I have told anyone who would hear, for going on twenty years now, just how significant the Six-Day War was in June, 1967, in which the nation of Israel won!

Yet, NO ONE is picking up on this!

Yep, the UNBELIEF is that bad in popular Christendom!… Jesus said something very important 1980 years ago, and it was fulfilled fifty years ago, just about to this date, and wel-la… No one has any discernment or love of the truth to acknowledge it.

What is wrong with ALL these folks?

Here is what I am talking about!

Six-Day War

Israeli Generals: Uzi Narkiss; Moshe Dayan with his signature eye-patch; and Yitzhak Rabin, enter triumphantly into the formerly occupied Arab Quarter of the City of Jerusalem during the Climax of the Six-Day War. Jerusalem has been under Jewish control ever since.

This month of June, will mark the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

This war event is one, that Jesus prophesied of, in his Mount Olivet Discourse. The Mount Olivet Discourse is recorded in all three Synoptic Gospels.


Jesus gave a large body of Prophecy in his Olivet Discourse, or prophecy given at the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem. In one of these prophecies, recorded by Luke, Jesus told his disciples that the city of Jerusalem would be UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE GENTILES, or Gentile Nations, UNTIL the Times of the Gentiles would END.

 As a result of this Six-Day War, Jerusalem was completely re-taken and has since, been completely under Jewish, or Israeli control. In the 1948 War of Independence of the Nation State of Israel, about 2/3rd of Jerusalem was taken by the Israeli Defense Forces, but the remaining “Arab Quarter,” controlled by the nation of Jordan, still retained a remaining one-third of the city of Jerusalem. This issue of a divided Jerusalem, nineteen years later, was resolved by this war.

This event FULFILLED this prophecy of Jesus.

Since June 1967, the “Time of the Gentiles” ended. In fact, the Times of the Gentiles ended at 10 AM, June 8, 1967. Now, “Gentile” people now do not “control” anything of consequence any longer…




Since this time, the Gentiles no longer “run,” or control, anything… anymore.

This is a difficult truth and concept for Gentiles to accept.

Particularly, for Gentiles of Japthethic descent.

Gentiles of the progeny of Japheth have been “running” the world for a long time. They are pretty good at organizing things and ruling the masses, despite flaws.

Now, they are in denial that they aren’t “running” and managing things. Being “the boss” is second nature to them. They are going to have to get over it for awhile.

You see, Noah prophesied a long time ago, over his sons.

Noah had three sons: they were Shem, Japheth, and Ham.

Noah blessed two of these sons; the other, Noah cursed his offspring.

In his blessing over Japheth, Noah prophesied that Japheth would “enlarge his tents.” Depending on which Bible version, Jewish rendition, and exploration of textual implications, this means that the Gentiles of Japheth extraction, would stretch forth his influence, and “control,” around the world.

Jesus acknowledged this, when admonishing his disciples, to be not as… “the Gentiles, who love to exercise dominion”… or absolute power,… “over them, and their great men exercise authority and power over them, yet call themselves your benefactors…” (Matthew 20:25). The Gentiles, that Jesus was referring to here, were the Roman authorities, and vestiges of the Greek power structure and culture, in which the Romans, pragmatically adopted, as the Romans were xenophilic to the Greeks in cultural matters . Even Greek, was the language of the Empire, outside of Rome, practically.

Added to this, is the fact that many of the world’s empires, have their roots from the Roman Empire, and from the words of Noah, over… Japheth.

First, you have the Kingdom of the Franks, who were descended from Gomer, son of Japheth. They helped to institute the Holy Roman Empire, which was a rule of the Roman Catholic Church, in league with secular and regional civil rulers. This gave way later, to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the French Empire, the British Empire, the Third Reich, and now, presently, the American Empire.

The American Empire will eventually give way, to Gog and Magog, the ruling powers of the nation of Russia, and its satellites. As I told about in my first volume, Gog is a ruling extension of Magog.


Though it appears, that the United States has an Empire-like structure in the world, and its culture and language permeates nearly every corner and clime in the world, and is the world’s leading financial and military power with military bases in well over a 100 nations in the world, as part of its Empire structure…it is a facade…

The United States has not controlled much of anything since 1967.

The past election cycle in the United States portrayed this dichotomy and new paradigm. The winning candidate WISTFULLY wishes to make… “America Great Again”

This is a tacit admission then that the United States is not-so-great, as it used to be, for some reason…

…Some speculate, and a lot of them, self-righteous Christians, that it is because that the United States is increasingly immoral…

…BUT, I don’t think so… I have visited and lived in other countries. In my view, “the grass is not greener on the other side.” 

You see, the same conditions are not just in the United States: they are prevalent throughout the world in nearly ALL countries. The United States has no corner on becoming Sodom,…or Gomorrah,… just yet.

The real reason is, for the demise of America, is that the United States has already been supplanted by another rule,… or system of rule…as the Times of the Gentiles ARE OVER!

dome of rock




Many folks have heard of by now, or studied, what has been called, “The New World Order.” This New World Order has been promoted as “benefactors” and as a “beneficial” rule, or order,  to the world’s populace. This “new world order” has been advocated by world leaders, most notably, George H.W. Bush, while as U.S. President; John Paul II, while as Roman Catholic Pontiff; and the late David Rockefeller, past World Financier and Agent of the intrigue and cabal that is currently and presently….and precisely…


…from behind the scenes…

And, for good reasons, as the Oligarchy wishes to remain as anonymous as long as possible. This means, that this anonymity is necessary to further extend its power.

Delusion and Deception are its principal tools. They have deluded the world into thinking that things are the same…

…when they haven’t been AT ALL… for nearly fifty YEARS!

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…. 

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can discredit me, marginalize me, but the truth will not go away…

The United States, is controlled and dominated by this cabal of Oligarchs, who also for that matter, control the rest of the world, as well.

This will not change very soon.

Indeed, it is THEIR time…and…, no longer, the Times, or Era, of the Gentiles.

You see, these Oligarchs are ruling, also, as a result of Prophecy…Both prophecy from the Old Testament and the New Testament… Several of them are related to the Patriarch Joseph in their ancestry. They go back to the two tribes of Joseph: Manasseh and Ephraim.  If you are a Bible student, you will remember that Joseph was given a couple of dreams, in which, he would not only “rule” his brethren, but the…known world, as was implied. Joseph did this, when he became Governor of Egypt, second only to Pharoah. Joseph introduced a different system of government, during the famine in Egypt, which he had predicted. This government system is now known as Socialism. The Oligarchs have introduced this “Socialism” in the 19th century through their “agentur,” and now have imposed this government, or eventual totalitarian system which it becomes when it does not relinquish political power, in most of the now-developed world.

joseph, prince of eygpt


The Oligarchs, however, have been stymied this last election cycle, of bringing Socialism mainstream, into the United States. This has upset their constituency a good deal, which amounts to 1-3% in the United States. This very small minority, though, is in ALL THE INFLUENTIAL POSITIONS OF INDUSTRY, COMMERCE, ENTERTAINMENT, ACADEMICS, AND GOVERNMENT!

Hence, their control is highly magnified and out of proportion!

This prophecy concerning Joseph is being exhaustively fulfilled today through his progeny.

And that, reader, you see, that prophecy is the reason for their being.

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either….

Indeed, no one in organized or evangelical Christendom KNOWS THIS…

You can discredit me, marginalize me, but the truth will not go away…

Nelson Bell & Graham

 STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH… L. Nelson Bell, left, his daughter Ruth, and her husband, Evangelist Billy Graham pose in this photo. When witnessing the news event of the Israeli Defense Forces taking ALL of Jerusalem, Bell declared: “For the first time in 2000 years, Jerusalem is now completely in the hands of the Jews. This event gives a student of the Bible a thrill and renewed faith in the accuracy and validity of the Bible.” Unfortunately, this caused Establishment Christianity discomfort, and Bell never repeated this remark, apparently, being naive at the consequences of such an event would be upon the popular “church.”

Just as remarkable, when the Times of the Gentiles ended in June 1967, another era started:


Now….We have been living in the End Times, for nearly 50 years. Several prophecies are being fulfilled…yet now…

But, you didn’t know that…

Don’t feel bad…

Your church doesn’t know that either…

Yep. For all the Evangelical Church, for example, talks about End Time prophecy from its shills like the Late Great Planet Earth guy, and other wannabes, they sure don’t know much about it.

In fact, the very same Oligarchs, since the latter half of the 19th century, have subverted Evangelical and Popular Christianity!!!

For sure, as deceived as the Popular Church is, …they sure don’t realize that!

That is why it is called deception!

The whole Evangelical outfit, subscribes, to what is called Modern Dispensationalism.

This elaborate, but faulty, belief system is based on old Jesuit “Futurism.” This was an alternative strategy developed way back in the 17th century at the Council of Trent, as a “Counter-Protestant” movement. Yep, this was the same great Catholic Church Council, which admitted that 96% of its “celibate” priests, either had a wife of sorts, or a concubine, to give them erotic and libidinal comfort.

Our Oligarch friends, who do study a lot, just cleaned up out-dated and discredited Futurism, gave it a new name, and commissioned a couple of religious con-men, most notably, British Crown agent John Darby, and an agent of the American “Secret Six,” Cyrus Schofield, to disseminate this “tommy-rot” to an increasingly apostate Evangelical Church.

They were wildly successful, particularly Schofield, along with the great flow of Oligarch money to influence schools of thought and instruction. Cyrus later became quite the sycophant to the Frankist, Samuel Untermeyer, a known agent of this cabal, and a practicing Satanist, whom a park in New York City named after him, which has ritual sites for such cults.

Such strange bedfellows… yet, the Evangelical Church espouses Modern Dispensationalism, or such Oligarchal claptrap, to the masses under their control without hesitation. You can name any religious “celebrity” and yes, they promote or advocate, or subscribe, to this Illuminati propaganda.

Yes, it is true. Satan does control the world, as John the Elder stated (1 John 5:19b). And, I might add, the popular church as well…

If you still reading this, then you have to make a decision…

You need to decide whether to remain deceived… or to be awakened out of this terrible deception. It won’t be an easy task. You have to undergo a catharsis, much like the Greek tragedies, where the “hero” has to unlearn and forsake everything that he has been taught, and learn anew. The “hero” finds that  those who have misled him, want to destroy him, and now, he must liberate his inner being and psyche from this “toxic faith.”

