers,” who were  NOT  “born again,” …that they…WOULD DO A GREAT WORK!… This signifies that these false teachers would experience great success in deceiving “believers.”

Thirdly, that these “great mass of false prophetic teachers” would have such unqualified success in preparing the people, by getting them KINGDOM-MINDED.”

I will explain what this being …”Kingdom-minded”… is all about, farther along.

Fourthly however, Brother Cook maintained despite all this hoopla and fanfare… that the…


Or beyond,… the efforts and deceptions of these non-“born again” false prophetic teachers…

This “great mass of “ ungenuine “prophetic teachers,” which there is NO SHORTAGE OF, have their adherents, or followers, who also are not truly or wholly converted, REDUCED to “fables” regarding the Kingdom of God in which folks are really blinded as to what the “real work” is!

Reader, Jesus said you “had to be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God.” …HIS WORDS …NOT MINE!.. If you have not then, had a genuine heartfelt experience of salvation, in which you realized that your sins were forgiven, and that you had the revelation of “passing from death unto life,” then you have not received ample certification or acceptance, nor a TRUE assurance, of faith regarding your status. If you have settled for less than this, then you are not genuinely converted!

You can go to all the churches you want, be of as much of a moral standing that you wish to possess, but without the work of the Holy Spirit in a miraculous act of salvation, you are but… a NOMINAL Christian.

Brother Cook predicted that these unconverted and unregenerated “teachers” would deceive the masses by getting them to be “Kingdom-minded” without a real conversion to Christianity.

Reader, this is exactly what has happened!

Millions of such “Christians” are sitting on their hands, awaiting a fictional rapture, or other futuristic fears of “an antichrist” (a kind of ubermensch persona), a horrific “Mark of the Beast” (which is in constant flux, as to what that is?), Pre-, Mid-, or Post-, “tribulation periods,” (NO CONFUSION THERE) and other such “way off in the future events,”  in which such “believers” hope to delay such inconveniences to their inflated lifestyles, in which these folks attempt to elect “conservative” politicians to uphold godly standards for them, but not fulfill the Great Commission and Christ’s words to “occupy till I come” (Luke 19:13, i.e., “teaching and preaching”…see margin).

To be sure, these simple, but nominal believing folks are making these prophecy teachers immensely wealthy.

Brother Cook foretold that these false teachers would do a “great work.”


Just WHO are… some of these “teachers” in this “great work”?

Well, believe it or not, many of them are “household names.”

But this concludes this part of this study for the time being. I will introduce these “household names” in my Part 3, of “My Take on ‘THE MARK of the BEAST.’ ”

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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My Take on “THE MARK of the BEAST”…Part One


Cain, with his “Mark,” or “Mark of Cain,” as depicted from the 1966 cinematic epic, The Bible: In the Beginning.

It appears that God has been “marking” individuals and people for awhile…




A lot of Evangelical and Fundamentalist denominational professing Christians are pretty concerned about what is known as the “Mark,” or “Mark of the Beast.”

You find a more than ample amount of televangelists, Evangelical leaders, and Fundamentalist Pastors, heralding this “soon coming” event. These “prophecy experts” have been busy for a long time, in explaining, and explaining over, and over again, things regarding the Mark of the Beast, and all things dispensational. Many of these folks are Evangelical and Fundamentalist “household names,” such as: John Hagee,  Jack Van Impe,  Grant  Jeffrey,  the late Tim  La Haye, Chuck  Missler, Dr. Irvin  Baxter,  Jerry Jenkins  and  numerous  others.

However, probably no one has contributed to this “Mark of the Beast” business as a horror-movie/disaster-film/end of the world scenario survival genre, as Hal Lindsey has.

Hal Lindsey, pictured left, a Jesuit Poseur and Frankist shill, and his signature book, The Late Great Planet Earth. Of course, nearly 50 years later, the earth is still around, and is not dead. This book has been largely discredited now since it was published in 1970. In this stead, Lindsey has authored over another twelve books, spinning them off, based on his original premises.

It is a common psychological ploy, if you hold incorrect and inaccurate views, to not retract them, but to disseminate such views in as many MORE venues and ways, as is humanly possible, as to minimize critical thinking.

This is exactly what Hal has done.

His signature book was inundated with his predictions and suppositions, but as time took its toll, many of Lindsey’s predictions have fallen short, and he is regarded in many circles as being now, a false “predictor.”

One of the most glaring of these predictions was regarding the European Common Market. Lindsey predicted, that it would become a league of ten nations, and would assume a revived Roman Empire. This ten-nation entity, would be overcome and ruled over by a near “other-worldly” figure known as… The Antichrist…

When Lindsey spouted this stuff, there were only six nations in this Common Market. Today, it is now known as the European Union, and now has 27 member nations, if you count Great Britain leaving the union, which is being obfuscated in the worse way. Lindsey’s interpretation of the Book of Daniel, in which the ten kings of Daniel’s Vision is referred to, is wholly inconsistent now.

Twenty-seven nations, are not…. “10”…

So, there is NO “ten nations” or “ten toes” in Europe…

There is NO revived Roman Empire…

There is NO Antichrist figure that he promulgated…

Rather, the European Union is being threatened of being assimilated into the Arab and Moslem World… with Angela Merkel of Germany promoting such openly… and not a bogus Christian one…

Lindsey predicted in the same book,…that the Soviet Union… would be the underpinning for the Antichrist rule and authority.

Well, there is NO Soviet Union, and hasn’t been since 1989.

Lindsey also made much ado over his interpretation of the Parable of the Fig Tree. It has also been proven to be entirely erroneous. He first said that this parable would be fulfilled in 1988!

WRONG!…again… You would think when a fellow like Hal, has this much wrong with his predictions and views, he wouldn’t have any credibility at all, anymore.

But then you would be underestimating the influential forces that have propped him up,…for yearsfor Hal Lindsey is out of the same Frankist mold as other “Modern Dispensational champions” of that Frankist faith, such as John Nelson Darby and C.I. Schofield.

I have been following Hal loosely since the Jesus Movement. I first noticed him in a video, way back when, where a sham Satanist who was acting as a shill, gave impetus to Hal as being “some great one,” when Hal “rebuked” him.  I discerned the whole scene as a scam and saw it was nothing less than a publicity stunt to help launch this guy as some Biblical authority on prophecy and the End Times.

Sure enough, I was right… Lindsey kept floating around like a “bad penny,” or a counterfeit, until he got noticed by the more mainstream Evangelicals.

There is also something bad wrong about his interpretation of the Fig Tree Parable given by Christ in the Gospels. It is just wasn’t applicable the way that Lindsey and practically everyone else said it was.

I wrote about what the interpretation of this parable is, in my second book… I think I have some insights in it… For sure, much more than the current outlook on it, which has been discarded from the present End Time, for many years now.

Yep, no one talks about it now… how curious…

The fact is, this Parable is still being fulfilled. The key to understanding the interpretation of this parable, …is the term, “nation-building.”

But, I digress… back to Hal.

So, his predictions about the European Common Market, did not come true.  He had admitted previously, that if he turned out to be wrong…that “he would be a bum.”

Well, he should have been, but the powers behind him keep making him yet relevant somehow…though, it takes a lot more effort nowadays.


Hal and the Mark of the Beast

Lindsey has also changed his predictions on what the “Mark of the Beast” is. In his signature book, he claimed this was a visible tattoo on one’s forehead, or forehand, as quoted, below:

Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth, 1970

Everyone will be given a tattoo or mark on either his forehead or forehand, only if he swears allegiance to the Dictator as being God. Symbolically, this mark will be 666. (Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth, 1970, p.101)

Ten years later, in a book then, he said that the “Mark” was an invisible “trade number” which could be viewed in a special light.

Hal Lindsey, The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon, 1980

Those worshipers will each be assigned a trade number. Without that number, on one will be permitted to buy or sell anything (Revelation 13:16-17). . . The only safeguard would be to tattoo the number on your skin with an ink that could be seen only in a special light. . . (Hal Lindsey, The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon, 1980, pp. 110,111,112)

Thirty-five years later, in 2015, Lindsey now claimed then that the “Mark” was “biometric.”

“Their ‘identification’ needs to be unique, secure, and unchanging. So it must be established through ‘biometrics.’ “

” ‘Biometrics’ are certain measurable physical traits unique to each individual. They include things like fingerprints, palm prints, the shape of the ear and other facial features. Biometrics include the configuration of the iris in the eyeball or 3-D modeling of the blood vessels in the hands and fingers. Each of the ‘identifiers’ can be used with tremendous accuracy and many of them in almost real time. What’s more is that they cannot be forged or duplicated. They are unmistakably unique to each person.”

Then, two years later, now here in 2017, Hal said that the “Mark” was now, a “microchip.” The problem is with that, is that the “Mark” was already been claimed to be a microchip some thirty years ago.

Apparently, Hal is not “keeping up.” Moreover, he has changed his views on what the “Mark” is, when his “once” inspirational ideas on it, became obsolete…not once, nor twice, but several times.

“More on the Mark”…

Yes, …This “Mark of the Beast,” has been taught by modern dispensationalists to be…so many different things…

In my lifetime, I have seen the following items claimed to be such a “Mark of the Beast”:

A United States Social Security card; or, some kind of tattoo, akin to Jews in German concentration camps; or, identification papers made urban legend by German Fascist or Soviet Communist regimes (of which, “your papers please” is a well worn movie line in post World War II films of the Cold War genre);  or yet, a UPC number, or bar code, as on some laundry detergent or candy bar; or still yet, sophisticated respective U.S. State Driver’s Licenses, which license contains bar code information on the individual, an unflattering photo, with additional ID bar codes tracking the individual down to their credit history and any possible legal issues, possible eye iris scans, et cetera. Or yet, yet still,… a microchip, planted on the surface of the hand or somewhere on the forehead…which, keeps getting smaller and smaller…

sscardHolocaust_tattoowolfe050515-5UPC mark of the beastwolfe050515-4

ri7p5l< A SMALL MICROCHIP TO A…smaller microchip…even smaller one…

Presently, it is just fascinating how these false teachers adapt. They are not to be undone by the progress of modern high technology. No more than technology makes their conclusion of what the “Mark” is, out-dated and outmoded, these actors make another end-around to keep the deceit going, by changing not only the “goal post,” but the end zone line.

Why don’t more people get “woke” on this deception?

So, these “post-modern” dispensationalists keep updating, and renovating just in time, of what the “Mark” is supposed to be, to keep current interest sustained at ever higher levels, to fit even more modern times and applications such as bio-chips or, now “nano”-chips.

Such bio-chips that they describe, are inserted under the skin, as is commonly used in animal identification. A more recent buzz is though,  the nano-chip, which is either ingested, or placed in inoculation mediums, to “mark” the masses.

The Nano-chip

Now…Without this near invisible, extra micro, nano-chip “mark,” we are informed nowadays by our friends, the Dispensationalist shills,… no one will be able to enter and function in the coming New World Order totalitarian and economic system of the worship of Lucifer… Those without it, will be consigned to an immediate termination of life.

Of course, if such “nano-chips” are the “Mark of the Beast,” practically no one can avoid ingesting or getting vaccinated with such, as after all, vaccination and inoculation programs are pandemic, and everyone has to be vaccinated…and these nano-chips, are undetected by those getting inoculated…Right?…  Hence, everyone will have the “Mark,” after all!

Although, according to these shills, you can decide NOT to take the “mark,” yet, the New World Order Elite has surreptitiously forced everyone to have the “mark” already!!

Now, isn’t ultra-modern technology just great?

Even those “who don’t take the mark,” will have it anyway…

This must be a version of the Satanic, Luciferian conspiracy of “no one gets left behind.”  A slogan made popular by the Timothy LaHaye rapture theory, or in my view,…poppycock… Now isn’t this word, “poppycock,” kind of like the Apostle Paul’s description of believers being “turned unto fables”? (2 Timothy 4:4).

How astute of Paul…

This scenario is unlike though, the fictional rapture theory of the same Post-Modern Dispensationalists, where billions of people “get left behind” because they will not be raptured attributable to their unbelief in God and all things “dispensational,” and will be left here on earth, to suffer the unimaginable horrors of a worldwide ..“Great Tribulation…”

This largely fictional paranoia has been on the Evangelical scene, well, since the mid-19th century. The deal is, …it hasn’t happened. Nor will it, as advocated by the Dispensationalists.