This is nothing new for me. I have been saying this stuff…. FOR YEARS!

As I said at the heading, I told you so…or to anyone who would hear…

There are many, many voices in the world. But the voice of God is not the bombast that comes out of popular pulpits…but the still, small voice that the Prophet Elijah heard.

Which voice do you follow?

latest joe piccomments #2

Copyrighted. Joseph Spickard, 2017. All rights reserved. Any reproduction of this intellectual property without prior permission from the author is prohibited.

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The Deal With …”Hedges”…

The story of the Patriarch Job, above, of the Bible, gives us a few hints about what the phenomenon of…”hedges”… are about…

A lot of folks depict Job as a very old man, but he wasn’t. He was probably in the prime of his life, relatively speaking. After his trials, he lived another 140 years, long enough to sire another ten children.

The Septuagint, the Greek Old Testament, states that Job died when he was 240 years old. This indicates then that Job was about a 100 years old, or about 40% of his lifetime lived, when he underwent his tribulations. This 240-year longevity was pretty much a consistent full-age lifetime then, as Abraham’s great- grandfather Serug, lived to be 230 years of age. Most chroniclers put Job living around 2200 B.C.E., or around or just before Abraham. Configuring this chronological age today, would put Job in about 35-40 years of age, as we can relate to it, when we pick up his story in the Bible.

Job was called a Patriarch as he was the head of his family and accountable before God in their regard, who offered up ritual sacrifices for them, and of course, himself, to God. Obviously, since Job was about 400 years before the time of Moses when he became a Law-Giver, Job did not know anything about Levitical law, or the Law of Moses, but Job was aware of the Noahide Laws implemented by Noah to his sons (Talmudic tradition states that Noah instituted this of a sort). This was the basis then, in addition to the Patriarchal Laws, that constituted what was righteousness before God. These type of laws or adherence to the Lord God, went all the way back to Adam and Seth, and given a platform for wider dissemination by Enos, the first to preach and prophesy by preaching to men.

I just wrote about Enos or Enosh, and his influence and Message in my last month’s blog.


Enos, the FIRST Preacher of Righteousness…

Hence, the only improvements in preaching from Enos, had been from Noah himself. Yet, Noah pretty much preached along the same lines of the spirit of Prophecy that Enos did.

Noah, a Preacher of Righteousness Warning the Antediluvians of Coming Destructions…In Reality, those listening, Mocked and Derided Noah. Real Preaching still Encounters such Unbelief and Derision. If your Preacher, or one who claims to be one, does not elicit the Same Response as Noah,…then he is not a Real Preacher…

Indeed, Noah didn’t change too much from what Enos had said at all, since the very same  conditions that were in the time of Enos, ongoing in Noah’s era, had deteriorated greatly.

Noah pretty much just “updated” the Message of Enos, as shown by this graph below.


From this,we can surmise that after the Flood, that Noah consolidated his Message with factual testimony of God’s faithfulness in His Word to Noah, or fulfilled Prophecy, along with the Noahide Laws. Also included in the evolving message were the prophecies that Noah made, some in regard to his progeny. This body, or record of belief was pretty much what Job believed in his day, along with the other Patriarchs which the Bible lists and describes their faith covenants with God, most notably, Abraham and his descendants.


It appears that while Job was a pretty upright and moral person, his faith was just not exactly where it should have been.

In the narrative of the Book of Job, the Enemy, or Adversary, pointed this out to God. “Satan” advocated that if Job were to be tried, and undergo tribulations and sufferings, then Job would not be such a God-fearer at all.

Indeed, Satan said that Job would curse God, once all of God’s Blessings were taken away.

The Lord God thought that this was all too interesting.

Genuine faith, by its intrinsic nature, is to be tried, tested, and undergo hardships and sufferings, as to strengthen this very faith.

God then, was obligated to allow this testing to occur. Particularly, since that Job did trust in his own moral uprightness and integrity a bit MORE…rather than that of believing that God could impute and grant such a dispensation.

What follows in this account at this point, is a series of highly calamitous events to singularly befall Job.

What is interesting to note, that precipitates such terrible disasters, is that Satan asked God to remove His…

hedge… around Job…

What then is exactly a… hedge…?

A standard English dictionary defines a “hedge” as a “fence or boundary.”

A Biblical definition of what a “hedge” is, is given by Smith’s Bible Dictionary.

Dr. Smith defines a “hedge” as a: “simply that which surrounds or encloses.” It also implies that along with the protection that a wall or hedge gives, such a surrounding structure is frequently “crowned with sharp thorns.”

Perhaps, the most definitive description of what a hedge is, Biblically, is found in the authoritative Interpreter’s Bible Dictionary.

The exegetes of this publication describe a “hedge” as being a “fence of any kind,” or a stone wall or fence. Hedges were constructed to protect vineyards from predators in accounts in the Bible. In fact, as Jesus pointed out in Luke 14:23, that the greater countryside all around them, could be regarded as “consisting either highways or hedges.”

The Interpreters also cites that: “Figuratively, the verb ‘hedge’ is used to express both God’s protection, and His constraint,” or constraining power over, “a person.”

Again, the implication of sharp thorns is given by a quotation from the Prophet Micah, that even “the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge” (Micah 7:4).

A Biblical “hedge” signifies the above. A stone wall, or structure, that protects and encloses. In this example, a shepherd adds to the protection by sleeping at the door of the hedge. Jesus referred to this, when describing himself as the “good Shepherd,” who is placed at the “door,” where the sheep are protected. It is also implied by the Bible, that when David was a shepherd, he also protected his sheep by putting himself at the door, or entrance of a similar hedge or structure, as David told Saul that he defended his flock from the “paw of the bear,” and the “mouth of the lion.” 

A hedge then, is a protective barrier, suggesting an angelic agency, that God grants to a person or individual who pleases Him, so that the individual is protected from unforeseen events of a dire nature. This signifies divine protection and guidance from these “watchers,” another name for Angelic protectors, particularly in Jewish commentary.

The Bible implies this as well, in reference to other texts and stories in the Bible. We read, for instance, in the Gospel of Luke, that some asked Jesus what he thought of the unfortunate but seditious Galileans, who Pilate, being the Roman Governor, executed (Luke 13:1).

Jesus succinctly replied that unfortunate consequences could happen to anyone… unless they repented and had a covenant relationship with God. Jesus then extrapolated more, and cited a devastating accident in which the Tower of Siloam collapsed and killed eighteen people. Jesus then repeated the same mantra…”except you repent…”

Obviously then, these Galileans and the Eighteen, had little protection from any type of hedge, and there was no angelic agency that protected them, as Satan had pointed out, that Christ enjoyed, in the Temptations of Christ on the Mount, that the “angels (have) charge over you, to keep you, lest at any time you should dash your foot against a stone” (Luke 4:10-11).

A person once told me of a terrible accident, in which a loving father and pillar in the community, was swimming in a river, a popular swimming area, with his two sons. The younger one was caught away by the current of the river, which the father and older son were able to rescue. But in so rescuing the child, the current then swept the more experienced swimmers, the father and older son, into the rapids, where they both drowned.

They found the victims downstream, where they were found deceased, holding each other’s hand.

This person wanted to know my assessment of such a tragedy. Indeed, it is a heartfelt loss. But I replied in the same manner of Jesus, as in the account of Luke. I also added that despite the man and his family being held in civic regard, that did not guarantee an Angel being on duty, to keep them from such ruin.

So you see, that this hedge business is very relevant to our well-being in this life.

It was the story of Job, where we first learn about a hedge.

A hedge also signifies a constraint or rather, a restraint, on such an individual who pleases God, in which that individual cannot go past certain limits of misbehaviour. We see this type of behavioural control in the Bible, set by God, as a set of parameters, not to be exceeded. For example, Joseph is falsely accused of an attempted rape of Potiphar’s wife.  However, Joseph calls this behaviour a “great wickedness” that he implies that he is not capable of, as it is a “sin against God.”

This suggests a definitive parameter and pattern of behaviour in regard to Joseph. Joseph is just too chaste to be considered to be such a person. Probably this is why that Potiphar, despite having to “save face” in regard to his wife and household, did not have Joseph executed, but placed into prison, until such a time in which the conditions surrounding Joseph could be ameliorated.

Of course, in Joseph’s case, God had planned meticulously the path of the life of Joseph, in which Yahweh used all such circumstances for a much greater purpose in which prophecy was fulfilled, and the nation of Israel could be saved from famine, and be preserved for the future, besides being a record of God’s great faithfulness.

The Bible speaks of such a hedge being taken away from Job.

When Job did not have his hedge anymore, he was subject to calamity.

Is this what happens when an individual goes past his behavioural parameters? Is this what happens to one’s hedge when such a restraint upon an individual is rejected? What occurs when the limits or restraints of good or moral behaviour are continually violated?

Do you know anyone like this? Have you met folks who have “torn down” or contributed to their “hedge” being “broken?”

Most people don’t have any knowledge or a clue of what I am writing about. This type of knowledge and experience comes as a result of a covenant relationship with God, and knowing God’s ways and His unalterable spiritual laws.

As for me, I have met more than a few of these people…

These people usually get into trouble when they persist in behaviours that they know themselves are potentially “dangerous.” They kind of feel that God is looking elsewhere, and that they can indulge “the flesh,” or beyond the “norm” of simple carnal desires.

They can, at opportune times, catch themselves from “falling,” in which their protective boundary is violated in which the Enemy wishes to come in “like a flood.” Before this cataclysm of the enemy can occur however, these folks retrieve themselves from such an upheaval. They react with a “whew,” and remark that that “was close.” Apparently, they knew full well the great stakes involved.

The problem is though, is that they cannot avoid temptation. After awhile, they start engaging in compromising behaviour once again. You would think that they would have learned a lesson. You would think that they completely “turned away” from this danger.

When “your” repentance is not quite enough, and you didn’t seek God’s ability for you to repent thoroughly and completely,… then your hedge is subject once more to being broken down. You will find such people with a “harder heart” than what they had before, when engaging in errant conduct. Despite fearing the earlier consequences of hedge-breaking, they become more inured to the destruction to befall them.