Modern Dispensationalism, is about the worst “humbug” belief, that you can possess. It is Frankist Christianity. If you don’t know what that is, or have never heard of it, then it is because the Frankists and Sabbateans, do their intrigue so very well. You have give the Devil, his Due…!

And professed Christians, are so much in the “dark.”

Yep, the whole Evangelical Christian system has been…

HIJACKED… by Frankist agents…

And you, reader, if you subscribe to these notions, are part of a great deception. You are a Frankist “christian.”

Now, there are two words there, put together, that is one of the greatest oxymorons and contradictions of the English language. Yet, there are millions of these people, Frankist Christians,  “running around.”

Yet, these clever apostate Ashkenazi Jews, who follow the false messiahs, Shabbatai Tz’vi, and Jacob Frank, have totally subverted Evangelical, traditional, protestant, and Fundamentalist Christianity, or all of it, for that matter, with their Jesuit-inspired palaver.

^ Our Wonder Workers & False Messiahs: Shabbatai Tz’vi, left, and his protege, Jacob Frank, right…They are far more influential now than they were in the Middle Ages… Their ideas have completely subverted Modern, popular Christianity.

This is the great mystery of it all, is that it was devised by the harem-scarum Catholic Jesuits of the 16th century as part of their Counter-Reformation strategy, called Futurism, partly devised by that mental giant, Pope Leo X. This Futurism was refurbished, modernized, energized, and updated by the 19th, 20th, and 21st-century Frankists and Sabbatean Messianic apostate heretics, who started partnering with the Jesuits in the early 19th century, to give us a renovated Catholic Church, among other things, as mystically espoused by that notorious, glorious Catholic occultist who advocated “Positive Christianity” or “Emergent Christianity”: Herr Adolf Hitler.

And now, you see a new “Emergent Christianity,” or “Positive Christianity,” terms introduced by Hitler, in making compromises with, and making league with the homosexual and transgender agendas… Isn’t the New World Order just great?

And now, you have to figure the present Pope is in on such schemes as well, as he now advocates an unified “faith” for all religions.

It is amazing how you can follow these people by the money trail… They are always linked by filthy lucre, and money laundering, such as the Vatican Bank, for instance.

But, you have to give these folks, credit. These Frankists and Sabbateans sure know how to have fun with simple minded people with their innovative ideas such as Modern Dispensationalism.  They have been at it for a long time.

On to Part Two.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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REVISED, 2nd EDITION: Brother Brown, the Lord’s Coming… & the Famine of the Word of the LORD

I don’t remember when I first saw Brother Brown. It had to be in 1972, I guess. I know when I met him later on my own.

I was working in my brother’s business in Port Hueneme, CA  in 1974. My brother had a fledgling leather shop in a strip-type shopping center. Brother Brown popped inside the door and started looking around. To be honest at that time, not many black folks came in, as the leather work and apparel was a sort of 60’s and 70’s counter-cultural fashion trend among white youth.

Brother Brown was a black fundamentalist, Pentecostal-type preacher.

ministry stuff 001< Brother Brown. He sure liked to wear this blue suede tuxedo when he preached. I have never seen one before…or after… He looked good in it though. He was never fashion impaired.

He introduced himself and immediately got down to business, and produced a poster hand-out with a picture of an opening in a cloudy sky. Somewhat like the picture above…

The caption on the paper said that “Jesus was Coming Soon,” and Brother Brown added that, Jesus had spoken to him and gave him this “sign in the sky” to confirm that His Return was imminent, as depicted, with the open sky through the clouds.

He then asked for a donation to get his message out…

I don’t remember giving him any money. But we did fellowship on some things. He was quite, the character. He couldn’t preach much… He just didn’t have much of a gift… But he had a lot of zeal. The early 19th century revivalists, such as Charles Finney, and the Western and Cane Ridge Revival preachers, would call him an “exhorter.” There is nothing wrong with just being an exhorter.

A lot of preachers and ministers that I have heard, in my lifetime, do not qualify for that!… to be an Exhorter!

What “exhorters” do best, is to stir up the faith of the people listening to them…

Well, you certainly can’t say that for a lot of ministers, or preachers, today.

The people listening to such a lot of preachers are not… “stirred up.” Instead, these people are slumbering. The Bible calls them “dull of hearing.” Then, it could just be the… “dull preaching.” You can always tell who these folks are. Many of them go to sleep during a preaching service. I can’t blame them altogether. The preaching is not anointed… It is not anything… just words. Dead words.

mom n stepdad sleeping in church Ho-hum…”Dead preaching”…always makes for a slumbering people…G’night.


Yep,…you can preach from the Bible all you wish and nearly ALL ministers do….

Unless, however, the Spirit of God is accompanying your remarks, they are just empty,….dead…. words.

That is not my language…

…that is Paul the Apostle’s. For that matter, they are Jesus’ words too.  Jesus said, “It is the Spirit that quickens (gives life), the flesh (or that which generates from the natural mind) profits nothing (is dead).” Jesus added that, “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.” (John 6:63). Paul elaborated on this point, that I am making, when he told the Corinthian church that, “And my speech and my preaching were not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power. That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 2:4-5 KJV2000).

Yep, when you actually hear someone speak with the “anointing of the Holy Spirit,” or as the old timers declared, “from on high,” then…you are TO SOMETHING

Sometimes, this “anointing” is going to be inspired enough to make a lot of folks… UNCOMFORTABLE … Which is totally opposite of the picture, above, of the couple slumbering…in relative COMFORT!

The reason that folks would be uncomfortable, is that, …that, it is the mission of the Holy Spirit, “to reprove…of sin, in regard to righteousness, and…judgment.”

Believe me, I know from experience in Gospel meetings, that if the Holy Spirit is “reproving,” …you won’t be sitting in the back of the pew, all toasty and comfortable, when the first “yawn” hits you…. NO… You will find yourself on the edge of your seat… You will find yourself in a “quasi-state,” ….of either wanting to get out of the seat and leave, or find yourself willing, but unable to get out of your seat, as the next words maybe just the words that will expose the truth about…yourself…!