What follows is something along the same lines of what happened to Job…

A few folks, like Job, go into what is implied in the Bible as a “prison-house.” Jesus referred to this type of prison as a place where you “would pay the uttermost farthing,” or unit of money. This phrase today would be described as “paying the last penny.”

One thing for sure is, though, like Job, you won’t come out of this trouble, affliction, or “prison-house,” until you have satisfied some level of “justice.”

So the pattern of losing or breaking your hedge down is: A great loss or losses occur, and your spiritual eyes are put out like Samson’s when Samson went into his prison-house. There you are, in a place as dark as Egypt, and you feel incredibly forsaken. God does not hear you nor your complaints, just like Job. The heavens are as hardened brass and no rain or sustenance falls from any result of your prayers. You even pray like Samson, to perish with your enemies, mockers, and detractors, who visited Job, as well. 

Finally, you are delivered, in most cases, miraculously from your prison, bondage, or captivity. You will never go back again. You will never wish to. But you paid…the last penny…

Most folks though, become wholly deceived, and no longer recognize their former parameters, or their former selves, or what could have occurred to have such misfortune overcome them.

Many of them become completely destroyed. They have changed. They are no longer the person that you had known them to be. It is like some form of “body-snatching,” or personality disintegration of who they had been. They are a shell of a person. The one thing is left, is the continued pursuit of their lusts and desires that have made them spiritually destitute in the first place.

It is a fearful event…to have your hedge taken away. It is a even more fearful thing, to destroy it yourself.

This life is a precious commodity. It belongs to God. If you take as your own, and do not offer it back to God, Who gave you this gift, then you will lose it for a certainty.

What I have written are “hard” things. They are realities. Hedges, a part of spiritual law, are just as real as real can be. If you finally dally around, and violate your parameters, you will fall. This fall will be great. This… you can depend on.

Like Samson, you will lose all your strength, persona, and spiritual sight.

May you always keep your hedges intact. Your life may very well depend on it.

Thanks for reading.

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The First Preacher: ENOS

We sure don’t know much about Enos in a literary sense. He is introduced in the Bible in Genesis 4:26, where it says:

“And to Seth,..was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the Name of the Lord.”

The Bible is quite the concise book. It is remarkable in this fashion. However terse and laconic the text is though, one of the interesting features of the Bible, not at all recognized by its scholars and men of exegesis, is the many implications inferred by its compact descriptions.

Indeed, there is a good deal to be implied and inferred from the Bible, than to be literally understood, by its succinctness.

Certainly, for example, the shortest verse in the Bible, can be extrapolated a good deal more than its brevity, by reading into the implications and inferences from this verse ….which reads:

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35).

This simple, yet incredibly brief remark, gives pause and vent to any objective reader who can then envision the pathos and poignancy of Jesus when contemplating the tragedy that had befallen his very good friend, Lazarus. We cannot imagine quite, the grief visited upon Jesus or his thoughts, particularly preceding his own death soon afterwards, and how deeply Jesus might have been shaken emotionally by this loss, by only, the words, “Jesus wept.”

But we could more easily extrapolate implications and inferences from the context of this account so that we can see into the very heart of Christ, that as his sister pointed out, if Jesus had been there earlier, Lazarus would have never died.

It was then that we learn that a much greater hope emerges from this untimely death which Jesus addressed, “I am the Resurrection and the Life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”

Yes, the physical presence of Jesus would have saved Lazarus about three days earlier, though Lazarus later would die again later, because of his human mortality. But the greater point is, that with the spiritual presence of Jesus the Quickening Spirit, the dead will be raised by resurrection unto Life, in which death will not ever occur again.

Thus, with the instance of Enos, we can then determine by textual implications and Biblical and extra-Biblical sources, additional inferences.

The Genesis 4:26 text implies that before Enos, there was no standard nor orderly fashion of preaching established. The practice of prophesying or preaching, had not yet been established as a systematic method of reaching humankind for being awakened unto the Lord God. Since mankind’s sin of eating the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that occurred in the Garden of Eden, unless man’s sins were acknowledged and amended, the great separation from man and God defined the state of man’s condition.

Hence, Enos became the first preacher.

It was by this preaching by Enos, that men who heard him, became convicted by sin, and started then to repent, and “call upon the Name of the Lord” (Genesis 4:26). This practice of “calling upon Yahweh,” the Monotheistic God, was already in contrast with the polytheism practiced by Cain, in the Land of Nod.

Singularly as well, ancient Jewish rabbins and sources indicate that men then rationalized, around that time, that since God had created the heavenly lights, stars, and heavenly bodies, that these planetary and space phenomena had to have some role in controlling the world, or cosmos of men, and corresponding events. Thus, mankind then started ascribing qualities of deity to such marvels of the atmosphere. This practice extended well beyond the Antediluvian Age, into the Patriarchal Age following Noah. It is noted that Abraham himself, was an astrologer, or star gazer, or Magi (the same Magi society existed of which later members gave homage to the Christ-child) of some repute in Ur of the Chaldees, before YWHW called him.

The deacon Stephen cites this idolatry later in more modern times when he referred to “the star of your god Remphan”…(Acts 7:43).

Enos, who was a son of Seth, who became the very “first Preacher of righteousness” when he preached that men “should call upon the Name of the Lord.” It is also implied by the meaning of the text, that…“men were to call themselves by the Name of the Lord.” This very notation, derived from the Easton’s Bible Dictionary, is in many of the margins in our larger or what are called marginal Bibles. In other words, the hearers of Enos became followers of Yahweh (or, YHWH, for purists), which is the Name of the Lord.

The Lord God had to then, “raise up a standard,” in which His Worship had to be re-introduced, or renewed, to withstand further apostasy. The Lord did so with the “foolishness of preaching” (1 Corinthians 1:21).

The designation of “men of Yahweh,” or “sons of God,” was to make distinct and discrete the differences that they had with the Seed of Cain, or those having his “mark.” A “mark,” in Biblical terms, denotes a special identity. In this case,  the “mark” of Cain denoted the “seed of the Serpent,” and the children of Seth, the “seed of the woman” (Genesis 3:15). It is apparent from the text then, that the children of Cain, who resided in the Land of Nod, may not have kept altogether separate from the children of Seth, or vice-versa.

Enos was calling out this apostasy then. He preached an event, or events, of certain destruction if this was to continue. This is borne out by the fact, that both Adam and Seth, foretold of a “water,” and a “fire” judgment, long before Noah talked about it, and very long before, the Apostle Peter wrote about a fire judgment in his epistle.

Thus, as Paul called it, the “foolishness of preaching” started with Enos.

This “preaching” business requires some study.




A lot of Christian folk believe that their respective church leader, or pastor, “preaches” every week. This is not necessarily true, at all. Preaching, as an activity in the Bible, involved public proclamation of either a truth, or a revelation of a truth, and/or a significant future event, and then prophesying about it, with a hoped-for result of avoiding the consequences of not obeying the revelation or truth of God, marked by an upcoming event impacting those who do not believe the message of the preacher.

We see examples of this throughout the Bible narrative. But when it comes to modern “preaching” in comparison to the Bible narratives, we dismiss the obvious discrepancies and “cop-out,” by varying degrees of excuse-making and outright unbelief that our present preaching is really… not preaching,… and woefully insufficient.

The conundrum about “modern preaching” is that, well, no “prophesying” is involved.

Biblical preaching involved “prophesying,” that is, speaking in a prophetical or miraculous manner, whereas, “current” preaching does not at all subscribe that their preaching as being miraculous, or for that matter, not particularly inspirational… THEN WE DO NOT HAVE REAL PREACHING, or in reality, …any preaching at all…

To “prophesy,” is to foretell future events. To have an inspired Message, is to foretell future events to occur so that men and women can prepare for such events and changes.

Enos had such a Message.

However, no modern or current preacher, and most of the preaching in Gentile Church history, has never featured this quality of prophesying, or preaching with divine unction, in predicting with accuracy, future events.

Nor do our modern preachers have any kind of pertinent “message.”

The word for “preaching” in English, comes from the Latin word, praedicare.  In breaking down this word, we find that:


dicare = declare, or proclaim.

Literally then, to “preach” is to “proclaim or declare something before it occurs.” It also signifies simply, to “declare before…an audience.” But anyone can proclaim some declaration in a public setting… but who is going to listen to that? What is the significance of such?

Modern preachers do that every week, and their listeners go to sleep in the pews on them!!!

Actions speak louder than words then… The “preaching” of modern preachers is NOT significant, nor inspirational to the extent of transforming lives and unbelief into genuine faith. Indeed again, it is NOT BIBLICAL PREACHING!

  And… GOOD NIGHT!… A Typical effect of “modern” preaching…asleep in the pew…

However, if they are “proclaiming some event before it occurs,” and warn of impending destructions, then that is sure to attract some attention particularly, if the sins and faults of a people under such a judgment or destruction are addressed as the root and problem of such a correction and repentance is offered, to amend behaviours and to ameliorate the destructions or judgments.

This latter is exactly the Biblical meaning.

The same Latin word, praedicare… can be altered slightly to praedicere,… and that means…”to make known beforehand,” or the English word, “to predict.”

A good example of preaching nowadays, was my last blog…

I TOLD YOU SO…!!! Part One

In this blog, I made the reader aware of things that I declared…eleven years ago…

Times and things NOW are exactly what I said that they would be THEN… And that reader, is what “preaching” entails…

If you upheld this standard of true preaching, then you would see very quickly, how few, very few, do preach, or for that matter, know how to…preach… A lot of people have put false hopes into such a preaching corps: whom, don’t know anything about preaching; do not how to preach; and cannot,… preach.

Alas, that is the corporate system of Christianity… so far removed from the New Testament and Biblical pattern…

If your faith is built upon man; if your faith is built upon error… then what kind of faith is it?

The way most people act, their faith is less than that of devils, or demons, according to the Apostle and Lord’s brother, James (James 2:19). This means that their measure of faith does not even come up to the standards of Evil Spirits. Who needs demon-possessed people, when such a quality of faith is substantially less than, that of demons?

I mean, the devils “tremble.” But certainly there is NO FEAR OF GOD NOWADAYS…among such professors.

Reader, we do LIVE IN PERILOUS TIMES. In fact, the world of its inhabitants are more mentally ill, morally depraved, and spiritually unsound, than at any other time in human history!

Real faith is not… maybe so, cudda-be, wudda-be, wannabe, or “hope so,”… or fake assumptions with false assurances. Real faith is a deep, abiding, great conviction and greater assurance that the revelation that you have from God is, absolutely GENUINE.

Real faith comes… “from hearing the Word of the Lord.” Just like Paul said in Romans 10:8 and Romans 10:17.

Now note, that when Paul wrote this, and preached this, he did not quote from a manuscript of scripture, as the many rolls of manuscript were not practicable to carry around….


They both spoke by the inspiration of the Spirit of God.

Here is a brief chart below describing what I am talking about.

Preacher, or one called out, to “prophesy” Particular revelation or truth revealed. To avert a coming event: Result of such preaching.

















Hence, all these who were “called out” to preach, were given a Message, a Mission, and the gift of prophesying and prophecy, to warn a constituency, to tell of an impending reckoning, and to secure those who would believe the Message to a refuge of safety, or to be sealed unto life eternal.

You see then, that “real” preaching is not a “light” matter, but involves the greatest gravity and sobriety of purpose and mental powers.

Which kind of preaching, would you really want to hear, if your life depended on it?

Which kind of preaching, would you really want to hear, if your eternal life depended on it?

Thanks for reading.

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I TOLD YOU SO…!!! Part One



I told my readers eleven years ago what is happening…right now… today! The headlines above, that I wrote in 2005, in a newsletter series, and the images shown, are typical of America in the year, 2017. Let’s see: I predicted anarchists, and nihilists in the streets…Radical Islamic operatives…Globalist shills of every stripe…Putin still in power as an Autocrat, and a threat to Globalism, …U.S. saber-rattling with Iran, plus a whole host of other developments….

Am I a psychic? Do I have a crystal ball? magic8ball_tcm858-226329

Do I have a Magic 8 ball??? Hey,.. they were fun to play with as a kid…

No… I am just a student of Bible Prophecy…plus, I have the leading of the Holy Spirit in which I have received a Spirit of Truth…You can read about this, in the Gospel of John…that is, the Spirit of Truth. It is just a function of the Holy Spirit.

The reason you don’t hear anyone talk, except me, about having a “Spirit of Truth,” is that no one really has it! Does this make me special? Not really… You see, all Christian believers should have this staple. The sad part is, few, do…If you have the Spirit of Truth, you can discern what is true and what is false. You can discern the “signs of the Times,” as well.

You can’t receive the Spirit of Truth, or the Holy Spirit to “lead and guide you into all truth,” unless of course, you have a place for him.

Herein, is the rub… Few Christian believers do… have a place for the Holy Spirit. Very few Christian believers are able to yield to the Holy Spirit… Indeed, shockingly, most Christian professors…REJECT… the Holy Spirit..

This is not a healthy outcome!

But look around, in the church world, and you see a whole system DEFUNCT of the Holy Spirit. The truth is, there has been no presence of the Holy Spirit connected with such a system, since the last genuine worldwide revival at the turn of the 20th century!!

Even then, this Great Revival… and as all of them have been…WERE OUTSIDE OF THE SYSTEM!

Oh, you notice an individual now and then, with something “on the ball.” But the rest is JUST SHAM… particularly on the corporate level! I don’t think that I have ever seen so many “wannabe’s” in all my life in such a pretentious persuasion. There is no reality to back or support, what these professors are claiming. They just pretend to be Christians… which by the way, the very word means “anointed ones…” !!!

You sure cannot have any anointing without the Holy Spirit, now can you?

Jesus had tremendous anointing…indeed, Jesus had the Spirit of God, the Bible says, (John 3:34)…WITHOUT MEASURE… If Jesus was the Christ, or Anointed ONE, and had the Holy Spirit in a capacity…then HOW can his followers function without the SAME?

Somebody is lying about their “faith.” FOR SURE, THEY ARE IN DECEPTION! Their “faith” doesn’t match up with the faith of Jesus. Oh, they got some morality… and they think that will save them…but so did the Pharisees, and Jesus said that our “righteousness” would have exceed theirs, to gain the Kingdom of God!

If anybody needed to yield to the Holy Spirit… it is…, these “wells without water,” AND well, THEY DO need to! But it is too late, as they have, for the greater extent, rejected the Holy Spirit. The bad thing about this rejection is, is that, there are few and fewer opportunities to amend this action. Rejecting the Spirit of God, is just about the worse thing you can do, in the human condition. Rejecting the Spirit of God, is just absolutely the worse thing you can do… as a professing Christian…

You see these same moral types and wannabes, who are condemning folks who have pretty sinful lifestyles. These moral police are comparing these folks’ lifestyles to the Plain of Sodom. Yet, these sinful folks have never had the opportunity as these professing Christians to accept or reject the Spirit of God… as these hypocrites have already rejected the Spirit of God!

Golly, it makes you wonder, really WHO is in worse shape?

But the fact is, the Spirit of God is given to THEM…that OBEY him (Acts 5:32). So just like when Peter told the whole religious system that he was addressing in Acts 5, that, that whole RELIGIOUS SYSTEM had rejected the Holy Spirit, and of course, rejected and killed Christ, the representative of the Holy Spirit, or Spirit of God, SENT TO THEM!

Why then, should we think that our time is any different???

History repeats itself, all the time.

Verily, verily, not only is the Spirit of God rejected,… BUT CHRIST IS REJECTED AS WELL.

Now, you understand why our nation, that is, the United States, is in such bad trouble. They are in bad trouble because the professed People of God, are in GOD TROUBLE.

God trouble is always about one thing: rejecting the light and presence of the Holy Spirit…!!

A lot of people aren’t going to make it. They will NOT survive their generation. God has to “clear the decks” of such pernicious UNBELIEF. Unbelief, reader, is the mainspring of rejecting the Holy Spirit. Such unbelief, as what the children of Israel had in the Wilderness, and what Jesus found in his ministry, is soundly condemned without reservation, in the Bible.



Back eleven years ago, I wrote several newsletters, written on a monthly format, in which I described events that would be pertinent to the War of Armageddon…

_39514753_031031hamas203body1 2005-11-01-008 iran-next wladimir_putinislam_holocaust

Some of the images from my newsletter Armageddon series enlarged from the year of 2006.

To be honest with you, many of these events seem premature, as the War of Armageddon is still a ways off. You see, there are still over fifty Bible prophecies to either, to be initiated, or to be started, or to be completely fulfilled. There are many prophecies going on now, that still have a “run-time” that is not over yet. Hence, the Armageddon Event is still, in my estimation, 30-40 years away. And, I would not be surprised to see it fifty years in the future.

Yet these things are now happening on a scale now. Particularly, in the United States. This is just a prelude. These things are happening in the United States as these occurrences are consistent with a change in a government or national polity. You then, can expect some profound changes in the United States, before these things resume again, on a worldwide level befitting an Armageddon event. The “Deep State” function, or the Military-Industrial Complex, or rather, the Institutional Frankism (this is a term you haven’t heard of, but is totally accurate)  running the United States, is being “externalized” in the United States, and is preparing to take power from the duly elected government this past November. You see more and more talk of martial law and military rule, not necessarily from the armed forces of  the United States.


In perhaps, the only inaccurate statement ever made by Julian Assange of Wikileaks, he declared before the U.S. election, that Mr. Trump would not be permitted to “win”… Assange should have said that Mr. Trump would not be permitted to “govern”…as the Shadow Government, or Deep State apparatus, or Institutional Frankism in the United States, aligned with mainstream media, is providing effective opposition to many of Trump’s policies…

There are so many prophecies yet to be started, or undertaken, that I just shake my head when I hear the Evangelicals and the Fundamentalist professing Christians claim, that Jesus is “coming soon,” or real soon, or just around the bend, so to speak, or that the oddball, weirdo, FAKE “Rapture” theory is so OVERDUE to occur!

I mean, I will mention just a few prophecies that my church friends have no idea of, that have to be fulfilled, before we can even talk about Christ coming back!

ONE, we have to have another type of Renaissance, a Spiritual one, in which spiritual truth and exponential Spiritual Knowledge catches up with the increase of knowledge in the natural realm, as we have witnessed over the last two hundred years, plus, in new inventions, technology, and science discoveries. This won’t take two hundred years: it will be done in less than twenty…

TWO, we have to have a worldwide revival, that is wholly genuine. The prophet Joel told of this.

Third, the Book of Daniel has to be UNSEALED… My, my, just who has the standing to do that in our bastions and institutions of Christianized Unbelief…posing as the “real thing”?

Fourth, we have to have a return of the actual gift of prophecy and an attendant prophetic and priesthood type class. These folks will not make exaggerated and false claims. You see, there are no more persecuted class of people in the world… AS ARE PROPHETS!…Anyone going around making such a claim to make a name and financial gain, are just sorcerers. The very Biblical nature of Prophets, is that they are treated very badly, and that this world is not worthy of them… which pattern is reflected in the ministry of John the Baptist, Jesus, and Old Testament roles such as Elijah. No one volunteers for this vocation…THEY ARE CALLED… despite their reluctance.

Fifth, we have to have certain physical changes in our present world and climate. We will have, a …”WORLD ON FIRE”… This is not a figurative statement, but a literal event.

Hardly anyone knows, that Peter the Apostle, is not the only one, or the first one, ever to speak and prophesy of this “world on fire”… The fact is, it was common knowledge to Jewish folks in the first century C E., time,  in Palestine. It was also predicted in the Old Testament….

It was even predicted in the Antediluvian World of such a conflagration.

And reader, I am just still “scratching the surface” of End Time Prophecies.

If you are not aware of what I am writing about, then you need to “get with the program.”

You need to EMPTY yourself of… the many, many preconceived ideas and beliefs of the Christian Corporate System, or business model of raising vast sums of money by enslaving millions in doing so… and open yourself up… INSTEAD, to the leading and voice of the Holy Spirit.