And, if you love the truth; want the “real and the right,” THEN, YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THOSE NEXT WORDS!



…IN NAZARETH: At first moment, Jesus was preparing to quote from Isaiah 61 (see left), the next moment practically, that we pick up this event (see right), the congregants were trying to kill Jesus, by pushing him along and over a cliff… Whew!

The folks listening must have been made pretty uncomfortable, on that Sabbath Day, by Jesus declaring that “the Spirit of the Lord…has anointed me…to Preach the Gospel.”

So uncomfortable, as my point is, that THEY WANTED TO KILL HIM!

Yep. A real “anointing” will inspire the Devil in folks to resist, reject, marginalize, and then, want to destroy it. Now, you may understand why you don’t see such any such anointing in modern preaching:…it is very discomfiting to the natural mind, and there is a real price to pay for such an inspiration and anointing!


In another discourse that is recorded in the Gospel of John, Jesus was speaking in the synagogue in Capernaum, the site of some of his greatest ministry. In this account, from chapter 6, verse 26 through verse 65, Jesus spoke “words of this life,” or “living words.”

When Jesus got done, a lot of folks were very uncomfortable: they had got PAST the “quasi-state,” of being under conviction… by the Holy Spirit. John the Elder writes, “from that time, many of his disciples  went back, AND WALKED NO MORE WITH HIM.”  We understand from other Gospel texts, that Jesus had an entourage of about fifty people or more. Several of this retinue were women. There were no doubt, some disciples also in the synagogue at Capernaum, from the time that Jesus did so many healings there before, see the Gospel of Luke, chapter 4:31-41, and the Gospel of Matthew 9:2-7, especially verse 8.

From John the Elder’s account, several disciples of Jesus’ own entourage, and several of those disciples in Capernaum, well,…they just got offended… They didn’t like what the Spirit of God was saying in Jesus.

It is a hard thing to like, what the Spirit of God is inspiring someone to say, when you just don’t have enough FAITH to get past the natural reasoning, or carnal thinking of those who were hearing, that Jesus indeed, was the “living manna.”

It appears that Jesus said this intentionally,  to “winnow” the ranks, or to qualify those following him.  Jesus discerned that his words may be a little much, even for his twelve selected disciples…so he asked them…“Will you also go away?”…

Then Peter, explained something “out loud” to Jesus, answering, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You… have the words of eternal life. And we do believe, and are of an certainty, that you are the Mashiach (Christ),…”

So herein, is the difference between dead words of uninspired, but perhaps, well-meaning preachers, and living words that inspire… eternal life, or the Holy Spirit springing up within you in joy, in response to your faith.

Which words then… would you want to hear?

Empty words and platitudes that do not reprove or offend…

or, words that shock, surprise, inspire, and rejuvenate your living faith?


My Father’s Ministry…


My father was a very anointed preacher. He would preach “under the anointing.

He could preach under the anointing for a couple of hours or more, depending on how heavy the anointing was.

I have had people tell me that heard him in his heyday, say that, there was no one else like him. He had this gift consistently then. I have heard others say that they longed for that day again, when they could… hearagain… the Word of God, from my father’s ministry.

Yep,…you can preach from the Bible all you wish and nearly ALL ministers do….

Unless, however, the Spirit of God is accompanying your remarks, well, frankly, and according to God’s recorded Word, it is NOT the Gospel that Jesus nearly got thrown over a cliff for…

NO, I don’t think you find that, “hearing the Anointed Word,” at all nowadays.

I haven’t.

I heard one minister speak from an anointing only once in my lifetime besides my father and mother. I don’t remember his name. I heard him in San Jose, CA in 1971. He was just a young man. He didn’t know what had hit him, ….but it was the anointing. The congregation followed intently his every word and their faith was energized and lifted up. The very next night I went back to hear him speak again. I was eager to hear more. But he was no longer the “mighty man.” He was in his flesh trying to get the same inspiration as the night before. He tried so hard and looked so desperate. His locks were shorn like Samson.

I have went from the East Coast  of the United States, to the West Coast of the United States, literally, looking to HEAR,… for any such, “anointed” Word.

I have traveled from the Northern United States, to the South Eastern United States, literally again, from Ohio to South Carolina. There was no “corner” on “anointed preaching” to be found.

The Bible uses very much the same language.

In Amos 8:11-12, it reads thus: “Behold, the days come, says the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land,  not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD. And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.”

Yep. I have, literally, fulfilled that scripture firsthand.

You see, when Amos prophesied this, well in advance of what God was going to do, there were STILL prophets being SENT to the polity of Israel and Judah.

Then one day, the prophets started to appear less and less. Indeed, the last prophet that God sent, was Malachi.

Then, after Malachi was gone…the famine started…

There was NO prophet sent to Israel, for over four hundred years… until John the Baptist appeared, just as Malachi predicted in a “dual-prophecy” in Malachi, chapter 4.

There was a big void… There was no “hearing anymore of the Word of the Lord.”

Bible scholars and exegesists have a clever term for this period of over four hundred years, as a way to rationalize things. They call this, the Intertestamental Period.

By doing so, they are validating this period of a “famine for the hearing of God’s Word.”

In this void, the Jewish rabbins got busy. They started to get their Scriptures organized, and composited. The Hellenist Jews got even busier, they formed the Septuagint. The Septuagint is the Old Testament, translated into Greek, from Hebrew. The Septuagint became the “authorized version” of sorts, when Jesus referred to it, from a Palestinian and Aramaic Targum. The scripture quotations that you read in your English translations of Old Testament scriptures in the Synoptic Gospels, do not come from Masoretic Hebrew, they are from the Septuagint!

As just stated, this famine lasted to the time of John the Baptist, just as Malachi said.

By the time that John the Baptist was imprisoned, Jesus was then preaching…and there was little lack of… “hearing the Word of the Lord.”