You could never come up, on your own, by an independent study of the Bible, the crazy stuff that many churches teach. MOST ALL, believe in this preconceived, rubber-stamped, deception that is keeping folks from the light and teaching of the Spirit of God.

Now, you know it is just not the “fish in Denmark” that stinks…. it is the dead, foul, carcass of man’s false belief systems, which is idolatry, in turning folks away from the leading of the Spirit.

Yep, you need the Holy Spirit.

You need a Spirit of Truth.

All you got to do is…

…to yield to the Spirit, forsake and quit trusting in the “arm of the flesh,” and man-made idols of false institutional worship…

Jesus told the woman at Jacob’s Well, that it was time then, and once again in the future, for “worshiping” and following God, “in Spirit and in Truth.” You see, they are one… and the same…

Don’t let man and his false garbs of religions rob you of this BLESSING a moment further…

You can be free, and follow, the Spirit of God…

You can start yielding now, and listen to the Spirit.

I have, and you can too. It is a great freedom not to be in bondage and deception.

Thanks for reading.

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just_jesus019 As recorded in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus told his disciples to: “Watch and Pray, lest you enter into Temptation.”

Just what is “watching?” What does this mean?

The context tells us that while Jesus was agonizing over his upcoming Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane, he went to solicit his disciples to “watch” with him, as Jesus was greatly distressed.

Instead, they had gone asleep…

What? These were twelve men, practically hand-picked by Jesus. Six of them, were his very first cousins. Yet, they could not “watch” in prayer with Jesus for even an hour.

Moreover, does it mean to “…enter into temptation”?

Were the disciples of Christ about to commit egregious sins? Were they idolaters? Were they going to engage in some uncleanness, or participate in a conspiracy of evil?


Their faith was about to be tested.

The Jesus that the disciples knew to be nearly all powerful, never to be wrong, never act presumptuously but always with Grace, was about to be exposed as powerless, practically helpless, suffer greatly in silence, and to die about as ignominiously and in shame and humiliation, as a human could.

One of these disciples, Peter, would even deny that he knew Jesus.

Peter didn’t just deny once, nor twice, …but three… times.

Three acts of cowardice: that would hard to duplicate even more than once, yet when done three times is a bit unbelievable when considering the confession of Peter earlier, when he alone, declared Jesus to be very Son of God…

Herein is the irony of the human frame… Peter alone knew exactly who Jesus was. He was given this revelation of faith. Even Jesus said, that flesh and blood had not revealed this truth to Peter, but the Spirit of God from the Heavenly Father…

pictjesusprayerlovett Jesus suffered terribly when God’s grace was withdrawn from him in the Garden of Gethsemane. The anxiety of facing the burden of ALL the Sins of the World was such that Jesus contracted a rare condition in which his facial  capillaries burst and mixed in his forehead sweat, thus becoming what is known as a “bloody sweat.” Jesus nearly faltered at this specter, as he asked that this “cup pass from me” three separate times.

Yet Peter, would turn away from identifying with Jesus with great fear and trepidation…which had now supplanted such a revelation of faith…

Jesus had predicted this. He told Peter that Satan desired to “sift him as wheat” beforehand (Luke 22:31). Indeed later, after the Resurrection, Jesus asked Peter if Peter loved him enough to feed his lambs, feed his sheep…feed his sheep,…the very same number of times that Peter had denied him. Peter knew full well this analogy and became grieved that Jesus stressed this to him.

We see then, that Peter’s temptation was not some work of the flesh or moral failure…but faith failure.

You see, it was easy to believe on Jesus when the crowds thronged him. It was easy to believe on Jesus when he made bread and fish to multiply, as well as wine. It was fairly easy to believe on Jesus when he spoke with such inspiration, wisdom, and a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. It was easy to believe when seen: the healings, the miracles, and resurrection of life from death of individuals, when following in the footsteps of Christ. It wasn’t too hard to stand with Jesus when he was challenged by the Scribes, Pharisees, the Temple Spies, Herod’s emissaries, and the Sadducean power of the Sanhedrin demanding evidence of Christ’s credentials. You felt nearly invincible, as a disciple, when Jesus challenged King Herod, by calling him, “a fox,” nearly surrounded yet by Herod’s spies.

No, it was wasn’t all that hard when Jesus traveled with an entourage of about a hundred followers most everywhere that he went, and people heralded him with palm fronds.

But when Jesus was ALL by himself, faced with the Power of the State to destroy him, well, they scattered,… just as the Bible and Jesus had prophesied of.

They lost their faith….

You know why, don’t you?

Well, first of all, they were not …”watching and praying…” as they were asked to do.

Instead, they were slumbering… sleeping…

This implies that not only were they in the physical state of sleep, but that also, that the disciples were in a spiritual state of “slumber.”

This is evident.

They could not pray for even an hour…as well,…

They got distracted.

Well, they had drunk too much wine. They had also eaten a lot.

And, it was…, was, late at night.

But they were not very disciplined in prayer. They were not even too sure how to pray, as they had asked Jesus previously to show them.

Jesus did not show them quite exactly, as prayer is supposed to be spontaneous…but Jesus did give them a model. We call it the Lord’s Prayer today. However, if you recite this, as a litany, it is not AT ALL, the prayer that Jesus taught and stressed…Prayer is not fixed regimentation, it is a spontaneous reflection of the heart.

Apparently though, the disciples had forgotten that.

You see… prayer can be work.

It is a discipline.

It requires time to gain fruition and traction. It requires a bit of effort.

It requires a commitment without immediate gratification, or reward.

You can get fought terribly in making an effort to pray.

The Devil sure doesn’t like you to pray.

Indeed, if you were not sure that there is a Devil, or Satan, or a great spiritual adversary who is the god of this world,… then you should definitely start a discipline of prayer…

…as when you do… you will certainly encounter his power…and eventually, his person.

Yep, the Devil has power. He can do …STUFF!…

You will never have so many crazy, weird, distracting, doubting, fatiguing thoughts as when you first start the discipline of prayer.

That is part of his STUFF. The Devil has quite the bag of tricks and uses them well. Going into the tunnel is pretty dark, but coming out of the tunnel, well, there is plenty of light.

You have to then, persevere… in prayer… You will end up then, in another kind of realm.

This realm of prayer is more real than any realm you think you may have experienced.

When you do, get past being “earth-bound,” as after all, that is where the Devil lives… well, prayer is not so much work anymore…

It is a great comfort.

I am not saying this alone, or of myself. This is not a “selfie” testimony. I have read a lot about the exploits of faith in the stories and records of other Christian believers. Many other Christian witnesses and saints have said the exact same thing as I just have. It is very humbling to know when you have shared the same experiences as God’s People in every age.

It is a great delight to have a direct rapport with the God of this Universe, whose name is YHWH.

It is a great delight to pray in the authority of Jesus Christ.

It is a great comfort to have prayer answered.

Disparately, I have found that in own own experience in fellowshiping other Christians, that most professing Christians do not pray… hardly, at all. Most professing Christians do not know at all, how to pray…

The most uniform quality of professed Christians remarkably, that I have observed, is their solicitation of others… TO PRAY FOR THEM!

HUH! Why are these folks such beggars? Why don’t they pray for themselves?

Why? Because they are amazingly lazy, and show too little diligence for accounting for their common salvation!

This is almost a distressing development.

You would think that with all this “profession” of faith by “millions,” that someone would know how to pray, and take the time to pray, as Jesus taught…

..but they DON’T…

I would venture to say that over 99.44% of Christians that I have met, the Ivory Soap equation, have no “prayer life…” I am not sure that I am wrong on the Ivory Soap equation speculation. I have to think and recall really hard, those that I have encountered, to get past that .56% level.

The deal is, about the great masses of professed Christians is…

…They don’t pray.

…They don’t learn how.

…They don’t make any effort… They are very lazy… They are not diligent at all.

And, for making these observations public, I am denigrated and persecuted, and am told that I am critical.


Frankly, in my own spiritual experience, verily, verily, I am not sure how anyone can be truly saved, or in a state of grace…without the practice and discipline of prayer. The more that I have studied this, the more perplexed I have become, to accept a good deal of present Christian testimony. I just don’t believe a whole lot of it. It has to be sham. There are no real works to go with such claims.

You know,.. prayer is not that exciting… you have to do it privately, alone, and without ANY demonstration, as Jesus taught. You cannot “show off” much in prayer. No one is watching! Prayer is not like “soul-winning”…oh, soul-winning, where you can be the CENTER of attention in being a presumed spiritual powerhouse and Man of God Preacher, by influencing, controlling, and manipulating others…!!!

Yet, without the prerequisite of the discipline of prayer, all such efforts of “soul winning” and “evangelizing” is but...manipulation and control of others…which result ultimately in failure. First, your victims, and then,… you.

You will never see a truly successful Evangelist without intercessory prayer. You will never find a successful Evangelistic Work without a Prayer Warrior accompanying the Preacher.

There have been several examples of this, throughout church annals.

Charles Finney was a most powerful evangelist, but he was dependent upon Brother Nash to pray down the revival.

My father was a most gifted preacher, but it was prayer by his brother Herbert, who held up his arms proverbially, like Aaron and Hur held up Moses.

Manipulating and controlling folks…into emotional false conversions,..well, that is not the Gospel. A real Gospel transforms people… not manipulates them…

Just how much then, do you see, or hear, a real Gospel nowadays?

Yep, in the great mass of “professing” Christianity, no one prays…knows how to pray… and receives no answers to prayer.

In other words, just like the disciples near Gethsemane, they cannot “watch” for an hour…

They cannot “pray.” They are in a state of spiritual slumber. They are sleeping spiritually.

You see, the Devil sees no threat from such Christian professors…as they are all earth-bound, laying around on the ground… sleeping. When the Devil gets upset, is when someone is not “earth-bound” and is touching the Throne of Grace with real contact…ABOVE. The Devil can’t control that. He gets kind of wroth.

The kind of temptation that the Devil had for the disciples, well, is not effectual for these “prayer-realm” folks.

For, when you are in a state of slumber and spiritual lethargy, your faith can be challenged, and it will…. FAIL….just as the disciples…

If you are in the “prayer-realm,” then the Devil has to work differently. He usually works on circumstances around you.

He tries to send other kinds of trials…if they work…

The Devil will try to destroy your faith. The faith of the disciples at Gethsemane was nearly destroyed.

How exactly?…

Well, as I wrote just above, their faith was based on numbers, miracles, loaves and fishes. This was all intoxicating on an emotional level.

You see, there was a certain amount of DECEPTION involved in their faith.

When all was going well, with Judas holding the money bag, and Peter and John being favored witnesses, and the crowds thronging, singing praises and reacting with wonder, with prestigious individuals and rulers asking for private audiences with Jesus, you just had to believe that… Jesus was going to set up a TEMPORAL Kingdom just right there and then, and get rid of those detested Romans….

Well, that just wasn’t true.

The disciples were setting themselves up for… temptation…

That temptation is…. called…


…DECEPTION… can cause quite a bit of faith failure…

When you “watch and pray” though, deception has a lot of work to do to get past such scrutiny. It doesn’t happen.

Just a bit later, the disciples were able to regain their faith… when they quit believing what they wanted to, and believed instead, what Jesus had told them to….

The same is going on today. A lot of folks believe what they want to… rather, than what Jesus said to do.

With that said, that there has never been quite so much the temptation of DECEPTION as there is, …today

The Enemy has been working over-time in making DECEPTION quite sophisticated.

There are a lot of intelligent, smart folks in our world today.

But they are DECEIVED.

It is isn’t intelligence then, that can spare you from being deceived.

We have lots of educated folks in the world. They go to universities, colleges, seminaries, and institutes. They have Bachelor’s, post-graduate, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees, as measures of esteemed learning and proficiency in intelligence.

Yet, they are ALL in deception. They are all being SNOWED, so to speak, by the Devil.

Is this really possible?

It sure is.

tissot-temptation-675x400 When Jesus faced “temptation” in the Wilderness, or Desert, during his 40-day fast, the Bible states that the Devil came to him with several temptations. In this weakened state without food, the Devil first tried to “deceive” Christ by using his “power” to make “bread out of stones.” Finally, the Devil offered the Temptation of Power, Control of Kingdoms, and utmost Riches, by which Jesus would be led into deception. Jesus answered all these deceptions by the Word of God, or truth.

People are deceived, no matter what their education, because they are not tuned in to what is… “truth.” A good deal of truth, especially spiritual truth, has to be known through a revelation of faith. Since faith is illogical to the natural intelligence and mind, our smarter friends reject this qualification of faith. They then claim that such illogical faith is for simpletons.

Well, wisdom is justified of her children. All these smart folks are neglecting their spiritual needs, and will find themselves destroyed by the condition of unbelief. They will be unprepared for any future life, as they are not developing any qualities, or virtues, to live in the next life.

Faith, for all of its belittled simplicity by those too sophisticated to consider it, yet is paradoxically known, as a virtue. It is one virtue that, in this life, you cannot be without, and expect to live in the next life….

Just how, smart is it then, to ignore such a virtue?

Knowing and obeying the truth is not about the accumulation of knowledge contained in the world as taught by the institutions of the world.

Knowing and obeying God is based on a transformation of faith that believes what is true.

The disciples got shaken in their faith. They had been genuinely believing the wrong things about Christ’s ministry. They regained their faith somewhat, when Christ told them what the right things to believe were.

Yet, some of them still wanted their erroneous belief system, or part of it, to be YET true… Even after the Resurrection, the disciples asked the Resurrected Jesus,…

“Lord, will you, at this time, restore again the Kingdom to Israel?”

Acts 1:6.

You see, deception can be very powerful.

The Devil knows how to use such deception.

Again today, there is an incredible amount of deception.

The Bible has predicted this.

You have so many Gospels NOW, well, it is just amazing. Each church promotes its own practically. You know it is another Gospel, as it lacks power to transform lives. It is another Gospel, like the one that nearly sank the Galatian Church, as instead of transforming people, it manipulates them into doing things which have nothing to do with faith, but rather so many actions or works based on rules and legalism. Presently, no professing Christian church is growing… they are all shrinking.

Now, to be fair, many churches didn’t start out this way. They were formed or organized… out of revival… but these revivals, well, many of them are now hundreds of years old.

They haven’t been updated. They are way behind. They are obsolete. They are not relevant.

God is not illuminating anyone anymore like Martin Luther, who received the revelation of truth in comparison with the teaching of Rome, that the “just shall live by faith.”

It takes a more present revelation now… and the churches don’t have it.

That is exactly what Jesus told the Devil, that man has to live by “every word ‘proceeding’ out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4b).

This tense of “proceeding,” is PRESENT TENSE….NOT PAST TENSE… If your faith is not in the present, then the past cannot help you.

This means something is seriously wrong then with the churches, as there is no Spiritual Law of Increase among them.

Among other religions and belief systems, you cannot keep track of them. Pagan beliefs and practices, among them Wicca, Witchcraft, Luciferianism, and Satanism, have been growing leaps and bounds since 1967.

Secular beliefs are growing as well, many of them, offshoots of a pantheistic world view. The political Progressive Liberalism, or Marxist Globalism promoted by the Elite, is but a Luciferian world view. Many people think that Communism is a godless ideology… this is a superficial application. Karl Marx was really a Satanist. His handlers were Satanists and Luciferians. His own quotations below confirm this:

“I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above …”

“The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed.”

As well, Vladimir Lenin, was described as a Satanist as well, by the German language Magazine for New Consciousness. Lenin was part of a Satanic cult in Ascona, Switzerland, where he was renowned for his spiritual, demonic ecstatic dances in their rituals.

This is part of the deception, which utilizes misinformation and disinformation. You can get the gist of this, with the Globalist Media decrying the phenomenon of “fake news” which exposes their true agendas.

Yep. The age of Deception is directly linked to that of Temptation… believing the wrong things as to have one’s faith rendered useless.

The only cure for that… is to…


Then, the deception will wane.

Thanks for reading.

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Waiting for Gog…Part Two

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in Waiting for Godot

family reunion pix The  Apostle  Paul  told  how  that the present Creation has “earnest expectations” for God’s revelations (Romans 8:19), which may include as well, those events leading up to such revelations. One of these expectations nowadays, is …”Waiting on Gog”… as depicted above by two men awaiting, with uncertainty, the future.


I introduced this topic last month, in which I wrote about Gog, Magog, and other principals, as listed in End Time Prophecies, most notably from Ezekiel 38.

I identified  who Gog was; who Magog was; and several other Patriarchal names in the Bible that relate to the lineup of nations prior to the War of Armageddon.

I listed the qualities or characteristics of Gog. I identified Gog as an autocrat, which distinct autocracy has served one nation better than any other nation, that is: Russia.

I noted this odd phenomenon by a bit of common sense logic and deduction from historical records. I also mentioned the singular uniqueness of the Russian psyche, which statesmen like Winston Churchill, have expressed a dichotomy about.

Which dichotomy is: The Russian psyche wishes innately to be identified as European in thinking, since they look much like Europeans, but are stuck in a large conundrum, being Asiatic, in nature.

It is this sort of idiosyncrasy, a schizophrenic-type sociality, that has flummoxed world statesmen and politicians  for years, particularly in Europe, in trying to understand Russian thought synapses and effect on behaviour.

Though the Russians are a Slavic people, they are not understood fully in any measure by even their fellow Slavic races, such as the Poles, the Czechs, the Georgians, the Baltic States, the Finns, the Hungarians, the Caucasians, the Moldavans, the Romanians, or even their closest neighbour, the Ukrainians.

Indeed, the Ukrainians dislike the Russians most, it appears. Ukrainians state generally that the Russians are crazy. The Russians say the same about them. This kind of enmity goes a way back. In World War II, for example, whenever the Russian Army encountered a German mine field upon their advance on the Eastern Front, they selected Ukrainian units to walk in front as human mine sweepers. If any Ukrainian soldier refused, well, he was shot on the spot…

You see, the Russians have a different mindset… from even that of their fellow Slavs.

It is this kind of exclusive and collective personality that will shape and influence the world on a scale somewhat larger, in the future, …. than what exists today.


God has known about this all along.

God has chosen this type of most peculiar temperament, the Russian Slav, or Gog’s Magog, to act as a foil, as in a literary definition of, as an impetus, to bring in His Kingdom of God and Rule of Jesus Christ to come upon the earth.

In literature, a foil is a character that shows qualities that are in contrast or conflict with the qualities of another character with the objective to highlight the traits of the other character. The term foil, though generally being applied for a contrasting character, may also be used for any comparison that is drawn to portray a difference between two things.

I assure you, you won’t find a greater contrast between Gog, Magog, in comparison with the coming Kingdom of God.

Maybe now, the reader can get an idea of how topsy-turvy things can be when future developments will point us in the clear path of “something has got to give.”

I also spent some time, in Part One, in discussing the two great forces in our world today: one of Iron, the other, of Clay. In simple terms, I called the “Iron” dynamic, forces of global domination, totalitarianism and fascism, consistent with the very last World Power and Kingdom… Rome. And the other in opposition, “clay,” as aspirations of republican self-rule, national identities, populism, and the freedoms to choose and determine government and individual rights.

These two dynamics are utterly opposed to each other…

You can see this in the recent election result in Britain, in which the people there voted to leave Globalism, called Brexit.

The counter of a Populist Movement and resultant Nationalism, has in turn, led to Nationalist and Populist movements in Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, France, and now emerging in Germany.

You can also see this clearly with the American presidential election in which Donald Trump, who openly opposed Globalism, was elected President… over a very divided nation,… however.

You see, Globalism has its large share of adherents… The United States is pretty much split into two diverse camps, described in the media as “red state versus blue state.” The present form of Globalism is increasingly Progressive, or radical Left of the political spectrum, to the point that the American Communist Party endorsed and supported the Democratic Party candidate for President. Globalism also has the support of practically every group which the Bible eschews as either unrighteous or wicked in deviational conduct or anti-societal behaviour.