This was then extended to the Twelve Apostles, when Jesus left the scene. They preached for about another generation…the true Word of the Lord…

However, after they passed away, John the Apostle being the last…then this “dual-prophecy” kicked in again. Another “famine for the hearing of the Word of the Lord” commenced. Into this void, of an actual and active “Word of the Lord… being heard,” there came a flurry of activity to fill it. The New Testament was formed, and composited, and was canonized. Then, after a bit, it was withheld from what the Catholic “Clergy” called the hearers supposedly, the “laity.” This made the famine even worse, as not only was there no “hearing of the Word of the Lord,”…


You see, more than a few prophecies are dual in nature. Practically, all of the Olivet Discourse prophecies are “dual-prophecies.” If you haven’t heard of this before, you should buy my first book, as I explain many such prophecies in detail, in such a context.

Here is a link:

In a dual prophecy, there is an initial fulfillment, and then…an exhaustive fulfillment.

Space does not allow me to do much more explanation of this, except to state, that this prophecy of Amos, is a dual-prophecy.

It had its initial fulfillment in the Intertestamental Period.

It has its exhaustive fulfillment RIGHT NOW… and this is no 400+ year plus period… it has been going on for over 1900 years, except for some revival and renewal inspired preaching which also fulfilled other prophecies.

You see, a famine, is not a complete dearth, it is a shortage, or in some cases, an extreme shortage or scarcity. They are still some folks eating, even in an active famine event such as what occurs in Africa. Many charities, many of them in the United States, do what they can to alleviate such a famine. But, it is still a famine, or shortage.

AS A RESULT, I am convinced… at the present time… especially since 1967, we are in a Famine for the Word of the LORD.

Smith Wigglesworth used to preach that, “One word from God can change a nation.”

Obviously, this kind of word has to be divinely inspired. When God anoints and sends his Word, like He did many times in the Old Testament when calling a prophet and giving that prophet a burden of the Word of the LORD, then things can happen!

Jonah’s preaching to the city of Nineveh is such an example.

The word that God sent Jonah (though, the second time…Jonah 3:1) with was so inspired and anointed that the whole city of Nineveh repented.

The people repented. The King of Nineveh repented. From the least to the greatest, they all put sackcloth and ashes on to signify this repentance. The King of Nineveh covered himself in ashes. They fasted. The King even commanded the animals to be covered in sackcloth…Talk about “leaving nothing to chance”…

The King of Nineveh believed that with such a penance, that perhaps that GOD would “turn and relent.”

God had to change His mind about destroying Nineveh. Nineveh was spared.

Yes, one Word, or one Divinely inspired, anointed, Word changed Nineveh.

Where is this kind of Word today?

Well, there is a famine for it…

When God finally selects someone, according to His purpose and fulfillment exhaustively of this prophecy from Amos, and commissions and sends them, then the famine will cease.

Thanks for reading. Copyrighted, Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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I have told anyone who would hear, for going on twenty years now, just how significant the Six-Day War was in June, 1967, in which the nation of Israel won!

Yet, NO ONE is picking up on this!

Yep, the UNBELIEF is that bad in popular Christendom!… Jesus said something very important 1980 years ago, and it was fulfilled fifty years ago, just about to this date, and wel-la… No one has any discernment or love of the truth to acknowledge it.

What is wrong with ALL these folks?

Here is what I am talking about!

Six-Day War

Israeli Generals: Uzi Narkiss; Moshe Dayan with his signature eye-patch; and Yitzhak Rabin, enter triumphantly into the formerly occupied Arab Quarter of the City of Jerusalem during the Climax of the Six-Day War. Jerusalem has been under Jewish control ever since.

This month of June, will mark the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

This war event is one, that Jesus prophesied of, in his Mount Olivet Discourse. The Mount Olivet Discourse is recorded in all three Synoptic Gospels.


Jesus gave a large body of Prophecy in his Olivet Discourse, or prophecy given at the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem. In one of these prophecies, recorded by Luke, Jesus told his disciples that the city of Jerusalem would be UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE GENTILES, or Gentile Nations, UNTIL the Times of the Gentiles would END.

 As a result of this Six-Day War, Jerusalem was completely re-taken and has since, been completely under Jewish, or Israeli control. In the 1948 War of Independence of the Nation State of Israel, about 2/3rd of Jerusalem was taken by the Israeli Defense Forces, but the remaining “Arab Quarter,” controlled by the nation of Jordan, still retained a remaining one-third of the city of Jerusalem. This issue of a divided Jerusalem, nineteen years later, was resolved by this war.

This event FULFILLED this prophecy of Jesus.

Since June 1967, the “Time of the Gentiles” ended. In fact, the Times of the Gentiles ended at 10 AM, June 8, 1967. Now, “Gentile” people now do not “control” anything of consequence any longer…




Since this time, the Gentiles no longer “run,” or control, anything… anymore.

This is a difficult truth and concept for Gentiles to accept.

Particularly, for Gentiles of Japthethic descent.

Gentiles of the progeny of Japheth have been “running” the world for a long time. They are pretty good at organizing things and ruling the masses, despite flaws.

Now, they are in denial that they aren’t “running” and managing things. Being “the boss” is second nature to them. They are going to have to get over it for awhile.

You see, Noah prophesied a long time ago, over his sons.

Noah had three sons: they were Shem, Japheth, and Ham.

Noah blessed two of these sons; the other, Noah cursed his offspring.

In his blessing over Japheth, Noah prophesied that Japheth would “enlarge his tents.” Depending on which Bible version, Jewish rendition, and exploration of textual implications, this means that the Gentiles of Japheth extraction, would stretch forth his influence, and “control,” around the world.

Jesus acknowledged this, when admonishing his disciples, to be not as… “the Gentiles, who love to exercise dominion”… or absolute power,… “over them, and their great men exercise authority and power over them, yet call themselves your benefactors…” (Matthew 20:25). The Gentiles, that Jesus was referring to here, were the Roman authorities, and vestiges of the Greek power structure and culture, in which the Romans, pragmatically adopted, as the Romans were xenophilic to the Greeks in cultural matters . Even Greek, was the language of the Empire, outside of Rome, practically.

Added to this, is the fact that many of the world’s empires, have their roots from the Roman Empire, and from the words of Noah, over… Japheth.

First, you have the Kingdom of the Franks, who were descended from Gomer, son of Japheth. They helped to institute the Holy Roman Empire, which was a rule of the Roman Catholic Church, in league with secular and regional civil rulers. This gave way later, to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the French Empire, the British Empire, the Third Reich, and now, presently, the American Empire.