Populism endorses the idea of traditional values and national or ethnic culture as opposed to an amalgamation of diverse cultures espoused by Globalism. Diverse cultures and peoples are much easier to control than cultures in which only one culture or one predominant or national racial profile exists. It appears that Japthethic peoples (people out of the progeny of Noah’s son, Japheth) are out of sorts with, and are marginalized with, and eschewed by, the overall Globalist agenda. Japthethic peoples are predominantly white. There is much “reverse racism” today, in which Whites are oppressed and discriminated against, except for the upper tier Elite. You hear of only Whites being racist, or a “White Privilege” status, which is hardly true, save that of the Elite Whites, who are mostly Frankist and Sabbatean apostate Jewish people, who have intermarried to a degree with Gentile, or Japthethic elitists. Globalists perceive that common sort Japthethic peoples and cultures are in opposition to them, because of their traditional values in accepting and promulgating, heretofore,… Christianity.

Indeed, the Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden, a known progressive, Globalist, and “paraphiliast,” stated this very fact that White people should be in the minority in the United States and.. be happy about it….


When this Globalist “bias” is detected and discerned, the “white” population, in an effort to survive, “goes hard-right.” This means that Populism and Nationalism, and some forms of “ultra-nationalism,” become viable options for them in which to indeed, oppose Globalism and its overt and threatening bias toward them. This was certainly observed in the past election cycle when the Democratic candidate made no attempt to solicit “white” voting blocs, believing that she had enough support from “non-whites” to maintain the Progressive status-quo in controlling the policies of the nation.

Hence, Progressivism and Traditionalism are arch enemies nowadays.

These are somewhat the ideologies of the aforementioned “iron and clay.” One tends to centralization and totalitarianism, and diversification. The other toward, more freedoms and independence from the tyranny of centralism, and national identities.

With this conflict this large, you may very well witness, in the future, some geographical areas of the United States, representing the extremes of Progressivism or Populism.

This is already becoming true.

The State of California is advocating secession from the Union of the United States. It is gaining rapid steam. Their movement is a take-off of the reactive Populist Brexit vote in Great Britain, although they are hyper-Progressives. They call their secession movement, CALEXIT.

While this is going on, Oregon is said to be considering the same action. Oregonians feel that their interests are no longer represented by the Populist victors in the presidential campaign.

Another Secessionist movement call themselves CASCADIA. They are made up of Oregon, Washington, and the British Columbian coastline. They have an interesting site and have already made a flag to show their nationalism and independence. Like the rest of the folks on the West Coast, they are Progressives.


Above, Left: Symbol denoting the CALEXIT Movement. Right, a graphic depicting the territorial area of CASCADIA.

A spectator looks at Cascade Now's Sasquatch float before the start of the 2015 Fremont Solstice Parade Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Fremont.

A spectator looks at Cascade Now’s Sasquatch “RAINING MAN” float before the start of the 2015 Solstice Parade. Note the similarities to the Pagan Owl at the Bohemian Grove located in northern California, the Wicker Man and related rituals around the United States and England, and of course, the BURNING MAN festival in Nevada every Labor Day. It appears that the Progressives prefer Paganism and Pantheism, despite some adherent allegiance to atheism, to traditional Christianity in these proposed new countries.

You conceivably could witness related “secession,” “independence,” and “self-determination” state events, as the whole nation of America is polarized, being termed “red states” and “blue states.”

You can already see a “Balkanization” going on already in the United States. This was the situation in Yugoslavia, before it was broken up into eight nations.

The Bible states, specifically, in Ezekiel 38, that the United States, although not mentioned by name, strongly implies its break-up and split-up.

When these new entities wishing to have self-government and autonomy away from the newly elected or “red state” Government of the United States, pick up more steam in their efforts, and are still ignored or marginalized, may solicit foreign governments to recognize their status and offer assistance, at first diplomatically, later, perhaps that of coercion or force.

There has been a history of such independence movements in the history of the United States. One instance, is the territory known as Texas. They wanted recognition from the United States to help them in their independence from Mexico.

The United States later fought a war with Mexico, and gathered more territory to later create more States, and secure California to its Union.

The United States basically created an independence movement, in the early 20th century, on the Isthmus of Panama, recognized their independence, and used “gunboat diplomacy” to secure this area from Colombia, to build the Panama Canal.

An aspiring nation-state like Cascadia then, or the New California, or an Alaska, could appeal to Russian political leadership in order to secede from “Red State” America.

Since Russia, historically, has a large connection to Alaska, which it formerly owned, and some former trade connections to the Pacific Northwest, or the new Cascadia, in which it had trading posts and a population influence in the 19th century, this will not be so far-fetched, as it may seem presently.

The Russians don’t think this is far-fetched at all…see below links… With Russia, being as singularly Nationalistic as they are, motivated by Russian pride and political bent, they will look for opportunities to rectify this present viewed travesty committed by the 19th-century corrupt and capitalistic Tsars, who appeased then the Rothschilds of London…the now modern Frankist Oligarchs controlling the Gentile World….




Balkanized North America

These are just two scenarios, of several available to view today. These scenarios will change back and forth depending on the internal situations that will develop in the United States. Americans born before 1967, have now seen innumerable changes, which have not been for the better, and are demonstrably distressed by the country’s rapid descent into immorality and criminality.

More changes will be forced by a Global Elite and all its powerful minority under their control and influence, upon a more unwilling populace in the United States. This will be done, in the name of modern liberalism and cultural Marxism, which stresses the dual forces of radical egalitarianism (the equality of outcomes rather than opportunities) and radical individualism (the drastic reduction of limits to personal gratification). Such an agenda will further undermine American culture, American intellect, and American values.

To offset this, once the American populace understands that their vote or voice, are not that important, then, they will face prospects in which they will be forced to entertain secession movements from an ever increasing tyrannical government and a criminal class that it subsidizes, that help them maintain their version of order.

In whatever regions of the United States then, can attain some sort of independent political autonomy, it will do so with support of one or more nations outside of the sphere of the United States…This would make Russia, then, a logical candidate, to recognize and support compatible aspirations of secession bodies in the regions of the United States, consistent with Russian ambitions.



This past election cycle in the United States brought a good deal of attention to Gog and Magog, or the present-day Mr. Putin and the Russian Federation.

This glut of attention was no accident.

Globalist interests in the United States had Mr. Putin and Russia being blamed of many things: from hacking Democratic Party principals email sources; supplying Wikileaks with information; to charges of influencing Mr. Trump; to Russian leadership, being solicited by Mr. Trump to help expose Democratic Party intrigues; and alleged vote fraud in three contested U.S. States, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, caused by Russian state hackers.

All this ruckus, much of which were very reckless allegations, such as “seventeen U.S. government agencies” accusing the Russian government of being involved into computer espionage and manipulation (which only two agencies made such an implication) piqued and angered Russian displeasure. This greatly chilled diplomatic relations with Russia, in which Mr. Putin promised, if not backed off from, some sort of provocative  retaliation. 

Many news commentators reported of ominous consequences of a worldwide war and nuclear conflagration with Russia. The U.S. military was placed on higher alert, a DEFCON 3 level, in which American armed forces could be mobilized as quickly as fifteen minutes to a threat, as well. 

With the election of Mr. Trump, this threat eroded, and returned to a DEFCON level five: the lowest level.


All these events have put Russia, or Magog, into a different model, or paradigm, in our current times. It has placed Russia on a similar position of being a possible antagonist as it was during the Cold War, with a vast difference… in which the United States is being perceived as the aggressor… with its Globalist wing fully ready to increase tensions with Mr. Putin.

What this all means, in the course of a few months, is that now, THINGS HAVE NOW CHANGED…as a result.

With the creeping decline of the United States, consistent with Bible prophecy, you will see a increased sphere of influence of the Russian State.

This is also consistent with Bible prophecy.

Already, world governments are seeking accommodation with Russia, rather than confrontation. This trend is just starting. The Trump Administration has already signaled an alliance, rather than a balance of power, in regard to Russia. This is a singular development.


It may well be, in accord with Bible Prophecy, that like the characters in the Samuel Beckett play above, Americans may find ourselves looking and waiting for….Gog and Magog…despite their unfavorable and negative cognitions derived from the Bible.

They, that is Gog and Magog, like modern election cycles in the United States, may be the “lesser of two evils” when Americans of a populist sort, that is, “clay,” are faced with tyrannical consequences of “Iron” trying to enslave them.

The rise of Gog and Magog may very well be linked to countering the agenda of the New World Order. At this stage, Russian interference would be certainly be welcomed, just as Mr. Trump welcomed help from Russian computer “hackers” to expose Mrs. Clinton’s email account intrigues.

One thing for sure, Bible End Time Prophecy foretells such events, and can be a guide along with prayer and revelatory knowledge from God, to protect ourselves and loved ones and lead those that fear God, into a Refuge and haven of safety.

Thanks for reading.

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“WAITING for…GOG…” Part One

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in Waiting for Godot

Above  scene  from,  Waiting  for  Godot.  I use analogy here, derived from this Broadway show and famous play, in which we presently are, in fact,“waiting for Gog” of Bible End Time Prophecy fulfillment…

Erdogan's overture

Turkish President Erdogan recently shocked the world when he announced that he now seeks a historic unity with Russia…in proposing an tripartite alliance with Moscow… and Iran…following a coup attempt in Turkey… Such a “coup” was an effort to destabilize Turkey according to Turkish press and government sources. Turkish authorities are blaming the U.S. Government for being responsible for this,  despite U.S. strenuous denials. However,  there have been similar events in destabilizing nations in the Middle East such as Libya, Iraq, and Syria. The Russian Government and its President, Vladimir Putin, were said to have warned Erdogan sufficiently in advance of this coup attempt to thwart it, just barely. There seems to be more fall-out coming…



2005-02-(Feb) 007

Traditionally, Turkey and Russia have been arch enemies. However, how unusual or miraculous this turnabout could be, it is consistent with future Bible prophecy regarding the “End Time” War of Armageddon. Russia’s, or Magog’s invasion, would come directly north of Israel, through the nation of Georgia, who coincidentally also, Russia has been destabilizing for around a decade, coming down through eastern Turkey. As shown in the graphic above…. Russia will eventually control Georgia…

The Bible refers to Russia with three distinct “name” references, and really a fourth distinct reference, but which is obscured by rather poor translation of the text, but corrected in my quotation of the New King James Version below,…. in our present End Times period described by the Bible.