The American Empire will eventually give way, to Gog and Magog, the ruling powers of the nation of Russia, and its satellites. As I told about in my first volume, Gog is a ruling extension of Magog.


Though it appears, that the United States has an Empire-like structure in the world, and its culture and language permeates nearly every corner and clime in the world, and is the world’s leading financial and military power with military bases in well over a 100 nations in the world, as part of its Empire structure…it is a facade…

The United States has not controlled much of anything since 1967.

The past election cycle in the United States portrayed this dichotomy and new paradigm. The winning candidate WISTFULLY wishes to make… “America Great Again”

This is a tacit admission then that the United States is not-so-great, as it used to be, for some reason…

…Some speculate, and a lot of them, self-righteous Christians, that it is because that the United States is increasingly immoral…

…BUT, I don’t think so… I have visited and lived in other countries. In my view, “the grass is not greener on the other side.” 

You see, the same conditions are not just in the United States: they are prevalent throughout the world in nearly ALL countries. The United States has no corner on becoming Sodom,…or Gomorrah,… just yet.

The real reason is, for the demise of America, is that the United States has already been supplanted by another rule,… or system of rule…as the Times of the Gentiles ARE OVER!

dome of rock




Many folks have heard of by now, or studied, what has been called, “The New World Order.” This New World Order has been promoted as “benefactors” and as a “beneficial” rule, or order,  to the world’s populace. This “new world order” has been advocated by world leaders, most notably, George H.W. Bush, while as U.S. President; John Paul II, while as Roman Catholic Pontiff; and the late David Rockefeller, past World Financier and Agent of the intrigue and cabal that is currently and presently….and precisely…


…from behind the scenes…

And, for good reasons, as the Oligarchy wishes to remain as anonymous as long as possible. This means, that this anonymity is necessary to further extend its power.

Delusion and Deception are its principal tools. They have deluded the world into thinking that things are the same…

…when they haven’t been AT ALL… for nearly fifty YEARS!

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can discredit me, marginalize me, but the truth will not go away…

The United States, is controlled and dominated by this cabal of Oligarchs, who also for that matter, control the rest of the world, as well.

This will not change very soon.

Indeed, it is THEIR time…and…, no longer, the Times, or Era, of the Gentiles.

You see, these Oligarchs are ruling, also, as a result of Prophecy…Both prophecy from the Old Testament and the New Testament… Several of them are related to the Patriarch Joseph in their ancestry. They go back to the two tribes of Joseph: Manasseh and Ephraim.  If you are a Bible student, you will remember that Joseph was given a couple of dreams, in which, he would not only “rule” his brethren, but the…known world, as was implied. Joseph did this, when he became Governor of Egypt, second only to Pharoah. Joseph introduced a different system of government, during the famine in Egypt, which he had predicted. This government system is now known as Socialism. The Oligarchs have introduced this “Socialism” in the 19th century through their “agentur,” and now have imposed this government, or eventual totalitarian system which it becomes when it does not relinquish political power, in most of the now-developed world.

joseph, prince of eygpt


The Oligarchs, however, have been stymied this last election cycle, of bringing Socialism mainstream, into the United States. This has upset their constituency a good deal, which amounts to 1-3% in the United States. This very small minority, though, is in ALL THE INFLUENTIAL POSITIONS OF INDUSTRY, COMMERCE, ENTERTAINMENT, ACADEMICS, AND GOVERNMENT!

Hence, their control is highly magnified and out of proportion!

This prophecy concerning Joseph is being exhaustively fulfilled today through his progeny.

And that, reader, you see, that prophecy is the reason for their being.

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either….

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can discredit me, marginalize me, but the truth will not go away…

Nelson Bell &amp; Graham

 STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH… L. Nelson Bell, left, his daughter Ruth, and her husband, Evangelist Billy Graham pose in this photo. When witnessing the news event of the Israeli Defense Forces taking ALL of Jerusalem, Bell declared: “For the first time in 2000 years, Jerusalem is now completely in the hands of the Jews. This event gives a student of the Bible a thrill and renewed faith in the accuracy and validity of the Bible.” Unfortunately, this caused Establishment Christianity discomfort, and Bell never repeated this remark, apparently, being naive at the consequences of such an event would be upon the popular “church.”

Just as remarkable, when the Times of the Gentiles ended in June 1967, another era started:


Now….We have been living in the End Times, for nearly 50 years. Several prophecies are being fulfilled…yet now…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…

Yep. For all the Evangelical Church, for example, talks about End Time prophecy from its shills like the Late Great Planet Earth guy, and other wannabes, they sure don’t know much about it.

In fact, the very same Oligarchs, since the latter half of the 19th century, have subverted Evangelical and Popular Christianity!!!

For sure, as deceived as the Popular Church is, …they sure don’t realize that!

That is why it is called deception!

The whole Evangelical outfit, subscribes, to what is called Modern Dispensationalism.

This elaborate, but faulty, belief system is based on old Jesuit “Futurism.” This was an alternative strategy developed way back in the 17th century at the Council of Trent, as a “Counter-Protestant” movement. Yep, this was the same great Catholic Church Council, which admitted that 96% of its “celibate” priests, either had a wife of sorts, or a concubine, to give them erotic and libidinal comfort.

Our Oligarch friends, who do study a lot, just cleaned up out-dated and discredited Futurism, gave it a new name, and commissioned a couple of religious con-men, most notably, British Crown agent John Darby, and an agent of the American “Secret Six,” Cyrus Schofield, to disseminate this “tommy-rot” to an increasingly apostate Evangelical Church.

They were wildly successful, particularly Schofield, along with the great flow of Oligarch money to influence schools of thought and instruction. Cyrus later became quite the sycophant to the Frankist, Samuel Untermeyer, a known agent of this cabal, and a practicing Satanist, whom a park in New York City named after him, which has ritual sites for such cults.

Such strange bedfellows… yet, the Evangelical Church espouses Modern Dispensationalism, or such Oligarchal claptrap, to the masses under their control without hesitation. You can name any religious “celebrity” and yes, they promote or advocate, or subscribe, to this Illuminati propaganda.

Yes, it is true. Satan does control the world, as John the Elder stated (1 John 5:19b). And, I might add, the popular church as well…

If you still reading this, then you have to make a decision…

You need to decide whether to remain deceived… or to be awakened out of this terrible deception. It won’t be an easy task. You have to undergo a catharsis, much like the Greek tragedies, where the “hero” has to unlearn and forsake everything that he has been taught, and learn anew. The “hero” finds that  those who have misled him, want to destroy him, and now, he must liberate his inner being and psyche from this “toxic faith.”

This is nothing new for me. I have been saying this stuff…. FOR YEARS!

As I said at the heading, I told you so…or to anyone who would hear…

There are many, many voices in the world. But the voice of God is not the bombast that comes out of popular pulpits…but the still, small voice that the Prophet Elijah heard.

Which voice do you follow?

latest joe piccomments #2

Copyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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The Deal With …”Hedges”…

The story of the Patriarch Job, above, of the Bible, gives us a few hints about what the phenomenon of…”hedges”… are about…

A lot of folks depict Job as a very old man, but he wasn’t. He was probably in the prime of his life, relatively speaking. After his trials, he lived another 140 years, long enough to sire another ten children.

The Septuagint, the Greek Old Testament, states that Job died when he was 240 years old. This indicates then that Job was about a 100 years old, or about 40% of his lifetime lived, when he underwent his tribulations. This 240-year longevity was pretty much a consistent full-age lifetime then, as Abraham’s great- grandfather Serug, lived to be 230 years of age. Most chroniclers put Job living around 2200 B.C.E., or around or just before Abraham. Configuring this chronological age today, would put Job in about 35-40 years of age, as we can relate to it, when we pick up his story in the Bible.

Job was called a Patriarch as he was the head of his family and accountable before God in their regard, who offered up ritual sacrifices for them, and of course, himself, to God. Obviously, since Job was about 400 years before the time of Moses when he became a Law-Giver, Job did not know anything about Levitical law, or the Law of Moses, but Job was aware of the Noahide Laws implemented by Noah to his sons (Talmudic tradition states that Noah instituted this of a sort). This was the basis then, in addition to the Patriarchal Laws, that constituted what was righteousness before God. These type of laws or adherence to the Lord God, went all the way back to Adam and Seth, and given a platform for wider dissemination by Enos, the first to preach and prophesy by preaching to men.

I just wrote about Enos or Enosh, and his influence and Message in my last month’s blog.


Enos, the FIRST Preacher of Righteousness…

Hence, the only improvements in preaching from Enos, had been from Noah himself. Yet, Noah pretty much preached along the same lines of the spirit of Prophecy that Enos did.

Noah, a Preacher of Righteousness Warning the Antediluvians of Coming Destructions…In Reality, those listening, Mocked and Derided Noah. Real Preaching still Encounters such Unbelief and Derision. If your Preacher, or one who claims to be one, does not elicit the Same Response as Noah,…then he is not a Real Preacher…

Indeed, Noah didn’t change too much from what Enos had said at all, since the very same  conditions that were in the time of Enos, ongoing in Noah’s era, had deteriorated greatly.

Noah pretty much just “updated” the Message of Enos, as shown by this graph below.


From this,we can surmise that after the Flood, that Noah consolidated his Message with factual testimony of God’s faithfulness in His Word to Noah, or fulfilled Prophecy, along with the Noahide Laws. Also included in the evolving message were the prophecies that Noah made, some in regard to his progeny. This body, or record of belief was pretty much what Job believed in his day, along with the other Patriarchs which the Bible lists and describes their faith covenants with God, most notably, Abraham and his descendants.


It appears that while Job was a pretty upright and moral person, his faith was just not exactly where it should have been.

In the narrative of the Book of Job, the Enemy, or Adversary, pointed this out to God. “Satan” advocated that if Job were to be tried, and undergo tribulations and sufferings, then Job would not be such a God-fearer at all.

Indeed, Satan said that Job would curse God, once all of God’s Blessings were taken away.

The Lord God thought that this was all too interesting.

Genuine faith, by its intrinsic nature, is to be tried, tested, and undergo hardships and sufferings, as to strengthen this very faith.

God then, was obligated to allow this testing to occur. Particularly, since that Job did trust in his own moral uprightness and integrity a bit MORE…rather than that of believing that God could impute and grant such a dispensation.

What follows in this account at this point, is a series of highly calamitous events to singularly befall Job.

What is interesting to note, that precipitates such terrible disasters, is that Satan asked God to remove His…

hedge… around Job…

What then is exactly a… hedge…?

A standard English dictionary defines a “hedge” as a “fence or boundary.”

A Biblical definition of what a “hedge” is, is given by Smith’s Bible Dictionary.

Dr. Smith defines a “hedge” as a: “simply that which surrounds or encloses.” It also implies that along with the protection that a wall or hedge gives, such a surrounding structure is frequently “crowned with sharp thorns.”

Perhaps, the most definitive description of what a hedge is, Biblically, is found in the authoritative Interpreter’s Bible Dictionary.

The exegetes of this publication describe a “hedge” as being a “fence of any kind,” or a stone wall or fence. Hedges were constructed to protect vineyards from predators in accounts in the Bible. In fact, as Jesus pointed out in Luke 14:23, that the greater countryside all around them, could be regarded as “consisting either highways or hedges.”

The Interpreters also cites that: “Figuratively, the verb ‘hedge’ is used to express both God’s protection, and His constraint,” or constraining power over, “a person.”

Again, the implication of sharp thorns is given by a quotation from the Prophet Micah, that even “the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge” (Micah 7:4).

A Biblical “hedge” signifies the above. A stone wall, or structure, that protects and encloses. In this example, a shepherd adds to the protection by sleeping at the door of the hedge. Jesus referred to this, when describing himself as the “good Shepherd,” who is placed at the “door,” where the sheep are protected. It is also implied by the Bible, that when David was a shepherd, he also protected his sheep by putting himself at the door, or entrance of a similar hedge or structure, as David told Saul that he defended his flock from the “paw of the bear,” and the “mouth of the lion.” 

A hedge then, is a protective barrier, suggesting an angelic agency, that God grants to a person or individual who pleases Him, so that the individual is protected from unforeseen events of a dire nature. This signifies divine protection and guidance from these “watchers,” another name for Angelic protectors, particularly in Jewish commentary.