“Gog” commonly refers to an individual, by many Bible commentators, who is the leader of Magog, in a very “End (of) Time” scenario. Magog is a patriarchal name for those living north and west of the Caucasus. In post-modern times, Magog, Rosh, Meshech, Tubal, are all descriptions of inhabitants, of present Russia and its federation; countries that made up the former Soviet Union; or Eastern Europe. Magog is acknowledged as the father of the Scythian race, who are also known as, the Slavic peoples. The Jewish historian Josephus admits this as well, in his time. This map below shows who Magog is, ….today.


Names like Meshech, are found in the Bible, as in an obscure reference in Psalms 120:5, which reads,… “Woe is me, that I sojourn in Meshech.” Meshech was considered by the Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans, to be so far out of the loop and to the northernmost parts, that they were thought to be “barbaric” and apart from classical civilization. It is generally accepted in Biblical etymology, that Meshech signified those people who populated what is known now, near the capital of Russia,…


The Russian State owned Novosti Press Agency records that some one thousand years ago, an ancient Slavic tribe called the Meshchera, settled in Central Russia, not far from present day Moscow. This is nearly transliterated from the Hebrew Meshech. It is said that “the whole district within five hundred miles of Moscow seems to be saturated with references to the name of Meshech” (W. Milner, in Russia Japhet: 1886, chapter 9).

Milner then proves his point, by referring his readers to the then, Steller’s German Hand Atlas, in which he cites the following place names: Moscow; the Moskva River; Moschiask near Borodino; Moschok between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod; Moscharki, which stands on a tributary of the Volga River; Mischetski, a town between Moscow and Tula; Mischiritschi, on the border with Ukraine; Mescah, a branch of the Dvina River; and several other citations, along with that the Finns of Russia, are divided into two tribes: one of which is called, the Moskshes.

Rosh, is shown by the Septuagint, the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures, to be “a people located in the same general area as Magog, Meshech and Tubal.” The Greek language refers to Rosh as, Rus, which is easily identifiable as Russia

The use of Rosh in the Hebrew language is shown by its reference, for instance, to Rosh Hashana, which the first, or chief day, of the Jewish New Year. . Hence, rosh in Hebrew word meanings, signifies that which is head, or chief, or in the use of Ezekiel, FIRST  among the nations. The Michigan Theological Journal, Volume 4:1, 1993, “…all names are attributable to Rosh and Tiras (in Genesis 10), are derived from…(them).” The Journal also adds, that “the modern-day Russian people can be properly identified with Rosh…of Ezekiel.”

Moreover, The Brown, Driver, and Briggs lexicon of the Hebrew language states that Rosh is the “proper name of a people…today’s Russia.”

In the Book of Jasher, a neo-canonical book of the Old Testament, referred to by the Bible itself as adjunct reference material, records the sons of Tiras, or progeny, as “Rushash”

And finally, the official name of the Russian Federation today is, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya.

This certainly appears to be derived from an etymological form of Rosh.

Georgia, in turn, has also a distinct “name” reference. They are “Tubal.” Its capital city, T’bilisi, is derived from Tubal. Josephus referred to the area of modern-day Georgia, as the “land of Tubal.” In the Georgian dialect, “the consonants of T and B, are specifically separated by a gutteral “u” sound. Thus, T’b refers to “TuuB.” A phone call to the Georgian Embassy, in Washington, D.C.,  will confirm the native enunciation of T’bilisi, as “Tu-bal-i-si.” 

Gog, as stated already above, is commonly accepted by many reputable Bible scholars and exegetes of Bible prophecy, to be an individual leader of Magog. The most successful form of Russian government has been proven to be historically, that of an… Autocrat…

This is shown to be the case with the accolades and praise given to Peter the Great. It is very interesting that Peter led the modernization of Russia, from its Central Asiatic and Asiatic culture, mannerisms, and roots, to imitate strongly that of European civilization, particularly the French.

This has been a conundrum of the Russian psyche, ever since, wishing to be identified as European in thinking, but stuck, being Asiatic, in nature.

Peter’s reforms are still present today. Peter was also very brutal who wasted no time in subjugating dissent. Such is the province of autocrats. Other famous autocrats, or Gogs of Russia, are numerable, but Ivan the Terrible, and Catherine the Great also stand out, as innovators and dominant rulers. Then came the time of the Tsarist rule, seemed to crystallize the epitome of Russian autocratic rule as a most successful form for the Russian people, which was duplicated in the Soviet Union, through the strongman rules of Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, to the present time of Mr. Putin.

Autocrats of Russia


Russia has historically, characteristic of its People, been most governable when an Autocrat is in charge. From left to right, Peter the Great; Catherine the Great; Ivan the Terrible; and Joseph Stalin. The period of the Tsars, or Czars, also were very autocratic in nature, particularly when combined with the distinctive Russian Orthodox Church. The very meaning of the word, czar, is taken from the Latin and Roman Imperial rulership system, Caesar. It is no coincidence then at all, that Vladimir Putin is such a type of ruler, in which he been in undisputed power since 1999. Putin enjoys some of the most popular ratings of any world leader today among his people, thus confirming the Russian national temperament.


Thus, Mr. Putin, is loosely the current “Gog” of what is construed as the Biblical description of a grand, or great, autocrat. Mr. Putin, can legally be in office, as President of Russia, to the year, 2020. At that time, he can retain power by being Prime Minister again, as he did previously, or he can retire, and influence or appoint a protégé of his, in his stead.

This successor will and should carry on this status, of grand autocrat, or Gog. I foresee this continuing until the Bible…Gog… emerges, which the Prophet Ezekiel indicates of. I would assume that the Gog of the Bible, when he appears, will not be as quite as genteel as Mr. Putin is.


The game of Chess is the Russian National pastime. Here, in this interesting graphic, shows Mr. Putin against the backdrop of a large chess board. What Mr. Putin has been doing, in his governing on the world stage, is playing chess against, not the United States necessarily, but rather the Globalist Oligarchs, who run America. Mr. Putin has effectually check-mated, and stalemated, Globalist intentions and directives, in their attempt to control the World.

This is why some Globalist opinion writers are now openly espousing a war, by the West, against Russia, by some ruse or intrigue. Mr. Putin, who may owe his appearance on the Russian scene to Globalist contrivance originally, now has changed course in which he unequivocally sides with Russian interests and Russian Nationalism.


The United States, is referenced in the End Times, but not clearly, unless one understands the “name” reference. Such a reference implies strongly that the United States is not a major player at all, in the very end… End Times Period, as Ezekiel 38 suggests.

This was all featured, AND MORE, in my first book, Living in the “End Times”: How “End Time” Prophecy Affects….YOU! 


It is not at all…insignificant then…, in recent news of the political presidential cycle in the United States, that an U.S. major party presidential candidate is calling on Russia, cynically, to help expose his opposition candidate, who has pulled strings to be above the “rule of law,” in an effort to bring some needed justice….and, in which the opposition candidate speaks of interference directly from Putin into the American political process.

THESE ARE BELLWETHER REMARKS, which shows a principal candidate of the American political system IS looking to Russia for leadership…and, even benevolent intervention…

This is a harbinger of things to come, as the insanity and madness increases as the result of the promotion of delusions, by the Powers That Be, also called Globalists, who are Frankist Oligarchs, upon the United States and its culture….

Russia, and its unique autocratic brand of leadership, which ensures strong order, looks quite enviable in contrast, when the United States finds itself, because of ineffectual and traitorous leadership,  engulfed in racial strife, class warfare, and general disintegration resulting from “ordo ab chao,” or “order out of chaos,” which is a slogan with Globalists. “Order out of Chaos,” is part of the Frankist Oligarchical Hegelian Dialectic, in which opposing or extreme positions, are taken, to ensure their control.

It works like this, in equation form:

Hegelian  Dialectics


which results in a compromise…. their contrived solution of this conflict called….


No more than the Frankists arrive at their “solution,” which is of their making, that they start again, the same dialectic, upon extremes of the synthesis, thus creating additional conflict and disorder, in which the Globalists will achieve eventually what they wanted all along: TOTAL CONTROL

This same appeal for Russian leadership and direction is also NOW found in the fabric of Nationalist movements in Great Britain and Europe.

You have Nigel Farage, who led the successful exit out of the European Union for Great Britain, called “Brexit,” who lauds Vladimir Putin, and calls his leadership… “admirable.”

Then there is the French Nationalist, Marine Le Pen, who has visited Moscow several times, and has accepted campaign financing from a Russian bank, no doubt with the influence of Putin.

Then, there are Nationalist movements in Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Finland, and now emerging in Germany, who oppose the dictates of “Globalism.”

Globalism has been recently “tearing its mask off,” and showing their “real face” of false benevolence by its forced immigration policy upon Europe, where particularly in France, and now, Germany, its national peoples can easily see a historic demise of its culture and language.

All these “nationalist” movements are becoming aligned and under the influence of Russian Nationalism and its symbol, Mr. Putin, who offers his unconcealed support.


Iron versus Clay: Daniel’s Dichotomy


I recently wrote on this in my June blog. You can read it here, if you wish:


In this article, to encapsulate, I explained what the “iron,” and “clay” symbolized, so to speak. In brief, “iron” is the symbol of the attempt to rule the world, or global rule, as typified by the Empire of Rome, later attempted to be duplicated, by the Holy Roman Empire…. This would be today…

GLOBALISM. Which is also termed, “the New World Order.”

“Clay” or its symbolism, is the aspirations of men, such as the need for freedom, liberty, patriotism, and national identity, which is found, consistent with the break-ups of such empires generally, which is known today as…


This has been shown in several instances since the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Holy Roman Empire was broken up by both Nationalist factions in England, and in Germany, particularly when national feelings aligned against the Roman Catholic Church and its abuses.

The British Empire was broken up by nationalist movements and passions in the United States, later India, China, and other settings.

The Third Reich was defeated by the combined National Democracies and its allies, notably the Soviet Union, who resorted to nationalism, to defend the Great Patriotic War of the Fatherland, against Fascist Totalitarian aggression, found in Germany, Japan, and Italy, by the leaders known as Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito.

I cited only a few examples, but the reader should get the gist of things, in which this IRON VS. CLAY paradigm, has been going on for some time…

This concludes Part One. I will continue in Part Two.

Thanks for reading.

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