The Bible implies this as well, in reference to other texts and stories in the Bible. We read, for instance, in the Gospel of Luke, that some asked Jesus what he thought of the unfortunate but seditious Galileans, who Pilate, being the Roman Governor, executed (Luke 13:1).

Jesus succinctly replied that unfortunate consequences could happen to anyone… unless they repented and had a covenant relationship with God. Jesus then extrapolated more, and cited a devastating accident in which the Tower of Siloam collapsed and killed eighteen people. Jesus then repeated the same mantra…”except you repent…”

Obviously then, these Galileans and the Eighteen, had little protection from any type of hedge, and there was no angelic agency that protected them, as Satan had pointed out, that Christ enjoyed, in the Temptations of Christ on the Mount, that the “angels (have) charge over you, to keep you, lest at any time you should dash your foot against a stone” (Luke 4:10-11).

A person once told me of a terrible accident, in which a loving father and pillar in the community, was swimming in a river, a popular swimming area, with his two sons. The younger one was caught away by the current of the river, which the father and older son were able to rescue. But in so rescuing the child, the current then swept the more experienced swimmers, the father and older son, into the rapids, where they both drowned.

They found the victims downstream, where they were found deceased, holding each other’s hand.

This person wanted to know my assessment of such a tragedy. Indeed, it is a heartfelt loss. But I replied in the same manner of Jesus, as in the account of Luke. I also added that despite the man and his family being held in civic regard, that did not guarantee an Angel being on duty, to keep them from such ruin.

So you see, that this hedge business is very relevant to our well-being in this life.

It was the story of Job, where we first learn about a hedge.

A hedge also signifies a constraint or rather, a restraint, on such an individual who pleases God, in which that individual cannot go past certain limits of misbehaviour. We see this type of behavioural control in the Bible, set by God, as a set of parameters, not to be exceeded. For example, Joseph is falsely accused of an attempted rape of Potiphar’s wife.  However, Joseph calls this behaviour a “great wickedness” that he implies that he is not capable of, as it is a “sin against God.”

This suggests a definitive parameter and pattern of behaviour in regard to Joseph. Joseph is just too chaste to be considered to be such a person. Probably this is why that Potiphar, despite having to “save face” in regard to his wife and household, did not have Joseph executed, but placed into prison, until such a time in which the conditions surrounding Joseph could be ameliorated.

Of course, in Joseph’s case, God had planned meticulously the path of the life of Joseph, in which Yahweh used all such circumstances for a much greater purpose in which prophecy was fulfilled, and the nation of Israel could be saved from famine, and be preserved for the future, besides being a record of God’s great faithfulness.

The Bible speaks of such a hedge being taken away from Job.

When Job did not have his hedge anymore, he was subject to calamity.

Is this what happens when an individual goes past his behavioural parameters? Is this what happens to one’s hedge when such a restraint upon an individual is rejected? What occurs when the limits or restraints of good or moral behaviour are continually violated?

Do you know anyone like this? Have you met folks who have “torn down” or contributed to their “hedge” being “broken?”

Most people don’t have any knowledge or a clue of what I am writing about. This type of knowledge and experience comes as a result of a covenant relationship with God, and knowing God’s ways and His unalterable spiritual laws.

As for me, I have met more than a few of these people…

These people usually get into trouble when they persist in behaviours that they know themselves are potentially “dangerous.” They kind of feel that God is looking elsewhere, and that they can indulge “the flesh,” or beyond the “norm” of simple carnal desires.

They can, at opportune times, catch themselves from “falling,” in which their protective boundary is violated in which the Enemy wishes to come in “like a flood.” Before this cataclysm of the enemy can occur however, these folks retrieve themselves from such an upheaval. They react with a “whew,” and remark that that “was close.” Apparently, they knew full well the great stakes involved.

The problem is though, is that they cannot avoid temptation. After awhile, they start engaging in compromising behaviour once again. You would think that they would have learned a lesson. You would think that they completely “turned away” from this danger.

When “your” repentance is not quite enough, and you didn’t seek God’s ability for you to repent thoroughly and completely,… then your hedge is subject once more to being broken down. You will find such people with a “harder heart” than what they had before, when engaging in errant conduct. Despite fearing the earlier consequences of hedge-breaking, they become more inured to the destruction to befall them.

What follows is something along the same lines of what happened to Job…

A few folks, like Job, go into what is implied in the Bible as a “prison-house.” Jesus referred to this type of prison as a place where you “would pay the uttermost farthing,” or unit of money. This phrase today would be described as “paying the last penny.”

One thing for sure is, though, like Job, you won’t come out of this trouble, affliction, or “prison-house,” until you have satisfied some level of “justice.”

So the pattern of losing or breaking your hedge down is: A great loss or losses occur, and your spiritual eyes are put out like Samson’s when Samson went into his prison-house. There you are, in a place as dark as Egypt, and you feel incredibly forsaken. God does not hear you nor your complaints, just like Job. The heavens are as hardened brass and no rain or sustenance falls from any result of your prayers. You even pray like Samson, to perish with your enemies, mockers, and detractors, who visited Job, as well. 

Finally, you are delivered, in most cases, miraculously from your prison, bondage, or captivity. You will never go back again. You will never wish to. But you paid…the last penny…

Most folks though, become wholly deceived, and no longer recognize their former parameters, or their former selves, or what could have occurred to have such misfortune overcome them.

Many of them become completely destroyed. They have changed. They are no longer the person that you had known them to be. It is like some form of “body-snatching,” or personality disintegration of who they had been. They are a shell of a person. The one thing is left, is the continued pursuit of their lusts and desires that have made them spiritually destitute in the first place.

It is a fearful event…to have your hedge taken away. It is a even more fearful thing, to destroy it yourself.

This life is a precious commodity. It belongs to God. If you take as your own, and do not offer it back to God, Who gave you this gift, then you will lose it for a certainty.

What I have written are “hard” things. They are realities. Hedges, a part of spiritual law, are just as real as real can be. If you finally dally around, and violate your parameters, you will fall. This fall will be great. This… you can depend on.

Like Samson, you will lose all your strength, persona, and spiritual sight.

May you always keep your hedges intact. Your life may very well depend on it.

Thanks for reading. Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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